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Gel : : Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel + Wash-n-Go

Gel : : Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel + Wash-n-Go

Greetings! So I recently began really experimenting with wash-n-gos again since I FINALLY got a trim!

***SIDEBAR — Prior to my trim, my hair was so blah and the curl pattern will virtually non-existent. I was kinda unhappy with it and didn’t really know what was going on especially since it’s gotten so much longer. I swear, in the 8+ years I have been natural, my hair has drastically changed textures at LEAST 4 times!!! It’s crazy!!!

So you’re probably thinking what does that have to do with getting trim?! Well, everything!! I have been growing out some over-processed permanent color I put in my hair a couple years ago and in my last trim I cut off about an inch and a 1/2 ((I still have a teeny bit left to go)) and let me tell you…it made a WORLD of difference!!

My curls have sprung back! Having the color and the non-colored hair together makes me think of how relaxed and natural hair just don’t get along lol the two textures basically “combat” each other and don’t know how to get along and couldn’t decide if they wanted to curl or not lol It was almost amazing how much of a difference a simple trim made! I love my hair again :o)

But yea, so back to the original topic lol I have been searching high and low for an all natural product that I actually like for a wash-n-go that defines my curls, doesn’t leave my hair crunchy or flaky and most importantly isn’t expensive because I have to use quite  bit of product to cover all my hair. One thing I have managed to learn when it comes to making a wash-n-go work is to apply a leave-in along with whatever gel product I use. THIS step is what I was missing! And I must thank my readers for teaching me this :o) Using the leave-in keeps my hair moisturized and soft under the gel. Another thing I did was started with CO-WASHED hair to keep it from being too dry and also to retain some of the curl pattern I had from the twist-out I wore the week prior.

So I discovered the Upper Management Styling Gel by Kiss My Face from Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl ((she is the queen of long haired wash-n-go’s in my book)) and this gel is on her holy grail list and I always saw it in Whole Foods but am just now getting around to buying it. It retails on Kiss My Face’s site for $8.95 for 8 oz but I got it off my beloved VitaCost for $5.99!! Score!!

kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel_lacocobella kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel_lacocobella2

Product Description
his medium hold styling gel is packed with hair strengthening vitamins, antioxidants and fortifying extracts. Place a little in your palm, run through hair and style. Perfect For All Hair Types. Keep Hair Under Control Naturally. ph Balanced. 100% Biodegradable. Certified organic botanicals nourish hair. Natural formula – no build up

Aqua, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Polysorbate 20, Polyquaternium 55, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil*, Panthenol, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Leaf Extract, Calendula Officinalis (Marigold) Flower Extract*, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract*, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Beta Glucan, Sodium Hayaluronate, Natural Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin *Organic. No SLS, parabens, phthalates, No animal ingredients or animal testing,No artificial colors or fragrances

So at first glance, and if I had not seen Elle swear by this, I probably would never even thought to give this gel a chance! I felt like it was not for my hair texture and would apply just like water lol BUT boy was I wrong! I really like this stuff!! Besides it being natural and somewhat organic, I love that it is rich in nutrients, antioxidants and extracts so it is actually nourishing my hair. Lots of gels tend to dry out my hair but this actually made my hair feel awesome! And THE best part is I had virtually NO white frothy flakes and NO build-up whatsoever. I wore this wash-n-go for the entire week and did not re-wet or re-apply any product but my hair did get less and less defined each day so I would say this would give me a good 3-4 days before I would want to start over. I only used my Q-Redew to revive my curls in the morning.

I wouldn’t say it did a phenomenal job of defining my curls but then again, my curls are sort of “retraining” themselves to behave so I feel like after a few amla treatments and doing smaller twists for my twist-outs, my natural curl defition will be much more pronounced and this gel will work even better! There were some areas in my hair that were much more defined than others. It’s kind of hard to tell in the pics below but the gel did a pretty good job of keeping my hair from losing its shape and becoming a mess by the end of the week. It stayed pretty consistent each day and using the Q-Redew helped maintain the curls and shape as well.

I really wish the bottle came in a larger size because I used almost a third of the bottle in one use ((I have a big head and a lot of hair to cover!)) but the great thing is I can get it for cheap off VitaCost. Plus I don’t wear wash-n-go’s that often so I imagine I would go through 2-3 bottles a year so it’s not too bad.

Check out the pics below! The first two are of the gel freshly applied on wet hair. See how virtually invisible the gel is?

lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel3

***SIDEBAR — I really nee to invest in a Deva cut or something. The shape of my hair is so hidieous to me lol

The next pics are of my hair at the end of Day 1. See how it’s not super defined? It’s not really frizzy, its just that the curl pattern is not uniform. Some areas like the top of my head and the ends ((ironically since before my trim, the ends were the LEAST defined lol)) are but as I mentioned before, with time, they will “clump” and form a uniform pattern…hopefully lol Oh and pardon the bare face, I forgot to take pics before I got ready for bed and washed “my face” off for the day lol and that white orb in the pic is not product or anything stuck in my hair lol ((just an angel caught on film)) :o)

lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel2 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel3 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel5 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel4 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel6

Here is my 2nd Day hair. Again, I used my Q-Redew that morning to revive my squished hair from my scarf which by the way, I am in desperate need of a new night time hair regimen! My hair is getting way too long for my scarf!

You’ll see it wasn’t quite as defined as the first day but it didn’t bother me because I just see it as part of the versatility of our hair, how it can look so different depending on how we wear it. Plus if you have the confidence (and right earrings lol), you can rock any hair style!lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel7 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel8 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel9 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel12 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel10 lacocobella_kiss_my_face_upper_management_gel11

I think I may stick with this for a little while to see if it will grow on me :o)  The journey for wash-n-gos continues! I am getting closer! haha


Gel : : DIY Homemade Flax Seed Gel

Gel : : DIY Homemade Flax Seed Gel

*Long post alert* lol

So I have had some flax seeds sitting in my kitchen for over a year…literally lol!! I bought some from Whole Foods a LOOOOONG time ago after seeing a few YouTube videos on how to make your own hair gel for less than a few bucks AND you can re-use the seeds to make more gel! Needless to say, I never got around to using them lol until now! Glad they keep well and don’t go bad haha

So you may always hear me complaining about how I just can’t seem to get wash-n-gos right blah blah blah, so I’m like hmmmm, maybe the answer to all my hair problems is FLAX SEEDS!! lol well, I guess I dream big but I can’t say it is the answer l but I think I am a few steps closer which is good :o)

You may already know that flax seeds are super healthy and beneficial to the body internally but here’s a little bit about how flax seed gel is good for your hair. Flax seed gel is rich in omega-3 so its extremely nourishing and makes your hair soft and shiny. It helps define your curls because it has a light hold. You can use the gel for wash-n- go’s, twists, twist outs, etc. Another great thing about this homemade gel is it mixes well with other products, you know how sometimes commercial gels mixed with conditioners and other products can create white, cottage cheese like chunks all in your hair? Well, no worries with flax seed gel (another example of how all natural products work better and are in harmony with each other!)

Ok so how did I make the gel? Well, there a ton of recipes out there but it seems that the basis of all of them start with a simple ratio of flax seeds to water in order to get a good consistency — 1/4 cup of seeds, 2 cups of water ((most people say use distilled water which I’m sure is better but #AintNobodyGotTimeFaThat and I use good ole tap water)). Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • A stove :o)
  • Medium sized sauce pan
  • Wood spoon to stir mixture
  • An old stocking or small strainer
  • 1/4 cup flax seeds (You can use more/less seeds for thinner/thicker gel)
  • 2 cups of water
  • Carrier or Essential oils (optional)
  • Air tight container to store your gel (an old product container will be perfect…oh and one that doesn’t melt easy preferably….you’ll see why in a sec)


So for the oils, I used a mixture of myrtle EO, lavender EO, peppermint EO, cederwood EO and castor oil. I love essential oils and tend to use them all at once lol They smell so divine!! Oh and I love Chipotle too lol


Alright so I poured the 2 cups of water and 1/4 cup of flax seeds into a sauce pan, set the stove to a about medium heat and bring it to a boil. You have to stir often to make sure the seeds don’t stick. Once it starts boiling, you will see a frothy white covering on the top and the water will start to thicken. It’s kind of fun to watch lol I like “science-like” projects like these haha same sort of excitement when you mix baking soda and liquid aminos hehehomemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_3

Here I turned down the burner a bit and you can really see the gel forming, its got a gooey, mucusy consistency. It will still be somewhat runny at this point because it is hot, once it cools it will thicken. I let it boil for about 7 mins or so.homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_4So here is the tricky part that  I really wish someone would have told me about lol ((or at least my common sense should have kicked in lol)). Alright so transferring the gel from the pot into the container was a MESS. FIRST, I should have realized that I should let the gel COOL DOWN a bit BEFORE trying to pour it into a plastic container or else THIS will happen….homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_FAIL

WHOMP WHOMP……. #Fail.  -__-  and yes the gel gets HOT, boiling hot to be exact duh Lauren!

Luckily, I had a glass jar available and I ended up using that BUT another very key step in transferring the gel into that container is to put the stocking around the opening of your container. I realized this AFTER I attempted the pour it into the melted container and I ended up getting seeds everywhere, I had like 3 bowls, a cookie sheet trying to control the mess. It was hectic needless to say lol and it shouldn’t have been! I had to think fast so I like grabbed everything that was in sight lol another one of my kitchen escapades of course haha I am sure if you attempt this, it will be a much smoother process :o)

So I say all that because in the pic below, you’ll see the stocking wrap around the top of the bowl ((just imagine the bowl is a nice, non-melted jar)), and you pour the gel and the seeds in the middle of the stocking. This prevents the seeds from getting in the gel.homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_5Then, you have to squeeeeeeeeze all the gel out through the stocking. I used some tongs to do this because, again, the gel is still quite hot. So keep doing this until you can get a good amount of the gel out through the stocking.homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_6

After all the squeezing, I added the oils I mentioned at the beginning of the post, stirred it a bit and poured the gel from the bowl into a jar (of course you will have already been squeezing it into your final, non-melted jar)…and thats it! The final product will look like the pic below.  The gel will keep for about 2 weeks if you keep it in the fridge.

ALSO, save your seeds! You can reuse them :o) just store them in another air-tight container, keep them in the fridge until you need to make more gel. So economical :o)homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_7

If none of the above made any sense lol just watch this video by one of my hair crushes Naptural85 below ((I know, I know, I probably could have spared you and put this at the beginning of this post haha))

Annnnnddd for the results on my hair…. ok so I am still very torn about wash-n-go’s. I feel like this did nothing for me when I used it straight up on my natural curl pattern BUT keep in mind, my hair in the pics below is extremely raggedy on the ends because I am growing out old color and it makes my curl pattern look all jacked. I say this because I got a trim since I did this WNG and my curls are definitely more poppin but yea….so um I may have to revisit this wash-n-go and I need to put a really good leave-in on first. Ugh, I’ll figure it out one day…

Freshly applied, day 1….

homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_8 homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_9

Here is day 1 hair at the end of the day, completely dry….. booooo another WHOMP WHOMP :o( homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_13 homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_11 homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_12 homemade_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella_14

BUT WAIT!!! There is hope for this gel!!!  I have seen several gels advertised to be used for twists and I would just always write that use off because I always think of anything pertaining to gel being crunchy and without movement, not soft and full of body like butters so I am like how is that supposed to work for twists? Unless you wanted some stiff crunchy twists. But I had seen several fellow curlies use gels but mixed with a butter or leave-in for twist-outs. The butter/leave-in helps keep the hair soft and pliable while still allowing some hold from the gel.

So when in doubt, I always return to my trusty twist-outs and I decided to try it with this gel. And let me tell you, I like it!! I don’t know why I had never tried this before! I used the flax seed gel and a butter and I LOOOVED the results!! My hair was very defined, soft and super shiny! Plus I was able to get all the benefits of the flax seed. I also really loved that the gel sort of kept my hair from feeling oily or heavy. It also helped battle humidity a bit which is a HUGE plus over here on the east coast. Check out the results below!

twistout_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella3twistout_flaxseed_gel_lacocobellatwistout_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella4  twistout_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella2

Hopefully you’ve made it this far down the post and are still reading this lol but I hope you can benefit from making a homemade gel and save you some dollas. I am certainly working on my wash-n-gos this summer and have a few things I want to try and hopefully get it right. I have gotten quite a few tips from readers and I will definitely be taking your advice! I will be sure to post my results!

Alrighty, that’s enough for now. Until next time :o)


Tools : : The Q-Redew!

Tools : : The Q-Redew!

It’s the infamous….Q-Redew!!

If you haven’t heard about this innovative tool, then you need to jump on Google right now lol ((and of course read this post hehe)). I was sent a Q-Redew for review a few weeks ago and it is a “handheld hair steamer that quickly restores moisture, rejuvenates and reshapes hair using warm steam as mist. Used on dry hair it revives in minutes and leaves hair dry.” I took that directly from the site and this tool does exactly what it says! I have been playing around with it figuring out how it best fits into my regimen and surprisingly, it has a bunch of uses for a bunch of different hair types! But before I get into that, let me show you what it looks like,etc. Oh and you can buy the Q-Redew for $70 on their website.qredew_lacocobella_1qredew_lacocobella

Product Description
The Q-Redew handheld hair steamer uses warm steam as mist to enhance your hair’s natural volume and texture. The Q-Redew hydrates, reshapes and restyles dry hair in minutes.
No mess, no fuss, no chemicals – just water.

The innovative Q-Redew tool allows perfect styling control in minutes without rewetting or shampooing. You apply the Q-Redew’s warm steam as mist to reshape, hydrate, volumize and style your locks. Boost your curls, restore moisture to dry hair, lift flat hair, transform bedhead to your best hairstyle.

The Q-Redew disperses gentle warm mist into the cuticle of dry hair to naturally moisturize the strand leaving your hair dry, but revitalized. Fill reservoir with water. Plug in to heat up the Q-Redew. Press the trigger to release the steam. Can be used with or without your favorite products. Second day hair? No problem. Flat, lifeless hair? Revive it. Dry, Brittle Hair? Hydrate it. Static and dryness? Mist it.

So the Q-Redew is obviously hand-held and is actually a bit heavier than I had anticipated. Nothing that makes using it uncomfortable to use, you can just tell its sturdy like a blowdryer. It’s got scary-looking prongs lol at the end which I initially thought were where the steam came out from but the steam actually comes out through small holes at the base of the prongs. The prongs help lift/separate your hair to allow the warm steam to distribute, similar to how a diffuser attachment sort of worksqredew_lacocobella_2

Here is where you fill the wand with water. There is a detachable reservoir that holds about 3 oz of water. I know that that doesn’t seem like very much water but it actually omits quite a bit of steam for such a small amount. Depending on how I am using the wand, I may refill it again.qredew_lacocobella_3

And THIS is what always happens when I get anything new…this lil youngin has to be all up in the mix, nosey as hell, trying to get in pictures, sniffing and all lol. Oh Meyer, if i didn’t love you so lol :o)nosey_dog_meyer_lacocobella

So now for the uses, well, at least how I used it. I first used it for just the steam benefits meaning I didn’t use it to “style” my hair. I used it while I was twisting my hair and this is the only time I have to refill the water reservoir because I end up using more steam to really do a thorough job. I used it after I already had product in my hair (re-twisting on 2nd or 3rd day hair), so the remaining product sealed in the moisture from the steam.

Now what really surprised me was how much it DETANGLED my hair! I mean it like really did a great job at that, to the point where I could run the prongs of the Q-Redew through my hair like a comb. The steam really softened my hair and I love that the steam is like a “dry” steam, my hair wasn’t wet afterward ((more “dewy” than anything!)) which I liked because sometimes when I use a spritzer or moisture mist to re-twist my hair, it can take awhile to dry and my hair may be damp in the mornings sometimes. REALLLY love the Q-Redew for this use. I think this is probably how I plan on using it 99% of the time!

Alright so for the second use, I used the Q-Redewto “re-dew” my latest wash-n-go ((<— I will be making a post about what did soon!). If you love wng’s then you will love the Q-Redew. Now I am not a huge fan of wng’s because I haven’t quite found the right “recipe” to make them turnout right on me but I don’t mind them every now and then.

So here is my goofy hair right after I took a shower in the morning lol see how its all compacted like a helmet lmao!! I just tie my scarf around it at night and the next pics will show how the Q-Redew helped revive it!


Don’t hate on my hair sexiness! morning_hair_lacocobella

So I filled up the water reservoir and went to work! I just hold the prongs in my hair, squeeze the trigger and leet the steam “reactivate” the product in my hair. I kind of do a lil lift and pull action to help un-squish my hair and the make sure the steam gets the underparts of my hair. The whole process only took a few mins! Again, my hair was not wet and it looked fresh! Also remember, my wash-n-gos aren’t great to begin with BUT the Qredew certainly did it’s part regardless of how my initial wng turned out. You know how after a few days your wng starts to frizz and just look messy? It helps you keep your wng looking fresher longer while providing that essential boost of moisture. Check out the “revival” pics below!qredew_wash_go_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella qredew_wash_go_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella3 qredew_wash_go_flaxseed_gel_lacocobella4

The Q-Redew can also be used to help set roller or rod sets! I’ll definitely have to give a shot if I ever experiment with flexirods or rollers. I definitely feel like ANY curly girl could benefit from the Q-Redew. It truly is innovative and can help improve the health of your hair!


Styler :: Dark & Lovely Au Naturale 10-in-1 Styles Gelee & Sheen Sealing Nectar

Styler :: Dark & Lovely Au Naturale 10-in-1 Styles Gelee & Sheen Sealing Nectar

I’m gonna jump right in to it…

This is Part II of a series of product experiences for the new natural hair line, Au Naturale by Dark and Lovely. The other day I posted Part I on the Curl Moisturizing Souffle.

If you’ve been searching the web for more info on this new line, you probably didn’t have much luck because it JUST came out like a few weeks ago.  Your best bet is to search for blogger reviews or check out their Facebook page.They don’t even have it on their official website yet! But lucky for you, you can read all about it here! (at least from my POV of course :o) )

Again, this line is only sold in select Target stores (as of now) You can check out the list of participating Target Stores HERE****UPDATE— I found it sold in this online beauty supply store

Ok so next up, the 10-in-1 Styles Gelee and the Sheen Sealing Nectar…again, both retail for $9.99 for 5.3 oz of product for the Gelee and which is significantly less than the other two styling products in this line which are 14.4 oz of product (all for the same price).


Product Description

Our new anti-shrinkage recipe with mango oil and bamboo milk. Includes no sulfates, mineral oil, parabens or petrolatum. A styling gel for all curl types. The 10-in-1 gelee provides the most hold and has humectants to bring moisture into hair and ceramides to seal the cuticle. Curl formation will be enhanced and defined. After drying hair is firm but touchable!


42929 SS3-Aqua/water/EAU, sorbitol, glycerin, benzyl alcohol, lithium magnesium sodium silicate, dehydroxanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, panthenol, mango seed oil, ethylhexylglycerin, benzyl salicylate, linalool, limonene, 2-oleamido-1, 3-octadecanediol, bambusa vulgaris sap extract. F.I.L. D55074/2  ****I had to re-key all of these ingredients by looking at the package because I couldn’t find them listed anywhere online that I could just copy and paste, so I am sure I misspelled something!! FYIdark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee_2

The Gelee is a clear jelly and the consistency reminds exactly of Kinky Curly Curling Custard. It has the Au Naturale scent of mango apricot but a tad bit different than the other products. It could be because of the components of the ingredients that alters the scent a bit but it still smells pretty good. dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee_3

D&L markets this product as a 10-in-1 styler that can be used for twists, coil outs, bantu knots, etc. but I opted to use this for a wash-n-go (which I don’t wear often, especially in the dry winter months over here in the East coast BUT I did it for you guys :o) ). You know I always do twist outs but I have never used a jelly-like product for a twist-out so I don’t know how that would work for me (I prefer shea butter based products for twist outs). Jelly products tend to be crunchy for me and I can’t imagine a crunchy twist-out on me. This product contains glycerin.

The gelee applied really well, has great slip. I applied it in sections on wet hair ensuring I covered from root to ends. One thing though, I did end up having to use quite a bit of product, which could be because a) I’m heavy handed (the usual lol) b) I have thick, dense hair plus all that combined with c) a big head lol so that could all be why I had to use a lot. I feel like this product (5.3oz) should be as big as the other two products in the Au Naturale line (14.4 oz), especially since it is intended for multiple uses….just my thoughts.

Check out the results. Here’s my hair about 30 mins after I applied. It’s still wet.

dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee1 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee

dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee5 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee3 ***Sidebar*** For some reason I look pale than a mug lol I guess it’s my facial powder and the flash lol I’m not really this bright light! lol

Anyway….here’s my hair at the end of the day when It was completely dry. It definitely shrunk….

dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee8 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee6 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee9 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee7

The results were pretty good. I had nice, shiny, defined curls and it didn’t give me any white flakes. It did take my hair quite some time to dry but then again it is winter time. I could have used a diffuser to dry it faster but ***Sweet Brown voice*** ain’t nobody got time fa that! lol My hair was a little crunchy but it did say it provides the most hold of all the products so I kind of expected that, most jelly products give me crunch. The way I remedy the crunch is by applying a light oil like coconut once my hair is COMPLETELY dry i.e. the end of the day and the next morning.

***SIDEBAR — Ok so one thing I find interesting, is the Au Naturale line boasts that every product is “anti-shrinkage” and “elongates curls”, I can’t really say it did much for my shrinkage, could be a great marketing ploy but it wouldn’t be the selling point for me to want to purchase this line. But, I did like the results for the most part.

Here’s my 2nd day hair–slept with a scarf tied over my hair, skipped the shower cap in the morning and let the water droplets dampen my hair. I spray a little bit of Shea Radiance Moisture Milk to give it some additional moisture and help fluff up my flattened hair. I always do this method with wash-n-gos. It is also why I like to go a little heavy with the initial application of the product, I can usually get a week out of one application by doing this “morning hair revival” method :o) I like the way my hair looks and feels a day or two after application, its softer and less “crunch”.

dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee10 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee13 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee11 dark_lovely_au_naturale_10in1_gelee12

Ok NEXT UP….Hopefully you made it this far down this post to be reading this lol…..I wanted to briefly review the Sheen Sealing Nectar since this one is kind of a no brainer. The Sheen Sealing Nectar is a finishing spray that gives you sheen. Retails for $9.99 for 5.75 oz..


Product Description

Our new anti-shrinkage recipe with mango oil and bamboo milk. Includes no sulfates, mineral oil, parabens or petrolatum. A natural hair sheen spray with weightless high mirror shine. Sheen Sealing Nectar doesn’t just sit on hair but is absorbed for even more nourishment.


42930 SS3-Ispropyl myristate, sunflower seed oil, capryylic/capric tryglyceride, apricot kernal oil, dicaprylyl ether, isopropyl isostearate, fragrancs, mango seed oil, benzyl salicylate, linalool, benzyl alchohol. limonene, geraniol, bambusa vulgariz extract.   ****I had to re-key all of these ingredients by looking at the package because I couldn’t find them listed anywhere online that I could just copy and paste, so I am sure I misspelled something!! FYI

I used this as a final touch to any style. Let me tell you…..THIS smells soooo good. It’s the same scent as the other products but its a bit stronger. It makes your hair smell really good all day! It definitely give shine BUT you only need like 1-3 spritz of this because it is really oily…like oily where you will need to wash your hands after you touch your hair. Despite what the product description says, it doesn’t absorb into my hair so to me, it really is just a finishing, sheen spray that I would use sparingly. It definitely is light, doesn’t weight my hair down. Although this still has a ton of synthetic ingredients, it has the most amount of natural ingredients of all the products i.e. the apricot, sunflower and mango oils so this would seal in moisture.


Check back for part III my final product review of the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale line!


Product :: Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Product :: Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Hi :o)

I recently revisited an old faithful wash-n-go product for me—Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I’ve used Kinky Curly products on and off for about 5 years, ever since I tried to find an alternative to Miss Jessie’s curly pudding (who wants to pay that ridiculous price?? Ugh). I’ve tried every one of their products (except for the shampoo for some reason) but I think I used the Curling Custard (KCCC) literally every day awhile back lol I went through tubs and tubs of it, to the point where it stopped being effective lol. Too much of a good thing really can be bad I guess lol.

I haven’t used this product in probably over a year until I was able to snag it up again at the National Natural Hair Meetup Day product swap (check out this post for a little more about that). I figured, hey why not, let me give it a go again. I think it’s been long enough for my hair to “detox” from it so I wanted to see what results I would get from using it. There is definitely a lot of hype around this product and it’s a tried and true product, you don’t come across many negative reviews about this product often!


Botanical infusion of water, horsetail, chamomile, nettle and marshmallow, organic aloe vera juice, agave nectar extract, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), pectic, citric acid, potassium sorbate and natural fragrance. Glycerin Free, OrganicParaben Free, Protein FreeSilicone FreeSulfate Free

The water-based custard is a super sweet candy-like scented jelly. You can find it at Whole Foods, Target and of course the web. I swear the price has gone up over the last few years because it is a bit pricey now, 16 oz for $29.99 OR 8 oz for $17.00. I think I used to pay maybe $20-25 for the 16 oz tub back in ’08. Supply and demand at its best lol I like that it is water based and contains aloe vera so it doesn’t dry out my hair and the marshmallow root gives it a nice slip when applying. Love that it is organic and all-natural.

Below you will find the product description from the Kinky Curly website. You don’t really find a description, as well as how to use, as in depth as this on other products so this is refreshing and really helpful for the newbies who may not know how to use this.

 Product Description

CURLING CUSTARD™ gives moisture and curl definition, hold and brilliant shiny hair all in one product! It reduces bulk, defines & elongates your curls helping them to ‘hang’ better. CURLING CUSTARD™ will bring out the natural curl or wave pattern you never knew you had!

It is an advanced botanical formula made with ALL NATURAL ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair. Utilizing the humectant properties of the Agave Nectar, CURLING CUSTARD™ will give weight to your hair, define your curls, remove frizz, provide long lasting hold and shine without ever being greasy, crunchy or drying to your hair. This high performance product is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. **TIP- This product is designed to work alone but ultimate curl definition and length can be achieved when used with KNOT TODAY™ as a leave in conditioner.

For best results apply CURLING CUSTARD to soaking wet, freshly washed hair. For very kinky and tightly coiled hair use KNOT TODAY ™ as a leave-in conditioner then apply CURLING CUSTARD™ to soaking wet hair in small sections. Smooth each section with fingers from root to tip.

Now I remember why I loved this product, it pretty much does what the description above says PLUS I can make a wash-n-go last for an entire week without applying any additional product. I probably could make it last longer but my scalp tends to start having fits after one week so I have to wash. But check out the progression of the week below (lots of pics!). Every night, I just tie my scarf loosely over my hair (sleep on my side or stomach lol) and in the morning, fluff my hair with my fingers and let a little of the water droplets in the shower “re-activate” the product. That’s it! Every day for a whole week. Super low-maintenance and super cute hair :o) The curl pattern holds up and does NOT frizz!

So on Day 1, I apply the KCCC to clean, detangled, wet hair (not damp, wet). I start from the back and apply to medium sized sections, making sure I smooth the product from root to end. Oh, I also had a little bit of Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner and remembered that it said if you apply that first, it helps elongate your curls. I am not sure how much of a difference it makes for me, could be one of those ploys to make you buy it lol but the Knot Today conditioner is a GREAT detangler in itself.

After I apply, I make sure not to touch my hair until its dry (a few hours) or it will frizz. When my hair is wet with the product, I get that Jheri curl look with not much volume lol but once the KCCC dries, I fluff up my fro with my fingers. My hair does has a teeny bit of crunch too it but its perfectly fine with me, I find that crunch usually means hold and definition. Plus the crunch softens as the week progresses or if I apply a little bit of coconut oil over my dried hair. KCCC doesn’t leave any white residue like some gels tend to and even provides some shine. It doesn’t dry out my hair….if I don’t use it too often. I’m not going to lie, this did start to dry my hair out but I think that was because it was ALL I used for an extended amount of time and not doing deep conditions. I think using this on occasion, in conjunction with deep conditions and sealing my hair when I wear twists, won’t dry my hair out like it did before. I guess I will have to add this oldie back into my rotation :o)

Oh if you don’t like the price on this product, check out Curls Unleashed Curl Boosting Jelly. It gave me similar results!

Day 1 — Here’s freshly applied KCCC

Here’s “end-of-the-day-hair” on day 1, completely dry:

2nd Day hair

And Finally 4th Day Hair! It still looks great!

Yup, theres a reason why I love this stuff :o)

— Do you love KCCC?!

Products : : Shea Radiance Curl Defining Cream & Hair Milk

Products : : Shea Radiance Curl Defining Cream & Hair Milk


I hope you guys have been staying cool in this miserable heat wave. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand this humidity. I really miss my California summers, where the temperature felt like the actual temperature and you could find relief in the shade and at night. The east coast on the other hand….you be sticky and sweaty no matter where you go unless you’re in some serious AC or in a pool smh….BUT I will say, the humidity is great for keeping your hair moisturized lol *sigh* one day I will be back in the my homeland

…until then, I’ll just blog about these next two products, which are the last items I will review from the Shea Radiance goodies I recently got. If you didn’t see the other product experiences (<—-I think I’ll use that word instead of “Review”, sounds jazzier lol) here they are: experience #1 and experience #2 ;o)

Let’s get right to it. First up, the Maximum Curl Defining Cream. This was a gifted item but it retails for $16 for 8 oz on their web, in Whole Foods and other stores around the country. I think I forgot to mention this but 10% of the profits for all SR products go to the Agricultural Initiatives for Women in Africa and are vegan?! Products with purpose :o)

Product Description

Our leave-in styling conditioner gives great curls without frizz. Nourishes starved hair cuticles with proteins that moisturize and strengthen. Holds gently, resists humidity for beautiful long-lasting curls. Note: Moisture retention, elasticity, sulfate-free, curl definition, excellent feel, frizz resistance.


De-ionized Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Unrefined Shea Butter, Polyacrylate-15, Cetearyl Alcohol and Cetearyl Glucoside (Vegetable-based Emulsifier), Castor Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Quaternium-79 Hydrolyzed Keratin, Hydroxypropyl Starch (Vegetable-based Conditioning Agents), Avocado Seed oil, Panthenol, Phenethyl Alcohol and Ethylhexylglycerin (Paraben Free Preservative), Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Essential Oils, Polyquarternium-10, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate (Vegetable-based Conditioning Agents), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (Vegetable-based Conditioning Agents), Citric Acid, Chamomile, Nettle & Horsetail Extracts.

It is a water-based, smooth cream that comes out of a pump dispenser and of course, has that signature SR citrusy, lemony, spicy scent. Mmmm, they have a great recipe for the fragrances in all their products. I swear every one is bomb! Any way, this was one of the products I debated if I wanted to actually buy or not because I noticed that this product said for “Curly and Wavy” hair whereas the other products included “Kinky” hair. So that told me, this product would work better for finer hair with looser curls, none of which I am. So I was like hmm, let me see how I can use this. I tested it out for a wash-n-go and was pretty pleased with the results. I don’t get that “gel-like” curl definition but I do get really soft, super moisturized curls. I noticed my curls did become a little more defined as the product dries. My hair feels like it has a coating over it, but it wasn’t like a bad coating or anything, it was like a “protectant-moisture-locking” coating. It sealed my hair really well, probably because of the shea butter and since it’s been really humid lately, the aloe vera and other humectants pulled the moisture from the air into my hair without making it frizzy! What’s even better, is it isn’t greasy and doesn’t leave a residue on your hands.

Wet, freshly applied

Dry, end-of-the-day hair

2nd day hair with the shower droplet method

Although I was ok with the wash-n-go results, I still feel this would be better for “wavy, curly” hair as the packaging states BUT, you know how we like to make stuff work, I decided to try it out for a twist-out. Well, actually a bantu knot twist out. This worked great! It gave the same moisture locking benefits and great hold. I didn’t have to reapply any product for the entire week and the moisture was still going strong. I also didn’t re-twist! But, this was a bantu knot twist out vs. a regular twist out. I’ll have to see how it works for that… Oh and I am saving pics of that for another post hehe :o)

WAIT, don’t go! I’m not done just yet!

I also wanted to share the last but not least product in my SR review, the Moisturizing Hair Milk. I bought this during the 50% sale but it retails for $16 for 8 oz. It’s a watery, milky moisturizing spray. The great thing about the SR products is that you’ll notice a lot of the same ingredients in all of the products so no matter what you use, you’ll get the benefits.

Product Description

Get easy comb-outs, responsive curls & love-to-touch conditioned hair. Our Moisturizing Hair Milk is almost weightless yet eliminates frizz & leaves hair soft and smooth. Note: Smooths out hair cuticle, softens and detangles, minimizes product build-up, strengthens hair shaft and prevents breakage.


De-ionized Water, Aloe Vera Juice, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine Lactate, Polyquaternium-7, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Phenethyl Alcohol and Ethylhexylglycerin, C14-22 Alkylalcohol (Vegetable Based Emulsifier), C12-20 Alkylglucoside (Vegetable Based Emulsifier), Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate (Vegetable-based Conditioning Agents), Hydroxypropyl Starch (Vegetable-based Conditioning Agents), Vegetable Glycerin, Unrefined Shea Butter, Avocado Seed oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor Seed) oil, Hemp Seed oil, Chamomile, Nettle & Horsetail Extracts, Citric Acid.

The Moisture Milk is great for spritzing your hair anytime you plan to style. it’s super light so it won’t weigh down or leave a residue in your hair. It’s really emollient so it softens my hair on contact and makes it very manageable and easier to detangle. I also use it how I would use my plain old spritzer when I am doing twists except I won’t go as heavy as I would with plain water. It’s a great moisture boost if you’re hair is feeling dry. You could also refresh a wash-n-go with this too. It’s great for when you’ve worn a twist-out for a few days and need to re-twist to get the definition and moisture back. Instead of applying more product, you can just spritz with this and then re-twist (be sure to seal those ends!). That way, you aren’t adding a bunch of product build-up to your hair.

Overall, I am loving the Shea Radiance line. Although, a bit pricey, it would definitely be a wonderful treat every now and then when I can afford it. Good thing they have sales and discounts! If you happen to see this in a store near you, don’t hesitate to try it out! You’ll be pleased with whatever you buy!

Wash-N-Go with Aloe Vera Gel — Attempt #1

Wash-N-Go with Aloe Vera Gel — Attempt #1

Heyyy :o)

I went back to experimenting with wash-n-go’s and I tried it with pure 100% organic aloe vera gel. I used the Lily of the Desert brand from Whole Foods (~ $10 for 32 oz.) which is actually a dietary supplement and made for ingestion.

Let me start of by sharing a few of benefits of aloe vera for hair:

  • Is a humectant so helps moisturize hair
  • Aides with hair growth and prevents hair loss
  • Balances pH (acidic) of hair and scalp
  • In an anti-inflammatory so it can help with dandruff, itchy scalp and Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Detangles, reduces frizz and strengthens hair
  • Gel can be used as a styler and creates curl definition

Here’s a few ways you can use Aloe vera

  • AV juice can be mixed with water in a spray bottle as a refresher (LOVE doing this, I put a little essential oil in this mix as well)
  • Mixed with coconut milk and wheat germ oil as a shampoo
  • If applied directly to scalp regularly, can aide with hair loss and alopecia
  • Mixed with oils like EVOO or Jojoba as a conditioner or pre-shampoo treatment

Now, I love products with aloe vera in them, I always get good results so it made sense for me to try the actual product in  its pure form. I heard about people using it as a styling gel so I picked up some gel (not juice) and gave it a try…

Here’s what it looked like when I first applied on wet hair:

Here is what it looked like completely dry at the end of the day:

People, don’t be deceived! lol The pics make It look like it a great wash-n-go but let me tell you how dry and flaky my hair was! I don’t know what the heck I did wrong! OMG I was so upset. This had to have been an “operator error” because I know aloe is wonderful for hair and gives great results any other time. I did get great curl definition and it was easy to apply (I thought the liquidy consistency would be a mess but it wasn’t) but my hair was just dull and a bit crunchy when it dried. It was no where near shiny or soft….

…being the resilient person that I am, this will not be the end of an aloe vera gel wash-n-go for me!!! lol I am determined to get this right dangit… perhaps I was too heavy handed with the application? or maybe I need to apply a sealant immediately after applying it? I used it by itself which clearly was not enough. I know the properties of aloe make it an astringent so perhaps that had to do with the dryness. I need to go back in to the lab on this one…

Despite the issues, I was able to make this WNG stretch for a few days, on day two, I refreshed it by allowing the steam and droplets from taking a shower, to “re-activate” the gel and fluffed it a little with some oil and a little Shea Moisture Coconut Smoothie. This is what I got on day 2:

*sigh* I just can’t seem to get WNG’s down :o( . There are some naturals who swear by them and can rock them every day but my hair is so thick and super coily that it takes forever to dry. AND to actually get some volume, I have to constantly fluff my hair throughout the day to avoid looking like I have a jheri curl lol. Also, to avoid frizziness and get curl definition, I almost always have to use something that has the hold of a gel but it usually leads to crunchiness and dryness. I will say that Kinky Curly Curling Custard has probably given me the best WNG results so far. I dunno, I think I need to experiment with more products for WNG’s (suggestions please!).

When I try it again, I’ll be sure to post the results. If all else fails with Aloe Vera gel, I’ll just try it the other suggested ways for hair and ingest it for the internal health benefits it has…. #shrugs

—- Help :o(