Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #1

Tip Tuesday : : Perfecting a Twist-out! Tip #1


Hey! I haven’t posted Tip Tuesday in awhile so I am back with a series of tips actually. I almost always wear my hair in twist-outs pretty much every day lol ((gotta love variety!)) and I get lots of questions on how I do them and make them last so I decided to compile my tips and I will post one every week until I run out!!! LMAO!!

I really love twist-outs because they work on any textured hair type ((YES ANY textured hair type)) and they look great on pretty much everyone! Anyone who may object my last statement must not have figured out what works for them because I guarantee twist-outs CAN work on any textured hair type!

Twist-outs have also helped me maintain my hair, length and keep it healthy. They are super easy to do and with low-manipulation. They lock in the moisture and nutrients from your product(s) of choice, there is no heat involved, you can wear it any time of the year, they can rescue bad hair days, salvage any almost any hairstyle without having to wash and start all over (meaning you can do a twist out on any old hairstyle by simply re-wetting your hair)….the list goes on and on. I just love them hehe Oh and of course…..it looks CUTE! duh! :o)

Alrighty, well here’s tip #1 of however-many-I-can-think-of-till-I-run-out!

1 ::  Twist your hair when it is still wet/damp, like 90% wet but not dripping

…..and be sure its COMPLETELY dry before you untwist! Twisting on wet hair will give you more definition because when it dries, it will have “locked-in” and set the twist pattern created by the twists. After I wash, I wrap a t-shirt around my head while I get dressed, etc. ((about 10-15 mins or so))  By the time I am ready to apply my product and twist, the excess water will have been absorbed. I use a t-shirt instead of a towel because it helps keep frizz at a minimum.

Check back every (<—-I promise!) Tuesday for more twist-out tips! :o)


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