Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #4

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #4

lacocobella_hair_tipHello! Here is a re-cap of perfecting a twist-out along with Tip #4! :o)

4 : :  Twist using a mixture of a butter and gel product

This is actually something I JUST discovered and am kind of mad I never thought about before lol I first tried this when I made my homemade flax seed gel and I LOVED my twists! The gel provides super hold and keeps frizz at bay and the butter cancels out any crunchiness from the gel and keep the hair moisturized and soft! It’s a perfect combo. I also like how the gel keeps my hair from feeling oily from the butter as well. When using a gel, avoid gels with alcohol and use gels like the flax seed, aloe, eco-styler or this one from Koils by Nature or from good ole Karen’s Body Beautiful :o) Anything with aloe as the first or second ingredient almost always gives me amazing results!

— Have you utilized any twist-out tips yet!? Have they helped?


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