For the Kiddies : : Qoileez!! GIVEAWAY!!

For the Kiddies : : Qoileez!! GIVEAWAY!!



I’m doing something a little different today. Since I don’t have any children, I don’t have any posts catered to their hair care needs but THIS post is specifically for the kiddies/teens (an adults too!) and it’s a giveaway!! It’s sponsored by a cute company called Qoileez! and they are giving away a surprise sample pack of their hair accessories!

Qoileez! are multipurpose, trendy, and affordable hair accessories that adds a bit of style and flash to your favorite hairstyles, pencils, chopsticks, eyeglasses, knitting needles – your creativity is the limit! {We’ve even seen them on adorable dog “furstyles.”} Yes, you can use the same item in your best hairstyle or as knitting supplies!

So what are these things I am talking about? Well Qoileez are small rubber coils that come in a bunch of different colors and patterns like dots, stripes, stars, animal prints, etc. so they are sure to match all the cute outfits little girls have (or your outfits!). They are sold in packages of seven for $4.99 or 14 for $7.99.

Here’s some pics of the samples that were sent to me!

qoileez_lacocobella_7 qoileez_lacocobella_6

You know those heavy plastic barrettes and beads little girls always wear in their hair? (YES, my mother had them ALL UP in my hair when I was a little girl lol) Well these are really cute alternative for those or even something to add to barrettes and beads. Sometimes barrettes and beads can be kinda heavy, uncomfortable, cause breakage and tension alopecia, but Qoileez are really light weight, stretchy and soft (cuter in my opinion too!). They also give you more versatility since typically when little girls have beads in their hair, they are secured onto a braid and don’t come off until they get their hair re-done. Qoileez allows you to take them in and out as you please without disturbing the hairstyle :o). They’re really easy to put in and out, you just wrap one end of the Qoileez around and braid or twist and then twirl it. They are gentle and don’t pull, tug, snag, etc. the hair so no worries about any type of damage :o) qoileez_lacocobella_5 qoileez_lacocobella_4 qoileez_lacocobella_3

As I mentioned, I don’t have any children yet (Lord willing!), but I was able to “borrow” lol one of the little girls at my church’s bible study program I teach at, to let me demonstrate and show how these cute little hair accessories look! She and her mother LOVED them! Her mother also wanted me to make sure I shared how easy they are to put in her hair! And these pics are just ONE way to wear these, you can get really creative with these things (you know girls and teens always come up with wild ideas for their hair! lol) so I highly suggest you check out the Qoileez site and Facebook page to see some more ways to wear them!

qoileez_lacocobella_8 qoileez_lacocobella_9 qoileez_lacocobella_10

Another cool thing about Qoileez are that they aren’t just for hair. You or your kids can use them on your pens or pencils as grips, on chopsticks if you are learning how to use them and you can use them to keep knitting needles together in knitting baskets. (I’ve been known to knit…well…let me stop frontin…crochet lol a blanket or two hehe :o) I have yet to learn how to knit though :o( I need someone to teach me lol I have a bunch of needles and everything! lol)

qoileez_lacocobella_2 qoileez_lacocobella_1
So one lucky reader will win a surprise pack of a mixture of Qoileez! I think they are such a cute and unique idea for kids (and big kids!). Check out their website, they have lots more pics of the different styles and more ideas on how these accessories can be used as well! ENTER THE GIVEAWAY BELOW!!!

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