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Treatment : : Bentonite Clay, Kelp Powder, Aloe Vera Gel & Coconut Milk

Treatment : : Bentonite Clay, Kelp Powder, Aloe Vera Gel & Coconut Milk

Hiiiii!!!! :o)) I wanted to share another DIY homemade treatment that I did awhile back ((I am SO behind on posts its not even funny. I am so sorry!! Graphic design business has seriously picked up by the grace of God!!))

Last year, I made a post about one of my secret weapons and all-time FAV treatments, bentonite clay, and I decided to remix it a little this last time I did it. I am not going to go into full detail on why I am in LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with bentonite clay because you can refer back to my old post ((way up there with ayurvedic treatments, maybe even higher than them lol)) but I will say that I used to do a bentonite clay 2-4 times a month and my hair we THE healthiest it had ever been. I don’t do them as often because I love trying new things but I always circle back to bentonite when I feel my hair needs a little detox and that extra boost of vitality :o)

So this go round I decided to go a little crazy with my mixture lol. I never really measure the exact amounts of each ingredient for any of my DIY treatments but for the sake of creating a “recipe” in case any one wants to try, I put an estimate of how much by each ingredient below. My method is that the powders are always the base, the liquids to give it a smooth, NOT runny consistency and light on oils so its not too runny. I like my hair treatments to be somewhat thick so that it really packs on my hair and doesn’t start runnning down my face the longer I leave it on. I did make THIS particular recipe a bit thinner than I would normally like to but hey, it still worked. You can always add more powder if its too thin but I didn’t want to because I would have had too much unused/leftover. Remember, feel free to change this up to your liking and also keep in mind that since my hair is longer/thicker now I have to use more stuff :o(. Here’s what I used:

  • Bentonite clay– 3-4 large tbls
  • Organic sea kelp powder – 1.5 tbls
  • Coconut milk – 1/2 can
  • Aloe vera gel – 1/4 cup
  • Mixture of teas – 1/4 cup, I think this is where I went overboard and make the mixture too thin, I probably shouldn’t have even used these since I used coconut milk lol, so my recommendation on this is to use coconut milk OR teas. I feel that to get the benefits of the tea, you need to have it in a higher volume or it will just be diluted and not really effective. Also, I can’t remember exactly what teas I used but it was most likely a combination of nettle, burdock, lemongrass, catnip and/or peppermint
  • Grapeseed oil – 1/2 tbls or so :o)


So I mixed all the ingredients together to get a smooth creamy mixture like the pic below. Remember, this is bit thinner than I would like, I prefer it be pretty much caked on my hair lol You’ll see what I mean if you check out my old post on bentonite clay!!bentonite_kelp_coconut_milk_aloe_vera_tea_grapeseed_treatment_lacocobella2

I apply the mixture in sections, making sure I massage into my scalp a bit. I find that it works best to apply on hair that is some what damp. It can be clean or dirty, for me, it just depends on if I feel like/have time to wash before doing the treatment. Either way, the bentonite clay cleanses and clarifies!

Hmmm…I wonder if this is a sneak peak of what my hair will look like what I am all grey one day lolbentonite_kelp_coconut_milk_aloe_vera_tea_grapeseed_treatment_lacocobella4

So in the meantime, I let the clay sit in my hair for about 30 mins or so. This is one of those treatments that you don’t have to leave in for hours or anything. You really only need 20-30 mins but I tend to leave them in longer just because I end up jumping on my computer to do some work and time passes by before I even realize it lol

Oh and I LOVE using bentonite clay on my face. It is an AMAZING treatment that makes your skin sooooo smooth and clear. Again, there was a point in my life when I used this mask every week and my skin was flawless… don’t you hate when you KNOW the things that work the best but you just don’t do them for whatever unknown reason? *sigh* I usually just mix the clay with apple cider vinegar for facial masks but I had some left over with this hair treatment and said why not :o)


…and then you rinse!! Wah-lah!! Beautiful, bouncy, springy curls!! I love bentonite because it just revitalizes my hair and brings life back to it. My hair always, always feels soooo soft and supple after these treatments. I also feel it helps define my curls and it really conditions it. Sometimes I don’t even need to follow-up with conditioner because the clay and the coconut milk conditions. The coconut milk also strengthens, protects and detangles your hair. It also contains all those amazing benefits that are also found in the oil which I love. You can read about all the benefits of the sea kelp HERE, the teas HERE and the Aloe Vera HERE. ( <—sorry feeling kinda lazy at the moment lol) One thing I will add, depending on how much you use, but if you go a bit heavy on the sea kelp, you may want to follow-up with a conditioner that has a heavy scent. I will warn you lol the sea kelp smells bad!! (to me at least) and it is rather strong so I follow up with the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle and a butter that also has a strong scent as well. Of course the smell fades but I just can’t bear it for too long lol
bentonite_kelp_coconut_milk_aloe_vera_tea_grapeseed_treatment_lacocobella6 bentonite_kelp_coconut_milk_aloe_vera_tea_grapeseed_treatment_lacocobella7

I really need to get my hands on some rhassoul clay so I can see what the hype is and if it is comparable to my beloved bentonite!


Treatment :: Karen’s Body Beautiful Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment

Treatment :: Karen’s Body Beautiful Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment

Hey there :o)

OK I have finally tried and reviewed ALL the products from Karen’s Body Beautiful that are available in select Target stores NOW! The last review is on the Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment which retails for $25 for 4 oz and $38 for 8 oz on KBB’s site and also on CurlMart 4 oz for $25. YES I know, I know, KBB’s price point is a bit on the high side BUT you really are paying for what you get, high quality, all-natural, consistency in results and a little goes a long way. I’ve mentioned in the past that I was an avid user of the Sweet Ambrosia, it was something I ALWAYS made sure I saved up for and my hair was probably the healthiest it had ever been (that was back in 2008). It’s definitely worth the investment. Oh and if you missed my other posts on KBB product experiences, check them out below:

The thing I LOVE most about KBB (besides the fact that her products are all natural and work phenomenally well AND consistently) is that there is literally a product for EVERY need that a natural may have. You know how we have SO many steps, rituals and practices in maintaining our hair, and KBB recognizes that and literally has a product for every step of the way. It makes being natural really easy if you hate having to search around for different products or if you don’t like mixing up a bunch of different things. KBB already has it covered for you!

Now,I don’t mean that KBB’s products are like a “system” where its like Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, I mean that there is a product for every need and hair type i.e. moisture, spritzer, sealing, hold, treatment, pre-poo, condition, scalp, etc. etc. I also love that some of her products have multiple uses, not just what’s indicated on the labels. PLus they all work really well together so you can mix and match! It’s just an extremely well-rounded line of products and you can clearly tell the KBB listens to what us naturals need, how we use our products and I am sure she uses her own stuff on herself! I just love it! :o) ….and now you can buy all this right down the street from Target! #winning :o)

But ok, let’s stay focused lol back to the Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment….



Karen’s Body Beautiful Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment is a velvety textured deep conditioning pre-shampoo treatment that strengthens, repairs and restores tresses. Filled with Argan, Carrot Seed, Aloe Vera Oils, Pygeum, Nettle, & Saw Palmetto Extracts and Rosemary & Rose Otto Essential Oils.

Melt Secret Weapon in your palms. Thoroughly massage into hair and scalp. Leave in hair for at least 20 minutes or even overnight (wear a shower cap). Shampoo and condition. Use weekly

Palm Oil, Lecithin, Argan Oil, Vegetable Wax, Citric Acid, Vitamin C & E, Aloe Vera Oil, Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Extracts, Stevia, Silica, Rosemary & Carrot Seed Essentials Oils, Biotin, Nettle & Rose Otto Essential Oil. Glycerin Free. Paraben Free. Silicone Free. Sulfate Free. Protein Free

This product is really unique to me. I have never seen a pre-made product intended for pre-shampooing (see, this is what I mean by KBB has a product for everything a natural already does!). Most pre-poo treatments I’ve ever done or hear others talk about are just applying oil on their hair and sleeping with a plastic cap overnight. So this takes that practice to another level. You still get the benefits of the oils but this contains other enhancing ingredients like the stevia, silica, biotin and all those delectable essential oils :o) It is unscented which kind of saddened me because you know I love KBB’s scents. Oh well :o)

I apply this creamy, emollient treatment the night before wash day on dry hair. It surprisingly has a lot of slip so I didn’t have to go overboard on the application. I leave my hair in about 4 sections, pin them down close to my head (for comfort sleeping), place a shower cap on, then my scarf over the plastic and go to bed. The next day, I rinse out the treatment, wash and condition regularly. I really, really like how strong my hair feels after this treatment! You can definitely tell that it penetrates your strands. I didn’t have as many snap, crackles and pops after my hair was dry!

This is definitely a higher end product and my hair is pretty healthy at this point (by the grace of God and good hair practices!) so I don’t think I would buy this regularly but I definitely would consider treating myself to this maybe 1-2x a year to give my hair a strengthening boost. If you are trying to recover your hair from damage from maybe heat or color (or even relaxer!) and trying to nourish it back to health, this may work wonders for you :o)


Ayurvedic Treatment…..Neem!!

Ayurvedic Treatment…..Neem!!

*peeks head around corner*

Hi…um…anybody there??

I know I know, I haven’t been blogging. Life happens and we have to tend to our priorities. Hate me or love me, whatever will be, will be :o)

I’m going to just jump right in…

So you know I LOVE ayurveda, so I wanted to devote this post to neem powder! I used the Hesh brand powder that you can get from local Indian markets for about $3.

The main reasons this little gift from the earth are that It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory so it is a great treatment for the scalp. This is the primary reason why I use it, my scalp. My scalp creates build-up quite rapidly so I really have to make sure I cleanse and clarify my scalp often (once a week usually does it). I have found that ayurveda powders have worked best for that. A clean, clear scalp will encourage healthy hair growth. Also, fungi and bacteria on the scalp can clog your roots and cause other issues which can ultimately lead to hair loss. Not fun. Neem also contains aminos (proteins) so it helps strengthen hair and is great for relieving itchy, dry scalp. It’s just an overall great treatment for your scalp, even if you don’t have any issues with it, it just encourages over all health.

This last time I used the powder, I made the paste by adding peppermint tea instead of plain water like I normally do. I went through an obsessive phase of drinking peppermint tea so I had a bunch of tea bags to spare lol besides the delectable scent of peppermint, it is great for adding shine, conditions hair and makes it more vibrant. I saved a little of the tea to do a rinse at the end!

The powder itself is green in color, being that the powder is made from the green leaves of a neem tree. I think adding the peppermint tea made it even greener. It is kind of nasty looking if you ask me lol. The smell isn’t too bad, very earthy/herbal/plant-like. The peppermint tea made it a bit more pleasant. Peep the spatula lol I was paranoid after learning about using metal with the bentonite clay lol.

As with all my messy treatments. I apply my hair in small sections to ensure full coverage and leave it on for about 30-45 mins. Check out the flicks.

Gotta love the application of hair treatments…..

So after I let the paste nourish my hair under a plastic cap, I rinse really, really well until the water runs clear and follow-up a conditioner and BAM, super soft, strong, non-shedding, healthy-scalp having head of hair! Doesn’t do much for de-frizzing or curl definition but hey, nothing is perfect lol

I’m way due for a trim btw…

— what are your fav ayurvedic powders?

The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

image via Google images

Every now and then I like to do this thing I discovered by stalking other natural hair bloggers lol. It’s called “the Greenhouse Effect” NOTE: this is NOT the same thing as the baggy method! In a nutshell, it is a moisture infusing treatment that works with just 3 things: 1) a plastic shower cap (or plastic bag or saran wrap) 2) an oil of choice and 3) the heat from your head!

So we know our body temperature drastically rises at night and it is also the time where our skin, scalp, organs, etc. rest and rejuvenate, so night time is the optimal time to do this treatment. The heat from your head in conjunction with the plastic bag creates a moist, steamy environment that locks moisture in your hair. The oil coating will seal in the moisture. It’s sort of like a mini-steam treatment! Some naturals like to sleep with a beanie/winter hat over their scarf to create  even more heat/steam but if you’re like me and produce heat easily, you probably don’t need to do that.

There are many variations of this method and I believe it was created by the owner of a site called http://realqueens.net/real-queens-regimen. She goes into more detail on her regimen (with Q’s & A’s) and how it helped her gain an average of 1 inch of growth per month by doing this 5 nights a week and washing once a month. I personally wouldn’t recommend doing this every night because I feel you need to allow your hair and scalp to breathe. You also don’t want your hair to be wet all the time because that can cause bacteria growth, mushy hair and a host of other problems I imagine (another reason I do this before I wash). The Real Queens site owner also notes that she doesn’t get hot or sweat easily which also may be why she can do it every night. Me on the other hand, I sweat lol. If you’d like to try this, maybe start with once a week and build up from there to see what works for you. I do this treatment 2-3 times a month on the night before I wash.

Here’s what I do: I heavily coat my hair with an oil (usually my beloved coconut, EVOO or castor) I twist my hair in 6 loose twists and pin them down loosely to my head. I only do this because I have a lot of thick hair and I want it to fit under the shower cap lol I also make the twists loose so that the moisture can reach the inner parts of my hair. I put the shower cap over my hair, tie a scarf over it to keep it in place (and minimize some of the crunchiness from the bag lol). After that….I go to sleep!

When you take off the plastic cap in the morning, your hair (mostly the scalp) will be damp but really soft and moisturized! Some have contributed major hair growth due to regular use of this treatment. This isn’t why I do it but hey, I’m down for whatever helps growth. As I mentioned before, I do this on the nights before I am going to wash/co-wash because my hair will be wet, sweaty, shrunken and oily lol.

If you have dry hair, give this treatment a try a few times a month and see if it helps!

— Have you tried this moisture treatment? Have you created your own variation of it? Do share!

Hesh Amla Powder Treatment

Hesh Amla Powder Treatment

I love Ayurveda :o)

The other week I did an alma paste treatment and used one box of Hesh brand Amla Powder. I got several boxes from my local Indian market for $X.xx (<—forgot to put the price in lol it was $3.99 I believe), which is a great price so I stocked up.

Now, I like to use amla oil on my scalp because of how well it strengthens my roots and softens my hair (I’m going to try a new brand that doesn’t contain mineral or canola oil next, I’ve been eying the one on Henna Sooq btw) so I figured pure amla would reap even better benefits.

I used the powder per the instructions on the box and mixed the powder with water to create a paste. it kinda looked like muddy chocolate pudding lol. I have seen other natural curlies mix other ayurvedic powders with amla, add oils to it or even add the powder to conditioners, etc. Oh and you can use herbal teas instead of water. Check out my girl Fleurzty’s blog again, she is the one who put me on to amla and is like a pro with this stuff!

The benefits of the powder are that it will strengthen your roots, define/tighten your curls, darken your hair and make your hair shiny. It definitely did all that! The most noticeable result was the curl definition and how it tightened my curls! I wore my hair in a twist-out after the treatment (of course lol) and my curls stayed defined for DAYS! They were clumped and super soft! If you check out my post on the Koils by Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-in, you can see pics there.

The only thing I dislike about ayurvedic treatments are that they can definitely be on the messy side. I always have to put a towel on the floor and pretty much clear off my bathroom counter because there will be little drops of the paste everywhere lol. It doesn’t help that my nosey dog always wants to poke his head in and start trying to lick and sniff everything lol. Maybe a cleaner application process comes with experience but for now, I’m a mess lol. It is definitely worth it though:o)

I applied the paste in small sections to ensure even coverage and make sure I rubbed it into my scalp. The pics below show how the product looked when applied. I love doing this treatment, my hair stops shedding almost immediately. It makes my hair feel thicker and stronger, it’s kinda crazy how it does that. I could definitely feel more texture to my hair as well.

….so corny lol

Deep Condition Treatment : : Coconut Milk, Honey and EVOO

Deep Condition Treatment : : Coconut Milk, Honey and EVOO

So my obsession with coconuts naturally meant I’d try coconut milk in my hair some type of way. We know the many benefits of anything coconut so I figured the milk would be interesting to try. I went to my local Whole Foods and picked up some 100% pure organic coconut milk. I googled around the web to see what could be mixed with the milk and I decided to use honey as a humectant and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as a sealant.

Since coconut milk is a protein, it will help strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Using it as a DC really helped soften my hair as well. I also found out that it helps with hair shed, hair loss and dandruff so I made sure I rubbed the treatment into my scalp when applying it.

I made my concoction by putting all the ingredients in a blender (the coconut milk separates) but clearly this was a genius mistake, that I won’t be doing again, because it made an extremely watery mixture… #dontjudgeme I think I’ll use a whisk next time! anwho, I still managed to be able to apply the mixture to my hair. I put a plastic cap over my hair and let it sit for about an hour. It was not a pleasant experience because that stuff dripped like no other!! It definitely had to do with the fact that I blended it and I also think I put a little bit too much EVOO. I had to wrap a towel around my head to catch the drips and also one on my shoulders. It wasn’t fun. Lesson learned… I mean, It is a milk so it was bound to be liquidy but I think I made it worse lol. I read that some people use cornstarch to thicken it up a bit. Regardless, I made it through and finally rinsed it out. Check out the results below.

The main thing I could definitely see was an improvement in the elasticity of my hair. My curls were shiny, soft and springy. I may add coconut milk rotation but I will most likely experiment using it in different ways. Not sure if I was feeling the EVOO. My hair doesn’t really take to EVOO very well :o(  Lots of naturals just mix in the coconut milk with any of their other conditioners, so you don’t have to use it by itself. When I try this again I will be sure to post the results!

Product :: Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque

Product :: Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque

The past few weeks I’ve been deep conditioning with the Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque. I bought this because a) I love Shea Moisture products and b) it’s for dry, itchy scalps. I had already been using the Black Soap shampoo and conditioner by SM since this winter had been SOOOO dry. I have no idea what the heck was going on my scalp had never been that itchy in my entire life. Ugh, I just hope it is over now…

So naturally I tried the Purification Masque in the SM Dry, Itchy scalp line. I had heard pretty good things about it around the web so I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. I do really like it but it wasn’t like amazing.

It has a ton of slip, it smells good (to me at least), it applies easily and spreads through my hair well so I don’t have to use too too much at one time. My jar is about a third of the way gone and I’ve used it about 3 times (the tub has 12 oz. of product). The consistency reminds me a bit like the SM Coconut Curl Smoothie, maybe a little more liquidy.

It says it’s supposed to detoxify, condition and soothe the scalp and hair since it has Kaolin clay and salicylic acid. I guess you could say it does that but I can’t really say I can tell. I mean my hair definitely feels clean, soft and moisturized after each use but I wouldn’t say I use it for that particular reason, I just get good results from whatever the heck it is doin’ to my hair lol. I’ll admit that I hadn’t been applying this directly to my scalp (like it says your supposed to, go figure) but I did do it the last time it used it and it did a pretty good job at cleansing! I may start co-washing with this more. I have been using actual shampoo but I may go back to co-washing more to help retain moisture.

Definitely keeping this “in stock”, again, it’s cheap and easy to find around town. This will be a good “lazy day” deep conditioning treatment (when I don’t feel like whipping something up from the kitchen!). When I use this as a DC, I leave it on for at least 30 mins under a shower cap.

Oh, one thing, I have tried the other Shea Moisture deep conditioner (the Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masque, the one with the yellow label) but I like the Purification Masque much better for the purpose of deep conditioning. I ended up using the Shea butter Deep Treatment Masque as a moisturizer for twists. That worked out pretty well.


Deionized Water , Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut) , Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) , Mangfera Indica Seed Butter (Mango) , Persea Gratissima Oil (Avocado) , African Black Soap Extract , Sea Salt , Cetyl Esters , Kaolin Clay , Grapeseed Oil , Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil (Jojoba) , Behentrimonium Chloride (Conditioner) , Salicylic Acid , Salix Alba Bark Extract (Willow) , Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil (Neem) , Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil (Tea Tree) , Sorbitol Esters , Aloe Vera Leaf Juice , Tocopherol (Vitamin E) , Rosemary Extract , Salvia Officinalis Extract (Sage) , Plantain Extract , Lonicera Caprifolium Flower and Lonicera Japonica Flower Extract (Honeysuckle and Japanese Honeysuckle)

Here’s what the product looks like applied to my hair!

Them edges lol

— Have you tried this? What do you like to use for DC’s?