Ayurveda : : Cassia & Coconut Milk

Ayurveda : : Cassia & Coconut Milk


My love for ayurveda continues yet again!

So a month or so ago I used henna for the first time after being afraid of it for so long lol and I LOVED how it made my hair feel and how SHINY and strong my hair felt. I think part of my self-imposed fear of henna was the color commitment because I have a dream of lightening my hair one day (like Beyonce light lol #dontjudgeme) so I have been trying to really nurture my hair to be able to do something to drastic (if I build up enough courage do something SO drastic like that) but anywho, I say that to say that I was introduced to an alternative to henna….cassia obovata!!

It’s basically henna without the color. It gives you all the conditioning benefits of henna and is sometimes referred to as neutral henna. It doesn’t give off any color but if you have blonde hair, it will accentuate your natural highlights. If you are grey, it will make your hair blonde. For dark hair, it just conditions and makes it shiny :o)

Since I was sent some packets of cassia by a very special dear friend of mine (thank you love!), I don’t have any information on where it came from, the brand, cost, etc. What I do know is the kind I used is USDA organic and of super high quality :o)

cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobellaWhen I used henna, I mixed it with just water and a little bit of oil but THIS time, I mixed the cassia with COCONUT MILK!!! OMG!!! The moment I applied it to my hair I was like forget water! I’m using coconut milk for ALL my ayurvedic treatments from now on!! lol It makes the paste SO much creamier and easier to apply. It’s super smooth and just makes it better, for lack of better words lol. I think I also mixed in some oil (I think avacado oil or grapeseed, can’t remember which one)

I mixed the coconut oil and cassia and let it sit overnight. I guess I only did that because I did it for the henna BUT then again, I am not trying to get a dye release so I probably didn’t need to do it lol it just seemed like a nice gesture haha

Here’s the paste, I use the entire can of Foco brand coconut milk and it was thick and creamy :o) If you decide to use coconut milk, BE SURE to check the ingredients to ensure it doesn’t have sugars and added stuff in it (the ingredient listed as a preservative is fine though, you just don’t want the sweetened sugar kinds).

cassia_coconut_milk2_lacocobella cassia_coconut_milk3_lacocobella


I applied the paste in sections and it was a BREEZE to apply. I didn’t have to tape newspaper all over my walls, floor and sink lol. It wasn’t messy to apply because of the texture, it stayed where I put it. It just felt so smooth and creamy. I know,I know, it’s weird that I’m really excited about the applying part lol Here’s how the paste looked in my hair. It’s green like henna is.

cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella4 cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella2 cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella3After I was done applying the paste, I sectioned my hair off, pinned the sections down and put on a plastic cap and then wrapped with with my Christmas edition saran wrap lol this time I didn’t wrap my head as tight as the last time lol I had a headache like a mug because I OD’d on the saran wrap! Good thing is that using the coconut prevented the paste from dripping, which I sometimes get when I use water/teas and oils with my ayurvedic treatments. I left the paste in for about 8 hours (applied in the afternoon and went about my day at home, rinsed out at night. I probably didn’t need to leave it in for that long but oh well).

Here’s me lookin crazy with my saran helmet!cassia_coconut_milk_lacocobella5OK so here’s the thing, I didn’t take any pics of my hair after I rinsed out the cassia paste because, well, it just looked really, really bad. I now see why some naturals don’t like to use henna/cassia often because it really does loosen your curl pattern. I guess I was naive and was thinking looser curl pattern = elongated curls lol welp, I was wrong! Looser curl pattern (for me) means undefined curls that just look like a hot mess! I was sadly disappointed because I LOVE the conditioning results from the cassia and henna but after using henna 2x and cassia 1x, I really see a difference in the curl pattern.

Yes, I still use amla and I know amla kind of “reverses” henna by defining your curls but its almost like a cat and mouse situation where I feel the henna and amla just counter each other. So I need to figure out the frequency that I would continue to use cassia and henna because I don’t want to lose my curl pattern, I like when they are springy and bouncy! But then again I can’t get over the shine and cassia and henna gives me.

I haven’t really been one to mix different ayurvedic powders with eachother but I think I may start doing that, meaning, I can still use cassia/henna in small amounts AND mix it with amla, brahmi, neem, etc. and still get the conditioning benefits from the cassia/henna. I still have several boxes of the Reshma Femme henna in the different color variations which contain amla already mixed in so I plan to continue using them for the rest of the year and see if cassia/henna are something I want to continue for the long run! (Of course I will share the findings with you :o) )

What have been your experiences with cassia and henna?! What have you done about the curl loosening? TIPS PLEASE!



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  1. Hi Lauren. I recommend two things. 1) Mix regular henna with warm water and 2 TB. of Amla and 1 TB. of Brahmi per 100 grams of Henna. I would not use coconut milk because Amla is a strong acid and gives good due release. 2) Use the Godrej Napur 9 henna that contains great Ayurvedic herbs mixed with warm water. Either recipe will give you nice color with minimal curl loosening.

    • Hello! Thank you for the tips!! I am definitely going to add amla to my henna next time and I already LOVE Brahmi!! I dont mind not having the dye release because I am not really trying to get the color and I love the coconut milk so I don’t want to give that up lol I have some of the Napur 9 but I haven’t used it yet lol I wil be sure to post when I do!! Do you henna regularly?

  2. Hey girl! So, cassia is not permanent like henna. It fades over time…. Like, a month. So you shouldn’t get any permanent curl loosening from it because it washes out of your hair eventually. Henna is permanent and builds up on your hair, so if you get loosening from that, it will probably just continue so if you want to keep using, maybe see if the Amal helps any, but expect the loosening to be permanent, I think.

    I’ve used both. I like cassia, but I don’t like how it’s not permanent because sometimes I not consistent with it and I felt like I lost the effects over time. I have been using red raj henna from henna sooq and I like it. It is time consuming, so with the baby coming sooner and sooner, I will probably have a lot of lapse time over the next few months, but since it is permanent, I don’t really mind. I also find I have to rinse my hair REALLY REALLY REALLY well after henna. I mix with coconut milk and an oil before applying an my hair is well conditioned and piled before applying too, and conditioned after, but still really have to up the conditioning and the rinsing factors with henna.

    Your hear is so great!


    • That’s supposed to be “well conditioned and oiled” not piled…

      PS I was iffy about the color thing with henna too but I Love The red raj color. It’s very red in my hair, but light coppery red, not burgundy, which I definitely did not want! It doesn’t show much if its not in the light but it does show more and more with my henna applications (I think I’ve done 4 so far) and in the bright light I’m really loving it!

      I don’t have any blonde or grays or even light brown hairs, but my hair is super fine and porous and I find this red raj henna, which is supposed to be particularly stong dye content, really suits what I wanted for my hair. I spent a lot of time worrying about color and I was pleasantly surprise with this one. I’ve only ever tried cassia 2 or 3 times before this and Jamila once.

      God bless and happy easter!

  3. I’ve been using henna for some months now! My first henna purchase was the Lush Brown kit from HennaSooq. Enjoyed the experience. The mixture how much to actually used confused me. I made a little too much and didnt want to apply the rest in freezer so I just used all of it lol. Let it in for some hours (sometimes overnight). Color pay off was okay the first time but as I kept doing it, it looks beautiful under the sun! Now I am using Godrej Nupur that I got from Amazon and mix it with a teaspoon of Amla. Didn’t experience loose curls! Thank goodness haha. Curls are already kind of loose.

    Your face in your saran helmet haha. XD

    • Yes I was confused with all the mixing and stuff too lol but thank you for sharing your experience! I have yet to try henna from Henna Sooq but I learned that this cassia I probably from there as well. I have a mixed pack from Goodraj called nupur 9 I think? Haven’t tried it yet tho but it seems like it will be amazing hehe

  4. I agree with Janelle,,,looks like it came from henna sooq. I recently bought some cassia again from her and mixed mine with coconut milk and oils and it was great. I haven’t done a cassia/henna treatment in over a year. I decided to try the coconut milk too ala minimalist beauty since i’m a long time fan of her site. i haven’t tried it with any other powders. i have the most itchiest scalp seems like in the world. i know that you’re doing things to help get yours back on track and i’ve slacked off on the powders but do you have any recommendations (powders or otherwise)?

    • Yes! The coconut milk works wonders! I think it may be all I use now! And for yor scalp, keep up with Ayurvedic treatments. Amla, brahmi and neem especially are really good. I find that washing one a week helps me. You can also apply a light oil or moisturizer to your scalp as well. I think keeping my scalp as clean as possible has really helped.

  5. Everything you described and from the look of the package it looks like the same stuff I ordered from henna sooq. I had the same experience you had and I love the products! Thanks for all your helpful info!

    • Oh ok thank you! And I love henna Sooq! No wonder the quality of the cassia was so great!