I always like to try new products but the ones listed below I am either a) using at the moment b) are staples in my regimen or c) All time, tried and true favorites. I know it seems like a lot lol but I rotate what I use each week. Trust me, everything gets used and some things I use more regularly.

I only use products that are all-natural, organic, ayurvedic, sulfate free, paraben free and free from all those other chemicals no one can pronounce (for the most part)…sooo much better for our hair. There’s a reason the ingredients God created always work the best… ;0)

Updated 9/10/2013


  • This gets its own category. Water is the most moisturizing thing you can put in your hair. That’s why it is usually the # 1 listed ingredient in most hair products.
  • Spritzer mix— Water mixed with aloe vera juice, glycerin and essential oils
  • Bee Mine Juicy Daily Moisturizing Mist
  • Adé Vegan Hair Essentials Cucumber Aloe Moisture Mist

Shampoos — I only use shampoo bars!

Rinse-Out Conditioners

Deep Conditioners — Store bought/ready-made DC’s

DIY Conditioners/Treatments — I mix and match some of the ingredients below to make my own DC’s

Ayurvedic Powder Treatments — THESE ARE A MUST!!! They are AMAZING! I mix with Coconut Milk and oils

Leave-In Moisturizers (water-based)

Natural Oils


 Sealants/Butters/Creams (mostly shea based)


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  1. My middle name is Synamon. (Government name) I went natural about 1 1/2 years ago, my hair did a growth spurt, then stopped, now it seems like it’s falling out, plus I have really dry scalp do you have any suggestions?

    • Aww man! I’m sorry to hear that :o( Are you referring to the Bee Mine Conditioner? In order to offer some suggestions I would need to know a bit more about your hair and what you currently do with it. Want to shoot me an email? lauren@lacocobella.com

    • Hi Shamera! I am not sure since I don’t know anything about your sons hair or what you do to it but feel free to ask me about any particular product that’s on this list. I use all-natural products which tend to always yield the best results consistently and are typically safe for everyone (except if you are allergic to something, etc.). Of course whatever you decide to try would be at your discretion :o)

  2. Hi I’m about to restart my natural hair journey soon. My hair texture is similar to yours and I was just wondering how often you wash your hair and if there were any specific techniques you use to prevent tangling

  3. Hi i just found your blogs and like it. You have low porosity like me and i was wondering
    When do you seal like after the moisturizer or leave in conditioners and i read that you
    Seal your ends but do low porosity hair not need the length of it sealed?

    • Hello! Yes you need to seal the length of your hair as well to lock in the moisture there as well. You do this by whatever product you apply. Since I mostly use shea butter-based products, those act as sealants. Shea Butter is considered a sealant. I just like to apply an additional, heavier product to my ends because they tend the be the driest, and are the oldest parts of hair. They need a bit more love :o)

      • Thanks and also when you apply your leave in/moisturizer do you put it on immediately after your done washing or conditioning your hair or wait for it to dry a little so the hair can absorbb it more since it has room

        • You’re welcome :o) I wrap a cotton t-shirt around my head for about 20 mins to absorb some of the water before I go ahead an apply product and style my hair. I do make sure my hair is a little damp so that the water gets sealed in

  4. love the note about Liquid Plumber because IT’S REAL! I need to own stock in the company at the rate I purchase that stuff!

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