The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect

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Every now and then I like to do this thing I discovered by stalking other natural hair bloggers lol. It’s called “the Greenhouse Effect” NOTE: this is NOT the same thing as the baggy method! In a nutshell, it is a moisture infusing treatment that works with just 3 things: 1) a plastic shower cap (or plastic bag or saran wrap) 2) an oil of choice and 3) the heat from your head!

So we know our body temperature drastically rises at night and it is also the time where our skin, scalp, organs, etc. rest and rejuvenate, so night time is the optimal time to do this treatment. The heat from your head in conjunction with the plastic bag creates a moist, steamy environment that locks moisture in your hair. The oil coating will seal in the moisture. It’s sort of like a mini-steam treatment! Some naturals like to sleep with a beanie/winter hat over their scarf to create  even more heat/steam but if you’re like me and produce heat easily, you probably don’t need to do that.

There are many variations of this method and I believe it was created by the owner of a site called She goes into more detail on her regimen (with Q’s & A’s) and how it helped her gain an average of 1 inch of growth per month by doing this 5 nights a week and washing once a month. I personally wouldn’t recommend doing this every night because I feel you need to allow your hair and scalp to breathe. You also don’t want your hair to be wet all the time because that can cause bacteria growth, mushy hair and a host of other problems I imagine (another reason I do this before I wash). The Real Queens site owner also notes that she doesn’t get hot or sweat easily which also may be why she can do it every night. Me on the other hand, I sweat lol. If you’d like to try this, maybe start with once a week and build up from there to see what works for you. I do this treatment 2-3 times a month on the night before I wash.

Here’s what I do: I heavily coat my hair with an oil (usually my beloved coconut, EVOO or castor) I twist my hair in 6 loose twists and pin them down loosely to my head. I only do this because I have a lot of thick hair and I want it to fit under the shower cap lol I also make the twists loose so that the moisture can reach the inner parts of my hair. I put the shower cap over my hair, tie a scarf over it to keep it in place (and minimize some of the crunchiness from the bag lol). After that….I go to sleep!

When you take off the plastic cap in the morning, your hair (mostly the scalp) will be damp but really soft and moisturized! Some have contributed major hair growth due to regular use of this treatment. This isn’t why I do it but hey, I’m down for whatever helps growth. As I mentioned before, I do this on the nights before I am going to wash/co-wash because my hair will be wet, sweaty, shrunken and oily lol.

If you have dry hair, give this treatment a try a few times a month and see if it helps!

— Have you tried this moisture treatment? Have you created your own variation of it? Do share!

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  2. I have used this method and this does work but my only problem is my head is starting to itch a whole lot and mind you I didn’t have dandruff. O think I might be over doing it because I usually do it the whole week. Well now I’m definitely slowing down to once a week. Good luck

    • Hmm, yea the itch may be from over doing it plus I have this fear of bacteria or something growing on my scalp since this keeps your scalp moist so don’t go too long without washing so tht itch doesn’t turn into something else! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  3. I started it 2weeks ago just the next day after I relaxed my hair, have been I doing it almost everyday and have seen major growth in fact the undergrowth started sprouting up after the third night! I really love how my hair feels now. It’s awesome!

    • WOW!!! That’s amazing!! I’m so happy to hear that this works for you!! Thanks for sharing this inspiration :o)

  4. I have been trying it now for 3 weeks for almost every night bcos I never sweat. It works. It leaves your hair so soft in the morning. I am going through a transitioning stage. No perm for 6 mths yeah.

    • Hi!! I can’t really say I have seen growth from just this treatment but I can say my hair has grown from a combination of all the things I do to take care of my hair. I definitely can attribute my hair staying moisturized for longer amounts of time because of the greenhouse effect. I will do more of these during the winter months since its so dry where I live!