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Cleanse : : Bee Mine Purity Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar

Cleanse : : Bee Mine Purity Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar

Happy Thursday!

As my love affair for Bee Mine deepens lol I come to you with another 5 star product from the infamous brand :o)  ((Oh and congrats to all the giveaway winners by the way!)) It’s the Purity Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar which retails for $8.00 for a very generous size bar. The site doesn’t indicate the size in ounces but it says its .75lbs. The bar I bought is about 3.5 x 2.5 x 1″?? It’s a good size that should last for a very long time….I. am. in. LOVE!!!

*SIGH* Why does Bee Mine have this effect on me?! I get SO HAPPY at just the thought of their products lol its weird, I know. It’s a bad obsession haha, like everything is damn near perfect, and SO effective. I know it has to always sound like I am a spokesperson for the brand but I promise you, I am really just a HUGE fan! God has truly blessed the owner/creator, Tracey, with an amazing business and amazing, top-shelf quality products! It’s like EVERY SINGLE product is amazing!

You know how there is usually one or 2 products from a line that you like and the rest are just eh? Well that’s not the case with Bee Mine, it’s like EVERY product is amazing, and they work even better together. It makes you want to buy EVERYTHING ((which I am pretty much guilty of lol)) WHYYYYYYYY #TheStruggle…..

bee_mine_rhassoul_clay_clarifying_bar_lacocobella bee_mine_rhassoul_clay_clarifying_bar_lacocobella2

Product Description
Fresh scent/Cream color with specks & pieces of yarrow & chamomile. Solid bar will not easily break apart or disintegrate. Protects hair & tones scalp. Deep-cleanses & rinses clean leaving the hair well conditioned & moisturized.

Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Glycerin (kosher of vegetable origin), Shea Butter, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), dl-Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B), Hydrolyzed Silk, Organic Raw Honey, Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Rhassoul Clay, Bentonite Clay, Soy bean protein (conditioner), Chamomile Flower, Yarrow Flower, Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Fragrance.

DIRECTIONS: Use weekly on wet hair in place of shampoo. Divide hair into sections and gently rub the bar against your scalp to create lather work the lather down strands to the ends. Follow up with a good deep conditioning treatment!

Anyways, let me just focus on the topic at hand lol …the Purity Rhassoul Clay Clarifying Bar!! Alright, where do I begin… I guess I will start with the obvious, it’s a shampoo/cleansing bar that caters to all your senses lol! No literally, first your eyes will see the generous amount of yarrow and chamomile pieces surrounding the bar. I love anything herbal so seeing ACTUAL herbs in the product made me happy, most soaps just have the oils or extracts of the herbs, this has the real thing! At first I thought the herbs would be throughout the entire bar but they were only around the outside so after 2-3 washes they were completely gone, which is fine, and no, I didn’t have any of the herbs stuck in my hair lol

The next thing I noticed was the intoxicating scent! It is a strong and extremely fresh scent. Its a very unique scent, nothing I have ever really encountered in a hair product. It reminds me of fresh laundry with some floral notes. I love it! Its very clean and I love how the scent lingers and also makes my cabinet that I keep the soap in smell really good :o)

So my FAV thing about the bar are the ingredients ((OF course lol)) I had been looking for a good shampoo bar that has apple cider vinegar and lo and behold, there one was all up on Bee Mine’s site! I love ACV because it balances the pH levels of your hair and scalp and really seals the hairs cuticle making my hair nice and shiny! It also has amazing clarifying properties ((hence the bar’s name)), I use ACV in my bentonite clay treatment mixes which leads me to my second fav part about the ingredients..the clays!

This bar contain BOTH bentonite AND rhassoul clay! I LOooooooooooove clays for my hair! They just bring LIFE to my hair and make my hair super springy and bouncy. Plus they work wonders on itchy, dirty scalps, they literally suck up any impurities and grime, leaving a perfect environment for hair growth :o) This bar has it all! Everything I need in my life lol  OH AND this bar also contains HONEY!! I love honey in every way! In my tea, food, face and hair lol my hair loves honey, it is the best conditioner and makes my hair soo soo soft ((remember this deep conditioning treatment??)).

I can’t sing enough praises for this bar, it’s actually been my go to bar for the past few weeks, I love it. My hair is super clean, soft, my scalp is in check. I feel so refreshed after I wash my hair with it :o)

Bee Mine has a permanent place in my heart :o)


Deep Condition :: The Natural Root 2-in-1 Sweet Honey Deep Conditioner

Deep Condition :: The Natural Root 2-in-1 Sweet Honey Deep Conditioner

I LOVE HONEY!!! I love honey in my tea….I love honey on my face (yup, to wash my face!) and I love honey in my HAIR!

Honey is an amazing multi-use natural gift from God and is an amazing conditioner and humectant for our hair. I won’t go into too much detail on the benefits of honey because I plan on doing an Ingredients 101 post on it but I mention honey because it’s the main ingredient in the 2-in-1 Sweet Honey Deep Conditioner from The Natural Root. If you missed it, I did a review on their wonderful and very affordable Gourmet Rosemary, Sage, Lemongrass Shea Butter, AND they just updated their website which looks awesome might I add :o)

So the Sweet Honey Deep conditioner is a honey based, conditioning treatment and it comes in a glass mason jar ((I have an obsession with mason jars for some reason lol they just make whatever is in it look so pretty lol #weird)). I was sent the 8oz jar in my goodie bag I received awhile back. It retails for 6 oz for $6 or 8 oz for $15 on The Natural Root’s website.

the_natural_root_sweet_honey_deep_conditioner_lacocobella the_natural_root_sweet_honey_deep_conditioner2_lacocobella

Product Description
Our Sweet Honey treatment is comprised of the best oils for your hair. The coconut oil in our formula is one of the only oils that actually penetrates the hair shaft, leaving your hair soft and elongated, also it’s your built in hot oil treatment. The many characteristics of honey makes your hair nourished and enriched. Honey is food for hair, it hydrates, strengthens, stops shedding, breakages and adds elasticity.

How to apply: shampoo, rinse and towel dry hair. Remove excess water with towel. Mix honey in small bowl. Section hair into four areas. Apply honey with applicator from root to end of hair. Repeat steps on each section. Use fingers to work honey through hair. Cover hair with damp hand towel or bonnet, then plastic bag. Sit under dryer or steamer for 15 minutes. Let cool for 5 minutes and rinse with cool water.

Raw Honey, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, argan oil and avocado oil

So the 2-in-1 Deep Conditioner is a sweet and yummy combination of honey and oils, and it can be used 2 ways. You can use it either by itself (using the method above) or you can add it to a conditioner to enhance the benefits of the conditioner. If your hair is damaged and you are trying to nourish it back to health, it’s best to use it plain and strait from the jar and it’s even better if you use it with a steamer!! Unfortunately I don’t own a steamer but I have my Hair Therapy Warp Thermal Turban that I plan to use with this DC next time :o)

But since I feel like my hair is at a point where I can ((by the grace of God)) consider it healthy, I have just been mixing the Sweet Honey DC with my conditioners, mostly my cheapie conditioners like my Nature’s Gates or Trader Joe’s conditioners (Tea Tree Tingle or Nourish Spa) to give them a serious boost. I was actually amazed and what a huge difference it made!

I section my hair into 4 parts, squeeze a big old gob of conditioner in my hand and scoop some of the Sweet Honey DC into my hand and mix it with my fingers before applying it to my hair. I must caution you that it’s best to do this in the shower because it can get a little messy! lol Also, the honey and oils separate so you have to mix them together in the jar before you scoop it out. Oh and I am not sure if the label is waterproof or not so just be cautious with that also, I keep the jar on the little side ledge of my tub behind the shower curtain when I use it so it doesn’t get wet. Sometimes I will leave it in and sometimes not, but either way, it conditions my hair.

I can’t tell you enough how much honey REALLY improves the elasticity of your hair! I use it in my own DIY treatments like my Honey Banana one, and my hair loooooves it and it loves this Sweet Honey DC too! My hair feels so strong and soft after each use. The honey is a humectant so it just pulls aaaaalll that moisture into your strands (this is why using a steamer would be wonderful!). It’s got amazing oils, especially my beloved coconut hehe, which help seal in all the moisture the honey brings in. And another great thing about this DC also, is that honey is water soluble so it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave any residue.

This is definitely a really good, nourishing, restorative treatment for anyone trying to re-gain the health of their hair or trying to keep it healthy (which would be all of us not that I think about it lol) :o)

Oooooo and I also wanted to share some other goodies I got from The Natural Root (I feel SO spoiled!! THANK YOU!! God is Great!)). So I got a cute lil canvas bag with The Natural Roots signature “lady bun” as I call her :o), if you live in Montgomery County Maryland you will know HOW MUCH these bags come in handy because of the daggone bag tax! I also got some more of their amazing Gourmet Shea butter in the Tea Tree, Peppermint, Cinnamon. This has a very strong scent and reminds me of the holidays, probably because of the cinnamon. It’s very nice if you like the spicy kinds of scents! Of course, it works wonders for your hair and skin! I aaaaallso got some cute little greeting cards! I think this is such a cute, clever idea, they have cute sayings and messages so you can send cards to your curlfriends if they’re reached a “natural hair milestone” like a big chop or  reached a length goal lol :o) I love giving hand written notes and cards to people (Hallmark is one of my favorite stores lol) so this touched my heart :o)

Oh and all of these items are of course for sale on their website! Check ’em out!

the_natural_root_goodies_lacocobella the_natural_root_goodies2_lacocobella


Cleanse : : Chagrin Valley Honey, Beer & Egg Shampoo Bar

Cleanse : : Chagrin Valley Honey, Beer & Egg Shampoo Bar

Ciao bellas! Have you entered my Blog-iversay Giveaway yet?! It ends soon!!!

Awhile back, I posted about my splurge on Chagrin Valley shampoo bars (well not really a splurge because they weren’t expensive at all!) and I am posting the final bar. In case you are new to La Coco Bella (heeeeyyyy!!), shampoo bars are the ONLY shampoos I use to wash. I don’t use liquid shampoos..just bars. They are so much fun to use lol and much better for your hair. Less drying/stripping and more beneficial. Plus there are SOOOOOO many kinds out there and they are way cheaper than liquids and last much longer! All around win! :o)

Ok anywho, this bar is actually the one I was most excited about trying from CV, which is why I saved it for last (weird, I know, most people would try it first huh lol). This shampoo bar is the Honey, Beer & Egg shampoo bar. I bought the sample 1.5 oz. size which retails for $2.70. You can also get the full 7 oz. bar for $7.85.

I think the beer is what attracted me most lol and I love anything with honey ***SIDEBAR — I actually started washing my face (yup! Google it!) with raw honey and can for the first time say in years that I have not had a breakout in like 2 weeks. I almost ALWAYS have at least 1-2 pimples on my face on any given day. The honey in conjunction with turmeric powder and this ayurvedic facial bar, I am fading my acne scars as well!! Oh, and in case you missed the other bars I reviews, you can check them out at the links below (I also reviewed a couple of their complexion soaps which are tacked on to the posts below):

chagrin_valley_honey_beer_egg_shampoo_barProduct Description
Beer and egg yolk create a mild, protein rich shampoo that adds shine, bounce and body to your hair. The proteins from the malt, hops condition hair and help repair damage. Vitamin rich eggs revitalize dull and dry hair and improve texture. Enriched with cocoa butter to provide deep nourishment for the hair shaft.

Saponified oils of rice bran, organic palm, coconut, castor bean, cocoa butter, jojoba, mango butter; beer; organic free range eggs; raw honey; aloe vera; rosemary oil extract

This bar has officially made it to my top favs! Look at the ingredient list! I could almost go without conditioner which is amazing to me. I always use conditioner though because I never pass up a chance to use conditioner lol but I was amazed at how my hair felt as I was rinsing it out of my hair. Normally shampoo bars give you that “dry” feeling (which goes away right when you apply conditioner) but not with this! Of course it cleaned my hair really well, and as with all the other CV shampoo bars, I only have to lather up one time and the soap rinses out clear.

Now this shampoo is definitely protein rich due to the eggs and the malt from the beer, so if you have protein sensitivities just beware of that. CV does have an Extra Honey Beer bar without the egg in case you still want the beer and honey benefits without the extra protein from the egg. Since my hair tends to respond well to protein in moderation, this worked extremely well. For those of you who may not know, BEER works wonders for hair lol It makes your hair extremely shiny because it closes the hair cuticle. So in turn, your hair becomes vibrant as protein helps fill in any weak parts of the hair shaft. I also found this bar to be very moisturizing as well since it contains the honey and aloe vera.

LOOOOOOVE Chagrin Valley shampoo bars!!! OH and GUESS what kind of bar they just came out with??? HENNA!!!! DEFINITELY on my “To Try” list hehehe. I am still not sure how I feel about using henna regularly but if I can get the conditioning benefits without the “side effects” lol I am all for it….when I buy the henna bars ya’ll will be the first to know! :o)


Cleanse :: Chagrin Valley Carrot Milk & Honey Shampoo Bar

Cleanse :: Chagrin Valley Carrot Milk & Honey Shampoo Bar

You know I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE me some shampoo bars :o)

I just get SO excited about soaps! It’s so weird to me lol I just LOVE them! I have been using NOTHING but shampoo bars for almost a year now and I will always use them, they just get the job done so much better than liquids, to me. They don’t strip the moisture from your hair and offer more conditioning. The ingredients are always purer. Just an all around win :o)

I will always be a fan of Henna Sooq’s shampoo bars but I wanted to expand my soap horizons :o) I heard about Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve from another natural hair blogger awhile back (I can’t remember her name though) and it’s been on my “to buy” list for quite some time now but I have been waiting so I could use up the other bars I still have (which I still haven’t finished but I just got impatient and gave in lol)


**SIDEBAR— This company makes me happy because they are a family-owned company that was created by the owner because she started making soaps as a hobby. They really make it a family affair (i.e. mom, dad, son, daughter, grandma, etc.!) and offer GREAT customer service, you can really tell they love what they do. I dunno, it just made me smile and I got good vibes from them :o)

Any who, so I stalked their website for awhile lol reading about all the different varieties and I selected five that struck my fancy the most! Here’s the ones I bought:

  1. Ayurvedic herb
  2. Carrot Milk & Honey
  3. Honey Beer & Egg
  4. Mud & Clay
  5. Babassu & Marsh Mallow

Luckily they offer sample size for just $2.70!!! . So I was like YESSSSS I might as well buy them all!! (or just 5 lol) Let me tell you, the sample size is actually a GREAT deal because they are quite large, larger than I expected! They are 1.5 oz. The full size bars are 7oz for $8.25 so I imagine they are HUUUUGE and will last you an extremely long time. So if you find a sample you like, go head and get the full size and you’ll have it forever lol :o)

***NOTE: I bought these back in December and Chagrin Valley temporarily increased their prices this month :o( due to the cost of their high quality ingredients and hope to reduce them back once costs go down. The increase is very minor so no big deal to me. The samples are now $2.70 (I paid $2.50) and full sizes $8.25 (they were $7.80 I believe).

Check out the size comparison of the sample size with a standard size bar of Dove soap so you can gauge how much product you actually get:chagrin_valley_carrot_honey_shampoo_bar3

Ok so now that I have the introduction over, I’ll move into the first review. Not sure if I will review all of the bars but I decided to try the Carrot Milk & Honey shampoo bar first. I chose this bar because I used to use Carrot Oil back in my relaxer days to help with strengthen my brittle hair and help stop breakage (it worked well too!). The beta carotene is what really strengthens the hair shaft so I figured this would be beneficial.


Product Description
Natural carrot juice, carrot oil, goat milk and raw honey are packed into in this nutritious shampoo bar. Beta carotene in the carrot juice and oil drenches thirsty hair with vitamin A to help rejuvenate hair shafts. Goat milk and honey moisturize and revitalize. Carrot seed essential oil penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen and moisturize damaged hair.

Saponified oils of organic carrot infused sunflower, coconut, organic palm, jojoba, organic virgin palm, castor bean, virgin shea butter; goat milk; organic carrot juice; aloe vera; raw honey; essential oils of lavender, carrot seed, rosemary, lemon; rosemary oil extract

I was really please with this soap. It cleaned my hair REALLY well, I didn’t even have to do a second wash like I normally do! I find that if I have butter and oil buildup on my strands I have to lather up twice to get all the residue off, and I didn’t have to this time! It’s like it cut through the oils/butters with ease. For me, this means LESS time in the shower and LESS water running which is always good. It also lathered well and rinsed clean.

My hair DEFINITELY felt a lot stronger just after one use, I totally forgot how AWESOME carrots are for the hair! I could tell my hair was stronger because I let my hair completely dry without putting any product in and I could easily manipulate my hair without ANY hair breaking, that kind of amazed me lol because I usually get a few snaps, crackles and pops when I do anything to my hair, especially when I am parting my hair.

The only semi-negative thing I can say about this bar is that it didn’t provide as much conditioning as I am used to but that’s ok because I know to just use a good conditioner (or DC) after I wash with this. I just used a regular old rinse-out conditioner and didn’t leave it on long.

This is a great shampoo bar…it’s definitely got me excited to try the rest of the soaps!


***BONUS: I also received a couple complimentary complexion soap bars from Chagrin Valley so I will tack on the reviews of these soaps along with the shampoo bars  so keep reading! :o)  (remember I said I may expand the content of La Coco Bella? Hmm… I wonder if this is a new beginning hehehe)

So a little about my skin, I have REALLY oily skin which means I am prone to acne, blackheads, large pores, acne scars, etc. I have suffered acne pretty much my whole frickin life and its really annoying lol. I’ve tried pretty much everything, every brand, every system there is on the market. Since I have really gotten into natural, holistic healthcare over the past year I truly believe I can control my skin without having to spend a grip of money at a dermatologist, prescribed medications, etc. ***SIDEBAR— I am guilty, I have Photoshopped a pimple or two out of my pics on my blog lol!!!! Hey don’t be mad, I’m a graphic designer, I get paid to do these types of things haha. My skin also tends to get used to products so I have to switch up my routine 1-2 a month.

Ok so now you know about my skin, I wanted to share my experience with the Grapeseed Tomato Complexion from Chagrin Valley. Their complexion bars come in the same sizes as their shampoos (1.5 & 7oz) and are the same prices ($2.70 & $7.80).

Product Description
Fresh organic tomato juice, loads of shea butter and white China clay, create a fabulous complexion bar. Tomatoes help balance oily skin, help refine enlarged pores, tighten skin and provide soothing relief for troubled  complexions. The mildest of the clays, white China is the choice for dry and sensitive skin as it gently clears clogged pores.

Saponified oils of grapeseed, organic palm, virgin shea butter, babassu, olive, sunflower, castor bean, canola (non GMO); water; organic tomato juice; white china clay; organic tomato paste; essential oils of lavender, geranium, palmarosa, ylang ylang

I selected the Grapeseed Tomato bar because the description basically states it’s for my exact skin type–“oily”, “large pores”, “troubled complexion” lol perfect right?! I’ve been using this for a week straight in both the morning and at night with my beloved Clarisonic Mia that I got for my birthday (I will make a post about this GODSEND!!!!) and I have noticed a drastic decrease in the size of my pores which made me very happy! I love that is contains clay because clays have always worked for my skin.

I am not sure it helped much with my oiliness because my face is/has always been /probably always will be slick by the end of the day. I think it’s my genetics (thanks dad) and I am just learning to be ok with a lil shimmer! (hey and it’s a proven fact  that people with oily skin will have significantly less wrinkles in old age!! and black don’t crack soooo heeeeyyyy I’ll be good when I’m 70! lol #GodWilling :o) ) Plus I keep powder and blotting papers(a.k.a. the brown napkins from Chipotle lol) handy so I just use those throughout the day.

Overall, I really can say this bar cleansed well, removed eye makeup and helped minimize my pores. I know with skincare you have to be very patient and be consistent with your routine so I will continue to use this complexion bar for another week or so and then I will move on to the next bar :o)


Deep Condition : : Banana, Honey, Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Deep Condition : : Banana, Honey, Coconut Oil Hair Mask

How YUMMY does this hair mask sound? and YES you can definitely eat it! (even though strangely enough I hate bananas lol)

I am too broke to spend money buying an expensive azz deep conditioner I wanted to experiment by making a homemade deep conditioning treatment and I was browsing the internet to find something with inexpensive ingredients and what I already had at home.

I came across several recipes that used…bananas!!! I can’t say banana without saying “nana-bar” because my little cousin used to call bananas, “nana-bars” when he was a baby lol so cute :o)


So why bananas? Well, here’s a few reasons that were enough to get my mad scientist on! (not really but you know what I mean lol

  • Great for dry hair itchy, flaky scalp because it keeps hair hydrated and healthy. With regular use, banana hair masks can increase the moisture content of your hair, smooth frizz and prevent dandruff by soothing and moisturizing your itchy scalp.
  • Contains  vitamins A, B, C, natural oils and carbohydrates which all help prevent split ends, breakage by improving your hair’s elasticity. If you have super dry, color-treated or even relaxed hair, this treatment could be helpful. Also, if you apply heat to your hair a lot as well.
  • Potassium softens the hair shaft and creates more manageability. Makes your curls super soft and springy!
  • Decreases hair loss because it helps address scalp issues. I’ve said it before….a healthy scalp = hair that grows and less hair that falls!

I saw that people mixed all kinds of ingredients with the nana-bars hehe but I picked a few I know work well with my hair so this is sort of my own concoction that was inspired from other recipes. I like to keep my recipes somewhat simple, with few ingredient, because I want to get the full effect from each ingredient. I feel like if you go crazy and put a million things in one recipe, each ingredient isn’t as effective.

So I stuck with just banana, clover creamed honey and coconut oil. Here’s the measurements I used (these are approximations, you can use more or less depending on the length, thickness of your hair):

  • 3 somewhat over-ripe bananas
  • 2 large tablespoons of  raw honey
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil

banana_coconutOil_honey_hair_mask_3 banana_coconutOil_honey_hair_mask_4

Yes, my jar of coconut oil has gone through war lol I actually infused the last bit of this jar with some essential oils hehe but in case you were wondering, this is the Spectrum brand of coconut oil.

Some of recipes I saw also had milk or yogurt, dark chocolate or cocoa powder (unsweetened). Some people used the baby food version of bananas (more expensive if you ask me…)  I would love to try this with yogurt next time to get that extra boost of protein! The chocolate would make it smell sooo yummy I would imagine…You can also substitute the coconut oil for another type of oil or add some essential oils. I used coconut oil for obvious reasons and the honey because it is a humectant and helps retain moisture in my hair.

One thing I will note, I used clover creamed honey (the kind that is solid) because I like for my deep conditioners to be somewhat thick, I hate when they are runny. That is also why I only used a tablespoon of the oil. I think if I used any more, the warmth from my head will have made the conditioner extremely runny and a big mess!

So I put all of my ingredients in the blender and blended it to a thick puree. I think I should have mashed the bananas in a bowl first though. Usually you need some kind of liquid in the blender to really get it going. I ended up adding some water to try to get it going. It could be the cheap blender I have but after stopping, smashing, stirring, etc. for a while, I got a good consistency. I made sure to smash any remaining chunks of the banana because they will surely get stuck in your hair lol.



I think my favorite part of this treatment was the application! lol it has a SERIOUS slip too it! I guess its because bananas are kind of slimy by nature but it just smoothed in my hair so nicely. I made sure to rub it into my scalp and smoothed up the entire length of my hair. I always apply treatments in semi-small sections and wrap the section around itself and pile them all on top of my head so it will fit under a plastic cap. I let the mask sit on my hair for about 45 mins (much longer than I probably needed to, I just didn’t feel like getting back in the shower right away lol). I also wrapped a long-sleeve t-shirt around the plastic cap like a turban to keep any drippys from sliding down my face and to keep the warmth from my head stay in. ( I have a pic of this on my instagram)

I rinsed VERY WELL to make sure I got out any banana chunks. I followed up with a quick condition with the Nature’s Gate Hemp conditioner ONLY so I could get a quick lather to help dislodge any more nana-chunks and do a quick detangle with my denman brush.

My hair felt….fortified! That’s the main word that comes to mind lol it just felt stronger. I definitely noticed an improvement in the elasticity. One thing I will note is I was due for a protein treatment so my hair didn’t feel as soft as I thought it could (that’s why I want to try it with yogurt next time). I can always tell when my hair needs a boost of protein.

All in all, I will be adding this into my DIY conditioner rotation!

…be sure to drink the leftovers if you like nana-bars! (only if you don’t use a lot of oil, essential oils, etc. duh!)

Deep Condition Treatment : : Coconut Milk, Honey and EVOO

Deep Condition Treatment : : Coconut Milk, Honey and EVOO

So my obsession with coconuts naturally meant I’d try coconut milk in my hair some type of way. We know the many benefits of anything coconut so I figured the milk would be interesting to try. I went to my local Whole Foods and picked up some 100% pure organic coconut milk. I googled around the web to see what could be mixed with the milk and I decided to use honey as a humectant and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as a sealant.

Since coconut milk is a protein, it will help strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Using it as a DC really helped soften my hair as well. I also found out that it helps with hair shed, hair loss and dandruff so I made sure I rubbed the treatment into my scalp when applying it.

I made my concoction by putting all the ingredients in a blender (the coconut milk separates) but clearly this was a genius mistake, that I won’t be doing again, because it made an extremely watery mixture… #dontjudgeme I think I’ll use a whisk next time! anwho, I still managed to be able to apply the mixture to my hair. I put a plastic cap over my hair and let it sit for about an hour. It was not a pleasant experience because that stuff dripped like no other!! It definitely had to do with the fact that I blended it and I also think I put a little bit too much EVOO. I had to wrap a towel around my head to catch the drips and also one on my shoulders. It wasn’t fun. Lesson learned… I mean, It is a milk so it was bound to be liquidy but I think I made it worse lol. I read that some people use cornstarch to thicken it up a bit. Regardless, I made it through and finally rinsed it out. Check out the results below.

The main thing I could definitely see was an improvement in the elasticity of my hair. My curls were shiny, soft and springy. I may add coconut milk rotation but I will most likely experiment using it in different ways. Not sure if I was feeling the EVOO. My hair doesn’t really take to EVOO very well :o(  Lots of naturals just mix in the coconut milk with any of their other conditioners, so you don’t have to use it by itself. When I try this again I will be sure to post the results!