Hair Style :: Dry Bantu Knot Out

Hair Style :: Dry Bantu Knot Out


So the other day I posted my last experience blow-drying my hair and if you noticed at the very end of the post, I mentioned a YouTube video I remembered from awhile back. (here’s the link to the video if you missed it).

One of my fav natural hair bloggers, Elle of Quest for the Perfect Curl, made a video tutorial on how she did heatless curls by bantu knotting her hair on blow dried hair! Now, I often bantu knot my hair while it is wet and in two-strand twists (check out this post about that) but I have never done it on dry hair. So since I had just blow-dried my hair, I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to give it a shot….and I love, love, LOVED the results! Why had I NEVER done this before?!

So the process was super easy. I will do my best to briefly walk through what I did and note my observations but I highly recommend you watch Elle’s video for a live, step-by-step version on what she did. She’s always thorough with her videos/tutorials. Here it is below if you wanna watch it right now…

So I started out with clean hair, of course blow dried, and sectioned my hair, like I would for any regular twist-out. I never use a comb to section the parts, I just use my finger and do my best to make it straight lol. But one thing I would say is that for this particular style, using a comb and making the parts neater may make it look more polished. I say that because a regular twist-out can be a bit messier and camouflage the parts more whereas the bantu knot curls need to be a bit more uniform.

So as I made each section, I applied a SHEA-based product (Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding was the product of choice becase I tend to get great hold with it). I emphasize SHEA because you do not want to use a water-based product because  it will revert all the effort of blow drying!

I then twisted each section (not two-strand twist, just simply twist as if you were twirling your hair around your finger) and then wrap the section around itself and secure it by tucking the ends at the base of the knot. I also made sure I applied a sealant to the ends, just because it’s what I always do lol. The knot should stay on its own but if it keeps unraveling, you can secure it with a bobbi pin.

As you are wrapping the knot, you will notice that it gets tighter, which is good because your roots will be smooth but be careful not to make it too tight because you don’t want to pull your hair out due to the tension! Plus it makes it a bit uncomfortable to sleep on! Some people just let the knots set for few hours but I let mine set overnight. I just tied my scarf over the knots. It was a bit uncomfortable at times but nothing unbearable :o)

Here’s what the knots looked like the next morning.

It was so nice to see my roots all smooth and straight! lol

oh, yea my kitchen in the back…you like that huh lol

The next pic below is of the sections untwisted but not yet separated. You can see the curl pattern!

And here are the final results!

(here’s that weird flash hair color again lol my hair is not that color)

The next pics are of my hair at the end of the day. It has been ridiculously HUMID these past few weeks and I discovered that this hair style does not do well with high dew points. As much as I love this style, I think I will have to reserve it for the winter/fall (or if move back to Cali hehe). Check out how my hair got a bit poofier by the end of the day, specifically my roots. The ends stayed defined. I guess because my scalp sweats a lot and creates like a mini steam house on my head lol

The next pics are of 2nd day hair. I did not retwist or anything, I just tied my scarf over it at night. It wasn’t as pretty as the first day, the curls kinda fell.

By end of the 3rd day, my hair was a mess. I retwisted my hair one time over the course of the week and it didn’t look anywhere near as good/fresh as the first day. So this style is sort of a 1-2 day hair-euphoria lol but anything after that, you gotta start all over from the beginning…at least for me.

I will definitely have to try this style out again when the humidity goes away and see how long I can make this style last. I’ll also have to experiment with other products and see if I can get better hold. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

— Have you tried this style? How were your results?!


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