Product :: Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream

Product :: Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream

What up yall?!

I snagged this product at National Natural Hair Meetup Day, DMV edition (not sure why I didn’t make a post about that lol oh well). My girl Jojo from Curly Nu Growth sponsored a product swap at the meetup and since it was my first meetup and first product swap, I had to get a little tutorial on how it worked. Hopefully how I explain it makes sense to you: You bring gently used products that you don’t like/use in hopes to a) swap them for other products and/or b) get rid of them (one curlies trash is another curlies treasure!). So you bring your products and each one is categorized by the suggested retail value and then grouped into 1 of 4 price categories. You get tickets in exchange for the products you bring — Group 1 (the cheapest products) get 1 ticket, group 2 = 2 tickets, group 3 = 3 tickets and group 4 = 4 tickets (the most expensive products). You use the tickets you get to redeem products others have brought to swap. So the more products you bring, the more tickets you get (and the more expensive ones you will get more tickets as well). I was lucky to snag some Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding (WHO in the world would want to swap this!? lol the girl said it was because of the scent which I happen to love!) and this….the Beautiful Curls Curl Activating Cream.

I never really heard any buzz about this product on the internet but I had seen it almost every time I went to Whole Foods and skimmed the natural hair section. I never really had to urge to buy it. It retails for $14 for 8oz. I always saw it in a tub like  I have, but it’s sold in a squeeze tube on their website. I guess the change in packaging may have something to do with it’s semi-liquidy consistency. It is not a buttery type of shea product, it’s smoother and thinner and you have to be kinda careful to not let it drip when you take it out of the tub.


Comfrey Extract, Arnica Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, Agave Extract, Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter, Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Behentrimonium Chloride, Emulsifying Wax, Panthenol, Coconut Oil (and) Raspberry Fruit Extract (and) Ylang Ylang Flower Extract, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

It’s got a few ingredients I have never heard of i.e. comfrey and arnica extracts which are the first ingredients but it doesn’t contain mineral/synthetic oils, is gluten free, vegan, biodegradable, paraben free and has no synthetic fragrances. It has a natural raspberry fruity, herbally scent to it which is unique, I don’t come across many berry scented products often (except for my beloved Oyin Sugar Berries pomade).

Product Description

Rich, creamy emulsion of Certified Fair Trade Shea Butter, herbal extracts and plant gels hydrate and elongate your curls for soft, maximum definition. With natural vitamins for shiny, lustrous, long-lasting curls. Great for finger styling, twist and braid-outs and coiling on naturally curly to kinky hair.

This product kind of let me down, I guess there was a reason I wasn’t pressed to buy it lol. It says it elongates and defines curls and I imagine they mean if you were to wear it for a wash-n-go style but I tested it out for a twist-out. The results were so-so, not the best but not the worst. My hair felt somewhat moisturized, not super defined, even had a little more frizz than I had hoped. It just seemed like the product was missing something. It wasn’t a product that I could make the style last the entire week without having to reapply product, it just didn’t have much hold for me (normally I can just spritz some water and re-twist). I am glad I didn’t dish out $14 for this, maybe the person who brought it to the swap had the same issues. One good thing was I didn’t have to use very much so perhaps I will use this as a last resort when I run out of other products to play with :o)  or maybe I try it for a wash-n-go…

Here’s what I was workin with:

…eh, it’ll do :o)

— Have any of you tried this product or any others from this product line?

5 Responses

  1. I have tried their leave in conditioner ….no bueno left my hair dry 3b4a hair . I’ve tried their hair pomade.. .for the money coconut oil is better. Their pomade does nothing.

  2. I’ve tried this product for wash-n-gos and it didn’t do much for my hair. I took it back to WF.

  3. I actually bought their shampoo, leave-in conditioner, deep conditioner and this curl activating cream. All for curly to kinky hair. All of them don’t have any harmful ingredients and all have shea butter, which is great. I bought all of them in a impulse, so I didn’t do any research before (and even if I did, there’s very little information about them around internet).
    The shampoo really dried out my hair and made lots of knots in it. I have almost te full bottle and have no idea what to do with it =/ Maybe I’ll just give it to my brother.
    For the rest of the products, I didn’t feel much different using them in my hair. The deep conditioner has a great consistency, it’s very much the opposite of the activating cream, but I didn’t feel my hair more moisturized. Same as the deep conditioner, the leave-in conditioner made no difference in my hair.
    Now, I liked the activating cream, I felt like it defined my twists a lot, which I normally have a hard time, specially because I’m still transitioning my hair and this product helped my transitioning part get twisted and held in place.

  4. I’ve used the product before and I was overly excited about it either. I don’t think it would have enough hold for me as a wash-n-go product so I also may be giving it away at a product swap. :0

    • lol I feel you girl, It probably won’t do much for me for a wash-n-go either, oh well lol