Girl Behind the Curl….Jennifer!!

Girl Behind the Curl….Jennifer!!

It is amazing how Instagram has changed the game on how people social network. This beautiful Girl Behind the Curl, was yet another natural hair beauty I met off Instagram. Her twist-outs are damn near perfect in EVERY picture and not to mention, this girl can dress her azz off! A true fashionista (follow her blog!). Check out Miss Jennifer below!

Introduction : : Do share a little about yourself!

My name is Jennifer and I am the creator of the Blank White Frames fashion blog.  I am also a self-proclaimed natural hair lover.

In the beginning : : What inspired you to go embrace your natural-ness? OR If you’ve been natural since forever, what inspired you to never get a perm?

One day two and a half years ago I just decided to stop getting perms.  I had been getting them since I was about 7 and I noticed that my hair never really grew past a certain point.  I think its mostly because I didn’t have the resources to have a professional stylist in my hair as often as I should have.  I decided to transition instead of doing a bit chop which worked best for me.  I also didn’t do any research prior to going natural so it was all a learning experience from day one.  Honestly, going natural was one of the best decisions I could have made for my hair health.

Mane-tain : : What is your weekly/monthly regimen like? If you have color in your hair, how do you maintain it’s health?

I wash my hair weekly with Shea Moisture shampoo and condition with Suave Naturals conditioner.  If time allows, I always try my best to deep condition with a plastic cap and hood dryer. I do not have color in my hair but have been toying with the idea.  I would love to go lighter, we’ll see.  As far as overall hair health, put very minimal heat on my hair, and I try to get a trim every 3-4 months just to get rid of any split ends.  I always try to keep moisture in my hair, either from a leave in conditioner or just plain old water from my trusty spray bottle.

Your uniqueness : : How would describe your hair and how do you like to wear/style your hair daily? i.e. wash-n-go’s, twists, straight, protective styles, etc.

I would say I have a classic twist out fro.  I have always loved the idea of big hair so for me the bigger the better.  I almost always have a twist out but sometimes will rock a wash n go.  I get a lot of questions about how I maintain my twist outs and I retwist them every night with a spritz of water.  I know that manipulating your hair so often is a no no, but its either that or have great hair for about 2 days and a hot mess for the rest of the week.

Choosing favorites : : What are some fav products you can’t live without or would recommend to someone else? How do you use them?

I LOVE the entire Shea Moisture line.  I use the entire product line from shampoo to styling creams and love it.  My favorite has been the deep treatment masque for twistouts.  It really coats my hair and leaves it feeling well moisturized.  For my wash n gos, although it’s a little pricey, I love the Kinky Curly Knot Today in combo with the custard.  It does leave my hair a little crunchy but it holds my curls.  I am still on a mission to find something that holds my natural curl but doesn’t leave it so crunchy.

Drop some knowledge : : Do you have an awesome hair practice/technique you’ve learned and wouldn’t mind sharing? OR is there something you’d like to learn more about?

Well, everything that I have learned I learned via YouTube and personal blogs.  I have gotten a LOT of useful information from the Fabulous and Frugal blog,, as well as the Naptual85 YouTube channel, I LOVE her.  I actually use her twist out method for my 2 strand twists that I love.

Shameless plug : : Do you have a hustle you’d like to share while you have the floor? i.e. business, project, etc.

Nothing yet, but I would love for your readers to stop by my blog and follow me if they love it.

K.I.T. : : How can we stay connected with you? i.e. website, e-mail, social media, etc.

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  1. Hello there! This is Leslie Fuller owner of Bagadocious. I was one of the sponsors for Tootsies Dallas Blogger Contest yesterday. I was going over the Tootsie site and saw that you won last year! That is great. I also saw your blog page and the sunflowers! That is in my area! I am also a natural hair woman and could use some tips on the mop I have. My mom is afroasian and I got some crazy apposing hair types on my head. The majority of my hair is only wavy and the back is curly. I have tried many curl products and have come up short. I have to result to flat ironing my hair which of course keeps it from curling when I want to wear it natural. Help!