Butter :: Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love

Butter :: Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love


This is my 2nd product experience from the Karen’s Body Beautiful line of products that are now going to be sold in Target stores this month (Yaayyyy!!). In case you missed it, check out my experience with my top fav leave-in conditioner of all time… the Sweet Ambrosia here!

Ok this is all about the wonderful Butter Love. It’s literally a simple, lovely mixture of some of the best butters for hair! It comes in a 6.7 oz tub for $18. And YES if you order from the KBB site, you can pick which scent you want! Mine below is the Pomegranate Guava so it’s got a juicy, fruity tropical thing going on. KBB scents are never overbearing but linger in your hair for a couple days which I love :o)

karens_body_beautiful_butter_love karens_body_beautiful_butter_love2

Product Description
Made only from rich, thick butters and luxurious oils, Karen’s Butter Love conditions, softens and adds sheen to fragile, stressed hair. Great for thick hair. Use twice a week on hair and scalp or as needed.Works best on dry hair since wet hair generally doesn’t absorb butters and rich oils readily.

Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao) , Mango Butter (Mangifera Indica) , Jojoba Butter (Simmondsia Chinensis), Aloe Butter, Essential and/or Fragrance Oils (Parfum), Grapefruit Seed Oil (Citrus Paradisi) & Vitamin E (Tocopherol). Glycerin Free, Paraben Free, Protein Free, Silicone Free, Sulfate Free

If you check out the ingredients, you’ll see it’s literally a love swirl of butters! Its super thick and solid in the tub. I have to literally dig my fingers in it to scoop up the butter which isn’t an issue for me. It may soften a bit in warmer temperatures or in the summer but as soon as you rub it in between your fingers/hands it softens and you can then apply it. It’s not greasy or oily, its truly a solid butter with more of a waxy feel (but not in a bad way!). You can even use this on your skin :o)

When I first bought this years ago, I didn’t really know exactly what to do with plain, pure butters because I hadn’t really gotten into the 100% natural way of maintaining my hair so it kind of sat under my sink for awhile lol BUT as soon as I discovered the power of sealing your hair….this is GOLD to me! So ever since I have been using this to seal my ends. THICK butters are the best thing for sealing your ends. I also like to use this on parts of my hair that lose moisture the most like around my edges and the nape of my neck. I could use this as my main product to do twist-outs but I like to reserve it for sealing since I do that frequently. This is also good for holding down your edges when you apply it and tie a scarf over to “set” them or I use it to smooth my hair when I do a puff. It definitely doesn’t hold like gel does but it works if you  “set” your hair with a scarf to hold them edges down lol.

Check out the pictures below of my hair styled with the Sweet Ambrosia and the ends sealed with the Butter Love. When your ends are sealed, your curls should clump and be defined and the Butter Love really does that. If you look at my posts for the Sweet Ambrosia, I used the Butter Love in those pics too so check those out too.

karens_body_beautiful_butter_love karens_body_beautiful_butter_love2

If you’ve been looking for something to seal your ends with or just have a good, high-quality general use butter, this is good buy. The price point is a bit high but I’ve found the all the KBB products I’ve used last a really long time and plus with butters you don’t need to use a lot, especially when they are thick and dense like the Butter Love :o)


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    Still really enjoying your blog!

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  2. Hi there – Thanks for the review. Do you use this product on wet hair then since you are using it to seal your ends? Or do you just apply to ends that have dried?

    • Hola! You can use it on both but its better to seal your hair when its damp because it’s “sealing” in the moisture (water). I just apply the butter to my ends every time I re-twist my hair and I spritz each section as I go so my hair is damp. As far as using it on my edges, it can be wet or dry. Hope this helps!