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Tip Tuesday : : I want YOUR Tips!

Tip Tuesday : : I want YOUR Tips!

lacocobella_hair_tipHello beautiful people!

I’ve been posting some Hair tips I’ve collected over the years and wanted to share them with you in hopes that it can help you along with your natural hair journey BUT now….I want some of your tips!

If you have a quick tip, technique, weird ritual or anything that has mad managing your hair just a teeny bit easier, send it to me in an email and I will feature your tip on Tip Tuesday!

Just be sure to include your name, your tip, any visuals (if needed) along with your blog or any social media info that you wouldn’t mind sharing.

I can’t wait to hear some of your suggestions so we can all make this thing called “natural hair” a little easier :o)

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil — Cute Infographic!

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil — Cute Infographic!

Hey Curlies!

As many of my readers know, I have an undying love for coconut oil (La COCO bella….get it?! lol) Well, the other day I got the daily email from Naturally Curly and saw this AWESOME infographic! I HAD to share it! If you have never used coconut oil or have been curious to try it, read this for some coco inspiration!

Click the image below!

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil Infographic

Tip Tuesday! — Instant Makeover in 3 seconds

Tip Tuesday! — Instant Makeover in 3 seconds

Hello my dear, loyal curlies! Thanks for sticking with me :o)

Today’s Tuesday and here’s another Hair tip!

Tired of the same ole Hair-do EVERY day?

Change the location of your usual part! By moving your part to the center, the side, or deeper down the side, you can create a whole new look and give your hair a new dimension.

Try doing a zig-zag part or even a curved part! This is actually a good idea to do regularly because putting too much tension in the same location all the time (i.e. parting  your hair in the same spot every day) can lead to hair loss/thinning in your part—especially in the center of your head.

So whip out that rat tail comb and give it a try! I have been rocking a deep side part lately….loving the high volume it gives me in the front!

Tip Tuesday!

Tip Tuesday!

Hello Again!!  In the midst of this election season, I’ll still make time for other important things….our  hair! Duh! lol :o)

Any who, it’s Tuesday again and I wanted to share another quick tip!

Do you ever wake up and your twists are still damp from the night before and you end up with a ton of frizz?

Well, GENTLY unravel the twists right when you wake up or before you get ready in the morning (don’t separate/fluff yet!).

This allows air to get into the damp under/inner sections of your hair that were concealed during the night. By the time you shower, do your make-up, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, etc. etc. your hair should be dryer if not completely dry! For me, this about 30 mins or so.

Hair Still too damp? Gently run a blow-dry over your hair for a minute or so. Move the blow dryer quickly so you don’t disturb the curls.  Now you can separate the sections, fluff up that fro and go…frizz free!

Hair Tip Tuesdays!

Hair Tip Tuesdays!

Hey curlies! I wanted to start a new weekly series. I’ll be honest, sometimes, I just don’t have anything new and exciting to share about my hair lol it’s still here though so no worries :o)

So I figured each Tuesday I can share a quick hair tip! Just little things that come to mind when I am doing my hair and I feel like I should share!

So here goes tip #1

For a longer (stretched), more defined twist-out….

Start with freshly washed, detangled hair that is wet. Pull your hair back into a bun or in big loose twists (no need to apply product yet). Let it completely dry. This basically s t r e t c h e s your hair without using any heat and acts as your starting point for your style.

When you’re ready to twist it up to style, lightly re-spritz with water (to moisturize) and apply your styling product for hold and to seal in the water. This will give you body, definition and length! Pretty curls!