Conditioner : : Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner

Conditioner : : Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner

Alright, well remember how I felt when I discovered Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner!? Well those feelings came back! lol I discovered another great cheapie conditioner by Trader Joe’s and it only cost $2.99!! It’s the Nourish Spa Conditioner and the ingredients are honestly better than a lot of more expensive conditioners out there, in the “drugstore” conditioner category that is..


Product Description
When your hair is dry, it needs to be nourished. This balanced hair remoisturizer is ideal for replenishing dry, brittle hair. Perfect for use daily, it infuses moisture and exceptional shine, without weighing hair down. Enhanced with organic botanicals, it does not contain laurel/laureth sulfates.

Purified water, organic rosemary oil, organic valencia orange citrus, organic mango, organic lemongrass, organic ginko biloba, organic echinacea, organic willow bark, organic sea kelp, organic chamomile flower, organic textured soy protein, organic lavender, organic grapefruit citrus, Tocopherol (Vit E), Acetamide MEA, Cetyl Alcohol, Citric Acid, Methylparaben, propylparaben, botanical fragrance

To be honest I did see this back when I first saw the Tea Tree Tingle conditioner but I remember seeing a YouTuber saying she used to use it all the time but stopped using it because it contains preservatives called parabens. That notion sort of lingered in my mind for a long time because I don’t really use anything else in my hair that contains parabens plus I always see products labeled as paraben-free, but I told myself to just go ahead and give it a try because of the other ingredients and the fact that the two parabens appear as the last ingredients (which means they have a low content). I will probably make a post about silicones and parabens so you understand why most some people stray away from them (they have been connected to breast cancer). I personally believe that using things in moderation is what’s key PLUS a lot of things we all use every day contain parabens and we continue to use them.

Hopefully by me using this conditioner doesn’t make me a hypocrite but whatever though let me finish telling you why I like this conditioner anyway…. lol

So besides this conditioner being $3, the ingredients are amazing and their high content was shocking. They’re almost all organic and all beneficial to hair growth and healthy scalp. It has an incredible amount of slip, more than the Tea Tree Tingle, so I love using this after ayurvedic treatments because it instantly seals the cuticle of your hair. I have nothing bad to say about this conditioner (except for the paraben thing) and it makes my hair super soft and shiny. Because I only wash my hair once a week, and don’t always use this, I am not really worried about the parabens, plus this isn’t a conditioner I let sit and penetrate on my head, it’s definitely just a rinse-out. Trader Joe’s is also a very reputable and trustworthy company (in my mind) so I feel if this product was really a high risk, they would have pulled it by now.

I like this conditioner and plan on keeping this and the Tea Tree Tingle on hand. :o)


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  2. bonjour
    où peut-on acheter les shampoings et soins capillaire trader joe’s
    je vis en france et je n’ai trouvé aucun site de vente

    • Bonjour! Je ai dû utiliser Google translate de savoir ce que vous avez dit dans votre commentaire! Je aimerais apprendre le français un jour! Vous pouvez acheter les produits de Trader Joe’s ligne. Votre meilleur pari serait sur ​​ Bonne chance! Je espère que ce message fait sens parce que je ai utilisé à nouveau le traducteur! :o)

  3. If you only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair (which is where it’s needed), parabens are a non-event.

    • Very true! Parabens only play an role if they are absorbed through the skin but the chances of that either way are slim because you rinse it out after a few mins. Not worried about it at all!

  4. Hello Lauren, Thank you for being so honest about the whole paraben deal… I mean all the Johnson and Johnson baby lotions are all loaded with parabens and so are all the lotions and body washes on the market… so I find people who use these products daily and condoning TJ Nourish spas or other conditioners because of parabens to be hypocrites… Either they are only paying attention to products that goes into their hair or they are just being really clueless… In Europe they have taken parabens out of most products but not in America so more attention needs to paid to other products as well not just shampoos and conditioners…

    • Honesty on my blog is something I pride myself by :o) yea you’d be surprised by what products contain even more parabens than these minor ones. Plus you just rinse it out so it’s not really being absorbed. But hey everyone has their opinions and choices so I have no choice but than to respect that!

    • lol!!! It definitely is a great INEXPENSIVE find!! I am actually running low so I need to hit up Joe’s ASAP! :o)

  5. Hi! I love love love this conditioner. I’ve been using it for quite some time as a wash out and a leave in. It’s wonderful. Glad you tried it. I JUST picked up a bottle of the TJ Tea Tree Tingle condish and will try it out for the first time some time this month. I hate that it has parabens too but such is life sometimes! <3

    • Hey Lee!! Yea those parabens make it less than perfect but still close lol but I’ve realized that parabens appear in many lotions and other things that I have been using for years so I figure oh well lol let me know what you think of the Tea Tree! It doesn’t have as much slip but still great!

  6. I have been using TJNS for YEARS! Definitely a staple conditioner for me.