The Girl behind the Curl….

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last;
but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.” ~ Prov. 31:30 NLT

Well a little bit about me….my name is Lauren and I’m a Southern California girl living in Maryland and I’ve been natural for 7 years (since 2005). I wore a relaxer pretty much my entire life because my hair was just SO thick that my momma said forget this and put that perm right up in there! I was that tender headed child who would cry when I comb got within 5 inches of my head lol those were the days…

In 2005, after talking with a few friends about natural hair, I decided I wanted to try and transition from relaxer to natural. I did this by wearing braids, weave, and flat-ironed hair. This only lasted for ONE summer and it was not fun. I can’t stand weave, braids are just annoying to have done and humid weather and flat irons just don’t mix….so I said forget it and cut all my hair off (the big chop)! It was one of the best days of my life and not to get all deep on you but it was very liberating and freeing! I wish I had been natural much sooner.

It was definitely a spontaneous decision. I didn’t tell anyone I was going to do it, I just showed up one day with an inch of hair lol. I wasn’t sure how people would respond to my decision since I didn’t seem like the “type” to go natural (whatever that is). Some folks thought I had a mental break down (no Britney Spears moments here), some thought I was turning “afro-centric” (nope not me) and some people loved it! Regardless of what others thought, I did it simply because I was tired of damaged, unhealthy hair (all in my sink at that!). I figured I’d start from scratch with the hair God designed for me to have. I didn’t know what my natural hair was like so I knew it would be a learning process that I was willing to embrace. And I am so glad I did :0)

So over the years, I’ve tried TONS of products, some good, some bad. I’ve had lots of moments of frustration where I hated my hair and some moments when I felt super fly but none the less, it’s certainly been a journey. Couple years ago I went through some traumatic life changes and taking care of my hair wasn’t a priority, I dyed my hair twice and stress made a lot of my hair fall out and hair became so damaged and unhealthy. This all took a serious toll on my hair and It just wasn’t a good situation and was the turning point where I knew I needed to start really taking care of my hair again!

I guess I can consider myself a “born-again” natural lol and I wanted to finally share my road to hair recovery (I actually had the idea to create a hair blog and designed the graphics for it back in 2008…clearly it’s 2012 lol better late than never). Please understand that this is not a selfish pursuit nor is it to encourage vanity. It is about hair—nothing more, nothing less.

I am on a mission to nourish my hair back to health…walk with me!! :0)

p.s. Here are a few pics of my hair over the past 7 years :0) check out blog posts for more recent pics


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All my reviews are my honest opinion whether they are positive or negative. I am only sharing my own personal experiences with the products reviewed.

I really do just love my hair and trying out different products so please don’t question my integrity :o)