Hair Steam Treatment

Hair Steam Treatment

A couple of weekends ago I borrowed my friend/neighbor Fleurzty’s hair steamer and I loved the results!! This was my second ever steam treatment of life! I am not doing a review on the actual steamer since it was not mine, but I will discuss the benefits of steam treatments in general and how I liked the experience.

As I always mention, I have low porosity hair so steam treatments work wonders! It opens up your hair cuticle so that your hair can absorb moisture and makes your conditioner more effective. When I did the treatment, I added some rosemary, lavender and tea tree oil to the water for an even BETTER steam experience. It smelt soooo wonderful. It was like an aroma therapy hair moisturizing deep conditioning treatment in one lol

I washed my hair and then applied Oyin Handmade’s Honey Hemp Conditioner (review on this BOMB conditioner soon!) and sat under the steamer for about 30 mins. My hair absorbed that conditioner right up! That stuff went in like a vacuum haha It felt so soft, shiny and stronger due to the improvement of my hair’s elasticity. Some folks like to also apply an oil to their hair prior to steaming to really lock in the moisture. I will try that next time I can get my hands on a steamer hehe…

I also really loved the treatment because it also increases the blood flow to your scalp and I also learned that steaming can help you detoxify and clarify your scalp. The pores on your scalp will be open, so any excess dirt/oil will be released. Unclogged pores on your scalp means healthier environment for hair to groooow!

ManI really wish I owned a steamer that I could use every week lol hopefully Flo won’t get mad at me when I knock on her door to borrow it again hehe :o)) Randomly….this made me miss when I did Bikram Yoga….that hot, steamy, sweaty room does wonders for dry hair lol guess I need to just invest in one… *sigh*

I don’t have any pics of how my hair looked wet immediately after the treatment but here’s some the next couple of days after I styled it, etc. My curls were bouncy and soft for quite a few days after the treatment!

— Do you own a steamer? Do you have any other methods of “steaming” your hair?!

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    • Hello!!

      I wouldn’t really put the QRedew in the same category as steamers that you do treatments with like this one. It’s sort of in a category of its own. The only at-home steamer I’ve ever used is the Heautiful Hair Steamer which I liked. Other than that, I’ve only had salon steam treatments. Good luck!!

    • Girl I just saw the little gravitar by your name and realized it was you! Hey girl!!! lol

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