Ingredients 101 : : Mango Butter

Ingredients 101 : : Mango Butter


So I started a new series awhile back, made one post about it and haven’t ever since lol so I knew it was time to finish, or continue rather, what I started! I must say that my motivation was ONE reader who commented saying she “couldn’t wait for more posts on this series and that it was a genius idea!” Well THANK YOU to that reader because your words lingered and motivated me to continue! Hopefully you know who you are  :o)

So the series is called Ingredients 101 and I highlight and share the benefits of NATURAL, and ONLY natural, ingredients that I frequently see in some of my favorite products. In case you missed it, the first (and only lol) post was on Nettle, so be sure to check that out while you’re here :o)

I’ve become borderline obsessed intrigued with natural ingredients because I’ve concluded that the BEST ingredients are ALL NATURAL ingredients, meaning they were created by GOD! It’s amazing to me!!! Think about it…sorry but no man can formulate anything greater than what God created FOR US before mankind even existed! ….don’t believe me? Swap out your products that contain synthetic ingredients for all natural products and see how much healthier your hair will become. I’m a testimony of it :o)

Aaaaalright, moving along….


Mango butter! I LOVE mango butter! Shea butter has made its place in the natural hair care world as the most popular butter BUT it is not the only butter, there are a BUNCH of other wonderful butters and mango is one of them! In fact, it’s my 2nd favorite butter as it is very similar to shea. I knew I loved mango butter from way back in the day when I used to use Elasta QP’s Mango butter when I had a relaxer. I think they have since improved their recipe for the product and added olive oil to it but I do remember loving it way back when :o)

Mango butter is pretty much an odorless butter (some say it can be sweet smelling) that is extracted from the kernels of the mango. Yup, from that giant hard thing in the middle of the fruit lol. Some of the products I use (and reviewed) that contain mango butter are: 

Mango Butter is even found in some of my fav shampoo bars too hehe

Since became very intrigued by mango butter, I decided to buy it in it’s pure form to play around and make my own lil butter mixes. I bought 1/2 lb from Camden Grey Essential Oils for less than $10 I believe, I can’t recall the exact price but it wasn’t expensive at all. Yes, the pic below is an empty Talenti Gelato tub lol don’t laugh at me! It makes it easier to store and keeps it fresher since it came in zip lock bags from Camden Grey. It was kind of messy in the bags to I got a lil creative :o)

ingredients_101_mango_butter_lacocobella ingredients_101_mango_butter_lacocobella_2

So what’s the hype about mango butter? Well, for texture and consistency, it is very similar to shea butter. It’s very solid in it’s pure form but when it is warmed it becomes soft and smooth and when completely heated, it will become liquid, like an oil. It’s really emollient which means it’s smooth and will keep your hair sealed thus keeping your hair moisturized. It even protects your hair and scalp from UV rays! Sunscreen for your hair :o)

Mango butter is great for your skin which means it’s great for your scalp. It keeps your scalp supple, elastic, soft and helps promote cell regeneration. It also high levels of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E which are all said to  promote hair growth. Anything that helps promote a healthy scalp will equal hair GROWTH! :o)

A huge reason that makes mango butter so great, possibly even better than shea butter, is that it has higher level of fatty acids than shea. Fatty acids are essential for our hair and scalp because they help reduce frizziness, provide moisture, penetrate the hair shaft and enhance softness. Fatty acids are also anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral which is why mango butter is great for the scalp as well. So when there is a lack of fatty acids in your hair regimen, you may have weak, brittle hair, breakage and even hair loss. So be sure to try out some products that contain this wonderful butter!

Check out pics of my hair with ONLY mango butter, just plain and strait. Nothing else. It’s not whipped or anything, just strait out my Talenti Gelato tub :o) This was the first time I ever used it just strait up and all I can say is WOW.  I think I may have had the best twist out. It was too the point where I was like, damn, this may be all I need to use!! It was that serious!! I didn’t have to re-apply OR re-twist my hair not one time that entire week and my curls were till poppin, defined and frizz free. I need to start using products that contain more mango butter!! Look at the results and you will see what I mean!

ingredients_101_mango_butter_lacocobella_3 ingredients_101_mango_butter_lacocobella_4 ingredients_101_mango_butter_lacocobella_5 ingredients_101_mango_butter_lacocobella_6



5 Responses

  1. I love, love, love mango butter…yes…everything you said about mango butter is absolutely true. I have tried about fifteen different natural butters and for me, mango butter is the business. It leaves my 4c dry hair soo soft to the touch, healthy, silky and moisturized for days…..I think every body must try this stuff. I am an African and i have use Shea butter since my childhood, i grew up with shea butter but mango butter is the absolute winner for me…….CANT DO WITHOUT IT

    • I totally agree with you as well! I’ve true several natural butters also and nothing has compared to mango in its raw form. It amazes me! And thank you for your sweet words!! :o)))

  2. !!!!!!!!!! This looks amazing! Literally the best twist out pic you’ve posted ever! I know this is back from April, I’m curious as to whether how you’re you using mango butter these days? Have you stuck with just using the mango butter for your twist outs?

    • Thanks!!! I was kind of shocked at how well it came out with just pure mango butter! That was the first and only time I’ve used it alone to date. I use something different each week so I haven’t gotten around to using it again but I think I may use it more this summer since it has UV protection when I am in the sun!