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Treatment :: Karen’s Body Beautiful Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment

Treatment :: Karen’s Body Beautiful Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment

Hey there :o)

OK I have finally tried and reviewed ALL the products from Karen’s Body Beautiful that are available in select Target stores NOW! The last review is on the Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment which retails for $25 for 4 oz and $38 for 8 oz on KBB’s site and also on CurlMart 4 oz for $25. YES I know, I know, KBB’s price point is a bit on the high side BUT you really are paying for what you get, high quality, all-natural, consistency in results and a little goes a long way. I’ve mentioned in the past that I was an avid user of the Sweet Ambrosia, it was something I ALWAYS made sure I saved up for and my hair was probably the healthiest it had ever been (that was back in 2008). It’s definitely worth the investment. Oh and if you missed my other posts on KBB product experiences, check them out below:

The thing I LOVE most about KBB (besides the fact that her products are all natural and work phenomenally well AND consistently) is that there is literally a product for EVERY need that a natural may have. You know how we have SO many steps, rituals and practices in maintaining our hair, and KBB recognizes that and literally has a product for every step of the way. It makes being natural really easy if you hate having to search around for different products or if you don’t like mixing up a bunch of different things. KBB already has it covered for you!

Now,I don’t mean that KBB’s products are like a “system” where its like Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, I mean that there is a product for every need and hair type i.e. moisture, spritzer, sealing, hold, treatment, pre-poo, condition, scalp, etc. etc. I also love that some of her products have multiple uses, not just what’s indicated on the labels. PLus they all work really well together so you can mix and match! It’s just an extremely well-rounded line of products and you can clearly tell the KBB listens to what us naturals need, how we use our products and I am sure she uses her own stuff on herself! I just love it! :o) ….and now you can buy all this right down the street from Target! #winning :o)

But ok, let’s stay focused lol back to the Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment….



Karen’s Body Beautiful Secret Weapon Restorative Hair Treatment is a velvety textured deep conditioning pre-shampoo treatment that strengthens, repairs and restores tresses. Filled with Argan, Carrot Seed, Aloe Vera Oils, Pygeum, Nettle, & Saw Palmetto Extracts and Rosemary & Rose Otto Essential Oils.

Melt Secret Weapon in your palms. Thoroughly massage into hair and scalp. Leave in hair for at least 20 minutes or even overnight (wear a shower cap). Shampoo and condition. Use weekly

Palm Oil, Lecithin, Argan Oil, Vegetable Wax, Citric Acid, Vitamin C & E, Aloe Vera Oil, Pygeum & Saw Palmetto Extracts, Stevia, Silica, Rosemary & Carrot Seed Essentials Oils, Biotin, Nettle & Rose Otto Essential Oil. Glycerin Free. Paraben Free. Silicone Free. Sulfate Free. Protein Free

This product is really unique to me. I have never seen a pre-made product intended for pre-shampooing (see, this is what I mean by KBB has a product for everything a natural already does!). Most pre-poo treatments I’ve ever done or hear others talk about are just applying oil on their hair and sleeping with a plastic cap overnight. So this takes that practice to another level. You still get the benefits of the oils but this contains other enhancing ingredients like the stevia, silica, biotin and all those delectable essential oils :o) It is unscented which kind of saddened me because you know I love KBB’s scents. Oh well :o)

I apply this creamy, emollient treatment the night before wash day on dry hair. It surprisingly has a lot of slip so I didn’t have to go overboard on the application. I leave my hair in about 4 sections, pin them down close to my head (for comfort sleeping), place a shower cap on, then my scarf over the plastic and go to bed. The next day, I rinse out the treatment, wash and condition regularly. I really, really like how strong my hair feels after this treatment! You can definitely tell that it penetrates your strands. I didn’t have as many snap, crackles and pops after my hair was dry!

This is definitely a higher end product and my hair is pretty healthy at this point (by the grace of God and good hair practices!) so I don’t think I would buy this regularly but I definitely would consider treating myself to this maybe 1-2x a year to give my hair a strengthening boost. If you are trying to recover your hair from damage from maybe heat or color (or even relaxer!) and trying to nourish it back to health, this may work wonders for you :o)


Cleanse :: Chagrin Valley Carrot Milk & Honey Shampoo Bar

Cleanse :: Chagrin Valley Carrot Milk & Honey Shampoo Bar

You know I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some shampoo bars :o)

I just get SO excited about soaps! It’s so weird to me lol I just LOVE them! I have been using NOTHING but shampoo bars for almost a year now and I will always use them, they just get the job done so much better than liquids, to me. They don’t strip the moisture from your hair and offer more conditioning. The ingredients are always purer. Just an all around win :o)

I will always be a fan of Henna Sooq’s shampoo bars but I wanted to expand my soap horizons :o) I heard about Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve from another natural hair blogger awhile back (I can’t remember her name though) and it’s been on my “to buy” list for quite some time now but I have been waiting so I could use up the other bars I still have (which I still haven’t finished but I just got impatient and gave in lol)


**SIDEBAR— This company makes me happy because they are a family-owned company that was created by the owner because she started making soaps as a hobby. They really make it a family affair (i.e. mom, dad, son, daughter, grandma, etc.!) and offer GREAT customer service, you can really tell they love what they do. I dunno, it just made me smile and I got good vibes from them :o)

Any who, so I stalked their website for awhile lol reading about all the different varieties and I selected five that struck my fancy the most! Here’s the ones I bought:

  1. Ayurvedic herb
  2. Carrot Milk & Honey
  3. Honey Beer & Egg
  4. Mud & Clay
  5. Babassu & Marsh Mallow

Luckily they offer sample size for just $2.70!!! . So I was like YESSSSS I might as well buy them all!! (or just 5 lol) Let me tell you, the sample size is actually a GREAT deal because they are quite large, larger than I expected! They are 1.5 oz. The full size bars are 7oz for $8.25 so I imagine they are HUUUUGE and will last you an extremely long time. So if you find a sample you like, go head and get the full size and you’ll have it forever lol :o)

***NOTE: I bought these back in December and Chagrin Valley temporarily increased their prices this month :o( due to the cost of their high quality ingredients and hope to reduce them back once costs go down. The increase is very minor so no big deal to me. The samples are now $2.70 (I paid $2.50) and full sizes $8.25 (they were $7.80 I believe).

Check out the size comparison of the sample size with a standard size bar of Dove soap so you can gauge how much product you actually get:chagrin_valley_carrot_honey_shampoo_bar3

Ok so now that I have the introduction over, I’ll move into the first review. Not sure if I will review all of the bars but I decided to try the Carrot Milk & Honey shampoo bar first. I chose this bar because I used to use Carrot Oil back in my relaxer days to help with strengthen my brittle hair and help stop breakage (it worked well too!). The beta carotene is what really strengthens the hair shaft so I figured this would be beneficial.


Product Description
Natural carrot juice, carrot oil, goat milk and raw honey are packed into in this nutritious shampoo bar. Beta carotene in the carrot juice and oil drenches thirsty hair with vitamin A to help rejuvenate hair shafts. Goat milk and honey moisturize and revitalize. Carrot seed essential oil penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen and moisturize damaged hair.

Saponified oils of organic carrot infused sunflower, coconut, organic palm, jojoba, organic virgin palm, castor bean, virgin shea butter; goat milk; organic carrot juice; aloe vera; raw honey; essential oils of lavender, carrot seed, rosemary, lemon; rosemary oil extract

I was really please with this soap. It cleaned my hair REALLY well, I didn’t even have to do a second wash like I normally do! I find that if I have butter and oil buildup on my strands I have to lather up twice to get all the residue off, and I didn’t have to this time! It’s like it cut through the oils/butters with ease. For me, this means LESS time in the shower and LESS water running which is always good. It also lathered well and rinsed clean.

My hair DEFINITELY felt a lot stronger just after one use, I totally forgot how AWESOME carrots are for the hair! I could tell my hair was stronger because I let my hair completely dry without putting any product in and I could easily manipulate my hair without ANY hair breaking, that kind of amazed me lol because I usually get a few snaps, crackles and pops when I do anything to my hair, especially when I am parting my hair.

The only semi-negative thing I can say about this bar is that it didn’t provide as much conditioning as I am used to but that’s ok because I know to just use a good conditioner (or DC) after I wash with this. I just used a regular old rinse-out conditioner and didn’t leave it on long.

This is a great shampoo bar…it’s definitely got me excited to try the rest of the soaps!


***BONUS: I also received a couple complimentary complexion soap bars from Chagrin Valley so I will tack on the reviews of these soaps along with the shampoo bars  so keep reading! :o)  (remember I said I may expand the content of La Coco Bella? Hmm… I wonder if this is a new beginning hehehe)

So a little about my skin, I have REALLY oily skin which means I am prone to acne, blackheads, large pores, acne scars, etc. I have suffered acne pretty much my whole frickin life and its really annoying lol. I’ve tried pretty much everything, every brand, every system there is on the market. Since I have really gotten into natural, holistic healthcare over the past year I truly believe I can control my skin without having to spend a grip of money at a dermatologist, prescribed medications, etc. ***SIDEBAR— I am guilty, I have Photoshopped a pimple or two out of my pics on my blog lol!!!! Hey don’t be mad, I’m a graphic designer, I get paid to do these types of things haha. My skin also tends to get used to products so I have to switch up my routine 1-2 a month.

Ok so now you know about my skin, I wanted to share my experience with the Grapeseed Tomato Complexion from Chagrin Valley. Their complexion bars come in the same sizes as their shampoos (1.5 & 7oz) and are the same prices ($2.70 & $7.80).

Product Description
Fresh organic tomato juice, loads of shea butter and white China clay, create a fabulous complexion bar. Tomatoes help balance oily skin, help refine enlarged pores, tighten skin and provide soothing relief for troubled  complexions. The mildest of the clays, white China is the choice for dry and sensitive skin as it gently clears clogged pores.

Saponified oils of grapeseed, organic palm, virgin shea butter, babassu, olive, sunflower, castor bean, canola (non GMO); water; organic tomato juice; white china clay; organic tomato paste; essential oils of lavender, geranium, palmarosa, ylang ylang

I selected the Grapeseed Tomato bar because the description basically states it’s for my exact skin type–“oily”, “large pores”, “troubled complexion” lol perfect right?! I’ve been using this for a week straight in both the morning and at night with my beloved Clarisonic Mia that I got for my birthday (I will make a post about this GODSEND!!!!) and I have noticed a drastic decrease in the size of my pores which made me very happy! I love that is contains clay because clays have always worked for my skin.

I am not sure it helped much with my oiliness because my face is/has always been /probably always will be slick by the end of the day. I think it’s my genetics (thanks dad) and I am just learning to be ok with a lil shimmer! (hey and it’s a proven fact  that people with oily skin will have significantly less wrinkles in old age!! and black don’t crack soooo heeeeyyyy I’ll be good when I’m 70! lol #GodWilling :o) ) Plus I keep powder and blotting papers(a.k.a. the brown napkins from Chipotle lol) handy so I just use those throughout the day.

Overall, I really can say this bar cleansed well, removed eye makeup and helped minimize my pores. I know with skincare you have to be very patient and be consistent with your routine so I will continue to use this complexion bar for another week or so and then I will move on to the next bar :o)


Conditioner : : Aubrey Organics GPB – Rosemary Peppermint

Conditioner : : Aubrey Organics GPB – Rosemary Peppermint

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a WONDERFUL holiday season! I know those of us who have been blessed with the opportunity to take vacation from work are using it to rest up for an awesome year ahead of us!

EXPECT BIG THINGS THIS YEAR!! GOD is working OVERTIME!! Please believe it!

Aaaaaamen! lol

Ok so next up…. the Aubrey Organics (AO) GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner in Rosemary Peppermint! I got the 11 oz ON SALE! at Whole Foods for $7.62. It’s $10.93 on their website which is around the regular price in the stores. I was geeked when I saw the sale price tag! I absolutely LOVE the White Camellia Conditioner and was excited to try another kind from AO! I had seen the GPB conditioner in the store for awhile but nothing ever jumped out at me where I felt I needed to buy it right away. I think because I always did my own protein treatments, like the Cherry Lola, so I didn’t see a need to spend the money on this. BUT then I saw they made it in Peppermint Rosemary!! I was sold! lol yea, it was that easy hahaha. I think my 2nd fav thing next to coconut (in regards to hair) is anything with peppermint! I LOVE peppermint! I just bought some peppermint EO too…


If you can’t stand peppermint, they have two other variations of the GPB Conditioners (and shampoos!): Regular (which is actually their most popular product ever according to their website) and Lavender/Ylang-Ylang.

Product Description

For more than 40 years our customers have loved Aubrey’s #1-selling GPB Conditioner. Now our signature conditioner is available in an invigorating Rosemary Peppermint scent. This nutrient-rich, protein-based formula rehydrates and re-energizes your hair, while glycoproteins strengthen hair fiber and repair damage from salon treatments to restore softness, manageability and shine.

Milk Protein Rich in cysteine and methionine; strengthens and mends damaged areas. Organic Aloe Replenishes moisture. Glycoprotein & Horsetail Extract Balance & fortify hair & scalp


Aqua, cetyl alcohol (coconut fatty alcohol), alcohol denat. (38b, lavender*), aloe leaf juice*, wheat germ oil, milk protein, glycerin, peppermint oil*, rosemary leaf oil*, brassica campestris/aleurites fordi oil copolymer, grapefruit extract, soybean oil, glycoprotein, sage oil*, vitamin E, witch hazel water, horsetail extract, coltsfoot leaf extract, nettle extract, vitamin C, carrot root extract, beta-carotene. *organic

I think my favorite thing about AO products are their ingredients. They’re ALL natural, some even organic and the best ingredients are listed first meaning, there is a higher content of those ingredients….

Ok, I have a pet peeve, let me *sidebar* for a sec lol….it bothers me when companies advertise something with and ingredient like Argan Oil or Olive Oil but then list it as damn near the LAST ingredient. There’s probably one drop of olive oil in that thing! (Eco-Styler is notorious for this but I do love their gels and use them to this day lol I have the argan oil Eco-Styler but I definitely do NOT use it for the argan oil #JustSaying)

Any who, my point is, is that AO products have a higher content of the wholesome, goodness of amazing ingredients like the coconut, aloe, oils, proteins, etc. They aren’t the little things they add on at the end of the ingredients just so they can market their product a certain way.***steps down off soap box***

I knew my hair was in need for a protein boost after my banana hair mask the week before and I was so excited to try this out. I washed with Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Tea Tree Oil 18-in-1 Castile Soap (review on this coming soon!) and applied the conditioner to my roots and length of my hair. It said focus on the ends but I made sure I rubbed some on my scalp so I could get the peppermint tinglys hehe. I used my Hair Therapy Warp Thermal Turban and left it on for about 45 mins and rinsed out.

This conditioner has the signature peppermint scent that I love, it doesn’t have as much slip as the White Camellia version I also have but that’s ok. It still applied somewhat well. I did feel like I needed to put a little bit more on the really cover all of my hair and scalp. But since I would only use this 1-2x a month, it should last me a few months. This isn’t one of those every day conditioners (to me), I use it more of a treatment.

I got awweesome results! My hair is sooooo soft, springy, manageable, fortified, strong, etc. etc. etc. I love it! Love love love it! Aubrey Organics has some amazing products, definitely put them on your “To Try” list :o)

— P.S. I know I haven’t posted many pics of my hair but I feel like when I post pics of it’s wet (after conditioners), they all the look the same lol so it seems kinda useless…. wish pictures could let you see what it feels like haha. But I will be sure to post pics when I use a styling products!

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil — Cute Infographic!

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil — Cute Infographic!

Hey Curlies!

As many of my readers know, I have an undying love for coconut oil (La COCO bella….get it?! lol) Well, the other day I got the daily email from Naturally Curly and saw this AWESOME infographic! I HAD to share it! If you have never used coconut oil or have been curious to try it, read this for some coco inspiration!

Click the image below!

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil Infographic

Hesh Amla Powder Treatment

Hesh Amla Powder Treatment

I love Ayurveda :o)

The other week I did an alma paste treatment and used one box of Hesh brand Amla Powder. I got several boxes from my local Indian market for $X.xx (<—forgot to put the price in lol it was $3.99 I believe), which is a great price so I stocked up.

Now, I like to use amla oil on my scalp because of how well it strengthens my roots and softens my hair (I’m going to try a new brand that doesn’t contain mineral or canola oil next, I’ve been eying the one on Henna Sooq btw) so I figured pure amla would reap even better benefits.

I used the powder per the instructions on the box and mixed the powder with water to create a paste. it kinda looked like muddy chocolate pudding lol. I have seen other natural curlies mix other ayurvedic powders with amla, add oils to it or even add the powder to conditioners, etc. Oh and you can use herbal teas instead of water. Check out my girl Fleurzty’s blog again, she is the one who put me on to amla and is like a pro with this stuff!

The benefits of the powder are that it will strengthen your roots, define/tighten your curls, darken your hair and make your hair shiny. It definitely did all that! The most noticeable result was the curl definition and how it tightened my curls! I wore my hair in a twist-out after the treatment (of course lol) and my curls stayed defined for DAYS! They were clumped and super soft! If you check out my post on the Koils by Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-in, you can see pics there.

The only thing I dislike about ayurvedic treatments are that they can definitely be on the messy side. I always have to put a towel on the floor and pretty much clear off my bathroom counter because there will be little drops of the paste everywhere lol. It doesn’t help that my nosey dog always wants to poke his head in and start trying to lick and sniff everything lol. Maybe a cleaner application process comes with experience but for now, I’m a mess lol. It is definitely worth it though:o)

I applied the paste in small sections to ensure even coverage and make sure I rubbed it into my scalp. The pics below show how the product looked when applied. I love doing this treatment, my hair stops shedding almost immediately. It makes my hair feel thicker and stronger, it’s kinda crazy how it does that. I could definitely feel more texture to my hair as well.

….so corny lol

Product : : Dabur Amla Oil

Product : : Dabur Amla Oil

Earlier this week I talked about Ayurvedic health care and I mentioned I purchase some Amla Oil from my local Indian grocer. Now, I have tried Amla powder before in the past (thanks to my wonderful friend Fleurzty of www.textureplayground.com who is a pro at amla lol) so when I was at my local Indian market, I saw amla oil and thought, hey, the benefits of amla in a bottle! So since I can be impulsive lol, I went ahead and bought it…it was only about $4.

As I read the ingredients, I kind of did a *side eye* because lots of naturals have given a bad rap to mineral oil and here it is the first ingredient. But reading the box and knowing how well Ayurvedic products work, I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Check out what’s inside below..

Mineral oil, Veg oil (Sesame oil, Canola oil, Peanut oil, Cotton seed oil, Palmolein oil), Oil ext of Goodeberry (Amla), Colours Yellow (12700), Green (61565), Red (12150), Perfume, Anti-oxidant-Tert butyl hydroquinone (TNHQ).

I know, I know….in addition to the mineral oil it has canola oil and peanut oil and dyes…I was like wtf too but the oil is supposed to strengthen the hair’s roots, soften hair, make hair shinier and darker, I mean this stuff has been used for years by Indian women and is the most popular oil used in India. So knowing all that made me feel a bit better about putting something you could fry chicken and fries (re: canola) with in my hair lol

So I followed the recommended use by applying the oil to my scalp, massaging it in and letting it sit overnight. I slept with a plastic cap on my hair and then a bonnet over it. I wore the plastic cap to help warm up the oil and help it penetrate (and to avoid any oil stains on my pillow lol). I took the cap off in the morning….omg…my hair was soooooooo soft! I was truly shocked! It even gets better…I virtually had NO shed. Like, this stuff must have glued the roots of my hair into my head or something lol it was amazing! Normally I could gently stroke my hair and still have shed hair come out but this time, I literally had no loose strands. I’m calling this super glue oil lol

The product recommends that you wash your hair the next morning after so this is another reason I feel that the oils in this product are harmless, you aren’t letting them sit on your hair for long. To me, this is definitely not an oil you’d use to seal your hair or anything like that but rather as a treatment before you know you’re going to wash.

I used the oil a couple times a week when I wore a wash-n-go (because I knew I was going to get my hair wet). I also put a few drops in part of my hair that is thinning just because. I didn’t wash this out because I used just a teeny bit. I wouldn’t use this during the weeks that I do twist-outs because I do not wash my hair.

Overall, I have seen a HUGE improvement in the amount of hair shed so I will continue to use this bottle of the oil as a treatment on my scalp. Since I plan to incorporate more Ayurvedic products to my regimen that yield the same results as the amla oil, I may not buy this regularly…but we’ll see…

— Have you tried alma? What do you think about the mineral oil content?