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Accessory + GIVEAWAY : : The Ebonnet by Eboni Curls

Accessory + GIVEAWAY : : The Ebonnet by Eboni Curls

*** GIVEAWAY CLOSED — But you can still read my review of the Ebonnet :o) ****

Hello!!! I know I know, I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks :o( Hopefully I haven’t lost you! I just get tired sometimes, especially when I’m super busy with work and life, I have to put some thangs on the back-burner to be able to keep my sanity. Hope you understand :o)

BUT! What better way to say I’m sowwy than to have ANOTHER G I V E A W A Y!! hehe :o)

Before I get into the details, let me do a mini review of what your potential prize will be, so you’ll know why you want to win!! So my hair has grown over the past couple of years and so with that, I needed to make some adjustments to my night time hair preservation method. It’s not  working for me anymore, I’ve been using the same scarf for YEARS ((I know each and every one of ya’ll has one too, don’t lie lol)), and it’s not long enough anymore. My hair is exposed in the back and we know that is no good when you sleep because your ends, the most delicate part of hair, will rub against the pillows and cause breakage, split ends, single-strand knots, etc.

I’m trying to “recover” from some of that damage by really keeping my hair super, super moisturized (just did a day-long Greenhouse Effect Treatment this past weekend, which I’m trying to do every weekend now) and sealing my ends every day using lots of butter ((The Natural Root’s Gourmet Shea butter is my choice of the moment, yummy! hehe)) and of course… using my new Ebonnet by Eboni Curls!


Product Description
This Ebonnet has it all! Delicate fabric that will protect your hair while you are sleeping, a drawstring and elastic that will provide optimum comfort while adjusting with your growing hair and paired with a chic pattern! Who says you cannot look cute during sleep? The drawstring will allow you to expand this luxurious bonnet so your beautiful tresses are not disfigured while you protect your hair at night. This drawstring Ebonnet will also stay in place during your slumber. This bonnet is double lined with high quality Charmeuse Satin.

The owner/creator’s name is Eboni (duh!) :o) and I found this gem by searching Google and stumbling across her bonnets. She also makes shower capsscrunchies, pillow cases, scarves….EVERYTHING you need to preserve your hair at night! Perfect! The Ebonnets retail for $45 on her shop’s site. I immediately hit her up and asked about her bonnets and we’ve been curlfriends ever since! lol :o) we just collaborated on designing her new logo and making some updates to her website! She just debuted the logo this week so definitely check it out on her site. It’s so cute, I love it! ***SIDEBAR — Eboni is SO sweet, another genuine soul that I rarely come across these days. It’s just amazing, the women I’ve met through La Coco Bella, it has connected me with some amazing women!

Alrighty, here’s why this bonnet is essential for every natural, it protects ALL of your hair and is custom handmade, yes, custom handmade to fit your head! I have a big head as it is ((go head and laugh lol)) so I appreciate this along with it being big enough to accommodate the length of my hair now. My hair isn’t all smashed in the morning anymore lol

The best part about the Ebonnet ((besides being able to choose from a BUNCH of really cute designs and colors)) is it’s double-lined and made from REAL Charmeuse satin, which is a super soft, smooth polyester material almost like silk but more durable and light weight. It retains your hair’s natural oils and moisture so this means your hair stays moisturized, soft and over time, much healthier!

I let Eboni decide which design to make and it just so happened she had a brand new pattern and needed to name it, well she named it LaCocoBella! (the one in the pic above!) I am so honored and have been geeking ever since lol :o) I absolutely love the design and I probably would have selected it any way, seriously, it’s so me! The colors!!! She was also so generous and gave me 2 matching scrunchies!

I’ve been using it almost every night, except when I am letting my twists dry overnight. My hair would never dry, it keeps the moisture in that well! lol It has a fully covered elastic band, that is thick and has a drawstring. I love that it won’t damage your edges since its smooth and wide, no friction. The “poof” part is big enough so my hair is not compacted and can breathe! My only slight complaint, besides having your boyfriend make jokes about you lol, ((guys wouldn’t understand anyway so forget them lol)) is that it does make my head a bit warm because its so insulated. BUT I get warm easily, especially when I sleep. It hasn’t made me sweat out my hair or anything like that so it’s not an issue, plus its about to be cold as hell out here on the East coast so it may be a good thing lol I actually use it to my advantage when I am doing greenhouse effect treatments. I wear the Ebonnet over the plastic shower cap to make it even more insulated, works like a charm!

Last, I am SO happy Eboni sent me scrunchies as well because this has actually improved how my hair looks in the morning so much. I now do the “sort-of” Pineapple method (<—Google it, I may make post about I how I do it sometime) but I make two “pineapples/ponytails” on top of my head instead of just one. I never really considered the pineapple method because it mostly works best on curlies with longer hair that is finer in texture/thickness (the hairtype 3’s). My hair is really course and creases easily when there is any type of binding on it (i.e. pins, rubberbands, etc.) but since I separate my hair into smaller sections, it keeps my hair from creasing because there’s less hair in each scrunchie and fits looser around my hair. ((I hope I didn’t just confuse the heck out you with all that lol))  Basically, the scrunchies keep my hair stretched and its made my hair look much better the next day!

Overall, I really, really love this Ebonnet and I plan on using it for many years to come! It is SO durable and so well-made, truly a quality piece of work! Eboni you are a genius for these!

Ok so the super fun part now….GIVEAWAY TIME!!

One lucky winner will receive the Ebonnet with the design in the pic below. It’s called Jungle nights and is a really beautiful gold and black pattern with palm leaves, and my fav, leopard print! It’s also lined with pink satin.

Use the Rafflecoptor below and GOOD LUCK!!!


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***Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Giveaway runs now until October 22, 2013 12:00am EST ***



For the Kiddies : : Qoileez!! GIVEAWAY!!

For the Kiddies : : Qoileez!! GIVEAWAY!!



I’m doing something a little different today. Since I don’t have any children, I don’t have any posts catered to their hair care needs but THIS post is specifically for the kiddies/teens (an adults too!) and it’s a giveaway!! It’s sponsored by a cute company called Qoileez! and they are giving away a surprise sample pack of their hair accessories!

Qoileez! are multipurpose, trendy, and affordable hair accessories that adds a bit of style and flash to your favorite hairstyles, pencils, chopsticks, eyeglasses, knitting needles – your creativity is the limit! {We’ve even seen them on adorable dog “furstyles.”} Yes, you can use the same item in your best hairstyle or as knitting supplies!

So what are these things I am talking about? Well Qoileez are small rubber coils that come in a bunch of different colors and patterns like dots, stripes, stars, animal prints, etc. so they are sure to match all the cute outfits little girls have (or your outfits!). They are sold in packages of seven for $4.99 or 14 for $7.99.

Here’s some pics of the samples that were sent to me!

qoileez_lacocobella_7 qoileez_lacocobella_6

You know those heavy plastic barrettes and beads little girls always wear in their hair? (YES, my mother had them ALL UP in my hair when I was a little girl lol) Well these are really cute alternative for those or even something to add to barrettes and beads. Sometimes barrettes and beads can be kinda heavy, uncomfortable, cause breakage and tension alopecia, but Qoileez are really light weight, stretchy and soft (cuter in my opinion too!). They also give you more versatility since typically when little girls have beads in their hair, they are secured onto a braid and don’t come off until they get their hair re-done. Qoileez allows you to take them in and out as you please without disturbing the hairstyle :o). They’re really easy to put in and out, you just wrap one end of the Qoileez around and braid or twist and then twirl it. They are gentle and don’t pull, tug, snag, etc. the hair so no worries about any type of damage :o) qoileez_lacocobella_5 qoileez_lacocobella_4 qoileez_lacocobella_3

As I mentioned, I don’t have any children yet (Lord willing!), but I was able to “borrow” lol one of the little girls at my church’s bible study program I teach at, to let me demonstrate and show how these cute little hair accessories look! She and her mother LOVED them! Her mother also wanted me to make sure I shared how easy they are to put in her hair! And these pics are just ONE way to wear these, you can get really creative with these things (you know girls and teens always come up with wild ideas for their hair! lol) so I highly suggest you check out the Qoileez site and Facebook page to see some more ways to wear them!

qoileez_lacocobella_8 qoileez_lacocobella_9 qoileez_lacocobella_10

Another cool thing about Qoileez are that they aren’t just for hair. You or your kids can use them on your pens or pencils as grips, on chopsticks if you are learning how to use them and you can use them to keep knitting needles together in knitting baskets. (I’ve been known to knit…well…let me stop frontin…crochet lol a blanket or two hehe :o) I have yet to learn how to knit though :o( I need someone to teach me lol I have a bunch of needles and everything! lol)

qoileez_lacocobella_2 qoileez_lacocobella_1
So one lucky reader will win a surprise pack of a mixture of Qoileez! I think they are such a cute and unique idea for kids (and big kids!). Check out their website, they have lots more pics of the different styles and more ideas on how these accessories can be used as well! ENTER THE GIVEAWAY BELOW!!!

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