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Moisture : : Adé Vegan Hair Essentials Cucumber Aloe Moisture Mist

Moisture : : Adé Vegan Hair Essentials Cucumber Aloe Moisture Mist

Happy Sunday! ….as happy as it can be since that means tomorrow is the dreaded Monday…I wish Mondays could just be skipped over. Oh well…..

The other day I introduced another natural hair care line that I am quickly falling in love with (<—YES I know, I am a sucker for yummy, all natural, handmade products hehe), it’s called Adé Vegan Hair Essentials and all their products can be found on their Etsy Shop. I reviewed the Rosehip Strand Essence and also featured the owner, Tonya, as my most recent Company Behind the Curl but today, this post is devoted to the Cucumber Aloe Moisture Mist. It’s a juicy moisturizing spray that retails for $15 for 4 oz. and it comes in a blue plastic spray bottle.

I am a sucker for a good hair mist!! Mists and spritzers are probably my most frequently used product because I apply moisture to my hair every time I re-twist (about 2-3x a week) so I am always excited to add new mixes to my rotation. Yes, Adé’s price point seem a bit on the higher end but remember, it is a new company and best of, ALL their products are handmade, the purest ALL natural ingredients AND entirely vegan! You are paying for quality which is most important. You will definitely notice the difference.ade_vegan_cucumber_aloe_moisture_mist_lacocobella

Distilled water infused with hibiscus flower, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, nettle leaf extract, cucumber botanical extract, grapefruit seed extract, citric acid, essentials oils of lavender, and ylang ylang *Extracts settle at the bottom of the bottle so please shake well before each use for the best results. <3 All products are handmade by me with love <3 No chemical preservatives, No synthetic fragrance, No animal ingredients, No synthetic color, No mineral oil, No sulfates

Product Description
This herbal spray moisturizes the hair with a revitalizing botanical complex that penetrates the hair shaft to restore shine and manageability. Aloe Vera Juice – According to University of Hawaii researchers, we can trace the use of Aloe Vera for hair loss back to the ancient Egyptians. In fact, Aloe Vera contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. These enzymes are able to help eradicate dead skin cells on the scalp that could be clogging the hair follicle, as this can restrict proper penetration of nutrients in the hair. Conditions like seborrhea, which occurs from an accumulation of sebum on the scalp, can contribute to partial baldness. Aloe Vera’s keratolic action, breaks down the sebum and dead scalp cells, allowing for further hair growth. Also, Aloe Vera’s alkalizing properties can help bring the scalp and hair’s pH to a more desirable level, resulting in further hair growth promotion, while helping the hair retain water and moisture.

Gosh, I can’t get over the things that are in Adé products! The hibiscus and cucumber extract are what excites me the most lol I rarely ever see those ingredients in any products. Hibiscus always reminds me of my trips to Hawaii and my old home in California, my mother planted a few in our back yard :o) I have been drinking lots of cucumber lemon water this summer so I am definitely partial to these two ingredients lately lol And then there’s the aloe vera, my hair loves anything with aloe so this is an amazing combination!

As with all Adé products, you can find a break down of the benefits of the key ingredients on the Etsy site. I copied and pasted them below….THANK YOU Adé for doing that because it makes writing these blog posts that much easier!!! lol

  • Hibiscus Flower – In the Indian traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda, hibiscus is considered to have medicinal properties. The roots are used to make various concoctions believed to cure ailments such as cough, hair loss or hair greying.
  • Cucumber Botanical Extract – cucumbers contain high amounts of potassium, folic acid and silica. These compounds are well-known in the beauty industry to rejuvenate the skin and facial appearance. The silicon, sulfur, and trace elements found in cucumbers are known to beautify hair and nails.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract – is widely known herb for its astringent, anti-allergenic, tonic, antiseptic and blood purifying properties. It is recognized as an excellent hair conditioner as it is rich in minerals and enzymes and is used traditionally as a hair tonic, to strengthen hair shaft, stimulate hair growth, prevent its loss, increase its density and volume.
  • Essential oils of, Lavender, and ylang ylang are used to help control scalp itching, flaking and to promote growth.

So I use this lovely mist when I am re-moisturizing my hair during the week when I wear twist-outs. It does an amazing job of really infusing the moisture right in my strands (and I of course seal it with coconut oil or a little bit of whatever butter/styling product I use that week). The aloe helps keep that moisture in because its a humectant and it makes my hair really shiny and bright when it dries!

When I use this, I also make an effort to ensure I spray my scalp too because pretty much all of the ingredients benefit the scalp as well (growth and health). I had no idea that cucumber contains silicon and sulfur which I learned is great for hair growth when I introduce the Bee Mine Sulfur Hair Growth Serum awhile back. You know I LOVE when products have nettle and you can see why HERE. Another benefit I have found with this mist when I use it on my scalp is it helps keep build-up at a minimum because the aloe and nettle both have astringent properties so it sort of “cleans” your scalp.

Overall, I LOVE this mist!! I wish it came in a larger size because I go through sprays so quickly!! Adding to my essentials! ;o)


Tip Tuesday : : I Need YOUR Help! :o(

Tip Tuesday : : I Need YOUR Help! :o(

lacocobella_hair_tipHola! Ok so today I am coming to you asking you ladies for some tips today :o)

So if you are on Instagram, you’ll know that people LOVE to post pics of themselves showing off their hard bodies, diet food, their “juicing” and “eating clean” recipes lol, oh and can’t forget the nasty pics of themselves all sweaty and lookin busted at the gym pics lol (yea I am not sure why people feel the need to post those pics but I digress lol), well it’s definitely motivated me to get my flabby self back in the gym and get myself somewhat together for the summer. It’s so easy to slack off in the winter months over here on the East coast, we aren’t aware of our bodies as much because we are all bundled up on layers and layers of clothing. Then spring comes and you’re like oh sh!t my summer clothes don’t fit anymore lol (I KNOW I am not the only one with this struggle….dangit lol)

Well I say all that, not to get off topic and all, to ask what some of your tips are for maintaining your hair styles, twist-outs while working out. My head gets really sweaty which makes my hair frizzy and feel dirty :o( and that makes me want to wash my hair more often. My twists end up lookin busted and I can’t get second day hair which means I will have to re-twist my hair after every workout. It’s just annoying :o(

I don’t even know if my question makes sense or exactly what I am asking for! lol I am hoping someone out there at least understands what I am trying to say and can offer some insight? I dunno…

sooooo…..whatcha think?? :o(

Growth : : Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum & Mango Serum UPDATE

Growth : : Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum & Mango Serum UPDATE

Hello! Awhile back I made a post announcing my unofficial campaign for hair growth (check out this post if you missed it) and I listed a few things I planned on trying out this year to see how much length I could gain. Although health should ALWAYS trump length goals, I feel that I am at the point where my hair is very healthy and I can focus on length. Length and health go hand in hand, if your hair and SCALP are healthy, your hair WILL grow!

So I wanted to use this post to introduce the next topical growth remedy as well as give an update to the last one. I started using Bee Mine’s Mango Sulfur Serum in the beginning of March and applied the serum to my scalp, focusing on my edges, about twice a week (any more frequent it would have been too oily for me). I can honestly say this stuff works! I didn’t do an extensive length check photo shoot like I did when I did my Viviscal update (end of February) too much work lol BUT I do have something I can show you hehe…ok don’t laugh…

I found this random grey hair in my edges lol that shows where the color from my last henna treatment ends lmao!! Hey whatever works! I have only done 2 henna treatments, I posted about my first one mid-february and I did the second treatment that following week which would make it around the last week of February. So the place where the henna color ends and the grey starts is the new growth from the end of February (which was around the start of me using the Mango serum…hopefully you followed all of that and I didn’t confuse you lol).

So I say all that to say, I gained about an INCH of growth in my edges since the end of February! I was actually extremely surprised because I wasn’t even sure if my edges would even continue to grow! I sort of wrote them off in the same category as the hair in my eyebrows—they just stop growing when they reach a certain length lol but I guess I was wrong! They grew! Are are still growing! Check out the EXTREME close-up shots of my grey hair! lmao! I think I am going to keep my grey hair so I can continue to see if my edges are still growing hehe

growth_check_lacocobella_april_2013 growth_check2_lacocobella_april_2013 growth_check3_lacocobella_april_2013

The Mango serum not only worked on my edges but it definitely worked on the rest of my scalp as well. I noticed I have a new layer of fine baby hairs all over my head, similar to the ones I posted about back in June 2012. That means, the serum stimulated the follicles where I may have had hair fallen out of or where “inactive” for lack of a better word. Either way, it’s doing something making something grow! I also noticed that my new growth is very soft and my curls seem a bit looser! I even noticed growth in my kitchen in the back i.e. the hairs at the nap of my neck lol THIS is amazing because now when I brush my hair up into a bun, I don’t have these random curls wanting to fall back down. They actually stay up and in place.

I will DEFINITELY keep this in my hair growth arsenal BUT I am going to put it down for a little while because…..I will be trying the non-oil version of Bee Mine’s growth serum! (yes, I know, the obsession with Bee Mine continues…)

It’s called the Bee Sensitive Oil Free Hair Serum which is basically and oil-free alternative to their original serum. I am extremely excited about this because it is difficult for me to use oils on my scalp during the warmer summer months because my scalp is naturally oily and I get a lot of build-up so this is PERFECT for me or anyone with similar issues. It was actually created for people with dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis It retails on Bee Mine’s site at $15 for 8 oz. and only comes in the mango scent (which is yummy and juicy smelling). The ingredients are amazing and are what’s most attractive to me but then again ALL Bee Mine’s ingredients are amazing, they are 99% All natural AND organic!! I also love that it is in a spray bottle which means easy application. Oh and read the reviews on the Bee Mine site, 5 star product, AGAIN!


Product Description
Bee-Sensitive ~ Oil Free serum comes to you by popular request for our family members with scalp conditions that prevents the use of oils. We’ve formulated this oil-free hair serum with love to help soothe the scalp and promote a healthy environment for optimal growth. The soothing and healing properties of organic aloe vera juice paired with select herbs can assist in alleviating the discomfort of many scalp conditions. Feel the calming and stimulating and effect of this oil-free serum and keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy. Specially created for those with dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. Also great for those wanting growth without the buildup of oil while in wigs, half wigs, braids, lace fronts, kinky twists, etc. Directions: Use daily or every other day for best results.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Herbal Infused Purified Water, Ayurvedic Herbs, Select Herbs, MSM, Fragrance, Paraben & Formaldehyde Free Preservative. 99% Natural & Organic

Like all the other hair growth remedies I have tried so far, I am going to try this for one month without using anything else on my scalp so I can see how well this product works on it’s own. The main ingredient in the oil-free serum is aloe vera juice which is known to promote hair growth as it is a natural astringent. This also means it is perfect for oily scalps. It also contains my beloved ayurvedic herbs, I don’t know exactly which ones but they are all amazing either way. And last, it contains MSM which natural sulfur, the same thing in the other Mango serum. Sooooo it’s basically a bomb combination of hair growth greatness lol

I plan on using this each time I twist my hair, probably 2-3x a week and I will check back in with you all on this in about a month!!


Cream : : Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream

Cream : : Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream

Hey!! I hope you guys have entered the giveaway  Check out my post celebrating my one year blog anniversary from the other day :o)

I’m back with another produce experience from my Karen’s Body Beautiful gift box I received awhile back! This is another product I have never tried from KBB and it’s the Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream. It’s exactly what the title says it is, it is simply a cream that hydrates your hair! It retails for 6.7 oz for $16 on KBB’s website (yes, you can select your fav scent!) and also for the same price on CurlMart in the lavender vanilla scent. Mine is the vanilla latte scent which is alright, not my fav, but it smells pretty and sweet :o)

karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream2

Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream is an intensely hydrating hair cream and dressing that also moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. Filled with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil and Acai Powder. Use twice a week on hair and scalp or as needed. Work best on dry or slightly damp hair

Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Allantoin, Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Acai powder, Vegetable Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils & Vitamin E. Glycerin Free.  Protein Free. Silicone Free. Sulfate Free

This cream is actually rather thick, almost like a butter (it doesn’t contain water but is no where near as solid as the Butter Love) but it definitely has a creamy, almost whipped, kind of texture and is very emollient. It applies smooth and absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy. I was very attracted to it because of the aloe vera gel which always makes my hair really shiny! (remember the Bee Mine Bee Holed Curly Butter?!)

My first instinct when trying out new hair products that are creams or butters is to use them for twist-outs, I say that because I don’t think this is the best product for twist-outs. I guess I could have figured that out by actually following what the product description says lol BUT of course, I used it for a twist-out anyway :o)

So, I always start my fresh twist-outs on damp hair but it was kind of a challenge with this cream because on the KBB site, it says the cream works best on dry or slightly damp hair and KBB is obviously right. It didn’t apply well on wet hair, it was like the cream disappeared as soon as I applied it so I felt like I had to keep putting more and more on. I realized it’s better on dryer hair when I reached the parts of my hair that were not as damp. Since the cream contains a high content of aloe vera (a humectant), I wanted my hair to be somewhat damp just so the aloe could pull the moisture in my hair.

The results of my twist-out were ok (nothing like my beloved KBB Sweet Ambrosia!!!), it did not provide much hold because I had to re-twist my hair each night that week. BUT It did in fact do what it is supposed to do—moisturize my hair! The aloe vera and shea butter helped seal in the moisture and made my hair super shiny! The argan oil could also contribute to the shininess as well. For those with high porosity hair, this contains BOTH aloe vera and glycerin, both of which are humectants.

But on the flip side, I feel like I just didn’t use this product for it’s intended purpose. I can say that it is GREAT if your hair is feeling dry to the touch and you need a quick moisture boost throughout the week. If you need to refresh a wash-n-go, warm this up in your hands and smooth it all over your hair. I also used this to moisturize my hair under my EcoStyler gel that I used when I did a puff that week, since EcoStyler can be somewhat drying to me if I use it too much. I alternate it with my KBB Hold It Hair Gel :o)

Another use I plan to use this is on my scalp because of the wonderful aloe vera which is actually really, really good for your scalp and hair loss. ***NOTE: I have not yet used this on my scalp because I am currently using my Bee Mine Growth Serum on my scalp and I don’t want anything to interfere with the one month results of that :o)

So check out the results of my twist-out. Again, I wasn’t really able to get more than 1 day hair from using this but then again, its not intended to be used as a styler. By the end of the day my hair was poofy but it was moisturized, soft and shiny! lol

karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream_lacocobella karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream2_lacocobella karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream3_lacocobella

Has anyone tried the Super Duper Hydrating Hair cream? How do you use it!??!


Deep Condition : : Banana, Honey, Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Deep Condition : : Banana, Honey, Coconut Oil Hair Mask

How YUMMY does this hair mask sound? and YES you can definitely eat it! (even though strangely enough I hate bananas lol)

I am too broke to spend money buying an expensive azz deep conditioner I wanted to experiment by making a homemade deep conditioning treatment and I was browsing the internet to find something with inexpensive ingredients and what I already had at home.

I came across several recipes that used…bananas!!! I can’t say banana without saying “nana-bar” because my little cousin used to call bananas, “nana-bars” when he was a baby lol so cute :o)


So why bananas? Well, here’s a few reasons that were enough to get my mad scientist on! (not really but you know what I mean lol

  • Great for dry hair itchy, flaky scalp because it keeps hair hydrated and healthy. With regular use, banana hair masks can increase the moisture content of your hair, smooth frizz and prevent dandruff by soothing and moisturizing your itchy scalp.
  • Contains  vitamins A, B, C, natural oils and carbohydrates which all help prevent split ends, breakage by improving your hair’s elasticity. If you have super dry, color-treated or even relaxed hair, this treatment could be helpful. Also, if you apply heat to your hair a lot as well.
  • Potassium softens the hair shaft and creates more manageability. Makes your curls super soft and springy!
  • Decreases hair loss because it helps address scalp issues. I’ve said it before….a healthy scalp = hair that grows and less hair that falls!

I saw that people mixed all kinds of ingredients with the nana-bars hehe but I picked a few I know work well with my hair so this is sort of my own concoction that was inspired from other recipes. I like to keep my recipes somewhat simple, with few ingredient, because I want to get the full effect from each ingredient. I feel like if you go crazy and put a million things in one recipe, each ingredient isn’t as effective.

So I stuck with just banana, clover creamed honey and coconut oil. Here’s the measurements I used (these are approximations, you can use more or less depending on the length, thickness of your hair):

  • 3 somewhat over-ripe bananas
  • 2 large tablespoons of  raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

banana_coconutOil_honey_hair_mask_3 banana_coconutOil_honey_hair_mask_4

Yes, my jar of coconut oil has gone through war lol I actually infused the last bit of this jar with some essential oils hehe but in case you were wondering, this is the Spectrum brand of coconut oil.

Some of recipes I saw also had milk or yogurt, dark chocolate or cocoa powder (unsweetened). Some people used the baby food version of bananas (more expensive if you ask me…)  I would love to try this with yogurt next time to get that extra boost of protein! The chocolate would make it smell sooo yummy I would imagine…You can also substitute the coconut oil for another type of oil or add some essential oils. I used coconut oil for obvious reasons and the honey because it is a humectant and helps retain moisture in my hair.

One thing I will note, I used clover creamed honey (the kind that is solid) because I like for my deep conditioners to be somewhat thick, I hate when they are runny. That is also why I only used a tablespoon of the oil. I think if I used any more, the warmth from my head will have made the conditioner extremely runny and a big mess!

So I put all of my ingredients in the blender and blended it to a thick puree. I think I should have mashed the bananas in a bowl first though. Usually you need some kind of liquid in the blender to really get it going. I ended up adding some water to try to get it going. It could be the cheap blender I have but after stopping, smashing, stirring, etc. for a while, I got a good consistency. I made sure to smash any remaining chunks of the banana because they will surely get stuck in your hair lol.



I think my favorite part of this treatment was the application! lol it has a SERIOUS slip too it! I guess its because bananas are kind of slimy by nature but it just smoothed in my hair so nicely. I made sure to rub it into my scalp and smoothed up the entire length of my hair. I always apply treatments in semi-small sections and wrap the section around itself and pile them all on top of my head so it will fit under a plastic cap. I let the mask sit on my hair for about 45 mins (much longer than I probably needed to, I just didn’t feel like getting back in the shower right away lol). I also wrapped a long-sleeve t-shirt around the plastic cap like a turban to keep any drippys from sliding down my face and to keep the warmth from my head stay in. ( I have a pic of this on my instagram)

I rinsed VERY WELL to make sure I got out any banana chunks. I followed up with a quick condition with the Nature’s Gate Hemp conditioner ONLY so I could get a quick lather to help dislodge any more nana-chunks and do a quick detangle with my denman brush.

My hair felt….fortified! That’s the main word that comes to mind lol it just felt stronger. I definitely noticed an improvement in the elasticity. One thing I will note is I was due for a protein treatment so my hair didn’t feel as soft as I thought it could (that’s why I want to try it with yogurt next time). I can always tell when my hair needs a boost of protein.

All in all, I will be adding this into my DIY conditioner rotation!

…be sure to drink the leftovers if you like nana-bars! (only if you don’t use a lot of oil, essential oils, etc. duh!)

Tip Tuesday! — Dry, Itchy Scalp

Tip Tuesday! — Dry, Itchy Scalp

Do you suffer from a super dry, itchy scalp during the winter?

I get a lot of questions about this….First off, DON’T keep greasing your scalp! When I say grease, I mean the Blue Magic, Ultra Sheen, Softee kind. That’s a huge no no!

Those kinds of hair dressings are made of petroleum (like Vaseline petroleum!) and they do nothing for your scalp except cause even more problems. They clog your pores, don’t penetrate your hair or skin and trap dirt—all of which contribute to scalp issues (think bacterial and fungal problems!) Don’t believe me, just Google it! Google knows everything ;o) lol

Rather than use a heavy grease, keep your scalp CLEAN and apply a lighter oil like pure coconut (no, not Blue Magic Coconut lol), grapeseed or jojoba. Adding a few drops of essential oils like tea tree, peppermint or rosemary will help improve your scalp even more. Thyme and Cedarwood EO’s are really great for the scalp as well. The key is to oil your scalp on clean hair, other wise you may just trap dirt on your scalp. If you desperately need to, re-oil 1-2 in between washes.

If you can’t wash your hair often, try co-washing, just make sure you are getting rid of dirt and the flaky residue regularly. When the flakes are mixed with the oil, you will get a funky mess on your scalp which can cause your scalp to itch even more.

One last tip is….you guessed it….ayurvedic treatments! I am telling you, these GOD sends help with EVERY hair issue one can think of! Try them out!

Hope this helps!

Ayurveda : : Shikakai Powder

Ayurveda : : Shikakai Powder


So the other week on wash day (that’s usually Saturday or Sunday for me), I used yet another ayurvedic powder, Shikakai! I used the one by Hesh and bought it from my local Indian Market for just a few bucks a box. Be sure to always check the expiration dates if you buy from a local grocer. I have seen expired products still on the shelves! You always want the freshest powders.

Shikakai is an Indian herb, originating from in the Himalayas, that is ground into a fine powder. You mix with water or tea and used to wash your hair, so it’s an alternative to shampoo. It doesn’t lather or anything though so don’t expect any of that. It is applied like any other conditioning treatment. It is awesome because it promotes growth, strengthens your roots (yes!) and since it is astringent and anti-fungal, it removes dandruff and helps stop scalp issues. It also makes your hair shiny and bouncy! It’s also great because it is pH balanced and helps detangle your hair. It also says it cools your scalp. I guess this may be handy in the summer and warm climates. I know my head gets hot often with all this hair!

Yes the paste looks like mud and yes it can get messy. BUT that’s the fun part!! :o)

Now let me tell you, this was my first time using this kind of powder and I made a HUGE mistake. So I normally don’t wash my hair prior to using ayurvedic treatments since they typically do the washing themselves. But for some reason, my genius self decided to wash AND use the Shikakai back to back! OMG!!! When I tell you that my scalp was on FIRE, I mean, it was burning!!! And to add to it…I used a shampoo bar that had peppermint!! And you know peppermint already makes your scalp tingly….WTF was I thinking!? I swear it felt like I had left a perm on my hair, it was that bad. I had to rinse it out right away! Omg….

I also didn’t realize how abrasive Shikakai is and I was rubbing it into my scalp (I normally rub the other pastes into my scalp i.e. amla, brahmi, neem). Definitely not going to do any rubbing next time lol I was like my hair better not fall out! (it didn’t thankfully lol) Moral of the story, do not wash my hair before using Shikakai (duh!). I also read that some people will pre-poo with coconut oil on their scalp and then wash with Shikakai. I also love that you can mix ayuvedic powders together to get added benefits :o)

All in all, regardless of my dummy experience, I did get great results lol with this ayurvedic paste! My hair was definitely clean, super soft and my twist-outs the following week were super bouncy and springy! It was like it refreshed my hair. It also helped reduce the shed I’d been having. I’ll admit, I slacked off on the ayurvedic treatments for a while and I definitely felt the affects of it. My hair sheds a LOT when I don’t use them. That’s why I call them miracles in a box! lol So I need to continue to do these treatments regularly, at least 2x a month. Just be sure to always rinse really, really well. I have had little flakes of grain from the powders left in my hair a few days after I wash lol It also helps to gently detangle with a comb to help dislodge any particles stuck in your kinks.

I love ayurveda. All glory to God for these gifts of the earth :o)