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Growth : : Remember that Grey Hair??

Growth : : Remember that Grey Hair??

Hey!! :o)

Just poppin in because I wanted to share something real quick and give a few updates on my whereabouts :o). So remember back in April when I posted a growth update for Bee Mine’s Mango Hair Serum? Well, I posted a picture of a lonesome grey hair in my temple (yes, you can laugh again lol) that showed where the henna dyed hair met with the new growth that wasn’t henna’d. Here’s that same pic below in case you missed it…


Well, check out it out now! About 6 months later it is almost 3 times in length! I wish I had taken actual measurements but I think that in the pic above that hair was about 2.5-3″ and now its about 5″-ish! This still amazes me because my whole life, I never knew my edges could still grow! They’ve always been the thinnest part of my hair so I guess the fact that knowing hair that I thought was dormant CAN grow which means the rest of my hair can too!

See the pic below! It’s actually a bit longer than it looks in the because I didn’t have it completely stretched and I know its kind of hard to see where the henna ends but the aqua arrow shows an approximation. I have also henna’d my hair I think about 2 times since the pic above.


I’ve still been using both Bee Mine Serums (the Mango Serum with Sulfur and the Bee Sensitive Spray) at least 1-2x a week and my hair is definitely still growing! I think it is actually longer than it has ever been and I can really see the length even through my shrinkage. I also must attribute the growth (healthiness) to my Ebonnet as well because it REALLY helps retain moisture. It is something serious!! I have also been doing Greenhouse Treatments every weekend and I know quite a few naturals have attributed speedy growth because of those as well so perhaps that’s been helping as well.

So in other things, I am doing well. Very busy with my design work of course, ya’ll have no idea how much of my life this takes lol. I do graphic design full-time at my 9 to 5, free lance (my 5 to 9 lol) AND church time! This means I have NO time for much else! lol sad I know but I gotta pay da bills *le sigh* I guess its all about balance and of course knowing when you need a break. Funny, I was just thinking that last year, I took a break from blogging around the SAME time lol I guess this is when I’ve worn myself out.

Of course La Coco Bella will still be here and I actually have some BIG plans I have been “formulating” for La Coco Bella for the new year so look out for major updates and a new and improved everything some time next year hehe I won’t say anything more :o)

Alrighty well that’s all for now. I will still have product reviews here and there (trying to use up everything I have now and then when I get new stuff I will definitely share!). If you are interested in being featured on le Blog, shoot me an email :o)

Thank you for your readership and loyalty!



Supplements : : VitaCost Ultra Hair Formula Multi-Vitamin

Supplements : : VitaCost Ultra Hair Formula Multi-Vitamin

What’s up?! Hope you all have a nice weekend :o) The weather out here has been SO nice lately, I am praying it stays this way for the rest of the year lol We know that won’t happen but then again anything is possible since God cancelled the cicada invasion this year out my way lmao!!!! #WishfulThinking

So as you may know, I like taking supplements that contain natural vitamins and minerals to help strengthen my hair and help it grow ((check out my goal for growth post)). I have taken biotin, Viviscal and am still taking sea kelp regularly ((I have 2 HUGE bottles so I probably will be taking the kelp for a long time lol)). ***PLEASE remember if you are pregnant, nursing or taking meds, consult with your doctor before you start taking anything. Hopefully you will already know to do that :o)

I recently started taking another supplement from VitaCost.com ((LOVE this site!)). It’s the VitaCost brand Ultra Hair Formula with MSM & B VitaminsThe reason I decided to try this supplement was that a) I trust and take quite a few of VitaCosts herbal and mineral supplments so I know its high quality b) I read the reviews as it has a 4 out of 5 star rating and c) I was impressed by the variety of ingredients this multi-vitamin has. It retails on www.vitacost.com for $7.99 for 90 pills. The dosage is 2 tablets a day but I only take it once a day. Mainly because these tablets taste and smell HORRIBLE and its kind of a feat for me to take them. They are also HUGE. *sigh*


You see how big these frickin “horse pills” are!? I have to make sure I take them with a strong tasting drink and some food to mask the taste and make it go down easier.


Supplement Facts


Product Description
Vitacost Ultra Hair Formula is a premium-quality blend of essential vitamins and minerals—plus herbs, amino acids and other nutrients—to help nourish and support healthy hair.* Some key ingredients include:

How does Vitacost Ultra Hair Formula support health?

  • Supplies 14 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Good source of MSM (organic sulfur). Sulfur is an important constituent of keratin, a structural protein in hair
  • Supplies horsetail extract, a natural source of the trace mineral silicon, found in hair
  • Supplies antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, l-methionine, horsetail extract, etc.) to help protect healthy cells from free radical damage

Why choose Vitacost Ultra Hair Formula?

  • Multi-nutrient formula with vitamins, minerals, herbs and more
  • Features OptiMSM®, a high-quality, non-allergenic, non-toxic form of MSM
  • Convenient serving size: two tablets daily
  • Contains 45 servings per bottle
  • Exceptional quality at an extraordinary value

So on VitaCost’s website, they break down the benefits of some of the top ingredients in these tablets. These were a big selling point for me as far as what made me want to try these supplements out ((well the price had a lot to do with it too lol))

  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane): An organic form of sulfur, a mineral found in many body tissues. Although most exists in muscle and joints, sulfur is also present in keratin, a structural protein that makes up hair.
  • L-Cysteine: A naturally occurring, sulfur-containing amino acid found in many protein-rich foods. L-cysteine is also a component of keratin.
  • L-Methionine: Another sulfur-containing amino acid (used by the body to manufacture L-cysteine). Also functions as an antioxidant.
  • Horsetail extract: Ancient herb that contains silica, an organic form of the mineral silicon. Silicon is a trace mineral found in the outer shaft of hair strands.
  • Inositol: A vitamin-like substance found in cell membranes throughout the body. As an antioxidant, inositol helps protect healthy cells throughout the body—including hair follicle cells—from free radical damage.
  • Canola Oil Lecithin: Provides 20% phosphatidylcholine (a fat compound found in cell membranes) and other unsaturated fatty acids.
  • B Vitamins: Water-soluble compounds essential for normal growth and development. Play a part in nervous system function, cellular energy production and much more.

So as you can see, this supplement contains several kinds of natural sulfur and I was first introduced to the fact that sulfur helps hair growth when I first discovered the Bee Mine Hair Growth Serum which contains MSM and IT WORKS. I also like this tablet contains Horsetail which contains silica, and essential trace mineral that keeps your hair strong. I drink horsetail tea in the colder months to get that extra dose of silica and nutrients as well.

I have only been taking them for a few weeks so I can’t really say if I have noticed a huge difference or not but like most hair supplements, my nails are extremely long and strong. I don’t think my nails have ever been this long before, they are about a 1/4″ longer than my finger and look like I have fake nails lol! I have found that taking supplements keeps my nails from chipping and breaking which amazes me because I am always using my hands so my nails usually chip.

Another observation I also noticed is my skin has been acting up somewhat lately, I am not sure if it also has to do with the weather or my diet so I am not sure if these tablets have anything to do with it. I bring this up because I’ve taken a different supplement from VitaCost before ((No, I didn’t review those, not sure why I didn’t lol)). It was labeled as the “Hair, Skin and Nails” formula and I definitely can say those worked for me, my skin was clear, nails long and strong, and my hair was thick, strong and longer as well. PLUS they were MUCH MUCH easier to take ((only 1 a day too)) and contained MSM and the sulfurs as well. So I think that once I finish this bottle of vitamins, I will go back to using those ((unless I want to dish out some money and take Viviscal again which I also liked)).

Oh well, I am all for trying new things so we’ll see how these work as I force them down my throat lol!


Growth : : My Edges Are STILL Growing!! – Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum UPDATE

Growth : : My Edges Are STILL Growing!! – Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum UPDATE

Hello!! :o) ***warning…this is a semi-long post but with lots of pics and inspiration :o)

So I wanted to do a post on growth, specifically focusing on my edges since that is where I can SIGNIFICANTLY see a difference! I am amazed because I honestly did not think my edges will fill in and grow more than they have! I always thought my edges were just “baby hairs” and once they reach a certain length, that was it. Apparently I was wrong…

I first realized my edges could keep growing early last year when I stopped wearing a bonnet at night (just a loosely tied scarf) because the friction from the elastic band would rub them. Then earlier this year, I made a post about my goal for growth, where I listed a few remedies I wanted to test out to see how much length I could gain by the end of the year. Of course HEALTHY hair is way more important than long hair but healthy hair WILL grow and I feel like I have nourished my hair to the point where I can focus on growth ((by the grace of God!)) :o). So, to catch you up, here are the remedies I have tried/still use so far this year: Bee Mine Mango Hair Serum, Viviscal, Sea Kelp and nettle leaf supplements, Drinking Herbal Teas, Ayurvedic Treatments and most recently, the Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum.

I wanted to also use this post to update you on my thoughts about the Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum as well as share some pics of my growth over the past couple of years so you can SEE what I mean (you know we love visuals lol). Be sure to check out my intro post of the serum for the ingredients and product description.

bee_mine_Bee_sensative_serumOk so I really, really love it! I love that it is oil-free and in a spray bottle. I used it every time I re-twisted my hair (about 2-3x a week). I spray directly on my scalp and rub in. I also like that this can double as a moisturizing mist for your strands but I only used it for my scalp because I didn’t want to use it up as fast hehe. The spray nozzle makes application easy. Perfect if you have braids or a similar style. Another great thing is the Bee Sensitive serum is PERFECT for the summer and warmer months. I love that the Bee Sensitive Serum is aloe vera juice based because it helps with growth AND is an astringent meaning it somewhat “cleanses” your scalp. This is why I prefer it for warmer months when my head sweats and gets more build-up. To compare this serum to the original Bee Mine Mango Hair Serum, I will say that I feel the original serum is a bit more potent (you can actually see the sulfur particles in the oil) and works a bit faster which is why I really like it too but it is an oil and I don’t like putting oil on my scalp too much because I get build-up. The oil serum can also dry out the strands of your hair if you don’t have a moisturizer in as well (due to the sulfur;  basically you have to be cautious and make sure its only on your scalp). I reserve the oil for the colder, dryer months when my scalp tends to be dryer anyway. Although, both products are “a little goes a long way” but I felt I have to use more of the Bee Sensitive each time because it is a thin liquid and doesn’t spread as easy as the oil. So my bottle is almost gone :o(   I feel like I could alternate between the two Bee Mine serums and be able to benefit from both. Either way, I can honestly say I have seen a dramatic increase in growth, specifically my edges and the nape of my neck. I am sure I have growth all over but I can’t tell exactly how much since I haven’t done an extensive length check like this one back in February, but I know I have growth for sure! You’ll see below…

So for the visuals… I am a bit embarrassed about these first two pics, I have actually never showed them to anyone but I figured why not now. These pics are from a few years back when I got a Dominican blow-out and I first realized my hair was really thinning and was in denial about it. It was around the time my mother passed, I lost a lot of weight, was depressed, etc.. I’ve mentioned several times on my blog that my hair was thinning and maintaining this blog has helped me stay accountable to taking care of my hair (you can read more about this in my about me page). So yea, I’m sharing this more for inspiration and to let you know that your hair CAN GROW if you take care of it or even if you doubt that it can!

hair_loss thinning_hair2 thinning_hair

Yes, my hair was pretty long in the pics above but it was not healthy, very thin, dull and my ends were so bad.

So flash forward a year or two to the end of 2011, my hair became a bit healthier and I ended up dying it myself (which I now feel like I shouldn’t have, I guess I just wanted a change at the time) and these next pics are where I started my La Coco Bella journey :o).  I got another Dominican blow-out and had to cut about 2 inches off my damaged hair. The stylist had to cut it into layers it was that bad. And this is what blew me, the lady cutting my hair didn’t speak English so she had the owner come and tell me how bad my hair was thinning at the top center. I am so glad she did because it was the moment where I was like damn, I need to do something about this before it gets even worse. Yea it  “looks” nice but don’t be deceived! Its all about angles and how I parted my hair for these pics lol!


Fast forward again a bit, I am going to now share some pics to compare and contrast the older with the newer so you can see my hair filling in. These first pics are of a puff I did back in April 2012, so they are about 5 months after the pics above. It’s amazing how different hair looks when its curly vs. straight. You notice different things. Look at how thin and scraggly my edges, around my ear, and nape were. Back then, I would always have to use a TON of gel and wrap my hair with a scarf really tight to lay my edges down and then try not to sweat or turn my neck too much so the back wouldn’t start curling up and falling down in the back. Them sorry edges made my fivehead look even bigger! lol

puff3 puff4 puff1

Fast forward again to February 2013, right before I started my goal for growth “campaign”, I did another puff and you can clearly see a difference in my problem areas! Since I hadn’t used any of the growth products yet, I can solely contribute this growth to ayurvedic treatments, time and not wearing my bonnet at night anymore. Look at the difference! My fivehead doesn’t look as big! ha!  ((and yes I am wearing the same exact shirt lol I guess I really like that shirt haha) You can also notice how fine and whispy my edges are, which is good, means its new growth :o)

karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel2 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel1 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel3


Alright so fast forward AGAIN, these next pics are all AFTER I started my growth challenge (so from the end of Feb. until now) Obviously I see the most evidence of growth when I wear my hair in a bun or straight. I haven’t straightened it since November 2011 so I can’t show it from that perspective, but these next pics are a few pics I took via Instagram. Take a look! My edges are so much fuller, denser, darker. My hairline just looks more “solid” and less “spacey” if that makes sense. I can pull my hair up in a bun so much easier without having to worry about hair falling down in the back or sides. I can start my twists closer to the edges and my center part has filled in!! These pics are in order that they were taken between Feb and May. Look how big my bunz are now too hehe

lacocobella_growth_edges_5 lacocobella_growth_middle_part lacocobella_growth_edges lacocobella_growth_edges_4

lacocobella_growth_edges_3Ok So to round this post out, and for the shocker lol these last pics are of my edges to date…they are STILL growing in! I’m like WTF! is this why my forehead has always looked so daggone huge because my edges were always so far back!? LMAO!  I have a “new set” of edges growing in! At first I was like, why aren’t my edges laying like they normally do because when I gel my hair back, I was nervous they were breaking again! But then I realized they are fine and thin which means they are new growth! I was like oooookkkk, am I going to look like Eddie Munster?! So in the pics of my freshly washed hair below, you can see the length of my edges (the part I am holding) and then the new layer of growth at my scalp. It’s like a mini fro framing my face lol my side burns aren’t so “burny” anymore either lol they are little puffs now haha once they grow longer they won’t look so random! Ahh these Bee Mine serums are THE BOMB!!!!

growth_bee_mine_sensative_serum_edges_lacocobella growth_bee_mine_sensative_serum_edges_lacocobella_2

Hopefully you were able to follow my timeline journey of growth lol I know I may have been all over the place. I also hope you are able to get an idea of the growth because I know its hard to show it in 2-dimentional pictures over a computer but trust me, I can definitely see and feel a difference…….BEE MINE SERUMS WORK AND YOUR HAIR CAN GROW!!!!!!! Wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!

ok I’m done lol until next time!!!!


Moisture : : Adé Vegan Hair Essentials Cucumber Aloe Moisture Mist

Moisture : : Adé Vegan Hair Essentials Cucumber Aloe Moisture Mist

Happy Sunday! ….as happy as it can be since that means tomorrow is the dreaded Monday…I wish Mondays could just be skipped over. Oh well…..

The other day I introduced another natural hair care line that I am quickly falling in love with (<—YES I know, I am a sucker for yummy, all natural, handmade products hehe), it’s called Adé Vegan Hair Essentials and all their products can be found on their Etsy Shop. I reviewed the Rosehip Strand Essence and also featured the owner, Tonya, as my most recent Company Behind the Curl but today, this post is devoted to the Cucumber Aloe Moisture Mist. It’s a juicy moisturizing spray that retails for $15 for 4 oz. and it comes in a blue plastic spray bottle.

I am a sucker for a good hair mist!! Mists and spritzers are probably my most frequently used product because I apply moisture to my hair every time I re-twist (about 2-3x a week) so I am always excited to add new mixes to my rotation. Yes, Adé’s price point seem a bit on the higher end but remember, it is a new company and best of, ALL their products are handmade, the purest ALL natural ingredients AND entirely vegan! You are paying for quality which is most important. You will definitely notice the difference.ade_vegan_cucumber_aloe_moisture_mist_lacocobella

Distilled water infused with hibiscus flower, aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerin, nettle leaf extract, cucumber botanical extract, grapefruit seed extract, citric acid, essentials oils of lavender, and ylang ylang *Extracts settle at the bottom of the bottle so please shake well before each use for the best results. <3 All products are handmade by me with love <3 No chemical preservatives, No synthetic fragrance, No animal ingredients, No synthetic color, No mineral oil, No sulfates

Product Description
This herbal spray moisturizes the hair with a revitalizing botanical complex that penetrates the hair shaft to restore shine and manageability. Aloe Vera Juice – According to University of Hawaii researchers, we can trace the use of Aloe Vera for hair loss back to the ancient Egyptians. In fact, Aloe Vera contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. These enzymes are able to help eradicate dead skin cells on the scalp that could be clogging the hair follicle, as this can restrict proper penetration of nutrients in the hair. Conditions like seborrhea, which occurs from an accumulation of sebum on the scalp, can contribute to partial baldness. Aloe Vera’s keratolic action, breaks down the sebum and dead scalp cells, allowing for further hair growth. Also, Aloe Vera’s alkalizing properties can help bring the scalp and hair’s pH to a more desirable level, resulting in further hair growth promotion, while helping the hair retain water and moisture.

Gosh, I can’t get over the things that are in Adé products! The hibiscus and cucumber extract are what excites me the most lol I rarely ever see those ingredients in any products. Hibiscus always reminds me of my trips to Hawaii and my old home in California, my mother planted a few in our back yard :o) I have been drinking lots of cucumber lemon water this summer so I am definitely partial to these two ingredients lately lol And then there’s the aloe vera, my hair loves anything with aloe so this is an amazing combination!

As with all Adé products, you can find a break down of the benefits of the key ingredients on the Etsy site. I copied and pasted them below….THANK YOU Adé for doing that because it makes writing these blog posts that much easier!!! lol

  • Hibiscus Flower – In the Indian traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda, hibiscus is considered to have medicinal properties. The roots are used to make various concoctions believed to cure ailments such as cough, hair loss or hair greying.
  • Cucumber Botanical Extract – cucumbers contain high amounts of potassium, folic acid and silica. These compounds are well-known in the beauty industry to rejuvenate the skin and facial appearance. The silicon, sulfur, and trace elements found in cucumbers are known to beautify hair and nails.
  • Nettle Leaf Extract – is widely known herb for its astringent, anti-allergenic, tonic, antiseptic and blood purifying properties. It is recognized as an excellent hair conditioner as it is rich in minerals and enzymes and is used traditionally as a hair tonic, to strengthen hair shaft, stimulate hair growth, prevent its loss, increase its density and volume.
  • Essential oils of, Lavender, and ylang ylang are used to help control scalp itching, flaking and to promote growth.

So I use this lovely mist when I am re-moisturizing my hair during the week when I wear twist-outs. It does an amazing job of really infusing the moisture right in my strands (and I of course seal it with coconut oil or a little bit of whatever butter/styling product I use that week). The aloe helps keep that moisture in because its a humectant and it makes my hair really shiny and bright when it dries!

When I use this, I also make an effort to ensure I spray my scalp too because pretty much all of the ingredients benefit the scalp as well (growth and health). I had no idea that cucumber contains silicon and sulfur which I learned is great for hair growth when I introduce the Bee Mine Sulfur Hair Growth Serum awhile back. You know I LOVE when products have nettle and you can see why HERE. Another benefit I have found with this mist when I use it on my scalp is it helps keep build-up at a minimum because the aloe and nettle both have astringent properties so it sort of “cleans” your scalp.

Overall, I LOVE this mist!! I wish it came in a larger size because I go through sprays so quickly!! Adding to my essentials! ;o)


Ingredients 101 : : Sea Kelp

Ingredients 101 : : Sea Kelp


Hey-yoooo!!! (<—ya’ll know Jason Pitts from the TV show The Game?! lol)

Back with another Ingredients 101 post! Check out my last two in case you missed them! Mango Butter and Stinging Nettle. I again want to kindly reiterate and preface this post by saying that I am NOT a scientist, doctor, expert, etc. and I find my info on different ingredients by doing lots of research on the internet, trying different things on myself, etc. PLEASE always do your own research on anything you decide to try out for yourself, and always consult a doctor if you are taking certain medications, are pregnant, etc.,  k? :o)

Alrighty then….. so today’s ingredient focus is a not so popular ingredient but it intrigues me none the less. It’s something I recently incorporated in my hair/health regimen. It’s sea kelp (seaweed)! Yup! That scary looking, smelly stuff from the ocean that washes up on shore lol I was actually debating if this should be considered a “supplement” post since I talk more about the benefits when ingested but this ingredient is definitely found in products that are applied externally… Oh and sorry in advance for the long post lol


There are a bunch of different kinds of sea kelp and they differ depending on geographical locations, etc. but all sea kelp are a form of sea vegetable! Yup, it can be consumed! All the sushi lovers already know this, duh! :o) Sea kelp can be eaten, taken in the form of a supplement, powder and can be found in many cosmetics.

Sea kelp is EXTREMELY high in nutrients that have several benefits for your body, skin and of course…hair! It contains a plethora of vital vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy hair and growth (very potent too!) Some include B vitamins, vitamin A, C, D, E and around 30 different minerals including magnesium, iodine, folate, iron, zinc, potassium, copper and calcium. I also read that it contains the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food and is 10 times more than milk! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me, who knew! It has also been known that people experiencing hair loss and dry hair often have a deficiency in these vitamins and minerals so it’s important to consider if you are getting enough of these vitamins and minerals in your daily diet! On the contrary, I learned that If you have too much calcium in your diet, it can block absorption of magnesium so it’s important have a balance between the two minerals (that’s why when you buy calcium supplements it almost always contains magnesium also, makes sense now!). Also, people with zinc deficiencies tend to have thin, fine hair, because zinc helps regulate hormones and how the body uses proteins (which all relate to hair growth since our hair is composed primarily of proteins!)

Now since I’ve been talking about the benefits of sea kelp when it is ingested, there are a couple other health benefits which includes weight loss (<—you know that got my attention lol). It’s said that the iodine in sea kelp helps regulate the thyroid gland which controls our bodies metabolism. So I figured, hey, why not lol thyroid problems run in my family (even my dog has a thyroid problem lmao!! and YES for those who care, I have had my thyroid tested and it is normal but perhaps this can give it a boost? hehe).

I also learned that the thyroid hormone, thyroxin, helps regulate how long hair stays in its dormant stage. So the shorter the time the hair is dormant, the faster and longer it grows. This makes a TON of sense because, going back to my dog lol, I realized he had a thyroid problem because he has always had problems with his skin and hair so when I took him to the vet one day, they had a sign on the door that said “Signs your pet may have a thyroid problem” and hair loss, dry flaky skin were all listed as symptoms! So now he has to take meds every day and his hair has drastically improved! I have also seen sea kelp listed in many dog foods and many people actually feed it to their dogs as well!

Sea kelp is also said to help with anti-aging because the iodine is also said to help remove free radicals that accelerate aging in blood cells. This is why so many anti-aging beauty treatments use seaweed and sea kelp. Also, studies have also concluded that the alginates in sea kelp can help reduce fat digestion and absorption!

I want to focus on the iodine and iron real quick, PLEASE be careful with these minerals. Many people who have shellfish allergies is because of the iodine. Also, if you consume too much salt in your diet already, you may want to consider that because most salts already contain iodine and too much of something isn’t always good!  Also, since sea kelp contains so many minerals and nutrients in such high quantities, you wouldn’t want them to interact with anything else going on in your body, especially if you are taking meds or have existing health problems. Iron is also known to be toxic if consumed in excessive amounts, so always consult a doctor if you are considering adding something like this your diet!

Alright, so I opted to add sea kelp to my life in two forms: the supplement and the powder form. I bought both of them from VitaCost. I bought the 660mg capsules when they were having a buy 1 get one free sale lol and I have been taking them for about a month down, one capsule daily. 


What made me want to start taking the supplement was a friend of mine, who is half-Japanese, mentioned that her mother recommended it because consuming seaweed is a huge part of the Asian culture and they contribute having long, thick healthy hair to eating the seaweed. I debated on actually buying https://i2.wp.com/2.bp.blogspot.com/-N4oqpPMZ_2k/UKxg03fGOpI/AAAAAAAAAK8/m8X-m64_zK4/s1600/trader-joes-roasted-seaweed-snack.jpg?resize=216%2C216seaweed snacks (Annie Chuns and Trader Joe’s has some) but I just couldn’t bring myself to doing it lol. I can NOT get over the smell lol but hey, some people love the taste and smell! So the supplements work for me, they are a bit stinky but nothing unbearable. I haven’t noticed a HUGE difference or anything as far as my hair goes but I feel like my hair is a bit thicker and stronger. I have also noticed less shedding. If I have any growth, it is most likely due to the Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum that I am still using as well. I have seen an improvement in my skin though! My skin has been quite clear and I rarely get pimples like I almost ALWAYS have. As far as weight loss….well….we know diet has a lot to do with that lol. I have in fact started going back to the gym so lets see what happens with that lol I will continue to take these daily, since I have two huge bottles lol, and see what happens as more time passes.

The second form of sea kelp that I have added to my life is the powdered form. I actually bought it for my dog to mix in his food (going back to his skin problem) but he REFUSES to eat it!!! lol it really must be that bad if my lil greedy dog won’t even eat it lol!!! Some people add it to shakes and other foods but again, I just can’t do it. As soon as you open the bag, its like a huge whif of a smelly sea lol. So since I didn’t want the giant 1 lb bag of organic powdered sea kelp to go to waste I figured I would add it to my ayurvedic and clay treatments! And I love it!! I am going to post a treatment I made soon using the powder so I will go more into that in that post but when sea kelp is applied externally, it provides nourishment and strengthens your hair, all those vitamins and minerals are excellent for your hair and scalp! It also helps protect your hair from environmental damage, similar to how clays work in our hair, so it has a detoxifying effect. Sea kelp even has an exfoliating and cell-regeneration effect which is great for the scalp. It also has those wonderful fatty acids which help reduce frizziness, provide moisture, penetrate the hair shaft, enhance softness, are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral. A couple of products I have heard people use that contain sea kelp are the Jason Pure Natural Soothing Sea Kelp Shampoo and Conditioner (I’ve never tried either yet, someday).

Well, I think I’ve talked enough about sea kelp for now so I’m gonna end this post here lol let me know if any of you use or take sea kelp and how you use it, any results, any good products, etc.!



Growth : : Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum & Mango Serum UPDATE

Growth : : Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum & Mango Serum UPDATE

Hello! Awhile back I made a post announcing my unofficial campaign for hair growth (check out this post if you missed it) and I listed a few things I planned on trying out this year to see how much length I could gain. Although health should ALWAYS trump length goals, I feel that I am at the point where my hair is very healthy and I can focus on length. Length and health go hand in hand, if your hair and SCALP are healthy, your hair WILL grow!

So I wanted to use this post to introduce the next topical growth remedy as well as give an update to the last one. I started using Bee Mine’s Mango Sulfur Serum in the beginning of March and applied the serum to my scalp, focusing on my edges, about twice a week (any more frequent it would have been too oily for me). I can honestly say this stuff works! I didn’t do an extensive length check photo shoot like I did when I did my Viviscal update (end of February) too much work lol BUT I do have something I can show you hehe…ok don’t laugh…

I found this random grey hair in my edges lol that shows where the color from my last henna treatment ends lmao!! Hey whatever works! I have only done 2 henna treatments, I posted about my first one mid-february and I did the second treatment that following week which would make it around the last week of February. So the place where the henna color ends and the grey starts is the new growth from the end of February (which was around the start of me using the Mango serum…hopefully you followed all of that and I didn’t confuse you lol).

So I say all that to say, I gained about an INCH of growth in my edges since the end of February! I was actually extremely surprised because I wasn’t even sure if my edges would even continue to grow! I sort of wrote them off in the same category as the hair in my eyebrows—they just stop growing when they reach a certain length lol but I guess I was wrong! They grew! Are are still growing! Check out the EXTREME close-up shots of my grey hair! lmao! I think I am going to keep my grey hair so I can continue to see if my edges are still growing hehe

growth_check_lacocobella_april_2013 growth_check2_lacocobella_april_2013 growth_check3_lacocobella_april_2013

The Mango serum not only worked on my edges but it definitely worked on the rest of my scalp as well. I noticed I have a new layer of fine baby hairs all over my head, similar to the ones I posted about back in June 2012. That means, the serum stimulated the follicles where I may have had hair fallen out of or where “inactive” for lack of a better word. Either way, it’s doing something making something grow! I also noticed that my new growth is very soft and my curls seem a bit looser! I even noticed growth in my kitchen in the back i.e. the hairs at the nap of my neck lol THIS is amazing because now when I brush my hair up into a bun, I don’t have these random curls wanting to fall back down. They actually stay up and in place.

I will DEFINITELY keep this in my hair growth arsenal BUT I am going to put it down for a little while because…..I will be trying the non-oil version of Bee Mine’s growth serum! (yes, I know, the obsession with Bee Mine continues…)

It’s called the Bee Sensitive Oil Free Hair Serum which is basically and oil-free alternative to their original serum. I am extremely excited about this because it is difficult for me to use oils on my scalp during the warmer summer months because my scalp is naturally oily and I get a lot of build-up so this is PERFECT for me or anyone with similar issues. It was actually created for people with dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis It retails on Bee Mine’s site at $15 for 8 oz. and only comes in the mango scent (which is yummy and juicy smelling). The ingredients are amazing and are what’s most attractive to me but then again ALL Bee Mine’s ingredients are amazing, they are 99% All natural AND organic!! I also love that it is in a spray bottle which means easy application. Oh and read the reviews on the Bee Mine site, 5 star product, AGAIN!


Product Description
Bee-Sensitive ~ Oil Free serum comes to you by popular request for our family members with scalp conditions that prevents the use of oils. We’ve formulated this oil-free hair serum with love to help soothe the scalp and promote a healthy environment for optimal growth. The soothing and healing properties of organic aloe vera juice paired with select herbs can assist in alleviating the discomfort of many scalp conditions. Feel the calming and stimulating and effect of this oil-free serum and keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy. Specially created for those with dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and other sensitive skin conditions. Also great for those wanting growth without the buildup of oil while in wigs, half wigs, braids, lace fronts, kinky twists, etc. Directions: Use daily or every other day for best results.

Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Herbal Infused Purified Water, Ayurvedic Herbs, Select Herbs, MSM, Fragrance, Paraben & Formaldehyde Free Preservative. 99% Natural & Organic

Like all the other hair growth remedies I have tried so far, I am going to try this for one month without using anything else on my scalp so I can see how well this product works on it’s own. The main ingredient in the oil-free serum is aloe vera juice which is known to promote hair growth as it is a natural astringent. This also means it is perfect for oily scalps. It also contains my beloved ayurvedic herbs, I don’t know exactly which ones but they are all amazing either way. And last, it contains MSM which natural sulfur, the same thing in the other Mango serum. Sooooo it’s basically a bomb combination of hair growth greatness lol

I plan on using this each time I twist my hair, probably 2-3x a week and I will check back in with you all on this in about a month!!


Growth : : Bee Mine Mango Serum with Sulfur

Growth : : Bee Mine Mango Serum with Sulfur

I have been DYING to try this!! I got this about a month ago with my other Bee Mine goodies that were sent to me but I had been waiting to finish my Viviscal trial before I started using this. You know how hard it is to see this bottle every day and not use it!? Lol well the day has finally come :o)

It’s the Bee Mine Mango Serum with Sulfur. It’s a 100% natural and organic hair growth serum and retails on the Bee Mine website for $16 for an 8 oz bottle. It comes in Mango scent and also in the original Strawberry Kiwi Scent. You can also buy this from CurlMart but only in the Strawberry Kiwi scent. Bee Mine ALSO has this serum in a No Sulfur formula (for those with allergies to sulfur or with relaxers or other chemical services) as well as an Oil-Free spray formula which I think I will add to my “Hair Growth To Try” list. Bee Mine has a growth serum for everyone! Bee Mine even has all of their products in trial sizes! I love how Tracey, the owner, keeps the customer needs in mind. So you can buy the smaller size, see if you like it (which you most likely will), then buy the larger size! :o)

The serum is actually their signature product, the owner Tracey, began losing her hair awhile back due to health complications so she created her own remedy. She started off making it for family and friends which turned it into a business! I need to ***SIDEBAR again to rant about Tracey lol. I can’t say anything but amazing things about her because she is a BEAUTIFUL spirit, the light in her shines BRIGHT! She is SO helpful, SO kind, just an amazing being (I can only imagine what she’s’ like in person!). That alone makes me want to support her and her business, the fact that her products are AMAZING makes it that much better. She is a living testimony that when God has his hand on your efforts, you will succeed. Just check out the reviews on her site, she has so many and they are all 4 star or above (ALL the serums have 5 stars!). I am just in awe by her!! :o)

bee_mine_hair_growth_mango_serum bee_mine_hair_growth_mango_serum2 bee_mine_hair_growth_mango_serum3

Product Description
This is one of the Original Serums if you are not allergic to sulfur or have any health problems this would be the one for you.  How to use:  Please perform a patch test prior to full use. Shake bottle prior to each time. Apply sparingly to scalp only a little goes a long way. Massage thoroughly throughout your scalp concentrating on the areas that need it the most. You will need to use a moisturizer on your hair after each use to make sure during the process any Serum didn’t get on your hair.

If you are doing any chemical service to your hair such as a perm, relaxer or dye job please stop using the Serum 7 days before the chemical service and shampoo prior to the service and wait 7 days after the service and shampoo before you start using the Serum again. Enjoy and use consistently for healthier stronger hair.

100% Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape Seed) Oil, Select Ayurvedic Herbs, Sulfur Powder, Essential Oils, Fragrance (Phthalates Free) & Vitamin E Tocopherol Oil.

The serum looks and feels like a regular oil (since it is oil based) and has a juicy mango fragrance added. I will admit that it does have a slight sulfur scent but you can’t smell it after you’ve had it in your hair for awhile. It is nothing intolerable or overbearing. It is meant to only be applied to the scalp and it’s also recommended that you moisturize the strands of your hair after because sulfur may be drying for some people but some even say the serum makes their new growth really soft and manageable! So i guess you will have to pay attention to how your hair responds best to it.

The bottle has a little flip nozzle at the top which makes it easy to apply somewhat, I still think I may pour it in a needle point applicator bottle to make it even easier and give me bit more precision. It is not a thick oil so a little goes A LONG way! I made a mistake my first use and went a bit over board and had an oily forehead, neck and ears lol!! definitely user error and I also forgot that your head warms up the oil which was why it traveled down from my scalp. I will now just use a few drops in each section lol Oh and I will be applying this 2-3 times a week—basically the same time I re-twist my hair up at night. You can use this daily but my scalp naturally gets oily and I have to wash my hair once a week.

I have never used a product with sulfur so I was really intrigued by it, especially since I have yet to see someone say it did not work for them (unless of course they were allergic to it which is why you should definitely do a patch test first!) and NO this is not the same sulfur in the Sulfur 8 hair grease from back in the day lol. The kind of sulfur in the Bee Mine Serum is great for hair growth because it enhances your natural growth when it is used in conjunction with a carrier oil, which in this case is the coconut oil, grapeseed and sweet almond oils. I believe this sulfur is methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) which is an organic sulfur that actually occurs naturally in the body! (who knew!) It helps grow bone, hair, nails, tissues with keratin base, so it makes sense that this would help grow hair!

I also REALLY love that this serum contains ayurvedic herbs and essential oils which have ALL helped contribute to hair growth for me already so I am hoping the sulfur gives my hair and even large boost!

So there you have it, my intro to the Bee Mine Hair Growth Serum! I will report back on my results in about a month and let you know how it works! In the mean time, go to Bee Mine’s online store and check out the reviews! If anyone wants to join in on this challenge me go for it and let me know! :o)