Fall Hair Care Tips 2013

Fall Hair Care Tips 2013

lccb_hair_care-01Hey!! This post is long overdue but hopefully you can still incorporate some of the things I discuss ((if you haven’t already :o) ))

This is actually a semi re-post from last year but I have re-vamped it teeny bit so if this a refresher or completely new, I hope you’re still able to gain something!

It’s Fall! And if you live on the U.S. East coast, like me, or cooler climates, you know what this means—Layers, comfy sweaters, cute coats, warm scarves, boots and….no humidity!

That’s a great thing right? Well, sort of, it means less frizz for our hair but it also means there is virtually no moisture in the air so lots of naturals experience dryer hair during the fall/winter months so we have to take EXTRA measures to keep our hair moisturized. ((of course this is all relative to where you geographically live and what the climate is like, etc.))

This also means being frugal with humectants products (or being super careful if you just can’t resist). Here’s why, humectants pull moisture from the environment into your hair. If there is no moisture in the environment, the effect is reversed and it pulls moisture from your hair thus drying it out! Not good. This is also why it is even more important to properly seal the entire length of your hair and not just the ends.

Here’s a few handy tips on keeping your hair moisturized during the dryer months:

  • Deep Condition weekly…no excuses! Even if its just for 15 mins. Now that I have a Hair Therapy Warp Thermal Turban, it is super easy to get a lil DC session in every wash day :o)
  • Opt for steam treatments or the Green House Effect Treatments. You can even let the steam from your shower give you a moisture boost. THIS is my fav thing to do for my hair in the dry months. I do the GHE the night before I wash. And now that I have my beloved Ebonnet to wear over the plastic cap, it helps create even more of a “steamy” environment :o)
  • Use heavier, buttery products (like WonderCurl Butter Than Love or The Gud Stuff) to seal in moisture and keep it locked in. Apply when your hair is damp/wet to ensure the moisture gets sealed in. This also protects your hair from the elements.
  • Shampoo less (if you can manage this one, if you are like me, I still have to shampoo weekly with shampoo bars!). Try co-washing more as well :o)
  • Oil your scalp…. ok don’t go crazy with this one or you will have to shampoo more often and clog the pores on your scalp. Use a light oil mixed with essential oils or this Bee Mine Serum
  • Protect the hair around your nape and your ends <——– !!!!!!!!!!   The friction from the collars of those cute sweaters, coats and scarves can cause breakage and stunt growth. They also suck all the moisture out of your hair. I remedy this by applying a bit more product to those areas daily so my hair is “lubricated” and glides over whatever fabric I have on.
  • Wear protective styles….I am just saying this one in case you’re into this kind of stuff :) I wear my hair out pretty much every day!

—- What are some Fall hair care tips you may have!?


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