Ayurvedic Treatment…..Neem!!

Ayurvedic Treatment…..Neem!!

*peeks head around corner*

Hi…um…anybody there??

I know I know, I haven’t been blogging. Life happens and we have to tend to our priorities. Hate me or love me, whatever will be, will be :o)

I’m going to just jump right in…

So you know I LOVE ayurveda, so I wanted to devote this post to neem powder! I used the Hesh brand powder that you can get from local Indian markets for about $3.

The main reasons this little gift from the earth are that It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxident and anti-inflammatory so it is a great treatment for the scalp. This is the primary reason why I use it, my scalp. My scalp creates build-up quite rapidly so I really have to make sure I cleanse and clarify my scalp often (once a week usually does it). I have found that ayurveda powders have worked best for that. A clean, clear scalp will encourage healthy hair growth. Also, fungi and bacteria on the scalp can clog your roots and cause other issues which can ultimately lead to hair loss. Not fun. Neem also contains aminos (proteins) so it helps strengthen hair and is great for relieving itchy, dry scalp. It’s just an overall great treatment for your scalp, even if you don’t have any issues with it, it just encourages over all health.

This last time I used the powder, I made the paste by adding peppermint tea instead of plain water like I normally do. I went through an obsessive phase of drinking peppermint tea so I had a bunch of tea bags to spare lol besides the delectable scent of peppermint, it is great for adding shine, conditions hair and makes it more vibrant. I saved a little of the tea to do a rinse at the end!

The powder itself is green in color, being that the powder is made from the green leaves of a neem tree. I think adding the peppermint tea made it even greener. It is kind of nasty looking if you ask me lol. The smell isn’t too bad, very earthy/herbal/plant-like. The peppermint tea made it a bit more pleasant. Peep the spatula lol I was paranoid after learning about using metal with the bentonite clay lol.

As with all my messy treatments. I apply my hair in small sections to ensure full coverage and leave it on for about 30-45 mins. Check out the flicks.

Gotta love the application of hair treatments…..

So after I let the paste nourish my hair under a plastic cap, I rinse really, really well until the water runs clear and follow-up a conditioner and BAM, super soft, strong, non-shedding, healthy-scalp having head of hair! Doesn’t do much for de-frizzing or curl definition but hey, nothing is perfect lol

I’m way due for a trim btw…

— what are your fav ayurvedic powders?

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    • I wouldn’t use conditioner as the main ingredient you mix it with, I usually stick with tea or coconut milk. I do however, add a little conditioner for consistency sometimes. It makes the powders so much smoother. I also make sure I used all natural conditioners. Hope this helps!

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  2. I was wondering….how did you mix the neem and peppermint tea, meaning how much of each did you use to get the consistency you got? I tried neem powder once before and it was extremely gritty and rubbing my scalp irritated it. I have a very dry itchy scalp and hair has low porosity. I too live in Md, my hair is natural and I have lots of it but I’ve been experiencing lots of shedding, breakage, thinning, and the hair on my left side tends to not be as healthy as the hair on the right side of my head…go figure. I need a healthy scalp so my hair can get back to really growing again. Every thing lately seems to be irritating it, ex: unrefined coconut oil, EVOO. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Janelle! I steep about 2 peppermint tea bags in about 2.5 cups of water which will give you more than you will actually need. I just stir in little tea at a time to the powder until I get the consistency I’m looking for. I tend to go for pancake batter consistency. If its too thick, you can always add more tea as you go. Some powders are finer that others and it could also depend on the brand you use. Higher quality brands will give you finer powders and that may help with the gritty and abrasiveness. I had the same issue as you with shikakai powder so I don’t leave it in as long and make sure I don’t get rub or get much on my scalp. If you still have problems with neem, there are a bunch of other powders that work great :o) try brahmi or amla! Do you sleep on your left side? It seems like something you may be using is causing your scalp to act up. What other products are you currently using?

  3. I like Karishma Henna. It has Amla, shakakai, aritha, bharingraj & other herbs. I’ve just recently tried Jamila Henna and this brand definitely loosened my curl pattern. My hair usually shrinks within an inch of my scalp. After using Jamila, my hair didn’t shrink as much. I didn’t experience any shrinking with the Karishma Henna, probably because it contains amla- which is curl enhancing. Of the two I prefer the Karishma because I liked the way my scalp felt after the treatment. My usually itchy scalp felt good-, clean with no itching. And there was no shedding, my hair felt strong. Both times I added 1 tbs of clove powder, that gave the henna treatments a pleasant spicy smell. Just a note, I’ve only used henna twice.

    • Ooo Karishma sounds like ayurveda heaven! It has all the goodies in one treatment. Thats probably why your scalp felt so good because those herbs are miracles for the scalp, I dont think Henna alone does much for the scalp. I am aching to try cassia since it supposedly has the same benefits of henna but without the color commitment! lol What does the clove powder do??

  4. Thanks…I will try the Ayurvedic treatments. I bought some powders a while back and use them a few times, but I’m going to go back to trying them. Do you use them every week? I also bought some Bentonite clay and tried that a few weeks ago. I read one of your post about that too.

    • Hey Marcia! I do try to do an ayurvedic treatment every week. I have been slacking a bit lately and my scalp knows it, if I don’t do it for awhile my scalp starts acting funky again (ithcy with buildup). Bentonite is awesome!!!!

  5. Thanks for your response…My scalp is trippin…it is now dry,and itchy and it seems that it is retaining buildup. (I didn’t have this issue in the winter or spring) I’ve switched to all natural products, oils and butters and my hair is great–but my scalp is acting out. I’ve been oiling my scalp, but I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, because the oil just sits there. I wash weekly. Any advice would be great!!

    • It’s most likely from oiling your scalp! I went through the same thing. I oiled my scalp because it was dry and flaky and it actually got worse. I found that keeping my scalp clean and clear worked so much better along with Ayurvedic treatments. Try skipping the scalp oiling and see if it improves.

  6. i have this under my sink and i’ve got to try it. do you trim yourself or go somewhere to get it trimmed?

  7. Wow, I just bought some neem oil to use for my scalp issues, however the smell is awful. Does the powder leave a smell after you rinse it?

    • Yea ayurveda products aren’t exactly the best in the smell category lol but no the paste does not leave an odor in your hair! Even if it did, it would be masked by whatever conditioner or product you use! What type of scalp issues are you experiencing?

    • I’m still scared of henna lol I keep saying I will try cassia instead and I’ll add hibiscus to the list too!