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HAPPY 2014!!!

HAPPY 2014!!!



I know, I know….this is LONG overdue. Please forgive me :o)  I got some BIG plans for La Coco Bella this year and I’m super excited about it :o) I am not gonna spill all the beans just yet but look out for a new look, new columns, new, new, new! BUT With change, this means time and patience sooooo I won’t be posting anything new for a little while :o( In the meantime, check out old posts (or new ones if you are here for your first time!). I’ve provided some links below to get you started.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for supporting me these past 2 years. La Coco Bella has changed my life and I can’t thank you enough!!!  I will keep you posted with what is to come!!!!


The OnyxBox from We Are Onyx!

The OnyxBox from We Are Onyx!

What it do?! How ya guys doin this week so far?

Well I wanted to share something a little bit different with you today. I know many of you have heard of or are subscribed to “box subscriptions” where you pay monthly for a a boxed filled with samples (or even full sizes) of goodies. There are several Natural hair box subscriptions, beauty, health,etc.I personally have never tried or subscribed any box subscriptions….until now! I was sent the latest box from the lovely ladies of We Are Onyx for consideration and I must say I am really excited about EVERY product in the box!

The reason I don’t really like subscriptions is there are often times where you may get 1 or 2 things that are actually useful to you and then you feel like you wasted your money and you have a bunch of EXTRA products (and Lord knows product junkies don’t need that lol) BUT the OnyxBox is a bit different because it is NOT just for natural haired gals. This box actually has a couple of hair products and you can also buy the full size of all the products directly on We Are Onyx’s website.

Another cool thing about OnyxBox is that you create a beauty profile and are matched with a Beauty host, that has similar skin tone and hair texture as you. PLUS you get to PICK 4 samples to go in your monthly box from your video host’s tutorial videos and We Are Onyx picks the 5th one for you. I love this because you really are getting more for your momey

Oh and I LOOOOOVE We Are Onyx’d branding! Look at how beautiful the packaging is! I am a sucker for great branding, colors, shapes, patterns and packaging :o)


This box contained 6 samples. I will break down each one so keep scrolling!lacocobella_we_are_onyx_box4

Each box also comes with a very informative mini magazine with helpful beauty and health tips from experts. It also features one of the products and gives you tips on how to use it. I like that because it makes it more personal.  This particular mini mag featured tips from the infamous natural hair stylist Felicia Leatherwood :o)lacocobella_we_are_onyx_box2 lacocobella_we_are_onyx_box3

So the first thing my senses went to was the AMAZING aroma of this custom made, hand poured candle from No.9 Candle Co. OMG I am in LOVE with the scent, I got the scent “Black Tie”. I wish I could explain how the scent smells but its one of those scents that evokes emotion, like it takes you to a different place. I believe it has some floral notes (freesia and tonka beans the site says) but more of a sultry, sensual, seductive kind of scent. I know that doesn’t help explain lol but trust me it is good! Another REALLY cool thing about the candle is that it is soy-based and you can use the melted wax as a skin moisturizer! How cool :o) Oh and did I mention the owners of No.9 Candle Co., Yasmine Parrish and Alicia Rodrigo, are fellow Howard University grads?!lacocobella_onyxbox_no9_candle

The next item is a handmade soap from Scent-sational Soaps. I have recently converted to using 100% natural oil-based soaps in the shower so THIS made me super happy! They are so much better for your skin and don’t leave you feeling extra dry, tight and ashy after you shower like commercial soaps can, especially in the dry, colder months. The kind I received is the Oatmeal variation. I will certainly be lathering up with this as soon as my current bar is gone! :o)lacocobella_onyxbox_scent_sational_soaps_oatmeal

I also got a small, almost quarter sized sample of Herban Body Care Shae (yes, that is how it is spelled) in Sweet Ginger. It is an all over moisturizer that can be used on your hair or skin. I will most likely give it whirl to seal my ends since I prefer thick, heavy butters for my ends :o) This is actually the featured product in the mini mag I mentioned earlier. I just wished it wasn’t such a small sample. I may only get 2-3 uses out of it, if that. :o(lacocobella_onyxbox_herban_shea_sweet_gingerSo the next product is for hair! And I am quite excited about it because I have seen this brand for quite some time but never had a chance to try it. Its by Coco Curls and it is the Moisturizing Styling Cream. This got me excited because it is a 2 oz sample which is a great amount to really get a feel of the product after several uses (and you can use it on your skin!). It smells SOOOOO yummy! It is very sweet, bakery-like. I want to eat it lol I will use this for my twists and perhaps write a review :o)


I was SOOO excited to see the next product in the box. It is something I actually already have a full size bottle of but LOVE it so much that I could always use a spare lol It is the Moisturizing Hair Milk from one of my fav brands, Shea RadianceI am not going to say much about this one because I already wrote a review on it :o) check out THIS POST to read about this awesome hair milk!


And last, I got a nail polish from the company Colour Gossip. The color I got is a pure black called Rumors. I have never tried this brand before but I am a sucker for nail polish, a girl can never have too many polishes lol This brand of polish promises a bold chip resistant, quick dry and high shine which is a huge plus because I actually don’t use top coat because I find that they make my polish chip faster! (weird, I know) so this may be good for me :o)lacocobella_onyxbox_colour_gossip_nail_lacquer_rumors

So there you have it, the latest OnyxBox! This definitely seems like something I wouldn’t mind subscribing too because it is more than just natural hair stuff (I have enough of that lol) and everything seems very useful and wouldn’t go to waste which is my main concern about box subscriptions. I love that the OnyxBox offers more than just samples with their interactive site and extra tips, etc.


Cream : : Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream

Cream : : Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream

Hey!! I hope you guys have entered the giveaway  Check out my post celebrating my one year blog anniversary from the other day :o)

I’m back with another produce experience from my Karen’s Body Beautiful gift box I received awhile back! This is another product I have never tried from KBB and it’s the Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream. It’s exactly what the title says it is, it is simply a cream that hydrates your hair! It retails for 6.7 oz for $16 on KBB’s website (yes, you can select your fav scent!) and also for the same price on CurlMart in the lavender vanilla scent. Mine is the vanilla latte scent which is alright, not my fav, but it smells pretty and sweet :o)

karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream2

Karen’s Body Beautiful Super Duper Hydrating Hair Cream is an intensely hydrating hair cream and dressing that also moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. Filled with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil and Acai Powder. Use twice a week on hair and scalp or as needed. Work best on dry or slightly damp hair

Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Argan Oil, Allantoin, Lecithin, Potassium Sorbate, Acai powder, Vegetable Wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils & Vitamin E. Glycerin Free.  Protein Free. Silicone Free. Sulfate Free

This cream is actually rather thick, almost like a butter (it doesn’t contain water but is no where near as solid as the Butter Love) but it definitely has a creamy, almost whipped, kind of texture and is very emollient. It applies smooth and absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy. I was very attracted to it because of the aloe vera gel which always makes my hair really shiny! (remember the Bee Mine Bee Holed Curly Butter?!)

My first instinct when trying out new hair products that are creams or butters is to use them for twist-outs, I say that because I don’t think this is the best product for twist-outs. I guess I could have figured that out by actually following what the product description says lol BUT of course, I used it for a twist-out anyway :o)

So, I always start my fresh twist-outs on damp hair but it was kind of a challenge with this cream because on the KBB site, it says the cream works best on dry or slightly damp hair and KBB is obviously right. It didn’t apply well on wet hair, it was like the cream disappeared as soon as I applied it so I felt like I had to keep putting more and more on. I realized it’s better on dryer hair when I reached the parts of my hair that were not as damp. Since the cream contains a high content of aloe vera (a humectant), I wanted my hair to be somewhat damp just so the aloe could pull the moisture in my hair.

The results of my twist-out were ok (nothing like my beloved KBB Sweet Ambrosia!!!), it did not provide much hold because I had to re-twist my hair each night that week. BUT It did in fact do what it is supposed to do—moisturize my hair! The aloe vera and shea butter helped seal in the moisture and made my hair super shiny! The argan oil could also contribute to the shininess as well. For those with high porosity hair, this contains BOTH aloe vera and glycerin, both of which are humectants.

But on the flip side, I feel like I just didn’t use this product for it’s intended purpose. I can say that it is GREAT if your hair is feeling dry to the touch and you need a quick moisture boost throughout the week. If you need to refresh a wash-n-go, warm this up in your hands and smooth it all over your hair. I also used this to moisturize my hair under my EcoStyler gel that I used when I did a puff that week, since EcoStyler can be somewhat drying to me if I use it too much. I alternate it with my KBB Hold It Hair Gel :o)

Another use I plan to use this is on my scalp because of the wonderful aloe vera which is actually really, really good for your scalp and hair loss. ***NOTE: I have not yet used this on my scalp because I am currently using my Bee Mine Growth Serum on my scalp and I don’t want anything to interfere with the one month results of that :o)

So check out the results of my twist-out. Again, I wasn’t really able to get more than 1 day hair from using this but then again, its not intended to be used as a styler. By the end of the day my hair was poofy but it was moisturized, soft and shiny! lol

karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream_lacocobella karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream2_lacocobella karens_body_beautiful_super_duper_hydrating_hair_cream3_lacocobella

Has anyone tried the Super Duper Hydrating Hair cream? How do you use it!??!


30% OFF Mahogany Queen!!

30% OFF Mahogany Queen!!



Hey! Remember my Girl Behind the Curl Ashley of Urbane Natural? Well in case you missed her, she has her own natural hair line, Mahogany Queen, and I reviewed the Mahogany Princess butter and she so kindly offered a 30% off discount to you all! Check out her stuff! :o))) This code is only good until the 8th so stop by there soon!


Cleanse : : Chagrin Valley Mud & Clay Shampoo Bar

Cleanse : : Chagrin Valley Mud & Clay Shampoo Bar

Ok, I know, I know….ANOTHER shampoo bar!! I don’t care! I am passionate about these things lol #DontJudgeMe :o)

I’ma jump right to it, this bar is from my last buy (well, my only buy so far lol) from Chagrin Valley (check out this post and this post in case you missed them!). So far, I have been extremely impressed with all the bars I bought from CV. Their ingredients are top notch and their customer service makes it that much better! I love supporting family-owned businesses like this :o)

So I got the Mud & Clay Shampoo Bar in the 1.5 oz sample size for $2.50 (now $2.70). I selected this one because a) the name sounded like it would be fun! I love playing with clay hehe and rhassoul clay is wonderful for conditioning the hair, so I figured mud and clay would make a perfect combination! Ironically, I had been doing research on the Dead Sea and how it’s known for so many things (historically, spiritually, medicinally, etc.), It’s one of my dreams to visit there one day :o) So I saw this bar contained Dead Sea mud so I knew I had to try it out!


Saponified oils of olive, castor bean, coconut, sunflower, virgin shea butter, rice bran; Dead Sea mud; rhassoul clay; water; sea kelp; essential oils of lavender, lemongrass, lemon; rosemary oil extract

Product Description
A mineral rich spa treatment for your hair. Rhassoul clay and Dead Sea mineral mud stimulate and tone the scalp; help restore luster to over processed, overworked and dull hair; and clean by removing excess oils without removing natural protective oils. Absorbing unwanted residues and depositing natural beneficial minerals, restores volume and leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy.

This is my second fav bar so far from CV (my first is the Babassu and Marsh Mallow but I still have one more to try so we shall see if this is still in the #2 spot hehe) My hair and scalp of course felt super clean, only had to lather up once which helps reduce my shower time. My hair was soft and really shiny.  This is a great soap to clarify and “detox” your hair and scalp. It kind of “re-sets” your hair/scalp back to normal for those of us with temperamental scalps that like to act up from time to time grrrrrr. I’ve even seen that Dead Sea mud helps with hair loss, I imagine its because it creates a healthy environment in the scalp which in turn produces growth. I will definitely use this in the summer months when my scalp tends to get oily and itchy since it helps balance the oils levels. I love how all of the CV bars I have do not have overbearing scents and are not too “earthy”. They are actually really pleasant!

Fortunately, I have always found that products that contain minerals always work well in my hair and the Dead Sea mud and rhassoul clay are packed with all kinds of vitamins and minerals. Rhassoul clay contains silica which actually helps grow your hair stronger which I am ALL for! The sea kelp and lemongrass were also selling points for me (I now LOVE lemongrass tea!). A friend of mine put me on to the benefits of sea kelp (sea weed) and told me it makes your hair healthy and strong. I still have to find the courage to start eating sea weed as a snack but for now, I at least have my shampoo bar lol

Since I am obsessed with bentonite clay, this has gotten me SO excited to try rhassoul clay in its pure form (surprisingly I never have!) …some say it’s even better than bentonite!!! ***GASP!!!*** We shall see…..


****BONUS — I wanted to briefly review one of Chagrin Valley’s complexion soaps while you’re still here :o)

I’ve been on a kick to try and naturally resolve this acne-prone/oily face of mine and I was lucky enough to get a free sample of the Dead Sea Spa Soap along with my shampoo bar haul hehe I figured it would be fitting to review the Dead Sea complexion soap along with the Mud and Clay shampoo bar :o)

Don’t mind the dried bubbles on the bar in the pic below, I had already started to use it by the time I took the pic hehe


Product Description
Mineral Rich Dead Sea Mud stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates skin, and deep cleans to remove impurities. The fine, natural grain of the mud softly, yet effectively, sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves the skin looking fresh and radiant. Experience a mini-spa treatment for dull, tired skin, with every bath or shower.

Saponified oils of sunflower, coconut, organic palm, olive, virgin shea butter, castor bean; water; Dead Sea mineral mud; Dead Sea Clay; sea kelp; essential oils of lime, litsea cubeba, lavender, rosemary, orange, eucalyptus; organic cornstarch; rosemary oil extract

I mentioned some of the benefits of Dead Sea mud above and the Dead Sea mud also has a ton of beneficial effects for skin as well. It helps with a ton of skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and of course acne, which I unfortunately have to deal with. The minerals accelerates the speed that your skin naturally exfoliates itself and restores its pH balance. It also improves elasticity and minimizes pores, wrinkles and lines. I can see why people travel from around the world just to bathe in the Dead Sea and cover themselves with this amazing mud!

I’ve been using ayurvedic facial masks and treatments (Reshma multani mitti, Reshma ubtan, turmeric, lemon peel, rose, etc.) about 3 times a week lately and they sometimes don’t rinse off well by themselves so I have been using this to lather up and help get rid of any residue (ESPECIALLY turmeric!) and this soap has done a great job with that. I figure since I am doing a treatment already, the Dead Sea soap is like the icing on the cake. It also helps remove eye make-up as well.

My skin is really starting to clear up since I have been using these all natural soaps!


Gel : : Karen’s Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel with Argan Oil

Gel : : Karen’s Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel with Argan Oil

My love affair with Karen’s Body Beautiful continues….

Next up, the Hold It Hair Gel with Argan Oil! This is one of KBB’s products that I have never tried until I received my gift box from KBB so I was super excited to give it a go. Yup, it will be sold in Target this month! Check out KBB’s Facebook page often to see if they will be sold in your local Target :o) I imagine the price will be the same as it is on their site, $16 for 8 oz. and the same on CurlMart in the Lavender Vanilla scent. Mine is the Vanilla Latte scent which smells yummiful!!

karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel2 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel3

Karen’s Body Beautiful Hold It Hair Gel defines hair and provides flexible hold to maintain styles without hardness or a crunchy after-feel. With Argan, Aloe Vera and Marula Oils and Hydrolyzed Silk Protein. Creates a natural finish with a flexible hold. Works best for kinky, curly or relaxed hair.

Water (Aqua), Argania spinosa (Argan) Oil, Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose (Cellulose Thickener), Panthenol, Aloe barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Oil, Sclerocarya birrea (Marula) Oil, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Fragrance (Parfum), Citric Acid, and Silver Citrate.Glycerin Free. Paraben Free. Silicone Free. Sulfate Free

As you may know, I don’t wear my hair in wash-n-go’s much and when I do, I typically use gel products like this, this and this, so I immediately think “wash-n-go” when I see gels BUT I remembered I asked a curlfriend on Instagram how she made her edges look so tailored and pretty…she said gel!! So I was like BINGO!! That’s what I am going to use this for!! She said she uses eco-styler but I have found that if I use that too much it dries out my hair which usually mean breakage for me PLUS I am on a mission to nourish/grow out my edges so I am real cautious about what I do to them BUT I know KBB’s ingredients are all natural and actually nourishing to your hair so I figured this would be great for taming my unruly edges. My edges are not cute and whispy like Chili from TLC lol they are thick, and I feel make my hair look a lil untidy and rough at times lol. But the Hold It gel really helps make them look “cleaner”. My edges are more defined, lay flat and actually follow a pattern rather than make my face look like its being eaten up by a hairy monster lol. I just apply a little as I twist my hair up at night and tie a scarf over my twists. The scarf helps “set” my edges in place. I find that it holds better when you apply it on damp hair. I don’t have any flaky or white residue either! It has a little crunch, but the good kind of crunch…the kind that keeps your hair in place! The Argan oil makes your hair really shiny!

Check out the flicks below. Sorry for the EXTREME close-up of my fivehead lol just focus on the edges….the edges!!



So after I discovered how well this held down my edges, I became bold and put the gel to test……THE PUFF! If a gel can hold my hair in a puff, then it’s official and has won the battle over my hair lol! And guess what? It did!! The only time I can wear my hair in a puff is if I slick it back with a gel like eco-styler (again, I don’t like to use it too much because it dries my hair out at times) but now I can use the Hold It Gel!

On an old twist-out, I spritzed the outer part of my hair to soften and dampen it make my hair easier to work with as well as making the gel “set” better as it dries. I then applied the gel all around and brush my hair back using a boar bristle smoothing brush. Then I use TWO elastic headbands (Goody brand) and wrap it around twice.

Now the ESSENTIAL part for me to achieve a nice slicked back puff is I snuggly tie a scarf around the slicked back part to set my hair in place until the gel is somewhat dry (usually 30 mins or so; the amount of time it takes me to do my makeup, brush my teeth, etc). That’s what works for me because my hair is super thick. I am not sure if anyone else has to do that or if that’s normal lol but I gotta do it otherwise it looks messy and unkept (unless that’s the look I’m going for).

So with all that said, check out the puff below! I’m so excited how big my puff is now :o) It makes me feel regal since it kind of looks like a crown. I really like wearing my hair like this hehe. oh and these pics are actually at the end of the 2nd day after I applied the gel (I forgot to take pics on the first day) so my edges look a teeny bit less slick than they did the first day. At night, I just took out the headbands and snuggly tied the scarf around my head. In the morning, I just put the headbands back in and that’s it! I love this style because it’s easy, cute and it can last for like 2 weeks if you really want to push it :o)karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel1 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel2 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel3 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel4 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel5

So I have discovered that this gel is multi-use and definitely an essential for me now as I can use it on my edges every time I do twist-outs. LOVE ME SOME KBB!!!


Butter :: Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter

Butter :: Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter


Today’s post is another phenomenal product from one of newest favorite product lines, Bee Mine! I recently discovered this brand and fell in love as soon as I tried the Bee-U-Ti-Full Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. And now I would like to share my experience with the Bee Hold Curly Butter that I was sent along with my other Bee Mine goodies. It’s a shea and aloe based butter that gives incredible hold and shine!

The Bee Hold Curly butter (isn’t that a cute name!?) is sold on Bee Mine’s website in 3 different sizes which is cool, I like having options :o) So you can buy the small size if you’re afraid of commitment (even though it’s worth it!) or the large size if you’re a fan! The sizes are 2 oz for $4.50, 8 oz for $13.97 or 16oz $23.00. You can also buy the 8 oz size on CurlMart for $13.97. Oh and it also comes in different scents!! (you know I love that lol). I was given the Coconut Cream, which is de-licious, but it also comes in Island Mango and unscented for those with sensitive noseys.

One thing I really like/appreciate about Bee Mine’s packaging (besides the really cute artwork! hehe) is that the tubs come sealed with a thin, protective film so you don’t have to worry about anything leaking in transit. I thought that was a really nice idea as far as packaging goes. It’s the little things that make me happy lol :o)

bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter1 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter2

Product Description
This shea butter and aloe based curly butter is packed with rich moisturizing nutrients to give you long lasting moisture and promote growth. It has a soft touchable hold that will help to defrizz your frizzes and give great definition. This Curly Butter is wonderful for twists, finger curls, puffs/pony tails and especially for laying down unruly hair. Great for naturals, relaxed, texlaxed, everyone.

100% Shea Butter, 100% Aloe Vera Gel, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Leaf and Chamomile Extract, Silk Powder, Paraben & Formaldehyde Free Preservative and Perfume.

It’s interesting that this is called a butter because it actually has the consistency of a pudding and applies wet. I guess when I think of butter, I think more of….well a butter! lol but shea butter is listed as the first ingredient so it technically is a butter! My FAV thing about the Bee Hold is that it contains a high content of aloa vera gel. I have found that my hair responds REALLY well to products that contain aloe vera. Aloe vera gives me INCREDIBLE hold and SHINE! Some of my newer readers may not have seen this, but if you haven’t, check out my post when I used just straight, pure aloe gel (the kind you can ingest). I LOVED how my hair looked…even though I learned I needed to mix it with some type of butter or oil so my hair wouldn’t feel so dry….either way, the point I’m trying to make is AV makes my hair super shiny and super defined! Aloe overall is really good for the hair as it’s a humectant AND it’s good for your scalp! It actually aids in promoting growth since it has astringent properties. I apply pure AV gel to my scalp during the hot summer months. I keep the AV gel in the refrigerator and it feels so soothing and cooling. Try it out if you have some in your fridge :o) So with that said, you can apply the Bee Hold butter to your scalp as well.

This product definitely lives up to its name! I used this for my usual twist-out and I had curl definition for days…literally! I was able to get really nice 2nd day and 3rd day hair with this stuff! My hair felt really soft and not dry at all (referring back to my AV gel experience I just mentioned). It didn’t leave a residue, my hair didn’t feel weighted down and it kept frizz at bay. It’s like my hair cuticle was really smoothed down. I can’t get over the shine!

I noticed the Bee Hold Butter contains silk powder and I don’t think I’ve ever used anything with silk powder so I was like hmmm let me do some Googling lol So silk powder is known to provide moisture balance, promote suppleness, shine and elasticity which all sounds great to me! I guess that, along with the AV, could be why my hair felt so soft and shiny! I love discovering different ingredients, I always stress to my readers, check the ingredients in products you KNOW work well in your hair and if you are trying to find new products, search for ones that contain the same ingredients. That way you will know what products will give you consistent results.

Here’s my fresh twists in the morning. Because this applies wet, make sure you allow yourself enough time for drying. I did this to ensure it was dry by the time I separated the twists. Check out the amazing shine! I was like daaaaaaaaang wear’s my sunglasses!? (I know, i’m such a cornball lol)

bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter3 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter4

Below is my hair freshly untwisted in the morning. ***Peep the 49ers jersey. This was Super Bowl Sunday and YEA YEA I don’t want to hear nothin bout the Ravens lol I still ride for the home team!!!! 49ers ALL DAY!!bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter5 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter6 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter7

And the pics below are 2nd day hair (just put a scarf on at night, didn’t retwist). Still lots of shine and definition!bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter8 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter9 bee_mine_Bee_hold_curly_butter10

I am very pleased with the Bee Hold butter! Bee Mine has definitely done it again! Wish I had discovered this brand sooner ;o)