Deep Condition Treatment : : Coconut Milk, Honey and EVOO

Deep Condition Treatment : : Coconut Milk, Honey and EVOO

So my obsession with coconuts naturally meant I’d try coconut milk in my hair some type of way. We know the many benefits of anything coconut so I figured the milk would be interesting to try. I went to my local Whole Foods and picked up some 100% pure organic coconut milk. I googled around the web to see what could be mixed with the milk and I decided to use honey as a humectant and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as a sealant.

Since coconut milk is a protein, it will help strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Using it as a DC really helped soften my hair as well. I also found out that it helps with hair shed, hair loss and dandruff so I made sure I rubbed the treatment into my scalp when applying it.

I made my concoction by putting all the ingredients in a blender (the coconut milk separates) but clearly this was a genius mistake, that I won’t be doing again, because it made an extremely watery mixture… #dontjudgeme I think I’ll use a whisk next time! anwho, I still managed to be able to apply the mixture to my hair. I put a plastic cap over my hair and let it sit for about an hour. It was not a pleasant experience because that stuff dripped like no other!! It definitely had to do with the fact that I blended it and I also think I put a little bit too much EVOO. I had to wrap a towel around my head to catch the drips and also one on my shoulders. It wasn’t fun. Lesson learned… I mean, It is a milk so it was bound to be liquidy but I think I made it worse lol. I read that some people use cornstarch to thicken it up a bit. Regardless, I made it through and finally rinsed it out. Check out the results below.

The main thing I could definitely see was an improvement in the elasticity of my hair. My curls were shiny, soft and springy. I may add coconut milk rotation but I will most likely experiment using it in different ways. Not sure if I was feeling the EVOO. My hair doesn’t really take to EVOO very well :o(  Lots of naturals just mix in the coconut milk with any of their other conditioners, so you don’t have to use it by itself. When I try this again I will be sure to post the results!

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  1. I used this mixture as well only in the shower tho because it is messy had excellent results too.

    • So sorry for the super delay in replying (haven’t been active on here in awhile!) but my apologies for not including the proportions. I most likely used the majority of the coconut milk, maybe 3-4 tablespoons of honey and a little olive oil. Too much oil would make it very runny and messy. I hope this helps!

  2. Hi, how often should you do this deep conditioner? My hair is a 4c,very course. What is your hair routine?

    • Hi Yolanda! I would recommend doing some type of deep conditioning treatment at least 3x a month. I have been doing one almost every week since I have been trying to nourish my hair back to health since I damaged it by coloring it myself. Check out my Regimen page for my hair routine :o)