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Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #5

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #5

Ok so you know I was lying when I said I would have a hair tip EVERY Tuesday right?! lol I knew I’d end up eating my words lol sorry!! And how the HECK is it already OCTOBER!?

Anywho, here’s the latest tip on how to perfect your twist outs. Oh and in case you missed them, here are the last 4:

5 : : Avoid Water based products

I know this sounds kind of backwards right? Avoid water but our hair needs moisture?!  Well, water based products definitely have their benefits BUT remember, frizz is caused by moisture ((water)) and the point is to reduce frizz if you want your twists last longer and look neater.

The thing with water-based products, and when I say products, I mean whatever you apply when you’re setting your twists, is that your hair and the product MUST dry COMPLETELY before you attempt to un-twist. This is especially important if you live in humid climates since the moisture in the air will “activate” the water-based product making your hair moist again and result in frizz. Try sticking with oil/butter based products if your goal is longevity!

***SIDE BAR: This tip MAY apply to products containing humectants…for some people. I say this because aloe vera is a humectant BUT I get THE best twist-outs when I use products that contain aloe. But those products are still not water based, they are oil based. So maybe the combo of aloe and the oil/butter sort of “cancels” out the frizz? I am not sure and it could just be me but I figured I’d put that out there ;o)




Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #4

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #4

lacocobella_hair_tipHello! Here is a re-cap of perfecting a twist-out along with Tip #4! :o)

4 : :  Twist using a mixture of a butter and gel product

This is actually something I JUST discovered and am kind of mad I never thought about before lol I first tried this when I made my homemade flax seed gel and I LOVED my twists! The gel provides super hold and keeps frizz at bay and the butter cancels out any crunchiness from the gel and keep the hair moisturized and soft! It’s a perfect combo. I also like how the gel keeps my hair from feeling oily from the butter as well. When using a gel, avoid gels with alcohol and use gels like the flax seed, aloe, eco-styler or this one from Koils by Nature or from good ole Karen’s Body Beautiful :o) Anything with aloe as the first or second ingredient almost always gives me amazing results!

— Have you utilized any twist-out tips yet!? Have they helped?


Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #3

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #3

lacocobella_hair_tipHey!! Back with another tip for perfecting a twist-out….my fav hairstyle!

3 : : Let your twists “set” longer

I try to twist my hair as early as possible the day before I decide to untwist them. This gives my hair more time to “set” AND dry completely. Letting them set longer also makes your hair smoother which means less frizz! Now I am not one to actually wear the twists out (I don’t like the Color Purple look on me lol ), but if I do, I may rock a hat or scarf if I am just running errands and what not. The point is, the longer you leave the twists in, the “deeper” the curl pattern from the twists are set in!

Lastly, Here’s a re-cap of the fist 2 tips I share these past couple of weeks. If you have some of your own tips, feel free to drop me a line and share the knowledge :o)

Tip #1 – Twist your hair when it is still wet/damp, like 90% wet but not dripping
Tip #2 – Make your twists smaller


Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #2

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #2


Howdy! Happy Twos-day :o)

Back with another tip for perfecting your twist-out! In case you missed last week’s Twist-out tip, here it is:

Tip #1 – Twist your hair when it is still wet/damp, like 90% wet but not dripping

….and here is Tip #2 of however-many-I-can-think-of-till-I-run-out!

2 :: Make your twists smaller

Section your twists using less hair (you will end up having to create more twists of course). When you make your twists in smaller sections, you create more definition and a tighter curl pattern. The benefit is that it will take more time for your hair to frizz out and lose its shape. This means you can rock your twist-out longer! So by the end of the week, your hair will get a little bigger each day lol but your hair will still be defined!

See ya next Tuesday with another tip!


UPDATE : : My Regimen as of June 2013

UPDATE : : My Regimen as of June 2013

Hey ya’ll! Just wanted to quickly let you know I recently updated my regimen page. I have received a few questions asking if I have been following the same regimen that I’ve had up for awhile. The short answer is yes and no lol

I have simplified my weekly regimen a little bit because I have been fortunate to nourish my hair back to health so I am pretty much in “maintenance mode” for now. I still wash weekly with shampoo bars but I no longer do a treatment or deep condition every week, only a couple times a month now. I also don’t clarify my scalp with apple cider vinegar as often because my scalp has FINALLY been acting right consistently with the help of my Bee Mine Serums.

So check out my regimen page, I tweaked a few explanations here and there but feel free to comment or shoot me an email if you have any questions about what I do! Remember, this entire thing called La Coco Bella is about what I do to my hair, so I only share what works for ME ;o) I am not a doctor, scientist or therapist lol I can only speak on what I know to work for me :o)


Girl Behind the Curl…Precious!!

Girl Behind the Curl…Precious!!

Hello! I am so excited because I have a BUNCH of Girls Behind the Curls that I can’t wait to introduce you too! If you are new to my site, Girl Behind the Curl is a weekly feature where I highlight a fellow curly girl in hopes to give you some additional hairspiration! It’s also amazing to see how we all have such unique regimens and hair stories :o)

This week’s GBTC is a gal I have been “virtually friends” with for some time now, she feature me on her blog last July and also sells cute hair accessories which you will see in her pics! BE sure to check out this chicas blog because she has some great reviews AND has lots of giveaways!! :o) Oh and mind you, she is only 19 and with a hustler spirit! LOVES it!!

….meet Precious!!


Introduction : : Do share a little about yourself!

Hi! My name is Precious. I am a 19-year-old college sophomore studying landscape architecture and environmental design. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, crafting, sewing, and playing the piano.

In the beginning : : What inspired you to go embrace your natural-ness? OR If you’ve been natural since forever, what inspired you to never get a perm?

I got my first relaxer at age 12 and my once-very-thick hair became thin, limp, and see-through! Not to mention it broke off a ton! I pulled it into sad little gelled-up ponytails at the top of my head until I was 15 and I’d had enough. I decided to do a little research on why my relaxed hair was breaking off so much, and soon realized that relaxers were made of harsh chemicals that were damaging my hair and my scalp, and that natural was the way to go. I absolutely loved how naturally curly/kinky hair looked, so I began my transition! After about one year of trying to grow my natural hair out and still not quite knowing how to deal with the two textures, a good amount of my relaxed hair had successfully broken off at the ends, leaving my beautiful natural hair on top, but ragged ends at the bottom! I trimmed the rest off at a later time, and I’ve been rocking my curls and kinks ever since!



Mane-tain : : What is your weekly/monthly regimen like? If you have color in your hair, how do you maintain it’s health?

I wash my hair once a week (or every other week, depending on how lazy I feel) with a sulfate-free shampoo. After rinsing the shampoo, I’ll apply a leave-in conditioner, detangle my hair with a Denman Brush, and twist/braid my hair so that it will dry stretched and nicely detangled. I use a water-based moisturizer on my hair every day or every two days to keep my hair nicely moisturized and very soft.

Your uniqueness : : How would describe your hair and how do you like to wear/style your hair daily? i.e. wash-n-go’s, twists, straight, protective styles, etc.

My hair is a mixture of small curls and coils that differ greatly in size and texture and also tangle up pretty easily, so wash-n-go’s are SO not my thing. Instead, I like to stretch my hair out with twists or braids, and when I take them out I can rock a twist out/braid out!


Choosing favorites : : What are some fav products you can’t live without or would recommend to someone else? How do you use them?

I absolutely LOVE SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It smells absolutely heavenly, and it’s thick – just the right consistency for my hair! It keeps my hair soft and moisturized for days, and no other product so far has done that for me!

Drop some knowledge : : Do you have a marvelous hair practice/technique you’ve learned and wouldn’t mind sharing? OR is there something you’d like to learn more about?

I’ve recently started finger detangling instead of using a brush or a comb. It really cuts down on breakage and split ends for me!



Shameless Plug : : Do you have a hustle you’d like to share while you have the floor? i.e. business, project, etc. 

I do! I enjoy creating unique hair accessories from colorful cotton fabrics. I could never really find hair accessories that fit my style or taste, so I started creating my own! My shop is: www.ACurlsFantasy.etsy.com

K.I.T. : : How can we stay connected with you? i.e. website, e-mail, social media, etc.

Tip Tuesday : : I want YOUR Tips!

Tip Tuesday : : I want YOUR Tips!

lacocobella_hair_tipHello beautiful people!

I’ve been posting some Hair tips I’ve collected over the years and wanted to share them with you in hopes that it can help you along with your natural hair journey BUT now….I want some of your tips!

If you have a quick tip, technique, weird ritual or anything that has mad managing your hair just a teeny bit easier, send it to me in an email and I will feature your tip on Tip Tuesday!

Just be sure to include your name, your tip, any visuals (if needed) along with your blog or any social media info that you wouldn’t mind sharing.

I can’t wait to hear some of your suggestions so we can all make this thing called “natural hair” a little easier :o)