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Graphic Design : : Wild Girl Miss Andrea Lewis!

Graphic Design : : Wild Girl Miss Andrea Lewis!

….Ok sorry, I have something else I want to share that’s non-hair related again lol sorry! hehehe (check out my other non-hair-graphic-design-shameless-plug post)

I’m in a #shameless plug mode right now AND I want to SHOW you why I haven’t been able to blog much lately!!!! :o))))

Another graphic design project I just finished up is for a fellow blogger and actress, Andrea Lewis! You may know her from the blog and YouTube dynamic duo, Those Girls Are Wild (check out their Youtube page!) Oh and she also was a regular on the show Degrassi from way back when. Well she is definitely doing the damn thing these days and is working on a new web series called Black Actresses! Not only is she starring in the series, she’s also co-producing it along with the creator of the YouTube web series phenom, Awkward Black Girl, Issa Rae (which by the way, I JUST watched on YouTube this past month and I am in LOVE with the web series! I am so mad I just got put on to it but it is HILARIOUS if you haven’t checked it out yet!! It is a genius show!)

Anywho, I was excited to work with Andrea to design and get her personal blog site up and running! Check it out and keep an eye out for her, she’s about to do some big things!



Graphic Design :: Aphrodite Kinks is LIVE!!

Graphic Design :: Aphrodite Kinks is LIVE!!

Hello! Today I have a non-hair (well sort of) post….I am really excited to share this with ya’ll!

I’ve mentioned in the past that I am a graphic designer, well, I’ve been working with a fellow naturalista and blogger, Racheal a.k.a. BkAphrodite (I featured her earlier this year as a Girl Behind the Curl!) on re-vamping her blog and her brand, Aphrodite Kinks! Well, we finished and it’s here! Check out the logo and WordPress blog site I created for her!

I must admit, this was one of my funnest projects because I am IN LOVE with her goddess logo I made. It is so cute! She wanted to play off the theme of a greek goddess so I played with the colors and design elements while keeping the whole natural, curly girl thing as well. Please go check out her site if you have the time :o) She has some great posts and is inspiration for all the ladies with TWAs! I am excited for her and can’t wait to see her blog flourish and how her natural hair journey continues!

Thanks Racheal for allowing me to work on this with you!! xoxo



Freebies 4 U! <3

Freebies 4 U! <3

I know, I know, you’re thinking free hair products huh? lol

Well I do have something free for you :o) I have been thinking about how I can grow my “brand”, share my talents, etc. Working on the Shameless Maya website and meeting my girl Kim really inspired me and got me thinking about a lot of things I could be/should be doing…I won’t go into the deep details of the inner workings of my mind BUT I decided I would like to share more of my talents with my curly girl readers.

Soooo with all that said, I want to start (whatever it is I’m starting lol) by giving you all some cute free iPhone wallpapers :o) (ya’ll know the iPhone 5 came out today right?? Actually they just “introduced” and are taking pre-sales but they go on sale on the 21st I think …..You gettin one!? Buy me one too while you’re at it hehe)

I’ll plan on posting some every now and then for you guys to save and hopefully use as your home/lock screen! I may throw in some iPad wallpapers too hehe

Enough rambling, just click on each image and save it to your phone! (or computer and then email it to yourself)

    <— This is what they will look like hehe

Shameless Maya is LIVE!

Shameless Maya is LIVE!

Hey ya’ll!

Today I wanted to do something a lil different. As some of you may know, I am a graphic designer and have now added WordPress sites/blogs to my aresenal.

Well, remember a while ago I featured a bubbly chica named Maya as a Girl Behind the Curl? She is still on her #BESHAMELESS campaign and contacted me to create her official new website! I gladly accepted and had some fun in the making. She wanted an 80’s pop theme  with her signature hot colors but simple where you could still easily enjoy the content.

Check out the screen shot of her home page below! Click on the image to go visit her site! Drop her a line and say hello while you’re there :o)

What would this post be without the official #shameless plug?

Here it is ——> If you are a blogger/small business, etc. looking for a WordPress website, or anyone looking for graphic design help, hit up my portfolio site, Pink Dragon Design and let me know what I can do for you!

Look forward to working with you :o)