Product : : The Gud Stuff Peace of Mind

Product : : The Gud Stuff Peace of Mind


I am really excited to share this product that was sent to me for review. I love discovering little treasures that aren’t super mainstream and filled with marketing ploys. I find they are the purest in ingredients, made with love :o) and yield the best results! So my latest experience was with this wonderful all-natural hair and body moisturizer called The Gud Stuff in the Peace of Mind variation! Isn’t that a cute name!? Although the guds are made for both hair and skin, I opted to stick to using it for my hair.

Look how they have an inspiring quote on the protective lid (a deep quote at that!)

Sooo what’s so good about the Gud Stuff? Well it’s organic, filled with vitamins, fatty acids (which are essential for hydrating your hair and reducing frizz), sealing oils (including my fav, coconut!), helps prevent thinning and breakage. It comes in 4 scents, I was sent the Peace of Mind which has a lavender vanilla scent. I am not a huge fan of lavender scents so this scent kinda took some tolerating for me BUT I was sent some teeny samples of the other variations and the Sunset in Senegal is AMAZING! It’s a deeper, frankincense, sweet spicy scent. I know that’s not the best description but it is GUD! Also, the Miss Bliss scent is also a wonderful. It’s more of a fresh, clean scent. There’s also an unscented version, Plain Paradise, for those with sensitivities. Each retails for $10.95 for 4 oz and $19.95 for 8 oz.

Product Description (for Peace of Mind)

Peaceful indeed. With a soft touch of lavender vanilla, it’s sure to mellow your mind and ease tension and stress. Great for massages and head to toe usage. The soothing properties of lavender vanilla whisk the senses into a serene and comforting escape. Great for lavender lovers and those keen to soft elegance. Provides lasting protection for hair and skin.


Unrefined Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis), Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Natural Fragrance, Grape Seed Extract, Primerose Seed Extract, Organic Sunflower Oil, Meadowfoam Oil.

The guds have a really nice, rich, creamy texture. It’s like a velvety paste almost. I used it to set my twist-out (of course lol). I always have a tendency to underestimate how much product I actually need to use, and end up applying too much! Ugh it’s my heavy handedness lol So I say that to say, you DON’T need to use much! I love products like this because you can get more uses out of them and don’t need to buy the large sizes (saves moolah and makes them easier to store if you’re a product junkie like me lol)

I got awesome results from this stuff, my hair was SUPER soft (reminded me of the softness I got when I used the Shea Radiance Hair Butter) and it sealed in moisture extremely well. It was almost surprising because I have to admit, as soon as I opened the container and saw the texture, I thought it may be a bit too light to really hold in moisture and hold the style. My hair tends to respond better to thicker butters but this blew me away! But wait, it gets better….I could SEAL MY ENDS with this!! I think that sealed the deal for me on this (no pun intended lol) The reason this is HUGE for me is because the only products so far that actually do the job of sealing my ends are Oyin’s Pomades or just strait up, thick, raw shea butter, that’s it but now….hehe…I can add this! I was amazed. Loves it!!

Check out some flicks of the results! Oh and remember, I am now twisting my hair using the Naptural85 Twist-out method! Skim through my older posts to see the difference (hopefully you can and it’s not just me lol)

First Day, freshly untwisted

Second Day, did not not retwist, just tied a scarf loosely over my hair at night and re-fluffed in the morning

I think this was 4th day hair, I re-twisted the night before with only water (no additional product applied)

…a keeper! :o) :o)

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