Detox with Bentonite Clay

Detox with Bentonite Clay

I have a confession…

I have kept a secret from you all and decided to come clean….I have been using bentonite clay for 4 years and it’s been giving me BANGIN hair ever since… I know I know, should have been up front with you sooner… please still like me :o((

lol just playin, well not really, I have been using this AMAZING clay. The results of treatments are phenomenal. I was first introduced to this clay back when I was stalking Fotki hair photo albums (do people still use those??). I can’t remember who, but I saw a girl use it as a hair mask and she was ranting about how it made her hair so clean, soft and defined. I used this treatment about 3 times a month for about a year and my hair was probably the healthiest it had ever been...oh how I miss those days lol I’ll get there again ;o)

I discovered that this clay was sold at Whole Foods for less than $10 for an entire pound (It’s usually sold in the facial care section). The brand I use is Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay which is actually intended to be used as a facial mask (which is EXCELLENT for oily skin btw) In a nut shell, bentonite is a natural occurring green clay derived from volcanic ash and its super magical powers come from trace minerals like aluminum, iron, sodium, calcium, titanium but the main ones are:

  • Magnesium –It is a very necessary mineral in the body so cells in the body can survive. It is an anti-aging mineral used by the cells to function and produce energy. It rejuvenates and detoxifies the cells. Thus, without these minerals, the hair is not capable of growing and it becomes dull.
  • Potassium –This is the mineral that transport cellular wastes into the external surface so it will be washed away. Without this, the wastes build up, causing the cells to malfunction and will not be able to produce more cells. With potassium, the hair becomes healthy and supple making it resistant to breakage and split ends.
  • Silica– If silica is deficient, the hair becomes lifeless and dull, prone to split ends and the scalp turns dry for it aids in moisture retention. When the natural moisture is retained in the body, the connective tissues become resilient so, pre-mature aging possibility is hindered. Thus, silica can provide strength to the hair, stops hair fall and hair breakage.


So I’m sure by now you’re like, what is so special about this daggone clay, well it cleanses, conditions and clarifies your scalp like no other. It literally sucks out all impurities, toxins, dirt, excess oil and restores your scalp back to “normal”. It’s anti-fungal and relieves itchy scalps. It’s like a magnet, it just attracts everything “bad” going on in your hair lol (this is why it is so good for your face) The best part is it is not drying and actually conditions your hair making it more manageable, soft and light. I’ve noticed my curls stay defined longer and even a little more elongated.

NOTE: Yes I have tried the Terresentials mud wash (it’s still sitting in my shower) that Naptural85 made famous. Although the mud wash smells great and works well, the main ingredients are simply aloe vera juice, bentonite clay and essentials oils….all of which I have. So I will use up the wash that I have and just continue make my own “mud wash”. It is WAY cheaper too…

So I mix my powder with apple cider vinegar (ACV) and water. It fizzles like soda when you mix it hehe fun stuff. I recently tried Aloe vera juice with a few drops of essential oils after one of my twitter curlfriends suggested it. The great thing about this clay is you can mix it with a bunch of things i.e. coconut milk, marshmallow root, conditioner, yogurt, tea, etc. I have yet to try any of these but I certainly plan to.

Oh and I read somewhere that you should NOT use a metal spoon or bowl to mix. I guess the properties of the metal interact with the clay minerals and decrease the potency. Clearly I used a metal spoon…oops…

You can apply the paste on dry or wet hair but I prefer wet because the water helps distribute the paste better. I keep my spritzer bottle at hand and spray each section as I go. I tend to go a little heavy with the application and make sure I really cover my scalp and message it in. I am sure my excessiveness is just wasteful but I’ve always done it this way lol Oh and thank goodness I have an understanding/non-judgemental boyfriend because I know I look craaaaazay.

See exhibit A….

Such a mess, I’m a big azz kid, I like to play with mud haha I’m sure you can do a better job at keeping it on just your hair and not all over the place like me :o)

Told you I’m a little heavy handed lol ever seen Link in that movie Encino Man….? lol

I leave the clay in for up to 60 mins but you can leave it in for as little as 15-20. Rinsing out the clay is surprisingly a breeze, even after the clay starts to dry. It softens up almost on contact with water. But be sure you rinse really well because I’ve missed a couple spots and had little dried up patches of clay on my scalp lol cuuuute

Once you rinse, rinse, rinse, you’ll notice how incredibly soft your hair is. Some curlies even skip the conditioner BUT if you’re a product junkie like me, you don’t miss out on any opportunity to use your fav conditioner lol

If you are skeptical about this treatment, TRY IT. Your hair will LOVE it :o) Thank me later..












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  1. Hi Lauren, I found your review while googling for Bentonite clay reviews. I loved your review ! I’ll definitely buy this!!! Thanks! And BTW your hair is sooo beautiful! I wish I had hair like yours!! :)

    • Hi Marilina!! Please forgive me for just replying back to you! I totally thought I did but I just realized I didn’t :o( so sorry!! I am so glad you found me and also found bentonite clay! I LOVE it so much! I actually just bought some more myself hehe and thank you so much for your kind words about my hair! I hope you love your hair even more after you use the clay (which you probably have by now! lol ) Let me know what you thought of it!

  2. Hello there….just reading your post *Sept 2013. I too have tried clay in my hair in the past but did not keep up with it. However, my interest resurfaced after seeing the results from other users. It’s been 2 years since I cut off all my relaxed hair. My natural hair is now shoulder length, thanks to all the natural herbal ingredients I have been using on my hair consistently. However, no matter what I tried I could not achieve a satisfactory twist out style. Something was misssing….. I used the clay yesterday, as you suggested, and for the first time my twist outs finally worked! My twist out looks awesome! The clay transformed my hair into soft, supple, weighted and pliable hair! My plan is to use clay consistently from now on to wash and condition my hair. My expectations moving forward: to get healthy, faster GROWTH and GIRTH! I will accomplish this by STEAMING natural oils, herbs and clay deep into my tresses on a regular basis. Don’t neglect STEAMING ladies, the goal is to get all the herbal goodness deep into the strands and scalp, not just layered on the surface!
    For enhanced,additional benefit, cover your hair with a plastic cap every night to create a sauna (green house effect) for your tresses while you sleep. This my friends, is THE SECRET – and only way – to grow afro textured curly hair successfully! Good luck!


    • I told ya this clay is amazing! I am so glad you have gotten great results from it! It’s nothing like finding something that makes you love your hair (and yourself!) more :o) I really need to try rhassoul still. I haven’t tried that one yet. Steaming IS amazing as well! I really need to invest and get my own. Ill just stick to the Greenhouse Effect until then lol When you say steam oils in your hair, how do you do that? Do you use an actual steamer and put the oils in the water?

      • Hi Lauren, steaming the oils into the hair can be done with a commercial hair steamer or a steam cap. The greenhouse effect is an excellent way to make it happen….and that’s keeping it simple! In addition, I also injest clay 2x/day to remove internal toxins…LIFE CHANGING!

          • Hello! No I have never ingested the clay, although I have heard of the benefits of taking clay internally. I am not sure if this particular clay is a grade that can be ingested since it is marketed for external use. Have you ever done it?!

  3. Lauren, I’m doing a bentonite clay mask for my face and just googled Bentonite clay metal your post popped right up! I was like, “I know her blog!!” LOL!! Anywho, love this post! I haven’t done a bentonite clay mask in a long time and only did it once or twice when I did a few years ago. But, I’ve used the Terressential Mud Wash and came to the same conclusions as you … I can make it myself for far cheaper. I even bought Marshmallow Root and Nettle months and months ago to make it. They are still unopened. LOL!! I think I might try making my own in a week or two … FINALLY. But, in the interim, was wondering if I could share your post here on my site? Let me know! You can shoot me an email at hairscapades (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested!!


    • Hey Shelli!! :o)

      Yes the clay masks are WONDERFUL for the face! I keep telling myself to use it for my face regularly too lol I was just thinking about it the other day myself. I need to stop being lazy! I will have to buy some marshmallow root and nettle and try that. Did you use nettle extract? Where’d you buy it from? Go head and crack open those bottles girl!!

      And feel free to post this on your site! Just link back to me if you don’t mind :o)

      • I’m baaaaaaack!! LOL!!! Of COURSE I’ll link back to you!!!! Your name and blog will be linked right under the first pic! And girl … I haven’t used either the nettle or the marshmallow root at all ever!! DOH!! I have just read that they are good slip agents and for hair generally! I’ll let you know how they work out! As to where I bought them, my local health food store carries all kinds of goodies:).

  4. Hello Your hair and skin is beautiful. I have that clay, acv, and aloe vera juice at home, will that clay mixture fade acne blemishes? You say you have used it for 4 years how long did it take for you to see results?

    • Thank you!! It’s amazing to get a compliment on my skin because I have super troubled skin. I have been battling oily, acne prone skin my whole life! The clay mixture definitely helps get rid of pimples because it draws out all of the impurities from your face. But keep in mind that since it is drawing out impurities, you may have new blemished appear because it is basically your skins way of “detoxing” everything out of your skin but if you use the clay consistently your skin will stay clear. It’s one of those “it has to get worse before it gets better” type things.

      As far as results, I noticed my skin felt amazing right away but I have to do the mask weekly to keep my skin clear. I do get lazy at times and don’t do every week and my skin definitely suffers from it. But It’s definitely a mask that you will get instant results as far as smoother, softer skin :o)

      • hello. i have a skin question. if i use the bentonite clay it will get rid of acne all by itself no needfor something more.? i dont need those 3 steps with with saly acid cleanser, toner, and ben peroxide lotion? is it very drying that i will need a moisturrizer ? thank you!

        • Hey! I’m not really in a position to say if it will or will not for you but in my own experience it has been extremely helpful with detoxing my face. I wouldn’t say its and end all be all that everything you need because it a more of a treatment than and wry day skin care thing. I use it every now and then along with cleaning daily and using a witch hazel toner. If yiu have very sensitive skin it my be a bit harsh. Red Moroccan clay is a good alternative!

  5. Hey you are making a mistake by using the metal spoon in the mixture. You should either use a rubber spatula or your finger to mix. The metal reacts with the properties in the clay.

  6. I’ve never tried the clay, but I did just get Terresentials and I like it. This is definitely a cheaper alternative.

  7. Love your blog.. I’ve read every single post. Great timing… I actually have a jar that I purchased a while ago but never used (recovering PJ)… do you mix it when using it as a face mask? I have oily skin so I’d like to try it out.

  8. Thanks for the info. I looked at the same clay yesterday at Whole Foods. I will be going back to get it. Your hair is beautiful!!!

    • YES go get it! use it for your face too :o) and thank you kindly for your words!