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Playing Catch-up…Essence Mag & Precious Curls

Playing Catch-up…Essence Mag & Precious Curls

What it do chicas!?

I wanted to share a couple things with you. First I want to say how grateful I am for the reception of my blog and my La Coco Bella “brand” if you will. I started this blog this past March not really knowing what I was getting myself into and wondering if people even cared for “another natural hair blog”. I must say I am so pleased with the response I have gotten over the last few months. I believe that if God places something on your heart, it is positive and HELPS others, He will grant you favor and give you success in whatever you do! I always reiterate that this is NOT a vain pursuit and I am not really seeking to gain anything from it except to help someone along their way in their hair journey.

So I say all that to say this, along this journey, others have taken note and continue to feature my story on their personal blogs which also led to Essence Magazine taking note of how huge the natural hair community is on Instagram!

Today I was featured on fellow curly blog, Precious Curls! Check out my feature HERE. I sometimes feel like I am saying the same thing over and over but as long as I reach at least ONE new person who has never heard of me then I am satisfied :o)

Lastly, last week, Essence Magazine made a post on their instagram account (@essencemag) asking who people’s favorite natural hair instagrammers were. Well the other day, they posted on their website, the top 100 voted and I was included! It made my day :o) and also introduced me to 99 other natural hair curlies I may never have heard of! SO much inspiration! Here is the link to my little shout out lol and be sure to scroll through the others and follow these ladies on Instagram!

I give all glory to God for sucesses big and small. Only He knows why this is happening :o)\

Just wanted to share this with ya :o)

New Twitter Page! @lacocobellablog

New Twitter Page! @lacocobellablog

Heyy!! Thank you all for your support and readership of my blog. It’s only been almost 2 months since I first introduced LaCocoBella to the world. I wanted to take my time to allow it to grow…and it has! So thank you for taking interest in what I have to say about my hair lol :o)

So with that said…follow my new twitter page! I figured I would devote a page JUST for the purpose of hair so that I don’t bore my personal twitter followers with natural hair talk all the time lol but you are always welcome to follow me there as well :o) It’s @laurenkaley

Here’s the new page ——> @lacocobellablog

I know, I know, there’s only a few tweets but give it some time! :o)

Thanks curlies!!

My Visit to Oyin Handmade in Baltimore

My Visit to Oyin Handmade in Baltimore

Guess where I went yesterday?! hehe Oyin Handmade’s flagship storefront! lol I was so excited lol I get geeked over stuff like this haha.

I know I talk about Oyin aaaallll the time but NO I don’t work for them and NO I am not getting paid for anything regarding their company. I simply just love their stuff and I was in the neighborhood having a YUMMY brunch with my Neo’s at Miss Shirley’s (which was amazing btw…mmmmm)

Check out the flicks from a super fan lol

Aren’t my neos beautiful & those GORGEOUS big curls. Ugh…jealous but whatev… love my baby Skee Wees :o)


Wet Hair!

Wet Hair!

Hey guys! :o)

Just a quick post to show some pics of the texture of my hair. These pics were taking right before I did a deep conditioning treatment with the Shea Moisture Organic African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque. This is just wet hair that is still dirty. The curls seem a bit elongated because there is still product in my hair (just rinsed out a little bit).

It would be nice if my curls looked like this when dry! Oh well…

See how much looser my curls are at the crown of my head? Hmmm….I guess its gravity.

I am…

I am…

…a lover of all things natural

…in love with my hair


…not a scientist

…no guru

…new at this

…not the best writer (I’m a graphic designer! I just make words LOOK nice lol)

…just happy to share what I know and pass it along to you :0)


Bare with me :0)