Growth : : My Edges Are STILL Growing!! – Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum UPDATE

Growth : : My Edges Are STILL Growing!! – Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum UPDATE

Hello!! :o) ***warning…this is a semi-long post but with lots of pics and inspiration :o)

So I wanted to do a post on growth, specifically focusing on my edges since that is where I can SIGNIFICANTLY see a difference! I am amazed because I honestly did not think my edges will fill in and grow more than they have! I always thought my edges were just “baby hairs” and once they reach a certain length, that was it. Apparently I was wrong…

I first realized my edges could keep growing early last year when I stopped wearing a bonnet at night (just a loosely tied scarf) because the friction from the elastic band would rub them. Then earlier this year, I made a post about my goal for growth, where I listed a few remedies I wanted to test out to see how much length I could gain by the end of the year. Of course HEALTHY hair is way more important than long hair but healthy hair WILL grow and I feel like I have nourished my hair to the point where I can focus on growth ((by the grace of God!)) :o). So, to catch you up, here are the remedies I have tried/still use so far this year: Bee Mine Mango Hair Serum, Viviscal, Sea Kelp and nettle leaf supplements, Drinking Herbal Teas, Ayurvedic Treatments and most recently, the Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum.

I wanted to also use this post to update you on my thoughts about the Bee Mine Bee Sensitive Hair Serum as well as share some pics of my growth over the past couple of years so you can SEE what I mean (you know we love visuals lol). Be sure to check out my intro post of the serum for the ingredients and product description.

bee_mine_Bee_sensative_serumOk so I really, really love it! I love that it is oil-free and in a spray bottle. I used it every time I re-twisted my hair (about 2-3x a week). I spray directly on my scalp and rub in. I also like that this can double as a moisturizing mist for your strands but I only used it for my scalp because I didn’t want to use it up as fast hehe. The spray nozzle makes application easy. Perfect if you have braids or a similar style. Another great thing is the Bee Sensitive serum is PERFECT for the summer and warmer months. I love that the Bee Sensitive Serum is aloe vera juice based because it helps with growth AND is an astringent meaning it somewhat “cleanses” your scalp. This is why I prefer it for warmer months when my head sweats and gets more build-up. To compare this serum to the original Bee Mine Mango Hair Serum, I will say that I feel the original serum is a bit more potent (you can actually see the sulfur particles in the oil) and works a bit faster which is why I really like it too but it is an oil and I don’t like putting oil on my scalp too much because I get build-up. The oil serum can also dry out the strands of your hair if you don’t have a moisturizer in as well (due to the sulfur;  basically you have to be cautious and make sure its only on your scalp). I reserve the oil for the colder, dryer months when my scalp tends to be dryer anyway. Although, both products are “a little goes a long way” but I felt I have to use more of the Bee Sensitive each time because it is a thin liquid and doesn’t spread as easy as the oil. So my bottle is almost gone :o(   I feel like I could alternate between the two Bee Mine serums and be able to benefit from both. Either way, I can honestly say I have seen a dramatic increase in growth, specifically my edges and the nape of my neck. I am sure I have growth all over but I can’t tell exactly how much since I haven’t done an extensive length check like this one back in February, but I know I have growth for sure! You’ll see below…

So for the visuals… I am a bit embarrassed about these first two pics, I have actually never showed them to anyone but I figured why not now. These pics are from a few years back when I got a Dominican blow-out and I first realized my hair was really thinning and was in denial about it. It was around the time my mother passed, I lost a lot of weight, was depressed, etc.. I’ve mentioned several times on my blog that my hair was thinning and maintaining this blog has helped me stay accountable to taking care of my hair (you can read more about this in my about me page). So yea, I’m sharing this more for inspiration and to let you know that your hair CAN GROW if you take care of it or even if you doubt that it can!

hair_loss thinning_hair2 thinning_hair

Yes, my hair was pretty long in the pics above but it was not healthy, very thin, dull and my ends were so bad.

So flash forward a year or two to the end of 2011, my hair became a bit healthier and I ended up dying it myself (which I now feel like I shouldn’t have, I guess I just wanted a change at the time) and these next pics are where I started my La Coco Bella journey :o).  I got another Dominican blow-out and had to cut about 2 inches off my damaged hair. The stylist had to cut it into layers it was that bad. And this is what blew me, the lady cutting my hair didn’t speak English so she had the owner come and tell me how bad my hair was thinning at the top center. I am so glad she did because it was the moment where I was like damn, I need to do something about this before it gets even worse. Yea it  “looks” nice but don’t be deceived! Its all about angles and how I parted my hair for these pics lol!


Fast forward again a bit, I am going to now share some pics to compare and contrast the older with the newer so you can see my hair filling in. These first pics are of a puff I did back in April 2012, so they are about 5 months after the pics above. It’s amazing how different hair looks when its curly vs. straight. You notice different things. Look at how thin and scraggly my edges, around my ear, and nape were. Back then, I would always have to use a TON of gel and wrap my hair with a scarf really tight to lay my edges down and then try not to sweat or turn my neck too much so the back wouldn’t start curling up and falling down in the back. Them sorry edges made my fivehead look even bigger! lol

puff3 puff4 puff1

Fast forward again to February 2013, right before I started my goal for growth “campaign”, I did another puff and you can clearly see a difference in my problem areas! Since I hadn’t used any of the growth products yet, I can solely contribute this growth to ayurvedic treatments, time and not wearing my bonnet at night anymore. Look at the difference! My fivehead doesn’t look as big! ha!  ((and yes I am wearing the same exact shirt lol I guess I really like that shirt haha) You can also notice how fine and whispy my edges are, which is good, means its new growth :o)

karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel2 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel1 karens_body_beautiful_hold_it_gel3


Alright so fast forward AGAIN, these next pics are all AFTER I started my growth challenge (so from the end of Feb. until now) Obviously I see the most evidence of growth when I wear my hair in a bun or straight. I haven’t straightened it since November 2011 so I can’t show it from that perspective, but these next pics are a few pics I took via Instagram. Take a look! My edges are so much fuller, denser, darker. My hairline just looks more “solid” and less “spacey” if that makes sense. I can pull my hair up in a bun so much easier without having to worry about hair falling down in the back or sides. I can start my twists closer to the edges and my center part has filled in!! These pics are in order that they were taken between Feb and May. Look how big my bunz are now too hehe

lacocobella_growth_edges_5 lacocobella_growth_middle_part lacocobella_growth_edges lacocobella_growth_edges_4

lacocobella_growth_edges_3Ok So to round this post out, and for the shocker lol these last pics are of my edges to date…they are STILL growing in! I’m like WTF! is this why my forehead has always looked so daggone huge because my edges were always so far back!? LMAO!  I have a “new set” of edges growing in! At first I was like, why aren’t my edges laying like they normally do because when I gel my hair back, I was nervous they were breaking again! But then I realized they are fine and thin which means they are new growth! I was like oooookkkk, am I going to look like Eddie Munster?! So in the pics of my freshly washed hair below, you can see the length of my edges (the part I am holding) and then the new layer of growth at my scalp. It’s like a mini fro framing my face lol my side burns aren’t so “burny” anymore either lol they are little puffs now haha once they grow longer they won’t look so random! Ahh these Bee Mine serums are THE BOMB!!!!

growth_bee_mine_sensative_serum_edges_lacocobella growth_bee_mine_sensative_serum_edges_lacocobella_2

Hopefully you were able to follow my timeline journey of growth lol I know I may have been all over the place. I also hope you are able to get an idea of the growth because I know its hard to show it in 2-dimentional pictures over a computer but trust me, I can definitely see and feel a difference…….BEE MINE SERUMS WORK AND YOUR HAIR CAN GROW!!!!!!! Wooooo hoooooo!!!!!!

ok I’m done lol until next time!!!!


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  1. Came upon this post last year and I’m finally buying the mango serum for my edges :) do you recommend anything else? Should I take a hair vitamin like hairfinity or something?

    • Hello Sh’kira! Glad you came across me :o) I hope you enjoy the serum. If you mean recommendations for hair growth, I would recommend ayurvedic treatments. I have several posts on here about them. Taking hair vitamins don’t hurt, I reviewed Viviscal and also a hair vitamin from Vitacost on here as well. Drink lots of water and take care of your scalp first and foremost. This ensures a healthy environment for hair growth. Good luck!

  2. Wow!! that is amazing what the The Bee Mine sensitive hair serum did. My hair is really thin and my top and edges too. I have tried everything search the internet for something that can do what this product did for you. Are you still using it?

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! What gel do you use? How do you et your edges to lay down so smoothly?

  4. I wear braids a lot because I’m trying to grow my hair back out cause it’s all different textures and everything like that so what can i use to fix that and I’m starting to get a little allapeshia or whatever so how can I correct that alsoo

    • The serums I mentioned in this post are perfect for helping grow back hair. Also try Ayurvedic treatments as well. They have literally been miracles for my hair! I also think the braids may contribute to your condition so you may want to consider an alternative style until you nurse your hair and scalp back to health :o)

  5. Hey, I am in disbelief of how damaged my hair has gotten. I feel like my hair line is starting to recede and my edges are thinning out horribly. What do you recommend the spray or serum??

    • I really like both. The serum is a bit more potent but it’s an oil so sometimes it can be a lil messy. So it’s really just a preference because they both work really well! Maybe get the full size spray and then the trial size of the serum (the spray doesn’t come in a trial size) Good luck!!

    • Thanks girl! I use Ecostyler gel, a bristle brush and a stretched out Goody headband. I let it set/dry with a scarf tied around to lay my edges down lol

  6. my edges in the front are like bangs when stretched and is a 4b texture when my hair is 3c-4a -.- was thinking about relaxing them but you convinced me otherwise!

    • Don’t relax them!! Get the Bee Mine serum an watch them grow! It’s worked for every single person I’ve told about :o))

  7. Impressive how much your edges filled in. You can really see the difference from the first Dominican blow-out picture to the one with you in the denim blouse. I’ve always had edges shorter than the rest of my hair in the front and back. I figured that was something I had to live with.

    Your post gives me hope there may be be an alternative.

    My new EboniCurls bonnet with satin covered drawstring instead of an elastic edge should help too.

    • I was like you, thought my edges couldn’t grow, until I started using Bee Mine! TRY IT!!! THere is hope! hahaha and the Ebonnet is the TRUTH!! Have fun and stay encouraged! :o)

    • Yes keep it up! It’s easy to get discouraged and get out of the habit but if you stay consistent you’ll see results!

  8. That’s exciting because I can totally see a difference. Glad to know about the spray because I’ve been using the serum and I know it works but I’ll be putting in braids this summer so this is a good alternative.

    • Awww yay I am glad you could see the difference because I wasn’t sure if it was just me since I see myself every day lol haha but I hope that both serums work out for you!!

  9. Lauren is right y’all! I bought the Bee Mine Serum back when she did an original post about it. I’ve always had a thin spot in the middle of my head since I was a baby and it got thinner when i was stressing due to work. I’ve been using about two months when I remember to use it and have seen almost an inch of growth. I’ll probably be using it every day from now on! Good looking out L on doing a post on this. ;)

    • YEEESSS!!!! I am so happy to hear this!! It amazes me to this day how well this serum works and why more naturals aren’t up on it! Hopefully this will help spread the word about it!!

  10. Girl if you don’t stop about yo forehead! it’s not like you have Tyra’s, or even Rihanna’s -_- lol

    Now…i’ve been toying with the idea of buying the growth serum, because even though I have alot of hair on my head, I have 2 thin spots in the front of my head, which I understand I’ve had since I was a baby, but I want them to be fuller dagnabit! >.<

    I didn't buy it yet because I recently cut my hair to shoulder length, and I'm toying with the idea of rocking wash n gos throughout the summer. Not something I usually do, but I want to this yr :) and I also want to color my hair. maybe i'll give the sensitive scalp one a try. Thanks for the break down and congrats on the healthier hair :) Keep at it mama.

    • I do got a five head lol!! Doesn’t help that my oily skin accentuates it even more haha oh well :o) I would say give it a try either way. Bee Mine has a trial size of the oil serum so maybe start with that and use it on the spots and see how it works out for you! Couldn’t hurt, might help :o) I will have to check out how you do your wash-n-gos cuz I can’t seem to get the right “recipe” for mine so I’m open to all ideas lol And thank you for the congrats! hehe

      • Lauren, let’s make a pact to try wash n go at least 1 day out the week.

        Last week I washed my hair then left the conditioner in it, then smooth some curls unleashed jelly in my hair (in sections of course) and it came out ok. No hold, but it aiight. I didn’t have a diffuser then so I just air dried, but I gotz me one now! i’m gonna revisit this. If all else fails, i’ll purchase some kinky curly custard, but for now i’m trying the cheapies.

        Oh..and I bought some Miss Jessie’s jelly soft curls. Wasn’t a fan of their other stylers (their shampoo is da ishh!!) but i was willing to try this product, it was for $14 and free shipping, so why not?

        – oh and i’m bout to confirm this bee mine order ;)

        • Sorry for the delay in response! Girl, Ima be honest, I doubt I will be able to keep that pact lol! Maybe I will try for 2 a month?? I do have my Curls Unleashed Jelly which I did really like for WNGs, may have to pull that out from under the sink lol I just can’t get with Miss Jessie’s, that price just makes me want to throw up lol!!!!

  11. Thanks so for the info. Are you still following the same regimen. I am going into my second year this month. I do not have a regimen. I’ve been all over the place with products. In Jan, I said I’d try a few products this to develop a holy grail, because when I was relaxed all I used was the Motions line. I wasn’t a junkie. Overall, I need to know if throughout that journey, above, if you did the same regimen on this site. I need to do something because I have the same exact problem, and my hair look the same straightened in April.

    • Hey!! I pretty much do what I have down on my regimen page but I am actually going to update it soon because I have simplified it a bit. But as far as growth is concerned, yes I still use something on my scalp. I am not using the Bee Mine as of right now because I am testing out a different product (that I have yet to review so stay tuned!) but once I finish using this, I am DEFINITELY returning to Bee Mine, without a doubt! Bee Mine will forever be a staple in my regimen :o) Best of luck to you!

  12. Girl, thank you soooo much for this post! I’m suffering from the same, edges pushed back with a huge forehead. I always thought I naturally had thinning edges but rememberking when I was preggo, those edges would fill up pretty darn good. Especially the front slcenter part. Now I always have to do a comb over. Smh. I need this serum in my life and girl, immature go get two bottles! Your hair is gorg and the pictures are perfect and beautiful. Thank you again for this!!!

    • Girl it took up some courage to post this!! I was amazed by the feedback I got and how many of us suffer the same ailments so I am so glad I did it! Give the serums a try and see if those edges will in! For the oil serum you def don’t need much, you could probably even get away with the trial size to be honest. The spray, definitely get the regular size! I need to get another bottle as a matter of fact. Oh and I died laughing at “the comb over” lol not laughing AT you, just your choice of words lol I think of an old white man when I hear the term “comb over” lol classic! :o))

      • LOL yesss, is like right at the cent of my edges. If the comb over is just right, you cant tell and definitely cannot tell ITS A COMB OVER lol. But I just purchased strawberry kiwi serum from someone. I will get the spray (2) on their next sale.

        • lol!!!! I completely understand, I stayed away from center parts for about 2 years and did “comb overs” haha I hope the serum works well for you! I haven’t come across anyone who said it didn’t!

  13. Wow that is amazing my edges in the front and back look like yours did and I thought I have thin hair so that’s that. Unfortunately I don’t have access to the bee mine products here in Nairobi Kenya but I might be able to do some aryuvedic treatments. What do you recommend?

    • Wow you are from Kenya!! That amazes me! I LOVE meeting people from other countries and cultures! It is my dream to travel and see other places so just seeing that you are from Kenya made my day!! And as far as my edges, I thought the same thing!! I believe Bee Mine ships internationally, check out their website and see if they do!! It is SOOOOO worth it!! Definitely try ayurvedic treatments, I think that has been THE best thing I ever started using in my hair. I would definitely recommend amla and brahmi for sure. One thing about amla is if you have color in your hair, particularly red, it will darken it a bit. Let me know what you decide to do! You can buy ayurvedic powders online but be sure they are from a reputable seller!

      • Wow that is amazing what the Bee mine sensitive hair serum did for your hair!!! My hair is very think on top and the edges. I have been searching for something and tried just about everything. Are you still taking this? This seems too good to be true, an answer to prayer if this works for me.

        • Hello! Yes this serum works WONDERS and yes I still use it. I must also attribute my growth to Ayurvedic treatments as well. Have you ever tried those? My favorite are amla and brahmi powder treatments. I have a couple posts on these. Give it a shot! You’ll be pleasantly surprised! Good luck! :o)