The Cherry Lola Treatment

The Cherry Lola Treatment

So I love making hair treatments using stuff you can eat lol and I had seen this awesome treatment around the net and I figured I’d give it a shot. I first saw it on Elle’s Quest for the Perfect Curl blog and decided I’d do some googling and found out that it was a fluke concoction created by another blogger named Cherry Lola! Check out the link to see her take on the treatment and how she randomly came up with this.

So when I first heard the name “Cherry Lola” I was like, oooo that sounds like it would be some yummy, super fruity, juicy treatment….boy was I wrong lol. This treatment consists of 3 ingredients (far from yummy and juicy): Plain yogurt, liquid aminos and baking soda. I was shocked but none the less intrigued at the same time. I figured I’d still give it a shot.

The Cherry Lola Treatment (CLT) is a protein treatment that is supposed to reduce frizz and define your curls…and let me tell you, that’s exactly what it did! I really love this treatment!! Although, CL’s site goes into greater detail on how this treatment works, I’ll break it down briefly here.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 16oz Yogurt (plain; full fat) **I used low-fat since that was all I could find
  • 2 tbsp Liquid Aminos (Yes, the kind you use to season food; I used Braggs which you can find at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s; Do NOT use soy sauce!)
  • 2 tbsp Baking Soda (any brand will do)
  • I added a little bit of honey just because….it wasn’t in the original recipe though :o)

Ok so we know our hair is made up of proteins and the building blocks of proteins are amino acids—this is where the Liquid Aminos comes in. Yes, Liquid Aminos is used as a soy sauce substitute but you do not want to use soy cause because it is fermented and has added sugars, preservatives, coloring, etc. The yogurt is used for more protein and conditioning and the baking soda is used to make your hair more porous due to its higher pH.

I got a bowl and put the yogurt and the liquid aminos in and mixed them together. Then I added the baking soda….the mixture started foaming up a bit, that was fun to watch lol. The consistency is thick, frothy and gritty.

So I sectioned my hair in about 8 parts and applied the CLT generously from root to end on DRY hair making sure every strand is covered. Ok this was the less favorable part lol the smell…was…a bit funky. I mean it smelt kinda like salty stir fry lol. Oh well, I sucked it up and let the treatment sit on my hair for about 30 mins under a cap so it wouldn’t drip or run (even though it did, probably the heat from my head made it liquify more). One thing that kind of freaked me out a bit was after awhile, the mixture started to give off an ammonia-like smell. I was like OMG! Flash backs of getting a relaxer!! lol I am not sure exactly what components made the smell come off but I am pretty sure it had to do with the baking soda. It did not harm my hair or anything like that so I am not worried about it.

Here’s the CLT applied to my hair:

Now, Cherry Lola advises that you rinse the CLT out with a bowl of water so that you don’t disturb the curl pattern but I didn’t do that and I hopped in the shower and rinsed normally. Maybe next time I’ll try that…

I must say I am really pleased with the results! My definitely felt more defined, softer and shinier! Once thing I also noticed was that my roots were more defined (as Cherry Lola mentioned that hers were). Usually my roots are thick, fluffy and undefined but this treatment helped alleviate that. I also noticed that my curls were clumped a bit more as well. I definitely will try this again when my hair needs a dose of protein and my curls need to be re-defined :o)

***I am NOT naked!!! I have a towel on!! Get ya mind right…..

Interested in trying the Cherry Lola? Here’s a couple helpful links if you want to give it a try!

YouTube tutorials by Cherry Lola herself

NaturallyCurly thread dedicated to the CLT

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  1. Do I wash my hair before is use the CLT? I had plan on washing and conditioning my hair tonight, then using the CLT?

    • Hey there, you can do it on dirty or clean hair. The baking soda helps clean your hair.

  2. hello ! I really like your hair , and I wanna do the CL treatment too, but I can’t find the liquid aminos in India, Is there any substitute for that ?

    • Thanks!! I’m sorry you can’t find it in India, do you have the capability to order it online and have it shipped? I don’t know of any alternatives unfortunately :o(

    • Hello! I don’t do it too often, only when I feel like my hair is a bit brittle and needs a boost. Since this is protein treatment, I don’t need it too often. I would say I only do it a couple times a year. Again, this is just me, it is safe to do it more often as needed though! Enjoy :o)

    • Hello! You can find them in most grocery stores in the organic/health food sections. You can definitely find it at Whole Foods. Check where the oils or seasonings may be. Good luck!

      • The vitamin Shoppe sells it. You might also find it wherever you find soy sauce, (try the soy sauce area of the health foods section at your grocery store)

  3. I did the MHM with my spin on the Cherry Lola treatment, my hair feels and looks amazing. Thanks for the tips. Brownspice_40

  4. Hi
    Your hair is beautiful……what is your hair type?…..I know everyone’s results may be different but, I’m a 4c and I have never seen a 4c do the CLT

  5. Ok. My hairstylist puts a “mini amino” on my relaxed hair approximately every three months. I’m wondering if this treatment is ok to use with a relaxer saving my lots of $.

    • Hello! I am not sure if it would be safe, you may want to let your stylist know you’d like to try this home treatment, and see if they know if any of the ingredients would cause any adverse reaction. Or you can find out the ingredients in what your stylist uses and then do some research on your own. Since your hair is relaxed, I have no idea how this treatment will work either, I’m sorry!

    • Hello! I am not sure as I’ve never tried those. But I imagine if you can take it internally, it would be safe in your hair, but I don’t know if the benefits are the same. I would just double check the ingredients and see if they match the liquid aminos I have mentioned in this post. Hope that helped a lil bit! :o)

  6. I tried it last nite and I loved how my hair came out. I had just taken out weave so I didn’t leave it on long as there was a lot of shedding and I was afraid it would break. Needless to say it didn’t. My hair came out a little softer with more defined curls. I am hoping to do it again in about two weeks. Thanks

    • Isn’t it great?! I think I’m due for one soon too. Thanks for sharing your success! :o)))

  7. Can soy-milk be used in place of the aminos? I live in Nassau and I can only find the gallon bottle of the aminos. So I’m in need of a good supplement.

    • Hello! Aww one of my best friends name is Bevan :o) your email address made me smile…. any who, I think the aminos are what kind of make the Cherry Lola the “Cherry Lola” because it’s basically proteins in their “raw” form so to speak. I am sure you could get some benefit of using soy milk (make sure it’s pure, no additives or sugars, etc.) but I probably wouldn’t be as effective as the aminos plus you already have the yogurt which I would put in the same category as the soy milk. Have you tried to buy the aminos online?

      • Yeah I love my surname, thanks for your response. I’d have to wait till I visit the states because ordering online would still b expensive because of duty. :(

      • So I used the egg whites & only a 6oz container of Greek plain yogurt & my result was very soft hair. I was really surprised as I’ve been having a hard time finding products for my 4c hair. Let me just add that I first Detangled my hair with Blue Magic leave-in conditioner & I did not rinse it out before adding the CLT to my hair. I didn’t no see a looser curl but my soft hair made up for that. I’m doing this CLT every wash.

        • I’m glad the eggs worked out! You definitely got a hefty boost of protein from them! I haven’t had the best of luck with egg treatments because the water is always too warm and I end up “cooking” the egg in my hair and I have egg bits all in it lol!! I will have to revisit it again though because eggs are GREAT for the hair. Glad you were able to modify the treatment and make it work for you! If you get your hands on those aminos be sure to try that out still so you can see if the “original” CLT works for you as well :o)

    • Hello! The recipe above says 16 oz…. :o)

      But it may also depend on the length/density of your hair. May need more, may need less

        • You don’t have to but I find if my hair is a little damp it makes it easier to apply. If you keep a spray bottle handy and spray as you apply it should be pretty easy!

  8. Did the treatment today and am so amazed at how soft my hair is. I’ve never experienced this level of softness before. I’m a combination 3b/4abc and the back of my head is “fuzzy”; after this treatment, it is beautifully coily, curly and hanging.

    • Hello! I do it maybe once a month (when I remember to buy the yogurt lol). My hair only needs a protein boost every so often when it starts to feel brittle. It’s safe to use more often though!

  9. I’ve been wondering what the Cherry Lola Treatment was. I thought it was some sort of fruity concoction too!

        • Of course you can DC after the Cherry Lola but you most likely will not have to! I always apply it to dirty hair because the treatment helps cleanse your hair anyways. Why duplicate the effort :o)

          • Hey, Your hair Turned out very Pretty. But I have a question Do you suppose to put in leave in conditioner, or botanical Gel after u do the cherry lola treatment?

          • Thank you! You don’t have to but I’m sure you could. After you rinse out the treatment just condition and style your hair as you normally would