Wash-N-Go with Aloe Vera Gel — Attempt #1

Wash-N-Go with Aloe Vera Gel — Attempt #1

Heyyy :o)

I went back to experimenting with wash-n-go’s and I tried it with pure 100% organic aloe vera gel. I used the Lily of the Desert brand from Whole Foods (~ $10 for 32 oz.) which is actually a dietary supplement and made for ingestion.

Let me start of by sharing a few of benefits of aloe vera for hair:

  • Is a humectant so helps moisturize hair
  • Aides with hair growth and prevents hair loss
  • Balances pH (acidic) of hair and scalp
  • In an anti-inflammatory so it can help with dandruff, itchy scalp and Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Detangles, reduces frizz and strengthens hair
  • Gel can be used as a styler and creates curl definition

Here’s a few ways you can use Aloe vera

  • AV juice can be mixed with water in a spray bottle as a refresher (LOVE doing this, I put a little essential oil in this mix as well)
  • Mixed with coconut milk and wheat germ oil as a shampoo
  • If applied directly to scalp regularly, can aide with hair loss and alopecia
  • Mixed with oils like EVOO or Jojoba as a conditioner or pre-shampoo treatment

Now, I love products with aloe vera in them, I always get good results so it made sense for me to try the actual product in  its pure form. I heard about people using it as a styling gel so I picked up some gel (not juice) and gave it a try…

Here’s what it looked like when I first applied on wet hair:

Here is what it looked like completely dry at the end of the day:

People, don’t be deceived! lol The pics make It look like it a great wash-n-go but let me tell you how dry and flaky my hair was! I don’t know what the heck I did wrong! OMG I was so upset. This had to have been an “operator error” because I know aloe is wonderful for hair and gives great results any other time. I did get great curl definition and it was easy to apply (I thought the liquidy consistency would be a mess but it wasn’t) but my hair was just dull and a bit crunchy when it dried. It was no where near shiny or soft….

…being the resilient person that I am, this will not be the end of an aloe vera gel wash-n-go for me!!! lol I am determined to get this right dangit… perhaps I was too heavy handed with the application? or maybe I need to apply a sealant immediately after applying it? I used it by itself which clearly was not enough. I know the properties of aloe make it an astringent so perhaps that had to do with the dryness. I need to go back in to the lab on this one…

Despite the issues, I was able to make this WNG stretch for a few days, on day two, I refreshed it by allowing the steam and droplets from taking a shower, to “re-activate” the gel and fluffed it a little with some oil and a little Shea Moisture Coconut Smoothie. This is what I got on day 2:

*sigh* I just can’t seem to get WNG’s down :o( . There are some naturals who swear by them and can rock them every day but my hair is so thick and super coily that it takes forever to dry. AND to actually get some volume, I have to constantly fluff my hair throughout the day to avoid looking like I have a jheri curl lol. Also, to avoid frizziness and get curl definition, I almost always have to use something that has the hold of a gel but it usually leads to crunchiness and dryness. I will say that Kinky Curly Curling Custard has probably given me the best WNG results so far. I dunno, I think I need to experiment with more products for WNG’s (suggestions please!).

When I try it again, I’ll be sure to post the results. If all else fails with Aloe Vera gel, I’ll just try it the other suggested ways for hair and ingest it for the internal health benefits it has…. #shrugs

—- Help :o(

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  1. Hmm…I wonder how the aloe Vera gel wash and go would work if you mixed it with your favoriye moisturizer or curl cream before applying it. Good luck with your wash and go trials:)

  2. Have you tried using the aloe vera then rinsing it out? I heard thats when your hair feels amazing! Any gel will make your hair feel crunchy. I loved reading your page though :)

    • Hey thanks for your comment and enjoying my posts! No I haven’t tried rinsing it out. I think to get the nutrients, you have to leave it in plus I was using it as a styler. I’ve learned now that I have to apply a butter or leave in underneath the AV!

  3. Hey Lauren :) I love your text and I’m considering using a natural hairwash but I have a question about using aloe vera! my english is vary bad(I live in Croatia so it’s not my mother tongue :) ) I didn’t quite understand what did you mean when you said that if we use aloe vera gel directly on our scalp thait it aides hair loss and alopecia..does that mean that it prevents hair loss or that it might cause it? can it be that pure aloe is too harsh for the scalp?

    • Hi Marina! OH MY GOSH CROATIA!?!?! It is my DREAM to travel there! The country-side and ocean is SO BEAUTIFUL! Wow, I can’t believe you are from such a beautiful place! Wow, can you adopt me so I can visit!? haha :o) Your English is fine and I understood what you said! For the aloe vera, it actually HELPS grow hair and prevent hair loss. So it is good for your scalp. Very refreshing in the warmer months if you use it right from the refrigerator since it will be cool. Pure, natural, organic aloe is what you would want to use.

      Let me know if you ever have any other questions or do not understand something on here! THanks Marina! :o)

      • Thank you so much for the answer! :) I can’t bealive aloe is so healthy for the hair and has no side effects, this will hopefully help my hair which is in need for some good care!
        And yes Croatia is a beautiful country :) but you would be suprised how many people despretely want to move out of here xD grass is always greener on the other side :D
        Keep doing good work with your blog! :)

  4. Hey Lauren, maybe try putting on your leave in and using the aloe Vera gel to seal

    • Thank you!!! Believe it or not, I haven’t tried this since then lol but I not definitely will use a leave in or something underneath the aloe. I may try this again this month since its getting hot now! Thanks for the reminder! :o))

  5. Hi. :o) Sorry to join the discussion over a year later. Your hair is VERY cute! I have mixed curls, only a few in specific spots are as tight as yours but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I was impressed when I read of the “coco milk + wheat germ oil + avg = cleanser” recipe, never heard of it ’til your site which launched a search. What ratio do you use to make it? I found different suggestions. Thnx!

    • Hey better late than never and I appreciate you stopping by!! I may be confused but which cleanser are you referring to? I’m sorry :o((

  6. Hi Lauren,

    You have a great blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading it as well as seeing your hair pics, but I wanted to ask you about your KCCC comment (that it has glycerin in it). That made me go look at my jar and then I also looked up the ingredients online. KCCC claims that they are: Glycerin Free, Organic, Paraben Free, Protein Free, Silicone Free, and Sulfate Free. So in case there is some new formulation, they’re supposed to be glycerin free. Hope this helps and keep up the great blog.

    • Hey Veronica! Thank you so much for your kind words and readership. And you are absolutely correct about the glycerin!! KCCC does not contain glycerin. My mistake, I haven’t bought it in awhile so I must have forgotten. But It did dry my out hair though but it could have been for many other reasons. I may have to give it a try again. My thing was I used it ALL the time so maybe it was a too much of a good thing…type of deal. Thank you again for correcting me, I appreciate it and want to ensure I give accurate info!! :o)

  7. i think your WNG looked great! you have a beautiful texture. i understand what you mean about the crunch feel though. Have you tried Oyins Hair Dew?! It’s amazing but i’m in love with their products. maybe after applying the aloe gel, try using hair dew once your hair is completely dry. it works for me. :)

  8. i love your texture. you are seriously motivation for me. your WNG looked great, but maybe a little of Oyin’s Hair Dew wouldve softened it up or an oil of your choice. Love your color too. I know you said it’s box and you regret it, but what color is it anyway?!

  9. Hey Lauren!

    I currently have a cute super coily super dense TWA…which is also low porosity! I just started trying the the aloe vera WnG and i LOVE the soft fluffy results, BUT i honestly get my best results from my homemade FLAXSEED GEL! TRY IT :D

    • What brand of AV do you use? Do you put anything else in your hair with the gel? And I TOOOOTALLY forgot about flaxseed!!!! I bought some seeds from Whole Foods like a month ago and they have been sitting on my counter since!!! I will be trying that asap!! Thank you for reminding me!!! :o)))

  10. Lauren!! So, you know I’m growing my hair back…again…and you’re my inspiration lol. Love the blog and I too have super low porosity hair. I have a TWA and do my WNGs with the kinky curly custard as well + unrefined coconut oil. Looking forward to the day where I can do twist outs!

    • MIYA!!!!! Awww so happy to hear from you! Hooray and the big chop again! What made you want to cut it off again? Yea a few years ago, my all time go-to combo was KCCC and coconut oil too! lol It started to dry my hair out after awhile but that was before I knew about sealing and the whole porosity thing. I wasn’t moisturizing properly. Plus KCCC contains glycerin. <-----CORRECTION 4/25 kccc does NOT contain glycerin!! So I guess that wasn't what dried my hair out. Must have been something else I was doing wrong :o(

  11. I haven’t used aloe vera gel yet! I want to give it a try. For my wash n go’s I comb thru the conditioner ( olive oil cholesterol) in the shower and twist my hair in sections then wrap it in an old t-shirt. Let them dry a little, pour a little oil (whichever you use) in your hand and then untwist. There won’t be too much shrinkage because it’s already dry & the curls will be defined!
    stay FLYY. live FLYY!

    • This sounds like my twist out routine! lol I probably let my hair dry longer before I untwist but this actually may be a good method for me to try with the wash-n-go’s as well! My whole thing is the time in the AM lol I guess I will have to get up earlier to allow the time to twist and to dry a lil faster. I use the t-shirt method too :o) Great tip! I’ll have to try it!