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Hair Trim + Blow-out + Dry Twist-out + Bantu Knot-out

Hair Trim + Blow-out + Dry Twist-out + Bantu Knot-out

Hey there! So I wasn’t really sure how to categorize this post ((hence the title lol)) so this is a little bit of a whole lot haha. I just kinda want to share the latest with this stuff on my head.

I haven’t been experimenting too much with new products these past few weeks (although I do have a few sitting around waiting for me to play with them lol) partially because I have been lazy lol and I have sort of been in “cruise control” and just grabbing whatever is in sight first so I can use up some products (to make room for new ones lmao!!).

So yea, this post isn’t about any products, I recently got a trim which means I had to blow out my hair and head over to my local salon. This is always an exciting moment because a) it only happens 1-2 times a year and b) I get to see the results of a disciplined hair regimen! ((LENGTH!!)). The last time I blew out my hair was August 2012 so its kinda exciting to see the length difference.

Check out the old post and then you can see the pics I posted recently on my Instagram below. My hair pulled from the side-back of my head reached down to about my *pardon me* nipple lol!! I’ve been blessed a little *extra weight* in some areas sooooo to be nipple length is a darn good achievement lmao! I guess that would be about bra strap length in the back? Anyway, take a look below…. (sorry for the horrible lighting and camera phone pics)




So yea, it is exciting to see my hair so long and Diana Ross like BUT them ends were HORRIBLE!!!! Remember, I had over-processed color on the ends to they were very sparse, uneven and just…BLAH. It was so hard to really tell how bad it was while my hair was in it’s curly state but once I blew it out, I was like damn, my hair is like see-through at the ends lol

So when I went to the salon ((Textures in Gaithersburg, MD if you live in the area, ask for Dominique!)) and the stylist recommended I just let go of the scraggly ends since I still had quite a bit of length. Soooo with that said, I ended up trimming more than I had anticipated but I am glad I did because my hair looks and feels SOOOO much better! I think she took off maybe at least an inch? My hair is much more even and appears more dense and I FINALLY have more of an even color! No more kaleidoscope looking ends when I take pics with the flash lol Also, my curls are more springy! Remember how I was saying my curl pattern is jacked? Well, a trim and a couple amla treatments did the trick. My wash-n-gos look MUCH better than THIS now lol

Here’s my hair still blown out a day or two after I got it trimmed. It looks shorter than it actually is because it has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO damn hot and humid here in Maryland, and as you can see, my face is sweating in the picture lol I always pic the perfect times of year to blow my hair out :o)


So I usually try to take advantage of my hair being blown out and try some different styles, if it weren’t so humid, I would have flat ironed it and worn it straight for a few days but there was just nooo way that would work. So I opted to try something I saw on another fellow blogger, Alicia James’s site. She blows out her hair almost every week and does her twist-outs on dry hair all the time. So I figured I would give it a try and see what happens. I know that twist-outs on dry hair makes for looser curls and elongated hair. Well, in theory this style works but for me?….. #FAIL but I will still share what I did any way..

So I applied a little bit of butter to help keep my hair soft and protected ((don’t use a water-based product! It will revert all that blow drying effort lol)). Now the thing about dry-twisting is that the twists don’t stay as tight and the ends kept unraveling! It was so annoying lol so I wrapped the ends with perm rods and straws ((I ran out of the perm rods lol)) and that kept them secure. The longer you keep the twists in, the better. I just did them the night before I took them out but if you could leave them in for a day that would be ideal.


*sigh* ….and the results…..

These 2 pics were probably the ONLY pics that look somewhat alright and it’s probably because of the angle lol I think because of the humidity and my body just being hot at night, it didn’t allow the twists to really set because there was so much moisture in the air. So there isn’t much definition or shape, just a hot mess AND this is in the morning right after I took the twists out -__-. At least the ends were curled because of the perm rods lol

blow_out_twist_out_perm_rods_lacocobella2 blow_out_twist_out_perm_rods_lacocobella3


So I figured there really wasn’t much of a way to salvage this style for 2nd day hair and I definitely had to re-twist it but the next time I opted to revisit THIS, a bantu-knot out! But as you will see, it turned out NOTHING like the last time haha oh well. The bantu-knots gave more definition that just twists and just looked better overall blow_out_bantu_knot_lacocobella blow_out_bantu_knot_lacocobella2 blow_out_bantu_knot_lacocobella3

So there ya have it, I know I said the last time I did these styles that I would re-visit them again in the winter ((which never happened lol)) but I HAVE to try them again when its not hot/humid because I feel like these styles could be SO cute! Ugh, I need to move back to Cali asap…. anyway, I will stop venting about the weather now lol

Stay cool sistas ;o)


Growth : : My Edges Are STILL Growing!! – Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum UPDATE

Growth : : My Edges Are STILL Growing!! – Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum UPDATE

Hello!! :o) ***warning…this is a semi-long post but with lots of pics and inspiration :o)

So I wanted to do a post on growth, specifically focusing on my edges since that is where I can SIGNIFICANTLY see a difference! I am amazed because I honestly did not think my edges will fill in and grow more than they have! I always thought my edges were just “baby hairs” and once they reach a certain length, that was it. Apparently I was wrong…

I first realized my edges could keep growing early last year when I stopped wearing a bonnet at night (just a loosely tied scarf) because the friction from the elastic band would rub them. Then earlier this year, I made a post about my goal for growth, where I listed a few remedies I wanted to test out to see how much length I could gain by the end of the year. Of course HEALTHY hair is way more important than long hair but healthy hair WILL grow and I feel like I have nourished my hair to the point where I can focus on growth ((by the grace of God!)) :o). So, to catch you up, here are the remedies I have tried/still use so far this year: Bee Mine Mango Hair Serum, Viviscal, Sea Kelp and nettle leaf supplements, Drinking Herbal Teas, Ayurvedic Treatments and most recently, the Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum.

I wanted to also use this post to update you on my thoughts about the Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum as well as share some pics of my growth over the past couple of years so you can SEE what I mean (you know we love visuals lol). Be sure to check out my intro post of the serum for the ingredients and product description.

bee_mine_Bee_sensative_serumOk so I really, really love it! I love that it is oil-free and in a spray bottle. I used it every time I re-twisted my hair (about 2-3x a week). I spray directly on my scalp and rub in. I also like that this can double as a moisturizing mist for your strands but I only used it for my scalp because I didn’t want to use it up as fast hehe. The spray nozzle makes application easy. Perfect if you have braids or a similar style. Another great thing is the Bee Sensitive serum is PERFECT for the summer and warmer months. I love that the Bee Sensitive Serum is aloe vera juice based because it helps with growth AND is an astringent meaning it somewhat “cleanses” your scalp. This is why I prefer it for warmer months when my head sweats and gets more build-up. To compare this serum to the original Bee Mine Mango Hair Serum, I will say that I feel the original serum is a bit more potent (you can actually see the sulfur particles in the oil) and works a bit faster which is why I really like it too but it is an oil and I don’t like putting oil on my scalp too much because I get build-up. The oil serum can also dry out the strands of your hair if you don’t have a moisturizer in as well (due to the sulfur;  basically you have to be cautious and make sure its only on your scalp). I reserve the oil for the colder, dryer months when my scalp tends to be dryer anyway. Although, both products are “a little goes a long way” but I felt I have to use more of the Bee Sensitive each time because it is a thin liquid and doesn’t spread as easy as the oil. So my bottle is almost gone :o(   I feel like I could alternate between the two Bee Mine serums and be able to benefit from both. Either way, I can honestly say I have seen a dramatic increase in growth, specifically my edges and the nape of my neck. I am sure I have growth all over but I can’t tell exactly how much since I haven’t done an extensive length check like this one back in February, but I know I have growth for sure! You’ll see below…

So for the visuals… I am a bit embarrassed about these first two pics, I have actually never showed them to anyone but I figured why not now. These pics are from a few years back when I got a Dominican blow-out and I first realized my hair was really thinning and was in denial about it. It was around the time my mother passed, I lost a lot of weight, was depressed, etc.. I’ve mentioned several times on my blog that my hair was thinning and maintaining this blog has helped me stay accountable to taking care of my hair (you can read more about this in my about me page). So yea, I’m sharing this more for inspiration and to let you know that your hair CAN GROW if you take care of it or even if you doubt that it can!

hair_loss thinning_hair2 thinning_hair

Yes, my hair was pretty long in the pics above but it was not healthy, very thin, dull and my ends were so bad.

So flash forward a year or two to the end of 2011, my hair became a bit healthier and I ended up dying it myself (which I now feel like I shouldn’t have, I guess I just wanted a change at the time) and these next pics are where I started my La Coco Bella journey :o).  I got another Dominican blow-out and had to cut about 2 inches off my damaged hair. The stylist had to cut it into layers it was that bad. And this is what blew me, the lady cutting my hair didn’t speak English so she had the owner come and tell me how bad my hair was thinning at the top center. I am so glad she did because it was the moment where I was like damn, I need to do something about this before it gets even worse. Yea it  “looks” nice but don’t be deceived! Its all about angles and how I parted my hair for these pics lol!


Fast forward again a bit, I am going to now share some pics to compare and contrast the older with the newer so you can see my hair filling in. These first pics are of a puff I did back in April 2012, so they are about 5 months after the pics above. It’s amazing how different hair looks when its curly vs. straight. You notice different things. Look at how thin and scraggly my edges, around my ear, and nape were. Back then, I would always have to use a TON of gel and wrap my hair with a scarf really tight to lay my edges down and then try not to sweat or turn my neck too much so the back wouldn’t start curling up and falling down in the back. Them sorry edges made my fivehead look even bigger! lol

puff3 puff4 puff1

Fast forward again to February 2013, right before I started my goal for growth “campaign”, I did another puff and you can clearly see a difference in my problem areas! Since I hadn’t used any of the growth products yet, I can solely contribute this growth to ayurvedic treatments, time and not wearing my bonnet at night anymore. Look at the difference! My fivehead doesn’t look as big! ha!  ((and yes I am wearing the same exact shirt lol I guess I really like that shirt haha) You can also notice how fine and whispy my edges are, which is good, means its new growth :o)

karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel2 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel1 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel3


Alright so fast forward AGAIN, these next pics are all AFTER I started my growth challenge (so from the end of Feb. until now) Obviously I see the most evidence of growth when I wear my hair in a bun or straight. I haven’t straightened it since November 2011 so I can’t show it from that perspective, but these next pics are a few pics I took via Instagram. Take a look! My edges are so much fuller, denser, darker. My hairline just looks more “solid” and less “spacey” if that makes sense. I can pull my hair up in a bun so much easier without having to worry about hair falling down in the back or sides. I can start my twists closer to the edges and my center part has filled in!! These pics are in order that they were taken between Feb and May. Look how big my bunz are now too hehe

lacocobella_growth_edges_5 lacocobella_growth_middle_part lacocobella_growth_edges lacocobella_growth_edges_4

lacocobella_growth_edges_3Ok So to round this post out, and for the shocker lol these last pics are of my edges to date…they are STILL growing in! I’m like WTF! is this why my forehead has always looked so daggone huge because my edges were always so far back!? LMAO!  I have a “new set” of edges growing in! At first I was like, why aren’t my edges laying like they normally do because when I gel my hair back, I was nervous they were breaking again! But then I realized they are fine and thin which means they are new growth! I was like oooookkkk, am I going to look like Eddie Munster?! So in the pics of my freshly washed hair below, you can see the length of my edges (the part I am holding) and then the new layer of growth at my scalp. It’s like a mini fro framing my face lol my side burns aren’t so “burny” anymore either lol they are little puffs now haha once they grow longer they won’t look so random! Ahh these Bee Mine serums are THE BOMB!!!!

growth_bee_mine_sensative_serum_edges_lacocobella growth_bee_mine_sensative_serum_edges_lacocobella_2

Hopefully you were able to follow my timeline journey of growth lol I know I may have been all over the place. I also hope you are able to get an idea of the growth because I know its hard to show it in 2-dimentional pictures over a computer but trust me, I can definitely see and feel a difference…….BEE MINE SERUMS WORK AND YOUR HAIR CAN GROW!!!!!!! Wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!

ok I’m done lol until next time!!!!


Growth : : Viviscal update

Growth : : Viviscal update

***UPDATE – added 8/8/2013

I wanted to share this link because it’s a good resource that may help you understand how hair grows. I know it can be very frustrating waiting for your hair to grow, so be sure to check out this link as it may provide some inspiring info to keep you motivated! Here is the link http://www.viviscal.co.uk/hair-growth-cycle.


Hey ya’ll!

About a month ago, I posted about my challenge to see how long my hair could grow this year and I provided a list of remedies I planned to try out throughout the year. I listed the natural oral supplement, Viviscal, as one of the things I wanted to try and I just finished my first 30-day supply (check out my intro post on Viviscal here). I made sure I didn’t use any other growth remedies (except drinking my teas and doing a couple ayurvedic treatments) at the same time so that I could attribute any difference to the vitamins.

lacocobella_viviscal_1I DEFINITELY noticed a difference in my hair!! Not so much in the growth department, it says you need to take it for 3-6 months to really see a difference in growth BUT I can’t begin to tell you how much thicker my hair is! It’s a lot thicker and much denser. I can really tell most when I’m doing my hair, especially in the shower. I was amazed, since Viviscal nourishes your hair from the root up, it’s like it was like my strands all got collagen injections and plumped them up lmao!! So as a result, my hair is much stronger, has more elasticity, it’s fuller and has more bulk to it. I also feel like my roots are much stronger as well. My hair and scalp don’t feel so fragile and tender anymore. It just feels much healthier overall.

Another thing I noticed, although not related to my hair, my nails were a LOT thicker! My nails aren’t really brittle or anything to begin with but they have become even stronger! When I polish them, it looks like I have on gels and they kept their shape for a long time without me having to file them. I am ALWAYS working with my hands so having a chipped nail or two is common for me. So yea, this helps with nails too! :o)

If you are considering trying an oral supplement, PLEASE be sure to check out the labels/ingredients and make sure you don’t have any allergies and are not nursing or pregnant. Not all supplements work with everyone’s body chemistry. My results may be different from the next person’s. Some people may experience more growth than thickness in the first month or maybe no difference at all! This is not a miracle pill but it could give your hair a little boost :o)

I am in no hurry to reach a certain hair length, so my hair growth challenge is just a fun thing to see how long this sutff on my head can grow. As with all things, you have to have patience and consistency since our hair all grows at a different rate. I feel like this is something I would need to take long term to really see GROWTH but the health of my hair outweighs the importance of growth any day.

I would continue taking Viviscal right away but I do have a few other things I would like to try first :o) (stay tuned for those!) I want to try each remedy on its own to be able to assess what really works for me. I also want to see if it’s one of those things where as soon as you stop taking it, the benefits revert. I will give it another month to determine if the results revert. If they do not, I will definitely purchase Viviscal and continue to taking it regularly!

Ok PLEASE forgive these photos of me lol taking length check pics is not the easiest task lol I had to bend and twist a bit. I probably should have done this when I first started taking Viviscal but like I said, I didn’t notice much growth….just thickness and health. So anyways, please disregard the bare face, chunky chunks and pale skin due to the flash lol…please proceed!

To give you an Idea of my starting point, here’s a pic of the longest part of my hair about a month ago. I can say I maybe got 1/2 – 1in of new growth…


Here’s my hair at the longest point in the very back of my head. Its about to my bra strap, right below my shoulder blade. My hair is cut into layers to it has different lengths all over. viviscal_results_length_check_lacocobella

I got a little nifty and figured I would put a pink line in the pics so you can see where the piece of hair I am stretching is starting from my head. It’s hard to tell otherwise. Sorry I didn’t have a ruler or anything, that would be just too much work lol I already had my boyfriend doing enough by taking the pics lol

So this pic is from the middle of the back of my head to right at my shoulder blade.


This shot looks so dumb lol but anyway, this is the length from directly at the top of my head (the crown) down, falls a little below my shoulders. I know you can’t see the strand I am stretching but it’s in there, I promise lol Why does the flash make my hand look white though? o_O


This one is from a little above the middle of my head but more to the side, kinda above my ears. Bout two inches below my shoulders. Sorry my hand is blocking the ends of that piece.


Another silly looking shot lol this one is pretty self explanatory — my hair in the front. It’s about 4-5 in below my chin, to my armpits/right above my cleavage. You can see how my ends are so much thinner than my roots because that’s where my damaged hair from dying it awhile back is. At least its growing out and I can just keep trimming off those damaged ends.viviscal_results_length_check3_lacocobella


The shot below is the lower side part of the back of my head,  so I pulled it from the back over my shoulder. About to my armpit again.


Here’s the exact middle of the lower back of my head, pulled over my shoulder. The longest part of my head.

Here’s the front side, pulled this piece about two inches from my center part.viviscal_results_length_check10_lacocobella

Here’s the immediate sides, right above my ears. It’s a little below my armpit. This part amazed me because I ALWAYS had/have problems with my edges and this part of my head, especially when I had a relaxer. I guess because the sides are always on the pillow when I sleep, it’s right where my scarves are tied, and back when I used to wrap my hair when wearing a relaxer, it had that tension from being brushed up or down (if that just made any sense lol). Either way, I am glad my edges are thickening and actually growing!viviscal_results_length_check4_lacocobella

So there you have it, the ins and outs (front, backs and sides lol) of my head. Stay tuned for my next growth product….I will refer back to these pics as the starting point for that!


Length Check 2013!!

Length Check 2013!!


Well, I hope my Instagram followers made it through my celebration of my sorority yesterday lol We go kinda hard :o)

Anywho, I know I haven’t really been posting many pics of my hair on my HAIR blog lol so I wanted to give you guys an update…at least on the length. If you’ve been reading La Coco Bella from the beginning, you’ll know that I suffered pretty bad hair loss and had to cut a lot short layers in my hair because it was so damaged.

Well, over this past year, REALLLY taking care of my hair, SCALP and SEALING MY ENDS like a mad woman, I have retained and gained a LOT of length! My hair has NEEEEEEEEEVER been this long before in my life! Check out this pic below that I posted on my instagram a few days ago. The longest part in the back is about to my bra strap.

I really want to straighten my hair so I can really see how long it is. If I do, I’ll be sure to show you!! So here is where I am starting for this year. If all goes well, It will keep growing rather than the opposite lol my goals for this year is to focus on the crown (middle part) and front (edges) of my hair. These areas have always been trouble spots for me so I will try and figure out something new for those battlezones :o) ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!



So I Blow Dried my Hair….

So I Blow Dried my Hair….

I  was feeling a little experimental the other week and I decided to blow dry my hair. My intentions were to blow dry and then trim my ends myself, figured it would be easier to trim on “straight” hair but then sense came back to my mind and remembered something —- I’m not a hair stylist! Why would I trim my own hair like that?! I can’t even see the back on my head lol. Normally, I would snip the scraggly ends of my twists (and end up with uneven hair) OR I would go to the pros. Since my hair is cut into layers, I knew if I took the matters into my own hands, my hair would look a hot mess….

In the past, when I would blow-dry my hair, I’d have a LOT of breakage and my hair would feel very brittle so I kind of dreaded the process but miraculously, THIS time was different! I’d become so accustomed to my damaged hair that this was so unusual. This is the FIRST time I have put heat to my hair since November 2011 (the beginning of my born again hair journey)…..serious progress! I can honestly attest to the vast improvement of the health of my hair. I. was. amazed. Amazed that I had almost NO breakage, no hair tangled in my comb/brush AND my ends were not nearly as bad as I thought they were! I was like wtfudge?! Something ain’t right lol

I still would like to get a trim just because it’s good to do that but Its not as urgent as I thought lol I wish I had taken pictures of my ends so I could show you guys but sorry I didn’t. :o( when i get a trim (by the pros) I’ll be sure to post!

So the way I blow dried my hair, to eliminate as much heat damage, I made sure I deep conditioned the day before ( I used Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp). I detangled with a modified Denman brush (every other row of teeth removed) and twisted my hair into about 7 sections. I then stretched each twist and wrapped it to the other side of my head and pinned it in place. The purpose of me doing this is to stretch my hair as much as possible before applying heat to it. This will make blow drying easier and reduce damage. Tied a scarf over it and let my hair dry over night.

Not sure if you can tell what’s going on in this pic lol but yea…

The next day, I undid each section and proceeded to blow dry each section using the comb attachment. It is already detangled and stretched so blow drying was a breeze! Now I am not very knowledgeable on heat protecting products (since I don’t do this often at all) plus I am limited to what I already had—wasn’t about to buy something new. Most of the products I have contain silicones which I try to avoid but I did have some old Organix Vanilla Blow Dry Cream that I have had for a couple years (I am not even sure if they make this anymore! I couldn’t find it sold anywhere on the internet!) I figured it was better than nothing. I didn’t want to use an oil because that would basically “fry” on my hair. I do have some CHI serum but I usually use that with a flat iron. Anyway….

Here’s the results. Not super straight but enough for my “experiment”. No where close to this lol

I threw in a few length check pics :o) Since my hair is layers, it is different lengths but the pics below show the longest and shortest layers.

So after I had fun with my Diana Ross look, I suddenly remembered this YouTube video….

Stay tuned for Part II !!!!! bwa haha haaaaa