Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #6

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #6

lacocobella_hair_tipHey Missy Poos! (<—-yup Missy Poos lol)

Another Hair Tip Tuesday focusing on how to perfect the infamous twist-out! I also hope you were able to check out my Fall Hair Care Tips post from last week :o) Also, here’s a re-cap of the previous 5 Twist-out tips

6 : : Seal the ends of your twists and twirl them around your finger

Doing this drastically reduces frizz on the ends of your twists and when I don’t do it, my hair looks horrible and it would be safe to say that it will result in a “bad hair” day #FAIL lol

So what I do while twisting my hair up for the night, when I have about 1-2″ left to twist, I grab a thick butter ((like The Natural Root Gourmet Shea or Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love)) and apply a semi-generous amount to that last 1-2″ inches and continue to twist.

While this definitely protects your hair and helps retain your length BUT the important part, relating to twist-outs, is that you twirl the ends around your finger as you finish twisting.

The twirling action “clumps” your hair and makes the curl pattern uniform at the end. When the ends of your twist-outs are neat and tidy, it looks so much better and can compensate for any other parts of your hair that may be a bit frizzy towards the roots. It almost disguises it!

If it were the other way around (frizzy ends, defined roots) it can ruin the whole look.  By now, you may know how beneficial sealing the ends of your hair is anyway ;o)

Hope this helps!


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