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Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #6

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #6

lacocobella_hair_tipHey Missy Poos! (<—-yup Missy Poos lol)

Another Hair Tip Tuesday focusing on how to perfect the infamous twist-out! I also hope you were able to check out my Fall Hair Care Tips post from last week :o) Also, here’s a re-cap of the previous 5 Twist-out tips

6 : : Seal the ends of your twists and twirl them around your finger

Doing this drastically reduces frizz on the ends of your twists and when I don’t do it, my hair looks horrible and it would be safe to say that it will result in a “bad hair” day #FAIL lol

So what I do while twisting my hair up for the night, when I have about 1-2″ left to twist, I grab a thick butter ((like The Natural Root Gourmet Shea or Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love)) and apply a semi-generous amount to that last 1-2″ inches and continue to twist.

While this definitely protects your hair and helps retain your length BUT the important part, relating to twist-outs, is that you twirl the ends around your finger as you finish twisting.

The twirling action “clumps” your hair and makes the curl pattern uniform at the end. When the ends of your twist-outs are neat and tidy, it looks so much better and can compensate for any other parts of your hair that may be a bit frizzy towards the roots. It almost disguises it!

If it were the other way around (frizzy ends, defined roots) it can ruin the whole look.  By now, you may know how beneficial sealing the ends of your hair is anyway ;o)

Hope this helps!


Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #5

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #5

Ok so you know I was lying when I said I would have a hair tip EVERY Tuesday right?! lol I knew I’d end up eating my words lol sorry!! And how the HECK is it already OCTOBER!?

Anywho, here’s the latest tip on how to perfect your twist outs. Oh and in case you missed them, here are the last 4:

5 : : Avoid Water based products

I know this sounds kind of backwards right? Avoid water but our hair needs moisture?!  Well, water based products definitely have their benefits BUT remember, frizz is caused by moisture ((water)) and the point is to reduce frizz if you want your twists last longer and look neater.

The thing with water-based products, and when I say products, I mean whatever you apply when you’re setting your twists, is that your hair and the product MUST dry COMPLETELY before you attempt to un-twist. This is especially important if you live in humid climates since the moisture in the air will “activate” the water-based product making your hair moist again and result in frizz. Try sticking with oil/butter based products if your goal is longevity!

***SIDE BAR: This tip MAY apply to products containing humectants…for some people. I say this because aloe vera is a humectant BUT I get THE best twist-outs when I use products that contain aloe. But those products are still not water based, they are oil based. So maybe the combo of aloe and the oil/butter sort of “cancels” out the frizz? I am not sure and it could just be me but I figured I’d put that out there ;o)




Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #4

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #4

lacocobella_hair_tipHello! Here is a re-cap of perfecting a twist-out along with Tip #4! :o)

4 : :  Twist using a mixture of a butter and gel product

This is actually something I JUST discovered and am kind of mad I never thought about before lol I first tried this when I made my homemade flax seed gel and I LOVED my twists! The gel provides super hold and keeps frizz at bay and the butter cancels out any crunchiness from the gel and keep the hair moisturized and soft! It’s a perfect combo. I also like how the gel keeps my hair from feeling oily from the butter as well. When using a gel, avoid gels with alcohol and use gels like the flax seed, aloe, eco-styler or this one from Koils by Nature or from good ole Karen’s Body Beautiful :o) Anything with aloe as the first or second ingredient almost always gives me amazing results!

— Have you utilized any twist-out tips yet!? Have they helped?


Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #3

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #3

lacocobella_hair_tipHey!! Back with another tip for perfecting a twist-out….my fav hairstyle!

3 : : Let your twists “set” longer

I try to twist my hair as early as possible the day before I decide to untwist them. This gives my hair more time to “set” AND dry completely. Letting them set longer also makes your hair smoother which means less frizz! Now I am not one to actually wear the twists out (I don’t like the Color Purple look on me lol ), but if I do, I may rock a hat or scarf if I am just running errands and what not. The point is, the longer you leave the twists in, the “deeper” the curl pattern from the twists are set in!

Lastly, Here’s a re-cap of the fist 2 tips I share these past couple of weeks. If you have some of your own tips, feel free to drop me a line and share the knowledge :o)

Tip #1 – Twist your hair when it is still wet/damp, like 90% wet but not dripping
Tip #2 – Make your twists smaller


Cream : : Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream

Cream : : Coco Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream

OMG! WHY have I never tried this cream yet!?!? I have seriously been missing out…like for real ya’ll lol I don’t know if this is just a product that is slept on because I have seen it before, but never heard much said about it. I guess that’s probably why I never tried it, never really stood out in my mind. Plus I don’t really use many creams since I prefer butters so I didn’t think to look into it.

But THANKFULLY, I received a 2oz sample size of this AMAZING styling cream in my super wonderful OnyxBox, that I received from We Are Onyx a few weeks ago ((don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!!)). It’s the Moisturizing Styling Cream by Coco Curls! You can buy it directly from We Are Onyx’s website ((remember, that was one of the cool things about the OnyxBox! You can buy all the products you sample so you don’t have to search all over to find them. Smart!)) And of course you can also get it directly from Coco Curls’ website :o) 2oz for only $5, 8oz for $15 and 16 oz for $25.


lacocobella_onyxbox_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_2 lacocobella_onyxbox_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_3

Product Description
Coco Curls can be used as an all-in-one for any natural style, as it combines the properties of both SHINE & MOISTURE, as well as HOLD & DEFINITION. A small amount goes a long way and works best with wet hair. You don’t have to worry about a white residue or greasy after affect – perfect for wearing a 2 strand twist style right out the salon! Coco Curls is made with all natural ingredients, that combine to nourish and strengthen natural hair and it is also a wonderful body butter for your skin!

Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate, Hydroxypropyl trimonium Honey, Lactobacillus Ferment, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (and) Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Fragrance Oils.

OMG…let me first start by telling you how YUMMY the scent is! It is very sweet, bakery like, almost like a yummy, buttery frosting but for your hair! The scent lingers for a couple days and I LOVE that. Every time I “whoosh” my hair and get a nice wiff of the scent lol Definite points on that :o)

The texture of the cream is very light and emollient, like a heavy lotion or something like that I am just learning that my hair actually responds really well to lighter products. I have always been caught up in thinking I can only use heavier, thicker butters ((still use those to seal my ends of course! I have been using my Gourmet Shea butter by The Natural Root lately)) BUT I realized that when lighter creams/butters contain ALOE as one of the first ingredients, my hair LOOOOOVES it!! This cream reminds me a LOT of the Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter…but possibly even better! Yup, I said it :o) It really is THAT good!

It provided me with an AMAZING amount of hold, definition and I have virtually NO frizz! My hair is shiny and healthy looking. I think this product gives me THE best twist outs! The product description is extremely accurate and sums it up! The results reminded me of when I featured pure Mango Butter in my Ingredients 101 series (( I know I know, I have been slacking on those posts lol)). OMG I can’t sing enough praises about this cream! There was NO residue or greasiness, super light, fluffy curls! A little goes a Long way also! I have the 2oz size and so far I have used it twice and I have enough left for about 3 more times.

And here is what did it for me…..my twist-out lasted ALL week, ESPECIALLY after I did a Cherry Lola treatment which makes my curls even more defined. Didn’t have to reapply, re-twist or anything for days. My hair looks great EVERY time I use this wonderful cream. The weather also had a huge spike in humidity levels and even a bit of rain and my hair STILL looked almost as good as it did on Monday! Amazing lol

This cream is like a magical gem I was so fortunate to stumble upon. I WILL be buying more of this when I run out AND this is going on my essentials list!! Thanks WeAreOnyx for putting me on!! This is the only product that Coco Curls sells (at least from what I saw) but they definitely have a GREAT product and I hope they add more sooner than later!!

Scroll down for some flicks! NOTE: The pics below are the first time I tried the cream. The second time was after I did the Cherry Lola treatment and my hair looked EVEN better, especially at the end of the week.

Here is my first day hair..

lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_1 lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_4 lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_2 lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_5 lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_3

…and here is my second or 3rd day hair, I can’t remember!lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_6 lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_7 lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_8 lacocobella_coco_curls_moisturizing_styling_cream_9

..and here is a pic I posted on my instagram this week. This was my hair the 2nd time I used the cream and after a Cherry Lola treatment :o)


I am in LOVE!!

HAS ANYONE TRIED THIS CREAM!?!? and if so, WHY you ain’t tell me bout it!? lol :o)


Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #1

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #1


Hey! I haven’t posted Tip Tuesday in awhile so I am back with a series of tips actually. I almost always wear my hair in twist-outs pretty much every day lol ((gotta love variety!)) and I get lots of questions on how I do them and make them last so I decided to compile my tips and I will post one every week until I run out!!! LMAO!!

I really love twist-outs because they work on any textured hair type ((YES ANY textured hair type)) and they look great on pretty much everyone! Anyone who may object my last statement must not have figured out what works for them because I guarantee twist-outs CAN work on any textured hair type!

Twist-outs have also helped me maintain my hair, length and keep it healthy. They are super easy to do and with low-manipulation. They lock in the moisture and nutrients from your product(s) of choice, there is no heat involved, you can wear it any time of the year, they can rescue bad hair days, salvage any almost any hairstyle without having to wash and start all over (meaning you can do a twist out on any old hairstyle by simply re-wetting your hair)….the list goes on and on. I just love them hehe Oh and of course…..it looks CUTE! duh! :o)

Alrighty, well here’s tip #1 of however-many-I-can-think-of-till-I-run-out!

1 ::  Twist your hair when it is still wet/damp, like 90% wet but not dripping

…..and be sure its COMPLETELY dry before you untwist! Twisting on wet hair will give you more definition because when it dries, it will have “locked-in” and set the twist pattern created by the twists. After I wash, I wrap a t-shirt around my head while I get dressed, etc. ((about 10-15 mins or so))  By the time I am ready to apply my product and twist, the excess water will have been absorbed. I use a t-shirt instead of a towel because it helps keep frizz at a minimum.

Check back every (<—-I promise!) Tuesday for more twist-out tips! :o)


Hair Trim + Blow-out + Dry Twist-out + Bantu Knot-out

Hair Trim + Blow-out + Dry Twist-out + Bantu Knot-out

Hey there! So I wasn’t really sure how to categorize this post ((hence the title lol)) so this is a little bit of a whole lot haha. I just kinda want to share the latest with this stuff on my head.

I haven’t been experimenting too much with new products these past few weeks (although I do have a few sitting around waiting for me to play with them lol) partially because I have been lazy lol and I have sort of been in “cruise control” and just grabbing whatever is in sight first so I can use up some products (to make room for new ones lmao!!).

So yea, this post isn’t about any products, I recently got a trim which means I had to blow out my hair and head over to my local salon. This is always an exciting moment because a) it only happens 1-2 times a year and b) I get to see the results of a disciplined hair regimen! ((LENGTH!!)). The last time I blew out my hair was August 2012 so its kinda exciting to see the length difference.

Check out the old post and then you can see the pics I posted recently on my Instagram below. My hair pulled from the side-back of my head reached down to about my *pardon me* nipple lol!! I’ve been blessed a little *extra weight* in some areas sooooo to be nipple length is a darn good achievement lmao! I guess that would be about bra strap length in the back? Anyway, take a look below…. (sorry for the horrible lighting and camera phone pics)




So yea, it is exciting to see my hair so long and Diana Ross like BUT them ends were HORRIBLE!!!! Remember, I had over-processed color on the ends to they were very sparse, uneven and just…BLAH. It was so hard to really tell how bad it was while my hair was in it’s curly state but once I blew it out, I was like damn, my hair is like see-through at the ends lol

So when I went to the salon ((Textures in Gaithersburg, MD if you live in the area, ask for Dominique!)) and the stylist recommended I just let go of the scraggly ends since I still had quite a bit of length. Soooo with that said, I ended up trimming more than I had anticipated but I am glad I did because my hair looks and feels SOOOO much better! I think she took off maybe at least an inch? My hair is much more even and appears more dense and I FINALLY have more of an even color! No more kaleidoscope looking ends when I take pics with the flash lol Also, my curls are more springy! Remember how I was saying my curl pattern is jacked? Well, a trim and a couple amla treatments did the trick. My wash-n-gos look MUCH better than THIS now lol

Here’s my hair still blown out a day or two after I got it trimmed. It looks shorter than it actually is because it has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn hot and humid here in Maryland, and as you can see, my face is sweating in the picture lol I always pic the perfect times of year to blow my hair out :o)


So I usually try to take advantage of my hair being blown out and try some different styles, if it weren’t so humid, I would have flat ironed it and worn it straight for a few days but there was just nooo way that would work. So I opted to try something I saw on another fellow blogger, Alicia James’s site. She blows out her hair almost every week and does her twist-outs on dry hair all the time. So I figured I would give it a try and see what happens. I know that twist-outs on dry hair makes for looser curls and elongated hair. Well, in theory this style works but for me?….. #FAIL but I will still share what I did any way..

So I applied a little bit of butter to help keep my hair soft and protected ((don’t use a water-based product! It will revert all that blow drying effort lol)). Now the thing about dry-twisting is that the twists don’t stay as tight and the ends kept unraveling! It was so annoying lol so I wrapped the ends with perm rods and straws ((I ran out of the perm rods lol)) and that kept them secure. The longer you keep the twists in, the better. I just did them the night before I took them out but if you could leave them in for a day that would be ideal.


*sigh* ….and the results…..

These 2 pics were probably the ONLY pics that look somewhat alright and it’s probably because of the angle lol I think because of the humidity and my body just being hot at night, it didn’t allow the twists to really set because there was so much moisture in the air. So there isn’t much definition or shape, just a hot mess AND this is in the morning right after I took the twists out -__-. At least the ends were curled because of the perm rods lol

blow_out_twist_out_perm_rods_lacocobella2 blow_out_twist_out_perm_rods_lacocobella3


So I figured there really wasn’t much of a way to salvage this style for 2nd day hair and I definitely had to re-twist it but the next time I opted to revisit THIS, a bantu-knot out! But as you will see, it turned out NOTHING like the last time haha oh well. The bantu-knots gave more definition that just twists and just looked better overall blow_out_bantu_knot_lacocobella blow_out_bantu_knot_lacocobella2 blow_out_bantu_knot_lacocobella3

So there ya have it, I know I said the last time I did these styles that I would re-visit them again in the winter ((which never happened lol)) but I HAVE to try them again when its not hot/humid because I feel like these styles could be SO cute! Ugh, I need to move back to Cali asap…. anyway, I will stop venting about the weather now lol

Stay cool sistas ;o)