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Company Behind the Curl : : Meet Milele of The Gud Stuff!!

Company Behind the Curl : : Meet Milele of The Gud Stuff!!

company_behind_the_curl_lacocobella-02Heeeeyy!! I have something new I want to share with you all! If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I feature other curly girls from around the world, Girls Behind the Curl, and they share their hair regimen, fav products, tips, etc.

Well, I wanted to dig a bit deeper. I am always trying out new products and finding small companies (and large ones too!) that create some wonderful products! I am always intrigued with what goes on behind the scenes, like the creation process, what inspires them to create their products, why they choose certain ingredients, etc., just basically hear what they have to say about their products! I’ve found that most small companies are more caring and passionate about their customers and products. They’re really out to help us love and embrace our God-given curls!

I know us naturalistas rely heavily on bloggers and product reviews but I thought, why not hear it directly from the creators of these products themselves! Who would know more about the products than the minds who created them? Sooo I figured it would be awesome to get to know more about the companies behind the curls! (<—I call it the “sister” series to the Girl Behind the Curl series! :o))

I was kind of nervous about starting this series because it can sometimes be intimidating, taking the chance to see if the owners are willing to take the time out of their schedule to answer my questions but then I remind myself, hey, they are people just like you and me :o) Luckily, I have reached out to a few owners and have gotten responses so I am SOO excited to share these wonderful minds behind some of my fav products!

Oh and the questions I came up to ask the owners, are just some of the things I wanted to know, if there’s anything in particular you would like me to ask them, shoot me an email or leave a comment soI can include them for future features!

So with that said, kicking off my new Company Behind the Curl series, I would like to introduce Milele of The Gud Stuff! The Gud Stuff creates AMAZING shea butters and I have deemed them my #1 fav butters I have ever used. If you missed it, here is my review from last year. I also did a giveaway as well. If I ever get the chance to do another giveaway BE SURE you enter!!

Meet Milele!!


Milele_theGudStuff_lacocobella_3What inspired you to create your own line of natural hair care products?

All of the other products on the market were unable to maintain moisture in my hair for long periods of time; so I decided to start making my own using the best and most natural ingredients.

Do you use your own products? Which is your personal favorite and why?

Yes of course, I would never create a product that I would not personally use. My favorite Gud Stuff product is Peace of Mind. I love the soft lavender scent, it always seems to put me in good mood.

How did you overcome any hardships or challenges in your own natural hair journey?

The first thing I did was, I made up my mind that no matter who had an issue with my natural hair, be it: friends, family, co-workers, a love interest, I was NEVER going to change my hair for anyone. I feel like our natural hair is as innate and natural to our bodies as the nose we were born with, eyes, hands, feet, etc. Additionally, I made sure that I educated myself on natural hair before I did the Big Chop, and found a great stylist. All of these things made my natural hair journey fun and gave me the confidence to stick with it.

What inspired you to select the ingredients that appear in your products?

Through my research I found that they are some of the best ingredients to deeply moisturize both the hair and skin.

What styling tips do you have for any products in your line?

The Gud Stuff is a great sealant for the ends and shaft of your hair that you can use in combination with water, or your favorite light weight moisturizer. It’s also great for blow-outs, to keep the hair from breaking due to heat damage. Our products also give your hair a more voluminous feel which makes it excellent for twist-outs or when you just want to sport a fro.

What can you recommend for people experiencing dry hair?Milele_theGudStuff_lacocobella

Never underestimate the power of water. Whenever I’m moisturizing my hair, I always spray a light mist of water throughout my hair. It’s great to moisturize your hair and it makes it ready to receive whatever other moisturizer you will apply next.

Also, it’s very important to protect your ends while you sleep. Use a satin pillow case if you don’t like scarfs.

What do you feel encourages overall healthy hair?

A great moisture routine, consistent trims, and then leave it alone. Less is best when it comes to natural hair. Don’t use too much heat, over-style, or over-color.

What is a frequent mistake you’ve seen naturals make?

Not getting their hair trimmed regularly. Hair should be trimmed as often as needed. Trying to hold onto dead ends to preserve length just makes the hair look unhealthy and improperly cared for. Healthy hair looks good at any length.

What advice would you give to someone who may be considering going natural?

Stick with it,. have fun with it, and rock it with confidence!

Milele_theGudStuff_lacocobella_2What advice would you give to someone who may be considering starting their own natural hair product line?

Always use the best ingredients.

How can we learn more about your products and get our hands on them?!

Visit our website at www.thegudstuff.com



Thank you so much Milele for allowing me to interview and feature you!

Check back for more natural hair business owner interviews through out the year! oxox


Butter :: Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter

Butter :: Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter


Today’s post is another phenomenal product from one of newest favorite product lines, Bee Mine! I recently discovered this brand and fell in love as soon as I tried the Bee-U-Ti-Full Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. And now I would like to share my experience with the Bee Hold Curly Butter that I was sent along with my other Bee Mine goodies. It’s a shea and aloe based butter that gives incredible hold and shine!

The Bee Hold Curly butter (isn’t that a cute name!?) is sold on Bee Mine’s website in 3 different sizes which is cool, I like having options :o) So you can buy the small size if you’re afraid of commitment (even though it’s worth it!) or the large size if you’re a fan! The sizes are 2 oz for $4.50, 8 oz for $13.97 or 16oz $23.00. You can also buy the 8 oz size on CurlMart for $13.97. Oh and it also comes in different scents!! (you know I love that lol). I was given the Coconut Cream, which is de-licious, but it also comes in Island Mango and unscented for those with sensitive noseys.

One thing I really like/appreciate about Bee Mine’s packaging (besides the really cute artwork! hehe) is that the tubs come sealed with a thin, protective film so you don’t have to worry about anything leaking in transit. I thought that was a really nice idea as far as packaging goes. It’s the little things that make me happy lol :o)

bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter1 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter2

Product Description
This shea butter and aloe based curly butter is packed with rich moisturizing nutrients to give you long lasting moisture and promote growth. It has a soft touchable hold that will help to defrizz your frizzes and give great definition. This Curly Butter is wonderful for twists, finger curls, puffs/pony tails and especially for laying down unruly hair. Great for naturals, relaxed, texlaxed, everyone.

100% Shea Butter, 100% Aloe Vera Gel, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Leaf and Chamomile Extract, Silk Powder, Paraben & Formaldehyde Free Preservative and Perfume.

It’s interesting that this is called a butter because it actually has the consistency of a pudding and applies wet. I guess when I think of butter, I think more of….well a butter! lol but shea butter is listed as the first ingredient so it technically is a butter! My FAV thing about the Bee Hold is that it contains a high content of aloa vera gel. I have found that my hair responds REALLY well to products that contain aloe vera. Aloe vera gives me INCREDIBLE hold and SHINE! Some of my newer readers may not have seen this, but if you haven’t, check out my post when I used just straight, pure aloe gel (the kind you can ingest). I LOVED how my hair looked…even though I learned I needed to mix it with some type of butter or oil so my hair wouldn’t feel so dry….either way, the point I’m trying to make is AV makes my hair super shiny and super defined! Aloe overall is really good for the hair as it’s a humectant AND it’s good for your scalp! It actually aids in promoting growth since it has astringent properties. I apply pure AV gel to my scalp during the hot summer months. I keep the AV gel in the refrigerator and it feels so soothing and cooling. Try it out if you have some in your fridge :o) So with that said, you can apply the Bee Hold butter to your scalp as well.

This product definitely lives up to its name! I used this for my usual twist-out and I had curl definition for days…literally! I was able to get really nice 2nd day and 3rd day hair with this stuff! My hair felt really soft and not dry at all (referring back to my AV gel experience I just mentioned). It didn’t leave a residue, my hair didn’t feel weighted down and it kept frizz at bay. It’s like my hair cuticle was really smoothed down. I can’t get over the shine!

I noticed the Bee Hold Butter contains silk powder and I don’t think I’ve ever used anything with silk powder so I was like hmmm let me do some Googling lol So silk powder is known to provide moisture balance, promote suppleness, shine and elasticity which all sounds great to me! I guess that, along with the AV, could be why my hair felt so soft and shiny! I love discovering different ingredients, I always stress to my readers, check the ingredients in products you KNOW work well in your hair and if you are trying to find new products, search for ones that contain the same ingredients. That way you will know what products will give you consistent results.

Here’s my fresh twists in the morning. Because this applies wet, make sure you allow yourself enough time for drying. I did this to ensure it was dry by the time I separated the twists. Check out the amazing shine! I was like daaaaaaaaang wear’s my sunglasses!? (I know, i’m such a cornball lol)

bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter3 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter4

Below is my hair freshly untwisted in the morning. ***Peep the 49ers jersey. This was Super Bowl Sunday and YEA YEA I don’t want to hear nothin bout the Ravens lol I still ride for the home team!!!! 49ers ALL DAY!!bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter5 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter6 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter7

And the pics below are 2nd day hair (just put a scarf on at night, didn’t retwist). Still lots of shine and definition!bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter8 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter9 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter10

I am very pleased with the Bee Hold butter! Bee Mine has definitely done it again! Wish I had discovered this brand sooner ;o)


Product : : The Gud Stuff Peace of Mind

Product : : The Gud Stuff Peace of Mind


I am really excited to share this product that was sent to me for review. I love discovering little treasures that aren’t super mainstream and filled with marketing ploys. I find they are the purest in ingredients, made with love :o) and yield the best results! So my latest experience was with this wonderful all-natural hair and body moisturizer called The Gud Stuff in the Peace of Mind variation! Isn’t that a cute name!? Although the guds are made for both hair and skin, I opted to stick to using it for my hair.

Look how they have an inspiring quote on the protective lid (a deep quote at that!)

Sooo what’s so good about the Gud Stuff? Well it’s organic, filled with vitamins, fatty acids (which are essential for hydrating your hair and reducing frizz), sealing oils (including my fav, coconut!), helps prevent thinning and breakage. It comes in 4 scents, I was sent the Peace of Mind which has a lavender vanilla scent. I am not a huge fan of lavender scents so this scent kinda took some tolerating for me BUT I was sent some teeny samples of the other variations and the Sunset in Senegal is AMAZING! It’s a deeper, frankincense, sweet spicy scent. I know that’s not the best description but it is GUD! Also, the Miss Bliss scent is also a wonderful. It’s more of a fresh, clean scent. There’s also an unscented version, Plain Paradise, for those with sensitivities. Each retails for $10.95 for 4 oz and $19.95 for 8 oz.

Product Description (for Peace of Mind)

Peaceful indeed. With a soft touch of lavender vanilla, it’s sure to mellow your mind and ease tension and stress. Great for massages and head to toe usage. The soothing properties of lavender vanilla whisk the senses into a serene and comforting escape. Great for lavender lovers and those keen to soft elegance. Provides lasting protection for hair and skin.


Unrefined Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Natural Fragrance, Grape Seed Extract, Primerose Seed Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil, Meadowfoam Oil.

The guds have a really nice, rich, creamy texture. It’s like a velvety paste almost. I used it to set my twist-out (of course lol). I always have a tendency to underestimate how much product I actually need to use, and end up applying too much! Ugh it’s my heavy handedness lol So I say that to say, you DON’T need to use much! I love products like this because you can get more uses out of them and don’t need to buy the large sizes (saves moolah and makes them easier to store if you’re a product junkie like me lol)

I got awesome results from this stuff, my hair was SUPER soft (reminded me of the softness I got when I used the Shea Radiance Hair Butter) and it sealed in moisture extremely well. It was almost surprising because I have to admit, as soon as I opened the container and saw the texture, I thought it may be a bit too light to really hold in moisture and hold the style. My hair tends to respond better to thicker butters but this blew me away! But wait, it gets better….I could SEAL MY ENDS with this!! I think that sealed the deal for me on this (no pun intended lol) The reason this is HUGE for me is because the only products so far that actually do the job of sealing my ends are Oyin’s Pomades or just strait up, thick, raw shea butter, that’s it but now….hehe…I can add this! I was amazed. Loves it!!

Check out some flicks of the results! Oh and remember, I am now twisting my hair using the Naptural85 Twist-out method! Skim through my older posts to see the difference (hopefully you can and it’s not just me lol)

First Day, freshly untwisted

Second Day, did not not retwist, just tied a scarf loosely over my hair at night and re-fluffed in the morning

I think this was 4th day hair, I re-twisted the night before with only water (no additional product applied)

…a keeper! :o) :o)

Product :: Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade & Butter Than Love Whipped

Product :: Wonder Curl Polishing Pomade & Butter Than Love Whipped

I am really excited to share these next two products because I have been eyeing this brand for awhile hehe. I first discovered WonderCurl at the grand opening of N Natural Hair Studio and I knew I wanted to try it out eventually. I am a sucker for cute logos and nice packaging! Lol So I went out on a whim and contacted WonderCurl to see if I could do a review and they graciously agreed and sent me their newest product, the Polishing Pomade.

It’s crazy how things are timed perfectly… WonderCurl hosted a meet-up the other week (held at N Natural Hair Salon!) and It happened to be the week after I received the product to review. So I figured I’d wait and her to learn more about the products at the meetup before I tried them out. I ended up buying the Butter Than Love Whipped at the meetup hehe So I will devote this post to both products :o)

Oh and here’s a couple shots from the meetup. The owner of WonderCurl, Scarlett, gave a live tutorial using a few of her products. I also even got to meet a few of my readers/followers!

I must say it was so nice meeting Scarlett! She is such a sweet person which a great spirit. Can I also tell you how gorgeous she is in person?! Ugh lol and her hair….BEAUTIFUL! She had the ends dyed green which looked dope.

So my product experiences…. I’ll start with the Pomade. It retails for $5 for 2 oz. This pomade is not like your typical solid pomade like Dax or Murry’s. It contains no wax or any of that hard stuff. It is really smooth, creamy, pudding-ey texture. When you rub it in it feels like a thick oil. As far as the consistency, the first thing that came to mind was the Koils by Nature Peppermint Gel but not as liquidy.

It smells soooo yummy! WonderCurl teamed up with a company called YumYum Candle to make the yummy mango coconutty scent and WonderCurl is also selling a solid perfume in the same scent! Cute :o)

Product Description

Put the Polishing Pomade in your hair for super shine and hair that smells wonderful and paired with the Solid Perfume in the matching scent, you are now ready for summer.


Caprylic Glyceride, Soybean oil, Avocado butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Elaesis guineesis (Palm) Kernel Oil, Azadirachta indica (Neem) Oil, Fragrance. NO PETROLEUM, MINERAL OIL, BEESWAX, LANOLIN, PARABENS, GLYCERIN, SULFATES OR SILICONES

So the way I used the pomade was to polish my edges when I did my normal twists. This was the best method of use for my hair. It gave a semi-good hold, it didn’t hold like a gel or anything but my edges are really thick and this did a good job of blending them with the rest of my hair. It also made them really soft and shiny. I was gifted only a small sample size (I think it’s about 1 oz.) but I only needed to use a little bit so it should last me a few uses. I think this would be great if you have finer hair/thinner edges as it would really tame any flyaways. I also used a little bit over the length of my hair when fluffing to add shine and to make my hair smell good :o)

Up next is the Butter Than Love Whipped. It’s a thick, fluffy, cake frosting-like, shea hair butter. It retails for $12 for 4 oz. or $20 for 8 oz. I bought mine from N Natural Hair Studio and they only sold the 8 oz. size but you can check out the WonderCurl website to see other retailers or to buy online. Oh and check this out, I just got this in my email! I guess it is in the new CurlKit if you subscribe to it :o)

Hehe just thought I would share the love :o)

So back to the matter at hand, the Butter Than Love…..

Product Description

Butter than Love Hair Whipped is a dream for parched curls. This thick and rich cream is loaded with oils and butters resulting in hair that is full of life and bounce.


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Caprylic/Capric/Stearic Glycerides, Cetyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Acrylates/C-10 Alkyl Acrylates, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Fragrance. NO PETROLEUM, MINERAL OIL, BEESWAX, LANOLIN, PARABENS, GLYCERIN, SULFATES OR SILICONES FRAGRANCE IS PTHALATE FREE

I really love the Butter Than Love and I am learning that my hair really responds best to thick, WHIPPED shea-based products. They are pretty much the only products that really seal in moisture and keep it super soft and supple. I also noticed my hair loves products that contain castor oil, which is also in the ingrediants. One thing though, the BTL is unscented which kinda made me sad because I LOVE hair products that smell good. Scarlett mentioned that it used to have a honeysuckle scent but her customers said it was too overbearing so she catered to her customers needs and made them unscented! Can’t be mad at that! It’s still a great product. My hair stayed moisturized all week and I didn’t reapply any product, just spritzed my hair when I re-twisted. It REALLY sealed the water in my hair each time I re-twisted.

This product also comes in a Pudding and the difference between the two is that the pudding is lighter and of course more pudding like. It applies more “wet” if that makes sense. Think Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie. It doesn’t seal as well as the whipped because it is not as thick. I’d love to try the pudding one day to see what the difference is in my hair.

Now I am going to give you a disclaimer about the pics of my hair on the first day, I really don’t know what the heck I did but my twists came out a bit crazy lol and I say this to say that it was ME and NOT the product lol

And here are pics of my hair after I spritzed and re-twisted. I think it was on the 3rd day

You can really see how the moisture is sealed in and how shiny my hair is. I am so glad I discovered this! I will put this on   my top favs list for sure. I really want to try another WonderCurl product, the Get Set Hair Jelly. This was the product Scarlett demonstrated at the meetup. I also heard some ladies like it better than Kinky Curly Curling Custard….and you know how I feel about KCCC lol but I am more than open to giving it a shot because I love the other WonderCurl products thus far!

Product :: Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave-In Conditioner

Product :: Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave-In Conditioner

…I can’t help but think of Biggie’s song Juicy every time I think of this stuff lol *sings* “you know very weeeell, who you aaaaarre, don’t let em hold you down….”  lol

So back at the infamous expo (I know I know), I picked up some Juicy Leave-In Conditioner by Naturalista Cosmetics which is created by another local brand located in Washington, DC. I had never heard of this product until the show and the owner was like really shocked that I hadn’t (dang my bad!). So you know I went right to Google and started searchin….and it has quite a buzz and lots of folks love it.

It’s a super yummy smelling, creamy, fluffy shea butter based hair dressing that claims to give you “Moisture that lasts” (*Sidebar*: We know by now that the only true form of moisture is water! So this would be considered a sealant! Great to use on wet hair. It helps make moisture last because of its thickness and the vegetable glycerin which is a humectant)

I bought the 2 oz. sample size for $5 (in case it didn’t live up to hype). It also comes in 4 oz. for $12, 8 oz. for $22.50 and 16 oz. for $35 as well. It is kind of pricy which is why I wanted to try the sample size first before I made the commitment lol. You can purchase it online at www.naturalistacosmetics.com. Note that the URL will redirect you to an online store front at a different URL so don’t get confused like I did lol. They also have a Facebook page which has lots of fans and customer testimonials.

Here’s the juice about Juicy:

Naturalista Cosmetics Leave-In Conditioner repairs, conditions and leaves hair healthy, vibrant and strong. When used daily, Naturalista Cosmetics Leave-In Conditioner helps bring your hair back to its natural balance. It is a light, easily absorbed formula that is an excellent daily treatment for relaxed, permed, tinted, dyed and chemically treated hair. For best results, use when styling twists and braid outs on damp or dry hair. NOTE: This product is not meant to be combed though hair! Use it as a styling aid for twists and braid outs after hair has been detangled. 


Organic shea butter, aloe vera oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, botanical extracts, vitamin b, vitamin e, vegetable glycerin, natural fragrance

Overall, this is good product. The scent is AMAZING (you know I am all about how yummy something smells lol), it smells like sweet cake batter. It is very thick (not heavy),  buttery and definitely seals in moisture. The consistency was very unique, something I’ve never come across before, it is a fluffy whipped, cake batterey consistency that is borderline foamy (weird, I know). I say foamy because it has frothiness to it with air bubbles that melt away as you rub it in….I liked it!

Because of the thickness, you don’t need to apply much. I used it on wet hair for a twist out and it gave great definition and shine. I definitely had good hair days (2nd & 3rd day hair!). I went about 3 days without having to re-moisturize. It says “use daily” (which is ironic if it says the moisture lasts…) but I don’t think you need to unless your hair gets dry quickly and you re-wet it to seal the moisture back in. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of build-up. I would most likely buy it again :o) Check out some flicks of my Juiciness below!:

This is the morning of a fresh twist-out on Day 1…note how the curls are tighter and more shrunken

The pics below are the same day After I got home from work…note how my hair is fuller

The pics below are 3rd day Hair (I think….slept on one night/re-twisted another/slept on again I can’t remember the duration since the fresh wash but I know it was less than 4 days)…note how my hair is fuller and less defined, which I still like :o) This was Easter Sunday BTW!

“….and if you don’t know, now you know….” lol I had to do it.