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Henna : : Reshma Femme Henna – Toffee

Henna : : Reshma Femme Henna – Toffee

Ok so this post is WAY over due…like WAY over due like way back in April over due lol! I figured it’s better late than never! lol Alright so this post is about Reshma Femme Henna in Toffee. I actually just starting using henna for the first time in February this year. I was so scared to try it for some reason (you can read more about my craziness in that older post lol), but I was sent a HUGE box full of Reshma Femme henna packs so I figured it was time to give it a shot. This marks my 3rd henna application ever :o) I also tried cassia earlier this year which is considered a “neutral henna” because it does not “dye” your hair like henna but gives you the same conditioning benefits. Be sure to read my first post about henna for more info on the Reshma Femme brand :o)

So my first 2 hennas were just plain, strait up henna (not mixed with any other ayurvedic powders) so it gave my hair reddish highlights which are really pretty. Although I liked it, I was not and am not using henna for the color benefits. This is why a lot of naturals prefer to use cassia (does not color your hair but will brighten blond or gray hair). Another thing about the plain henna, is it known to loosen your curl pattern and I felt that is what happened with me. My curl pattern is like non-existent these days, I know amla helps enhance your curl pattern (as well as tone down the red in henna) and I have to admit, I have been slacking on my ayurvedic treatments so I haven’t done many amla treatments since I’ve used henna, I really need to get back on that because my curls are disappearing! :o(((

BUT, I say all that to say, the Reshma Femme henna in Toffee contains amla and a bunch of other ayurvedic ingredients to help achieve more of a toffee color (isn’t nature amazing?)! It contains a mixture of  Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Bhilwa, Hibiscus, Ratan Jot. So because it isn’t just isn’t strait up henna, I felt a bit more comfortable about the curl loosening thing.reshma_femma_toffee_henna_lacocobella

Alright, so this go round, I decided to use just tea. I have used just water, and I have also used coconut milk– which I LOVE and actually prefer to use as the base mixture because it gives it a creamier texture for easier application and also the conditioning benefits of coconut. I opted to go with catnip, hibiscus and lemongrass because tea apparently gives henna better dye release and I wanted to get as much as possible this round for demonstration purposes to show how well the Toffee variation of this henna worked as far as color goes.


Here is the henna after I let it sit overnight. I keep the henna covered with saran wrap and place it in a warm place i.e. right next to my boyfriends Xbox 360 lmao!!! ((I’m dead serious though lol))  The warmth helps the dye release, you can see it kind of swirled in the middle. Henna looks so nasty to me but whatever! lol Before I apply it, I mix in a little bit of oil (most likely grapeseed or sweet almond) and some essentials oils because henna doesn’t have the most pleasant smell either lol


Here’s the henna applied to my hair. I made sure to cover my sink and wear gloves since it stains (I didn’t go to war with my bathroom like I did the last time LMAO!!). The gloves that come with the Reshma Femme henna are very thin and break so I used some latex gloves I snatched up from my job lol ((shhh don’t tell nobody hehe)). reshma_femme_toffee_henna_lacocobella_3 I separate my hair in about 6 sections and secure each section with a clip to keep it out of the way until I finish. Then once I am done applying, I will release all the sections and pile my hair on top of my head, wrap my hair with saran wrap (see my first henna post for pics of this craziness lol). Then I let it sit in my hair for at least 4-5 hours. I have also put an old beanie over the saran wrap to help “heat up” my head and perhaps get a little greenhouse effect going :o) reshma_femme_toffee_henna_lacocobella_4

Ok so for the color results….let me just say, pretty much every post since April shows the color results in case you wanted to see more pics, I don’t think anyone even noticed a difference really to be honest lol my hair actually still has a bit of a reddish hue. I can definitely say my hair is a bit darker, which I had anticipated, but not so much a brown, toffee color. I am thinking I’d have to use the color several times to really get good color pay off and to deepen the tones. Of course with henna, it takes a few days for the color to oxidize and really set in. The first set of pics below are the next day so the color wasn’t that different than it was before. My hair was very shiny and felt stronger and thicker which is why I like henna (not in love though).

reshma_femme_henna_toffee_lacocobella_6 reshma_femme_henna_toffee_lacocobella_7 reshma_femme_henna_toffee_lacocobella_8 reshma_femme_henna_toffee_lacocobella_9

The pics below are I want to say the 2nd or 3rd day?? I can’t remember since I took these a couple months ago lol (I know I know, I told you I was slacking!) I can definitely see a difference. Overall, it looks darker, especially the ends where my hair is the lightest. It has more plumish undertones rather than a toffee color. I also didn’t really experience much of the curl pattern loosening which is good, I still think I need to get back on my regular amla treatments to help with the curl definition. I also plan to start doing my twists smaller to help with that as well ((*SIGH* that means MORE time twisting each week lol))reshma_femme_henna_toffee_lacocobella_10 reshma_femme_henna_toffee_lacocobella_11

So yea, if you are trying to drastically change up your hair color, henna is probably not the way to go, most “henna-heads” don’t use it for the color anyways but its fun to have a slight change which I certainly do not mind :o) If anything, I am hoping that the henna will help even all the crazy tones I have going on in my hair. I have one more box of Toffee that I will use before I try the next color which is Playful Plum :o) I will be sure to post a review!


Ayurveda : : Cassia & Coconut Milk

Ayurveda : : Cassia & Coconut Milk


My love for ayurveda continues yet again!

So a month or so ago I used henna for the first time after being afraid of it for so long lol and I LOVED how it made my hair feel and how SHINY and strong my hair felt. I think part of my self-imposed fear of henna was the color commitment because I have a dream of lightening my hair one day (like Beyonce light lol #dontjudgeme) so I have been trying to really nurture my hair to be able to do something to drastic (if I build up enough courage do something SO drastic like that) but anywho, I say that to say that I was introduced to an alternative to henna….cassia obovata!!

It’s basically henna without the color. It gives you all the conditioning benefits of henna and is sometimes referred to as neutral henna. It doesn’t give off any color but if you have blonde hair, it will accentuate your natural highlights. If you are grey, it will make your hair blonde. For dark hair, it just conditions and makes it shiny :o)

Since I was sent some packets of cassia by a very special dear friend of mine (thank you love!), I don’t have any information on where it came from, the brand, cost, etc. What I do know is the kind I used is USDA organic and of super high quality :o)

cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobellaWhen I used henna, I mixed it with just water and a little bit of oil but THIS time, I mixed the cassia with COCONUT MILK!!! OMG!!! The moment I applied it to my hair I was like forget water! I’m using coconut milk for ALL my ayurvedic treatments from now on!! lol It makes the paste SO much creamier and easier to apply. It’s super smooth and just makes it better, for lack of better words lol. I think I also mixed in some oil (I think avacado oil or grapeseed, can’t remember which one)

I mixed the coconut oil and cassia and let it sit overnight. I guess I only did that because I did it for the henna BUT then again, I am not trying to get a dye release so I probably didn’t need to do it lol it just seemed like a nice gesture haha

Here’s the paste, I use the entire can of Foco brand coconut milk and it was thick and creamy :o) If you decide to use coconut milk, BE SURE to check the ingredients to ensure it doesn’t have sugars and added stuff in it (the ingredient listed as a preservative is fine though, you just don’t want the sweetened sugar kinds).

cassia_coconut_milk2_lacocobella cassia_coconut_milk3_lacocobella


I applied the paste in sections and it was a BREEZE to apply. I didn’t have to tape newspaper all over my walls, floor and sink lol. It wasn’t messy to apply because of the texture, it stayed where I put it. It just felt so smooth and creamy. I know,I know, it’s weird that I’m really excited about the applying part lol Here’s how the paste looked in my hair. It’s green like henna is.

cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella4 cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella2 cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella3After I was done applying the paste, I sectioned my hair off, pinned the sections down and put on a plastic cap and then wrapped with with my Christmas edition saran wrap lol this time I didn’t wrap my head as tight as the last time lol I had a headache like a mug because I OD’d on the saran wrap! Good thing is that using the coconut prevented the paste from dripping, which I sometimes get when I use water/teas and oils with my ayurvedic treatments. I left the paste in for about 8 hours (applied in the afternoon and went about my day at home, rinsed out at night. I probably didn’t need to leave it in for that long but oh well).

Here’s me lookin crazy with my saran helmet!cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella5OK so here’s the thing, I didn’t take any pics of my hair after I rinsed out the cassia paste because, well, it just looked really, really bad. I now see why some naturals don’t like to use henna/cassia often because it really does loosen your curl pattern. I guess I was naive and was thinking looser curl pattern = elongated curls lol welp, I was wrong! Looser curl pattern (for me) means undefined curls that just look like a hot mess! I was sadly disappointed because I LOVE the conditioning results from the cassia and henna but after using henna 2x and cassia 1x, I really see a difference in the curl pattern.

Yes, I still use amla and I know amla kind of “reverses” henna by defining your curls but its almost like a cat and mouse situation where I feel the henna and amla just counter each other. So I need to figure out the frequency that I would continue to use cassia and henna because I don’t want to lose my curl pattern, I like when they are springy and bouncy! But then again I can’t get over the shine and cassia and henna gives me.

I haven’t really been one to mix different ayurvedic powders with eachother but I think I may start doing that, meaning, I can still use cassia/henna in small amounts AND mix it with amla, brahmi, neem, etc. and still get the conditioning benefits from the cassia/henna. I still have several boxes of the Reshma Femme henna in the different color variations which contain amla already mixed in so I plan to continue using them for the rest of the year and see if cassia/henna are something I want to continue for the long run! (Of course I will share the findings with you :o) )

What have been your experiences with cassia and henna?! What have you done about the curl loosening? TIPS PLEASE!



My First Henna : : Reshma Femme Henna Natural Highlights

My First Henna : : Reshma Femme Henna Natural Highlights


It’s been a long time coming. I knew I would eventually give in and FINALLY try HENNA!!! I don’t know why I hadn’t tried it yet. It seemed only natural for me to since I love ayurvedic treatments and this is like the prestige of them all lol. So, I decided to just get over my fear and DO it finally. I mean, I’ve heard about it and seen it EVERY where for years. The results I’ve seen on other people are usually amazing and no one really has anything bad to say about it (as far as the effectiveness it has for hair).

I was (am still a bit!) so intimidated by henna, I guess because it’s such a particular process, there’s so many kinds, brands, mixtures, steps, etc. etc. etc. I just got overwhelmed by it! It seemed like every person who does henna has their own process and recipe. When I get overwhelmed I just shut down and say forget it lol BUT to my luck, a PR firm sent me a package FULL of henna treatments by Reshma Femme!! I was like, this MUST be the sign to just go ahead and take that leap of faith lol It’s really silly that I am intimidated by this simple green powder lol So thanks to Reshma Femme, my fears have now been conquered! You can find this brand of henna in beauty supply stores and Sally stores nation wide which is super convenient!  ***UPDATE — many people have told me that Reshma Femme Henna appeared in a recent CurlBox! If you have it, try it out!! :o)

The package from Reshma Femme had 4 varieties of their henna and 2 facial masks :o) I was so grateful! The 4 varieties are Toffee, Dark Chocolate, Playful Plum and Natural highlights. When I say varieties, I mean the henna is pre-mixed with other natural herbs like amla and indigo, to create the various colors. Lots of people mix their own herbs to create their own colors but Reshma Femme takes the guess work out and makes it easier to get a perfect proportions for color blends. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Natural highlights is just pure henna, strait up
  • Playful Plum is henna and Indigo for blackish, plum tones
  • Toffee is Henna, Amla, Shikakai, Bhilwa, Hibiscus, Ratan Jot
  • Dark Chocolate   <—- I know, I still need to get the ingredients on this one!

All of the variations are 100% pure and natural and don’t contain any additive ingredients. Sadly, there are lots of henna brands out there that are not 100% natural and contain fillers but Reshma Femme is completely pure and natural so that made me feel good :o)

So what’s the hype about henna? Well, besides is being a natural way to color your hair (henna will NOT lighten your hair, only give you red highlights in its pure form and browns and blacks mixed with other herbs), it provides serious conditioning, makes your hair super shiny and thickens your strands thus making your hair stronger and healthier. It also helps cure head lice, dandruff and ring worm which is cool. Oh it also loosens your curl pattern. Some people either love or hate that part. I don’t mind it since I have SEVERE shrinkage (my hair is about 50-60% longer than it looks!) If you don’t want to loose the curl pattern, you can always reverse it by using amla which enhances curl pattern and tones down the red from the henna. The more you use henna, the deeper the color and the more the conditioning, it’s like wine, it gets better with age lol. Some people use it every week and some maybe once a month. Not sure how often I will use it though. I gotta see how I feel lol but I guess to really reap the benefits you have to use if consistently often.

OK so Moving along…I will kind of give you a play by play of my process using the pics below so you can see what everything looked like at each step :o) This is a really long kind of a long post so bear with me. Hopefully it’s informative though!

I decided to start with the plain henna, Natural Highlights HK 6A, to see how henna worked out in its purest form with no other ayurvedic herbs mixed in. I will probably try the browns next and then the plum since that will be the darkest.


Each Reshma Femme box of henna comes with a pair of gloves, a packet of oil and instructions (and of course the henna!). I wish the gloves were a bit stronger because mine definitely tore in the crevice of my fingers but luckily it was towards the end of my application so the henna wasn’t sitting on my skin long enough for it to stain them. Next time I’m going to get a hold of some latex gloves that are a bit more durable.reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_1

Here’s the henna powder. I learned that the finer it is sifted, usually means it’s of higher quality and and the most dye content. Henna used as body art is finely sifted so lots of brands that market their henna as “Body Art Quality” are typically better to use. Reshma Femme is of this quality :o)reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_3

There are a million things people use to mix their henna but I wanted to just start out simple and stick with plain ole water. I did add a few squirts of lemon juice because lemon juice helps the henna produce a better dye release if you are aiming to get more color. I also added a few drops of a mixture of essential oils just because. I read on Minimalist Beauty (who btw, has become one of my fav bloggers because she has AWESOME DIY recipes and is very thorough with her posts!) that she uses coconut milk as her base. I think I may try that next time:o) I have also seen others use tea so I may try that another time as well. Oh and I guess you’re supposed to use warm or hot water/tea and let it sit somewhere warm. I didn’t. oops…

So here’s what the henna looks like just mixed with water. It’s naturally a green color and was a bit slimy in consistency. It had a few chunks but I found that after it sat the moisture absorbed and the chunks went away. I would not recommend using a plastic container because the henna will stain it (if you care) since they are usually porous. I just used a ceramic bowl and covered it with saran wrap while it was sitting.reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_4

So I let the mixed henna sit overnight because I don’t mind the color that henna gives (the longer it sits, the more dye release). I figured hey, why not get the color while I’m at it. You don’t have to let it sit for that long (the package says for 1-3 hours). Either way, after you let it sit, you will see the red dye released as a liquidy red layer on top of the paste.***SIDEBAR—  I am always AMAZED by God’s creation. How in the world did He think, “OK I’m going to make a plant that is all GREEN but when you dry it out and mill it into powder, add water to it, it will create a RED dye…oh and it conditions and colors hair!!!” How can anyone NOT be amazed by our creator and his genius ways….im just saying! :o)reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_5

Ok, so once I was ready to go, I prepped my bathroom….ok don’t laugh at me, I kinda OD’ed on the prep. I literally covered every part of my bathroom with paper i.e.the counter top, the walls, the floor, the toilet, lol I just know I am not the neatest when it comes to hair treatments so I prepared for a henna war lol And needless to say, I really only needed to cover the counter top! Go figure lol better safe  than sorry cause henna stains! Oh, I was also paranoid that I would dye my forehead, ears and neck so I slapped on gobs of Vaseline as if I were about to get a relaxer lol yea, didn’t really need to do that either. And ANOTHER thing, I made sure I wore an old t-shirt so that I wouldn’t stain my shoulders…probably didn’t have to that either since the henna just wiped off easily without dying my skin lol I’m a beginner ok! :o) I was looking all kinds of crazy!! I just can’t thank my boyfriend enough for being so understanding and non-judgmental with my hair adventures lolreshma_femma_henna_hk6a_2Once I was ready to start the application, I mixed the red dye back into the henna paste, added the EO’s and sectioned my hair into about 6 sections. Since I had no idea what I was doing, I applied the henna to dry, dirty hair. I think I was supposed to do it on clean, damp hair (the total opposite) next time lol…..see these are those particular things I was talking about with henna. I don’t know what’s right or wrong, better or worse lol I still got good results either way so maybe it’s just whatever works for you (as with all things!).

OK so I applied the paste to my hair, normally I would leave my hair in the sections but I left it out so I could take pics and show you guys. Take a looksie. It’s nice to see my hair with some length lol you can really see the layers I’m always complaining about:


peep the paper taped to my walls lolreshma_femma_henna_hk6a_7

I may need to cut the lower layers to be a bit more uniform with the bulk of my hair. It looks so sad just dangling like that lol but it’s so long, down to my bra strap…. :o(reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_8

So I sectioned my hair back up and pinned it on the crown of my head. Ok here’s where I OD’d again lol I put a plastic cap on and proceeded to wrap saran wrap around my head like 6 times lol I was paranoid the henna would drop or crumble out and get on stuff!! Needless to say, I wrapped my Christmas edition Saran wrap way too tight lol my head started to hurt a little lol I probably only needed to wrap it around once or twice but yea since I had the henna in all day (about 7 hours, the package said leave it for 1-3), I wanted to make sure I didn’t get it all over the place. Lots of people just sleep with it overnight. Given my track record, I am a wild sleeper so I am not sure how well that would work out for me lol Here’s me looking crazy in my plastic wrap turban lolreshma_femma_henna_hk6a_9 The hair at my nape and my daggone sideburns are ALWAYS hard to cover with plastic caps/wraps and scarves, guess I’ll just let them be… *sigh* reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_10

When it was time to rinse, (ok don’t laugh at me again lol) I hopped in my bath tub on my hands and knees facing down and let the water from the faucet loosen up the henna and rinse most of it out. I did this because I didn’t want the water and henna splashing all over the shower and staining my shower curtain lol although this method isn’t the most comfortable, it worked! After the water was running somewhat clear, I turned the shower on and continued to rinse.

I then used a combo of my inexpensive conditioners (Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle and Nature’s Gate) and sort of lathered any remaining bits of the henna out. I did this 2 times. After I rinsed the conditioner out, I followed up with  Bee Mine Deep Conditioner to make sure I replenished the moisture back in my hair since henna can be drying. I let my hair dry and I noticed my scalp was kind of itchy so I jumped online and saw that Reshma Femme has a community board where people can comment and I saw that the itchiness was because I probably didn’t rinse the henna all from my scalp. Jumped BACK in the shower and washed with a shampoo bar (used my Bobeam Rhassoul Clay bar this time hehe). So I know from now on to shampoo in the rinsing out process.

Now since this is my first henna treatment, the color didn’t turn out very vibrant BUT I’ve read that it takes a few days for the color to oxidize and deepen which in fact it did.

Here’s my hair freshly rinsed. My hair was sooooooo shiny!! I didn’t notice much curl loosening but I guess that would happen over time, using henna often. I also noticed that frizziness was drastically decreased which made my twist-outs appear more defined. The henna REALLY smoothed my hair cuticle and made my hair feel thicker all after just one application. I know it’s really hard to visually see what I am talking about in the pics but I definitely could see and feel a difference. Hopefully over the course of the year as I continue to use henna (not sure how frequent) you will be able to see the color deepen in my pics.

reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_11 reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_12

Here’s a couple bonus pics of my hair a few days after the treatment. I could really start to see more of the red tones in certain lighting. The color reminds me of the auburn color I had about a year ago. Mostly on the tips of my hair since they are lighter. But check out the SHINE!!!! I am blown away by it! I used Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding for the twist out below by the way….oh and if you click that link, you will see the auburn color I was referring to. I used a boxed permanent color to achieve that but it would be cool to get close to that again naturally using henna.

reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_14 reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_13 reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_15

You can see hints of the red in the flick below :o)reshma_femma_henna_hk6a_16


I’ll keep you posted on my henna adventures! PLEASE give me your tips if you’re a henna head!


Ayurvedic Hair Care

Ayurvedic Hair Care

What it do?!

I mentioned the term Ayurveda in my review of Henna Sooq’s Cocoveda Shampoo Bar and I wanted to expand on the basics of Ayurvedic haircare, based on research I’ve done on the web. I stress the word basics because I am no pro at this and the concept of Ayurveda can be deep…so I’m keeping it simple for the purpose of natural hair…

Ayurvedic hair care is part of a 5,000+ year old holistic healing practice that originated in India. It is no secret that Indian women have been blessed with absolute gorgeous hair that is strong, long, thick and shiny….an Ayurvedic hair care regimen is why! Us naturals can take note and adapt a few things from Indian women.

Ayurvedic regimens consist of natural herbal/plant mixtures and powders that yield wonderful benefits like stronger, thicker, healthier, shinier and my favorite benefit…stronger roots! This means waaayy less shed! I am all for using the most natural, chemical free products to help me achieve healthy hair and I plan to introduce more Ayurvedic remedies to my regimen. I recently purchased some Alma powder, Alma oil and Vatika Oil from my local Indian market (India Bazaar if you’re in the Montgomery County area). I will post about my experiences with each of these items as I use them.

I know for some newly naturals, it may be a bit scary to come out of your comfort zone and jump into the whole Do-It-Yourself, holistic mentality of some hardcore naturals but the results of a more natural regimen are worth it, even if it’s incorporating at least one type of Ayurvedic practice into your regimen. You will see a difference!  Just remember, God created plants and herbs for the benefit of man WAY before chemicals and other synthetic ingredients were invented (by man not God) so it makes perfect sense that natural ingredients work better for natural hair :o) Another great thing about an Ayurvedic/all-natural regimen is that it is CHEAP!! Most products are under $5 and you can mix and match to make your own blends.

Here’s a few of the most commonly used Ayurvedic items for hair and a few of their benefits:

  • Henna
    • Natural way to color hair with red tones
    • Conditions, thickens and strengthens hair
    • Increases shine
    • Loosens curl pattern
    • Reduces split ends
    • Alleviates dandruff and kills lice
  • Indigo
    • Mixed with henna creates brown, black and blue tones in hair
  • Aritha
    • Cleanses hair (naturally lathers)
    • Creates bounciness in hair
    • Clarifies scalp
  • Amla
    • Strengthens roots
    • Defines curl pattern
    • Promotes hair growth
    • Strengthens hair
    • Tones down the red in henna treatments and darkens hair
    • Is a natural astringent
  • Neem
    • Promotes smooth, shiny hair
    • Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
    • Alleviates scalp ailments like psoriasis, eczema
    • Astringent
    • Kills lice
  • Brahmi
    • Strengthens roots
    • Darkens hair
    • Makes the hair denser and shinier
    • Delays grey hairs
    • Reduces hair loss
    • Controls dandruff and treats eczema and psoriasis
  • Shikakai
    • Cleanses hair
    • pH balanced
    • Detangles hair
    • Strengthens roots
    • Prevents dandruff
    • Increases bounciness and silkiness of hair
  • Bhringraj
    • Encourages hair growth
    • Reduces hair loss
    • Reduces shed
    • Delays grey hairs

The only downside, in my opinion, to an ayurvedic hair care regimen is you must have discipline and do treatments consistently for best results. Most treatments, you’ll need about 30-60 mins to allow it to work. If you are able to incorporate the practices habitually then you are good! I plan to try and do a treatment at least once a week.

There are sooooo many herbs and natural rememdies to great hair so do your research and find what works for you! Don’t be overwhelmed by all the choices, experiment and have fun with it! Lots of the powders can double as facial masks!

here are a couple of links to help get you started! Hesh and Dabur are very popular brands and super cheap! Just make sure you buy them from reputable vendors and always check expiration dates on boxes.

Have fun!

— What Ayurvedic practices do you incorporate in your regimen?

Product :: Henna Sooq Cocoveda Shampoo Bar

Product :: Henna Sooq Cocoveda Shampoo Bar

Something new….

During my visit to the Baltimore Natural Hair Care Expo, I picked up something I had never tried before… shampoo bars! I think I am in love with the concept of washing my hair with a bar of soap lol I get a kick out of little things like that :o)

So during the expo, the Henna Sooq booth was the first thing I saw as I walked in. It’s a Maryland based company that sells a ton of henna and ayurvedic (<---I'll post about this very soon!) products. They were doing henna body art at the show! Everything they sell is 100% pure and natural. Check out their site and blog, they have a plethora of products and provide a ton of helpful information on the benefits of henna and ayurvedic hair care. It makes me really want to try more of their products and get into using henna.

Any who, back at the expo, they had a bunch of different types of hand crafted bars, which all smelt nice and earthy—some better than others—but all pretty good for the most part. I was definitely staring at the display for a good five mins trying to decide which two to get lol. After reading the ingredients and talking with one of the owners, Jamal (who was really nice, cool and helpful by the way), I ended up getting the full sizes (4.25 oz) of the Cocoveda Shampoo Bar and the Black Velvet Body Bar (good for hair and body; haven’t used the Black Velvet yet though) for the 2 for $10 deal (they are $7 online).

I chose the Cocoveda bar because of the ingrediants (and the cocoa-y scent!). The owner assured me that this was one of the most moisturizing. It’s rich and lathers really well, pH balanced and all natural. This bar also helps stimulate hair growth due to the ginger essential oil content and amla. I know the bars look a bit scary lol but they are harmless :o)

Here’s what’s in the Cocoveda bar:

Unrefined organic shea butter, cocoa butter, organic high oleic sunflower oil, organic coconut milk, organic henna, organic amla, shikakai, bhringraj, bhrahmi, nagarmotha, ginger essential oil

Oh and another thing, these bars will last a really long time. I imagine I could get at least 20 washes (?) out of one bar, maybe even more than that. The website instructs you to cut pieces of the bar so that you don’t get the entire thing wet each time you wash.

Now for the fun part…using the bar! lol I sectioned my hair in about 6 sections while in the shower and rubbed the wet bar on my scalp. It creates enough natural lather that it can spread over the length of your hair. I made sure I did a good scalp scrubbing and let it sit in my hair until I washed each section. Then I rinsed it all out at the end and applied my conditioner.

My hair is like super SQUEAKY clean…like literally squeaky as in you can hear your hair squeak lol. That feeling can be mistaken for it being dry or waxy but its because of the ayurvedic ingredients opening up the hair cuticle so it’s imperative that you use a good conditioner right away to close the cuticles back up. It’s good for low porosity hair since it’s difficult for our hair cuticles to up and “receive” the conditioner. And as soon as I applied conditioner, that weird squeaky feeling went away and it was pure hair bliss after that! Super clean, shiny, bouncy, weightless curls!

My fav part is how well it cleaned my scalp. I had been having “issues” with my scalp and ayurvedic products supposedly help so we’ll see after some uses. I must say though, it’s been over a week (I co-washed once) and my scalp is not itchy like it normally would have been by now. That’s the only reason why I had been washing so frequently with shampoo so I’m really excited about the benefit of these bars. I may have the to freedom to go back to co-washing more like I used to. Kinda geeked about that :o)

This is definitely a keeper! You know I had been looking for a shampoo sooooo I may add this to my .essentials list hehe. Using a solid as a shampoo may not be for everyone since it’s a different concept than your average shampoo-in-a bottle, but at the very least, it’s fun to use! Lots of folks have given up liquid shampoos to bars and swear by them. Just google it and give it a try ;o)

Im excited to try the other bar I got and other ones as well!

—Any experiences with shampoo bars?