Tip Tuesday! :: Modified Denman Brush

Tip Tuesday! :: Modified Denman Brush
Tip Tuesday! :: Modified Denman Brush


It’s that day that comes after Monday and before Wednesday! :o)

A quick tip for making detangling much easier and less damaging — use a modified Denman Brush!

Modified? Huh? What do you mean? Well, let me explain…you simply remove every other row of teeth from the brush! All you need to do is slide the orange rubber part out from the black plastic handle and you will see the backside of the rubber and you just pull out every other row, leaving the two on the outside. You should have 4 rows total left.

So what’s the point? Well removing the teeth allows for a wider gap in between each row so it’s much gentler and doesn’t pull or snag your hair as much. It just makes the process so much easier and YES it still clumps your curls! :o) I use this maybe 2x a month after I wash and condition (when I don’t use this I just finger detangle).

I can not take credit for this GENIUS idea… so thank you Naptural85 for the wonderful tip! Check out the pics below so you can see what I mean! (sorry for the random hairs stuck all in my brush lol)

lacocobella_modified_denman_brush lacocobella_modified_denman_brush2 lacocobella_modified_denman_brush3


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