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Company Behind the Curl : : Meet Milele of The Gud Stuff!!

Company Behind the Curl : : Meet Milele of The Gud Stuff!!

company_behind_the_curl_lacocobella-02Heeeeyy!! I have something new I want to share with you all! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I feature other curly girls from around the world, Girls Behind the Curl, and they share their hair regimen, fav products, tips, etc.

Well, I wanted to dig a bit deeper. I am always trying out new products and finding small companies (and large ones too!) that create some wonderful products! I am always intrigued with what goes on behind the scenes, like the creation process, what inspires them to create their products, why they choose certain ingredients, etc., just basically hear what they have to say about their products! I’ve found that most small companies are more caring and passionate about their customers and products. They’re really out to help us love and embrace our God-given curls!

I know us naturalistas rely heavily on bloggers and product reviews but I thought, why not hear it directly from the creators of these products themselves! Who would know more about the products than the minds who created them? Sooo I figured it would be awesome to get to know more about the companies behind the curls! (<—I call it the “sister” series to the Girl Behind the Curl series! :o))

I was kind of nervous about starting this series because it can sometimes be intimidating, taking the chance to see if the owners are willing to take the time out of their schedule to answer my questions but then I remind myself, hey, they are people just like you and me :o) Luckily, I have reached out to a few owners and have gotten responses so I am SOO excited to share these wonderful minds behind some of my fav products!

Oh and the questions I came up to ask the owners, are just some of the things I wanted to know, if there’s anything in particular you would like me to ask them, shoot me an email or leave a comment soI can include them for future features!

So with that said, kicking off my new Company Behind the Curl series, I would like to introduce Milele of The Gud Stuff! The Gud Stuff creates AMAZING shea butters and I have deemed them my #1 fav butters I have ever used. If you missed it, here is my review from last year. I also did a giveaway as well. If I ever get the chance to do another giveaway BE SURE you enter!!

Meet Milele!!


Milele_theGudStuff_lacocobella_3What inspired you to create your own line of natural hair care products?

All of the other products on the market were unable to maintain moisture in my hair for long periods of time; so I decided to start making my own using the best and most natural ingredients.

Do you use your own products? Which is your personal favorite and why?

Yes of course, I would never create a product that I would not personally use. My favorite Gud Stuff product is Peace of Mind. I love the soft lavender scent, it always seems to put me in good mood.

How did you overcome any hardships or challenges in your own natural hair journey?

The first thing I did was, I made up my mind that no matter who had an issue with my natural hair, be it: friends, family, co-workers, a love interest, I was NEVER going to change my hair for anyone. I feel like our natural hair is as innate and natural to our bodies as the nose we were born with, eyes, hands, feet, etc. Additionally, I made sure that I educated myself on natural hair before I did the Big Chop, and found a great stylist. All of these things made my natural hair journey fun and gave me the confidence to stick with it.

What inspired you to select the ingredients that appear in your products?

Through my research I found that they are some of the best ingredients to deeply moisturize both the hair and skin.

What styling tips do you have for any products in your line?

The Gud Stuff is a great sealant for the ends and shaft of your hair that you can use in combination with water, or your favorite light weight moisturizer. It’s also great for blow-outs, to keep the hair from breaking due to heat damage. Our products also give your hair a more voluminous feel which makes it excellent for twist-outs or when you just want to sport a fro.

What can you recommend for people experiencing dry hair?Milele_theGudStuff_lacocobella

Never underestimate the power of water. Whenever I’m moisturizing my hair, I always spray a light mist of water throughout my hair. It’s great to moisturize your hair and it makes it ready to receive whatever other moisturizer you will apply next.

Also, it’s very important to protect your ends while you sleep. Use a satin pillow case if you don’t like scarfs.

What do you feel encourages overall healthy hair?

A great moisture routine, consistent trims, and then leave it alone. Less is best when it comes to natural hair. Don’t use too much heat, over-style, or over-color.

What is a frequent mistake you’ve seen naturals make?

Not getting their hair trimmed regularly. Hair should be trimmed as often as needed. Trying to hold onto dead ends to preserve length just makes the hair look unhealthy and improperly cared for. Healthy hair looks good at any length.

What advice would you give to someone who may be considering going natural?

Stick with it,. have fun with it, and rock it with confidence!

Milele_theGudStuff_lacocobella_2What advice would you give to someone who may be considering starting their own natural hair product line?

Always use the best ingredients.

How can we learn more about your products and get our hands on them?!

Visit our website at www.thegudstuff.com



Thank you so much Milele for allowing me to interview and feature you!

Check back for more natural hair business owner interviews through out the year! oxox


365 Live Your Purpose

365 Live Your Purpose


I am FINALLY getting over this dreadful cold I have had for the past week or so. I am still amazed at how sick I actually was because I NEVER get sick and for this long. My voice was completely gone for like 2 days! Ugh, needless to say, I went to the Doctor, got some meds and I am feeling better :o) Thank you to all the well wishes I received from everyone who sent them!

365-logo-sidebarI am back with a non-hair related post but is something special that I wanted to share. Every now and then I like to givea peak into more of who I am (in case anyone cares lol) in hopes of maybe inspiring someone else in some way. Well, I was contacted by the creators of an awesome new site called 365 Live Your Purpose to be a part of a series called “People In the Know”. The site is a “social media blog outlet for educating and motivating women and men, mothers and fathers, youth and teens as well as bridging the gap in families by providing guidance, resources, and inspiration for living a purposeful life.” Basically its an outlet where the writers give real talk about life and everything in it so I felt completely honored to be selected as a feature! I praise God for this one :o)

Anywho, take a look at the two posts, one is my bio which was kind of fun to write since I have never really written about myself, at least not recently lol and the second post is a Q & A. They asked some really good questions and I answered all from my heart.

So take a look at the articles and check out the rest of 365 LYP! They just launched within the past month so they are getting their momentum going but I have no doubts that they will grow into something great!

Talk to ya lata!!! xoxo


I’m on Cocoa Fab!

I’m on Cocoa Fab!

****UPDATE***** Some readers have told me that they couldn’t see the entire article or thought it was just one question, but the way CocoaFab has this article set up, you have to hit the “Next” button above the text and next to the words “image 1 of 4” BUT if you don’t want to do that, I copied the entire article below. So again, PLEASE check it out!!! THANKS!!!! :o)

ORIGINALLY POSTED FEB. 28 — Hey! I have something I want to share with you all! Yesterday (2/27/2013), I was interviewed by celebrity news and style site, Cocoa Fab! Check out my interview by clicking the image below! Thanks Cocoa Fab!! ;o))))

Oh and the article is best viewed on a desktop and you have to hit “next” at the too left to see the whole article!


Natural hair blogs have been popping up all over the net and there are a few in particular that have truly resonated with the CocoaFab team. We took a few minutes to sit down with Lauren Johnson of La Coco Bella to talk all about her blog and natural hair!

CocoaFab: What inspired you to start La Coco Bella?

Lauren: I wanted to start La Coco Bella because there were not very many natural hair resources/blog when I initially had the idea for it back in 2008. I saw need and felt I could contribute to the answer. I had already been natural for 3 years at that point and felt I gained enough knowledge, through trial and error, to be able to share what I did with my own hair. I’ve always had people stop and ask me how I took care of my natural hair so I wanted to be able to just direct people to one location—or they could opt to hear me ramble on and on about it in conversation!

Since I am a graphic designer, I created the logo, web design and everything created back in 2008 but the fear of putting myself out there to the world scared me :o . In March 2012, I FINALLY built up the courage and just went for it!

CF: What has been the most challenging part of being natural?

Lauren: The beginning of my journey was most challenging. I didn’t have any guidance and natural hair wasn’t popular like it is now, so I had to learn how to care for my hair through LOTS of trial and error. I had moments of frustration and wanted to give up, put a relaxer back in and call it a day, but I had to remind myself that I didn’t cut ALL my hair off for no reason! I’m a solider! Also, the early growing out phase was difficult. I big chopped and my hair went through a phase where it was too short to be long, and too long to be short! It was just awkward, I was very limited in the styles I could do so I just gelled back my edges and wore a headband. Not to mention, my hair texture changed randomly a few times! I am not sure how that happened but it made the process even more challenging because I had to constantly change the products I used. I guess that was kind of fun (laughs). It was also challenging emotionally. I was in college at Howard University and people could be very judgmental, so I had to deal with other’s opinions and comments, not that they mattered, but It took a toll on me at times, especially since it was a vulnerable time of growth and I was still learning who I was… BUT I am over all that now and I love my hair :o)

CF: What’s the most rewarding part of managing your La Coco Bella? 

Lauren: Besides getting over my fear of putting myself out there, running my blog has connected me with SO many women throughout the world. I never would have thought that my voice would reach so many people internationally AND most importantly, help women feel good about themselves. I am a true advocate on embracing who God created us to be and if I can help others recognize that, then I have been a good steward. I have met so many beautiful inspiring women, discovered some excellent products and become more confident with myself. On a different note, running my blog has even been therapeutic because I lost my mother in 2009 and went through bouts of depression over the past few years. La Coco Bella has giving me perseverance, resilience and is something I really enjoy and look forward to doing. Its made life a bit easier and also connected me to other women who have suffered the same loss. I’ve had many readers share that my story has helped and inspired them as well. My blog, simply about natural hair, has become something bigger than I ever intended for it to be. That’s a reward in itself.

CF: Give us your top 3 tips on how to transition from strait to natural styles: 

Lauren: I only “transitioned” for a few months (tried the weave thing) so I don’t have much to say about transitioning. I gave up and Big Chopped! The point where relaxed hair meets the natural hair is extremely weak and can contribute to a lot of breakage, which is why I gave up. So its best to either keep both textures ALL straight or blend them together with twist styles, rod sets, braids, etc. 1) Seal your ends. The ends are so important because they are the oldest parts of your hair and need a little extra TLC.I do this by applying a thick, heavy shea-based butter to the ends while damp. Since water (moisture) and oil (the butter) do not mix and oil rises, the water is “sealed” beneath the layer of oil. This is helped me retain inches of my hair! 2) Deep Condition often. I try to deep condition or do a homemade treatment at least 3 times a month. Curly hair loses moisture faster than strait hair so we must replenish and retain moisture as much as possible. Using a steamer or heat cap makes it even better! 3) Ayurvedic treatments are god sends! They are Indian herbs/plants in the form of powders and you can mix them with water and/or teas. You apply the paste to your hair like any other conditioning treatment. Doing these regularly have drastically decreased the amount of hair shed, improved the strength and elasticity of my hair and most importantly given me a healthy scalp, which is the foundation of healthy hair that GROWS!

Girl Behind the Curl…meet Ashley!!!!

Girl Behind the Curl…meet Ashley!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovahs :o)

Hope you ladies are having a lovely week! And if you have a boo/special someone, I hope you are having a love filled day (even though you can do that ANY day hehe)

My next Girl Behind the curl is the beautiful Queen behind the super fly blog, Urbane-Natural, and she even has her own product line (which you’ll learn more about in sec). Check this super stylish, curly chick out…meet Ashley!!


Introduction : : Do share a little about yourself!

My name is Ashley Patrice, I am a student, cosmetologist, natural hair blogger and enthusiast. I also have an all-natural hair care line called Mahogany Queen that promotes healthy hair using the ingredients nature has already supplied us with. Showing black women how to maintain and grow healthy hair has become a job and lifestyle for me.

In the beginning : : What inspired you to go embrace your natural-ness? OR If you’ve been natural since forever, what inspired you to never get a perm?

I originally went natural because of my love for big hair and a bald spot I found in my hair because of over processing.  I decided enough was enough and started transitioning using weaves and trimming in between. Over time my love for big hair turned into a love for my hair and a special self love and appreciation of my natural self.



Mane-tain : : What is your weekly/monthly regimen like? If you have color in your hair, how do you maintain it’s health?

I prepoo with olive oil and coconut oil once a week and then follow up with a shampoo. I use whatever conditioner I have under my sink and detangle while in the shower using a wide tooth comb. After I get out of the shower I prep my hair for styling by applying coconut oil and my Mango Shea butter, after I section, detangle and twist using a denman brush to clump my curls, I wrap my hair up in a turban. I love hair color and although I’m taking a break from it, I still have some left on the ends. To prevent my hair from breaking, I make sure my hair is moisturized at all times.

Your uniqueness : : How would describe your hair and how do you like to wear/style your hair daily? i.e. wash-n-go’s, twists, straight, protective styles, etc.

My hair is the definition of kinky, coily, curly hair. I currently have one side of my hair shaved off and wear the other half in an up-do. This doubles as a protective style/signature look, and it works for me because it’s elegant, easy and simple.



Choosing favorites : : What are some fav products you can’t live without or would recommend to someone else? How do you use them?

A few products that I can’t live without would be my coconut oil for shine and my Mango Shea for moisture.

Drop some knowledge : : Do you have a marvelous hair practice/technique you’ve learned and wouldn’t mind sharing? OR is there something you’d like to learn more about?

For those of you who haven’t added the denman brush into your twistout regimen, DO SO! It is great for clumping curls together and giving great definition to twistouts. Also, trimming your hair regularly is a great way to keep your hair and styles looking fresh instead of frazzled



Shameless Plug : :  Do you have a hustle you’d like to share while you have the floor? i.e. business, project, etc. 

My hair care line Mahogany Queen has received rave reviews from consumers and bloggers, I recently expanded my line to include a water-based gel for locs that won’t cause build up, a hair perfume to add fragrance to your tresses and moisture. I also created a hair butter targeted specifically for little girls. The Mahogany Princess line was created to give a fun spin on natural hair while helping young girls love their tresses just the way they are.

K.I.T. : : How can we stay connected with you? i.e. website, e-mail, social media, etc.

Tip Tuesday : : I want YOUR Tips!

Tip Tuesday : : I want YOUR Tips!

lacocobella_hair_tipHello beautiful people!

I’ve been posting some Hair tips I’ve collected over the years and wanted to share them with you in hopes that it can help you along with your natural hair journey BUT now….I want some of your tips!

If you have a quick tip, technique, weird ritual or anything that has mad managing your hair just a teeny bit easier, send it to me in an email and I will feature your tip on Tip Tuesday!

Just be sure to include your name, your tip, any visuals (if needed) along with your blog or any social media info that you wouldn’t mind sharing.

I can’t wait to hear some of your suggestions so we can all make this thing called “natural hair” a little easier :o)

Girl Behind the Curl….LaShon!

Girl Behind the Curl….LaShon!

Greetings curlies! I’d like to introduce my next Girl Behind the Curl, La Shon! She’s another beautiful Cali girl with super pretty curls, maybe that’s why they call her Queen of the Curl :o) I may have to try one of her techniques that she uses to keep her hair moist for days!

Meet LaShon!


Introduction : : Do share a little about yourself!

My name is LaShon and I’m a curly girl from Long Beach, CA and I believe in celebrating the right to be curly!

In the beginning : : What inspired you to go embrace your natural-ness? OR If you’ve been natural since forever, what inspired you to never get a perm?

I was inspired to go natural after seeing the movie “Good Hair”. I figured if the chemical that is in perms could eat metal then it probably wasn’t good for my hair. I truly didn’t learn what “going natural” was until I was introduced to Kimmaytube and the other natural hair gurus on YouTube.




Mane-tain : : What is your weekly/monthly regimen like? If you have color in your hair, how do you maintain it’s health?

My current regimen is to wash, detangle and deep condition my hair on a weekly basis. I suffer from a dry scalp so I also do weekly hot oil treatments and because I have fine hair I do frequent protein treatments.

Your uniqueness : : How would describe your hair and how do you like to wear/style your hair daily? i.e. wash-n-go’s, twists, straight, protective styles, etc.

I can be quite creative with my hair so usually no two weeks are the same. Currently I’m trying to alternate between wash-n-go’s, twists and buns.



Choosing favorites : : What are some fav products you can’t live without or would recommend to someone else? How do you use them?

DevaCurl One Condition, As I Am Curly Jelly, coconut oil and shea butter. I use DevaCurl as my leave-in, Curly Jelly is my go to for wash-n-go styling, coconut oil to pre-poo and shea butter to seal my ends.

Drop some knowledge : : Do you have a marvelous hair practice/technique you’ve learned and wouldn’t mind sharing? OR is there something you’d like to learn more about?

In the war against dry hair I’ve discovered oil rinsing which is to apply oil to your hair after you shampoo and then wash it out with conditioner. This process leaves some oil in your hair and keeps your hair moisturized for days.


K.I.T. : : How can we stay connected with you? i.e. website, e-mail, social media, etc.