Essential Oils for Scalp and Hair

Essential Oils for Scalp and Hair


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I love essential oils (EO), they are one of the many gifts God has given us….well, the plants and herbs they are derived from are the gifts technically :o) EO’s have been used as home remedies for years and can treat almost any ailment you can think of. Of course I’ll be focusing on hair health. You probably see them listed in your favorite products ALL the time. There are just SO many uses for them and SO many to choose from. They add a boost to almost anything you put them in. The oils work best when absorbed directly into your skin/scalp. Applying EO’s just to your hair limits the benefits they have for your scalp (healthy scalp = healthy hair that grows). Below are a few benefits of EO’s when used for healthy hair.

  • Help alleviate skin/scalp conditions
  • Stimulate sebaceous glands in scalp
  • Balances sebaceous glands in scalp (i.e. brings over or under oily scalps back to normal)
  • Minimize dandruff
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Treats alopecia

Essential oils are VERY potent so you shouldn’t apply them directly to your scalp without diluting them with something. If you want to create your own oil therapy mixture, you must use a “carrier oil” (I’ll talk about these in a sec) or you can add a few drops to the following:

  • Your fav shampoo or conditioner
  • Spritzer bottle (i.e. water, aloe vera juice)
  • The water in your steamer
  • Hot oil treatments
  • Hair butters
  • Ayurveda treatments

If you’re like me, you’re like “uhhhh where do I start, there are too many”. I really got in to EO’s because I was losing my hair and started Googling home remedies. The common theme I discovered was EO’s.

*****SIDEBAR: I did NOT talk to a physician about my hair loss. Yea I probably could have but I had just lost my mother and was stressed/depressed so I was pretty sure that had a LOT to do with my hair loss. I never suffered hair loss until right after she passed. I told myself that if I did not see improvements after using the EOs for a few months, I would visit my doctor. I saw improvements :o)

Any who, there’s typically four categories in regards to hair loss/growth usage. To summarize the four categories, they are:

  • Stimulating (increasing cellular metabolism and/or new cell generation)
  • Nutritive (offering vitamins, other co-factors and essential fats necessary for healthy follicle function),
  • Balancing (returns over-oily or over-dry skin to a balanced state, balances over- or under-active hormones at a cellular level, and/or reduces excess inflammation from any number or sources)
  • Immune-supportive (heal scalp/skin infections that may inhibit optimal

I came up with a concoction to treat my hair loss and applied my mixture directly to my scalp every other day for about 2 months consistently. When I did this, I had to wash my hair more frequent because I didn’t want all the oil to clog my pores. I know that seems sort of contradictory but remember, too much of a good thing isn’t always good. If I keep my scalp clean and clear, the EO’s can absorb better. My hair has started to grow back but since I am doing ayurvedic treatments more often, I don’t need to do this oil therapy as often, especially since it is the summer time. I prefer to do the oil treatments in the winter when my scalp gets dry.

Here’s the oils I used, which have all been known to help grow hair and reduce hair loss. I mixed these with a carrier oil mixture of EVOO, grapeseed, jojoba and a teeny bit of castor. I bought all my EO’s from Camden-Grey. PLEASE do your own research before you use EO’s because some have health risks (just like any medicinal treatment would)

  • Rosemary — Stimulating, rejuvenates hair follicles, cleanses and restores sebum levels to normal ***Should NOT be used by women who are pregnant
  • Myrtle — Astringent, Anti-bacterial, Antiseptic
  • Cedarwood — Antiseptic, balances sebum
  • Thyme — Tonic for scalp, Antiseptic
  • Tea Tree — Anti-bacterial, Antiseptic
  • Lavender — Balancing,  antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerative

I mentioned before that EO’s are extremely potent and you must use a carrier oil. Carriers dilute the EO and “carry” the EO’s into your skin. Here are some popular carrier oils, many of which you probably already use :o)

  • Sweet almond
  • Avocado
  • Coconut
  • Olive
  • Hempseed
  • Grapeseed
  • Castor
  • Cocoa butter
  • Argan
  • Jojoba
  • Sesame
  • Sunflower
  • Shea butter

So that’s my abbreviated overview of essential oils!

— Which essential oils are your fave and you do you use them!?

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  2. How many Carrier oils can you mix together. Eg: i was thinking about mixing my olive oil and argan oil together but i’m not sure if thats a good idea! is it okay to mix them?

    • I dont think there is a limit on how mail oils you can mix but you will be fine with olive and argan. I have made a mixutre with olive, castor, grapeseed and jojoba so you should be fine :o) i’ve never used argan oil surprisingly, since I see it everywhere!